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  • Me: i need to cry non-stop for a while over ships, and dead characters.
  • Rational Part of my Brain: Are you sure that's socially acceptable at this hour?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Fuck it, it's 1 o'clock in the morning somewhere.
Malec | All Kisses-Slow Motion
all malec kisses 'til 2x10 Music: Ella Mae Bowen - Holding out for a hero !Disclaimer: I do not own any of the footage used for this fan-video!

Native American Heritage Month. 

This November, we’re proud to honor Indigenous people & leaders who have been instrumental in advocating for social justice & cultural continuance. 

Many Indigenous communities come from a matriarchal tradition where women and 2-spirit people have long held positions of power and prominence in their tribal communities. 

🎨: Votan Ik'ahn @votanik // 📸: Christine Tran @_christinetran

Terezi Pyrope
* 20 years old
* American
* Sound witch / psionic
Danger level: 7
Terezi wasn’t much of a powerful witch when she first found out about her powers, but had a certain predisposition towards divination nonetheless - she mostly developed her psychic powers thanks to vibrations’ perception.
She lost her sight during a strife with Gamzee, though she’s still not sure he was actually the one who blinded her; after her incident she became more receptive to vibrations around her, getting to hear even the sound of silence in the end. This peculiar capacity, together with her psychic powers, guarantees her a great potential as mind manipulator, letting her know his opponent’s moves before they actually make them. She has gathered quite a name because of that. She often likes to “play judge” with her adversaries, asking questions she already knows the answer to.
Her aggressiveness is never unmotivated - she tends to engage fights in young neophytes’ defense “in the name of Justice”
* sniffing things/people
* Playing different instruments
* Painting
* Stealing Sollux clothes
Karkat Vantas
* 19 years old
* American / Jewish
* Kitchen witch / potion master
Danger level : 3 (mostly supporter)
He descends from a powerful witch bloodline, but didn’t have much fortune despite that. He inherited a quite low magical potential, so he focuses his powers in the kitchen where he seems to unload the majority of his emotions, anger particularly. An expert in enchanting ordinary objects, he developed his capacities through studies and experimentation.
He’s also quite dedicated to potions and filters, which he sells through Sollux’s crystal shop to the witches who need it (Terezi helps them recognize the “true” witches) or offers to Kanaya’s homemade ambulatory; selling his potions to the wrong people has often caused him troubles, to the point that he has, more often than not, to wear some charmed crystal to protect himself from unsatisfied witches. Once he sold to Eridan a bag of tea instead of a love elixir by error.
* baking
* Messing up places and rooms (expecially kanaya’s place)
* Yelling at his magical oven
* collecting books
* Experiments

Tolkien Characters as Orchestral Instruments
  • Strings: Elves (everyone else thinks they're divas but they are an integral part of an orchestra, whilst being able to stand alone).
  • Violin 1: Arwen (shines brightly over the orchestra)
  • Violin 2: Legolas (in the texture, hard-working and when accompanying, bouncing off the beats from the double bass...)
  • Viola: Elrond (in the heart of the sound, making everyone else sound amazing)
  • Cello: Aragorn (supportive role for the entire orchestra with occasional beautiful melodies that everyone wants to listen to)
  • Double Bass: Gimli(the percussion section of the strings, plodding along-also, imagine a dwarf playing the double bass xD)
  • Harp: Galadriel (not always there but when she is, you listen)
  • Woodwind: Hobbits and beings close to nature (not as in the limelight as strings/brass but they have very important solos that shape the mood of a piece)
  • Flute: Frodo (not the most obvious soloist but comes out of the texture with important melodies)
  • Piccolo: Merry & Pippin (supports the flute but sometimes is just a little too loud over the orchestra)
  • Oboe: Bilbo (Boboe :P) (tunes the orchestra-effectively starts the orchestra off; quirky with very occasional solos but usually in the background)
  • Cor anglais: Gollum (darker than the oboe, with haunting laments as solos but does not come out of the texture often)
  • Clarinet: Sam (literally sitting behind the flute, carrying the harmony as the melody from other instruments projects)
  • Bassoon: Radagast (can sound eerie or weirdly beautiful, usually supporting the woodwind and underpinning the bass line of the orchestra)
  • Bass clarinet: Fatty Bolger (not always aware that they are playing but a very necessary extension of the clarinet)
  • Brass: Men (loud and important)
  • Trumpet: Boromir (unapologetic and bold)
  • Trombone: Théoden (important but not as willing to be in the limelight)
  • Bass Trombone: Éomer (occasionally forgotten about but adds richness and depth to the section)
  • Tuba: Denathor II(underpins the section so has the power to mess up the section the orchestra, whilst not being immediately noticeable)
  • French horn: Éowyn and Faramir (sat on the other side of the orchestra from the brass, next to the woodwind and can support both sections; it doesn't solo often but when it does, no other instrument could do it justice)
  • Percussion: Dwarves (more in the background and doesn't usually team up with other sections but integral and will come to the forefront if necessary)
  • Timpani: Thorin (arguably most important percussion instrument for an orchestra)
  • Cymbals: Fíli & Kíli (loud, brash and sometimes exactly what you need)
  • Claves: Bifur (not easy to pick out of the sounds and just involves whacking)
  • Gong: Bombur (big, round and loud)
  • Tubular bells/chimes: Bofur (instrument with pitch but does own thing)
  • Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone: Balin (arguably most difficult/complicated instrument)
  • Bass drum: Dwalin (big and strong support)
  • Guiro: Nori (he is sneaky and you don't know he's there and nobody knows the name of this instrument, even though everyone likes it)
  • Castanets: Dori (he's fussy, prim and sharp)
  • Triangle: Ori (bright tone, trying to be a cymbal and highlights important moments)
  • Cowbell: Óin (shouts over the orchestra and his ear-trumpet looks a bit like one)
  • Tambourine: Glóin (a support to the section and sounds a bit like money, as he was the money keeper)
  • Misfits:
  • Recorder: Treebeard (was once very important but now does not fit into the orchestra unless very old music is being played)
  • Composer/bagpipes: Tom Bombadil (you could just imagine him coming on stage saying 'yeah this is my piece, I'm gonna improvise on the bagpipes')
  • Saxophone: Saruman (very charismatic, alone or with the support of brass but is out of place in the orchestra and can cause a disturbance in the texture)

