instrument of justice

  • Me: i need to cry non-stop for a while over ships, and dead characters.
  • Rational Part of my Brain: Are you sure that's socially acceptable at this hour?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Fuck it, it's 1 o'clock in the morning somewhere.

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A Way to Heal – Original song based on select poems inspired by mlamachine​‘s Poison From a Bee Sting and kesdax​‘s Root Cause

As we sit here quietly, your hand in mine,
Pretend for a moment that everything is fine,
We’ll let the poison drain,
Inch by inch, vein by vein,
There may be hope after all, at the end of the line.

Like reading an instruction book upside down,
It’ll frustrate us and take more time till we come around,
Till everything is vanquished,
And completely demolished,
Then rebuild from a foundation that is structurally sound.

Tracing each footstep back into the past,
The land seems so small now, and yet still so vast,
Maybe this time around,
With you as my solid ground,
We can find a way to heal, and this time make it last.

Oh share with me your story, share with me your thoughts,
We’ll gather up our loose ends, tie us together knot by knot,
Evolve together once and then,
Time and time thereafter again,
As long as we’re a team, we will give it all we’ve got.

#OperationCosy2.0 by tingggmusic and samsgroves

Things to look forward to
  • getting more time with the characters
  • scenes from the books being longer than 2 minutes
  • being able to fully flesh out backstory
  • probably an entire episode of Luke’s flashback about the Circle
  • trailers!!
  • set photos!!!
  • new costumes!
  • more stuff to gif and edit
  • having a show with many PoC and LGBTA characters!!!!!!!
  • new soundtrack and score
  • characters we didn’t get to see in the TMI movie
  • press tour
  • laughing at the haters because they thought the TMI franchise had been lost for good
  • other movies that didn’t do so well maybe catching onto the trend of tv reboots (*hint hint* I Am Number Four)
  • getting new stuff every week
  • watching show viewers be anxious to know what happens when readers already know
  • clary, maia and isabelle being badass ladies
  • possible episodes between hiatuses that are adaptations of the bane chronicles (this is something i literally just made up but wouldn’t that be a cool idea!)
  • more time to explore the downworld
  • more of clary and jocelyn’s relationship and the fallout once jocelyn wakes up 
  • jace feeding simon
  • CLARY BREAKING APART VALENTINE’S SHIP LIKE A BOSS ASS BITCH (edit: the first time i wrote “valentine’s hip”) 
  • cool demons (hopefully we get some good cgi)
  • more merchandise
  • possible tid/tlh/tda/twp spin-offs if shadowhunters does well
  • marathoning the series
  • quotes straight from the book
  • sebby <3
  • “did you watch Shadowhunters last night” - how cool does that sound? 
  • a lot of our ships being cute and angsty
  • maia
  • telling people to watch the series and they don’t have to pay to do so, which is easier than telling them to go to a theater
  • exposure and good ratings = cassie getting more recognition for her books
  • if there are plots that aren’t from the books: THEORIZING!
  • demi lovato not screeching during the greenhouse scene
  • more explanation about the weapons, runes, and witchlight stones
  • learning about the shadowhunter origins, the iron sisters, the silent brothers, and past generations
  • better explanation of the mortal instruments
  • post-series finale, a mini series of TFTSA (LITERALLY ANOTHER THING I JUST MADE UP, but wouldn’t that also be cool?!)
  • and like a hundred other things

feel free to add more

our fandom needs some positivity  

Im gonna stand by Cassandra Clare to the bitter end because she is the only western writer to have given me, an Indonesian, an Indonesian character. And y'all didn’t even give a fuck when the shadowhunters television series made him Chinese so take your fake social justice and shove it in the garbage can. Please and thank you:^)

I made this post at 1am and really regret it because 1am me is horrible and salty please don’t take this garbage post seriously it’s honestly so terrible. Yikes

this post is cursed