anonymous asked:

I'm obsessed with your blog & recipes😻 but I've been scrolling through your page and I'm sooo confused why everyone's fighting over eggs??

Haha well that started a while ago, I think I might’ve said eggs were healthy (or something similar). Then an anon sent me an ask stating that eggs aren’t healthy (even though they are for those without certain medical conditions according to the AHA). After that, a different anon sent me an ask saying that eggs are a food they felt comfortable eating, and to see the previous anon speak negatively about them made the second anon feel bad about liking eggs.

Now, I’ve always loved eggs, ever since I was a wee kid. After reading the second anon’s story I felt a fire ignite within me, and I knew I would go down fighting for eggs. It was around then that I created the #proeggs movement, met with overwhelmingly positive support (for the most part) from my amazing followers.

I will continue to defend eggs until my death. This is not a fight, but a war! Eggs have done nothing wrong and I will be the instrument of change to bring justice to them!

I am, for the foreseeable future, aggressively pro eggs.


Martha Nussbaum, on the role of anger in public life. 

Aeschylus shows us [in “The Eumenides”] that political justice doesn’t just put a cage around resentment, it fundamentally needs to transform it from something barely human, obsessive, bloodthirsty; to something human, accepting of reasons, calm, deliberate, constructive, measured, something that protects life rather than threatening it. The indignation that inhabits just institutions is not an angry sentiment at all: it’s a measured judgement in defense of life. The Furies are still needed because this is an imperfect world and there will always be crimes to deal with, but they are not wanted or needed in their original shape and form. Indeed, they are not their old selves at all. They’ve become instruments of justice and utility.

I’m really excited to get to see her talk about this later this afternoon.

Wings and Wrath

KLAROLINEAUWEEK DAY5 : Mythology and Creatures.

When I read the title of the day’s theme the first time, I was immediately taken by the idea of celebrating the lesser known and rich mythology of the Balkans. This also means that there will be some traditional terms, but do not worry at the end I will put all the specific terminology with its meanings.

Hope you enjoy it, and please tell me if you would be interested in a part 2 with possibly Caroline’s POV, because I was maybe thinking about writing it?

Tranquility and stormy peacefulness stretched before him without ends.

Klaus was once again roaming endlessly the skies above the vast territories that had belonged to him and his kin since the beginnings of time and civilization. Fated, as it seems, to be the only one amongst his brethren to never fully complete his forms. Only two out of three were at his reach: full beast or half beast. He was the unfortunate one that wouldn’t ever feel skin on his body. The only one to be eternally stuck in wings, and scales, and fire.

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AU’s Every Fandom should have/needs ...

(with obvious exceptions to some, warning pretty long list) 

  • First and foremost, MEAN GIRLS AU(I’m the one who originally though of this train-wreck idea, so you have me to thank)
  • The Proposal AU(Starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)
  • Pitch Perfect AU or an Acapella group AU
  • Beauty and The Beast AU(doesn’t have to be Disney’s version, shake it up)
  • Teen Titans AU
  • High School AU
  • College/University AU(lots to do here)
  • Celebrity AU
  • The Punk & The Geek AU/The Punk & The Popular AU/(the super cliche) The Popular & The Geek AU
  • Nerds AU (Sci-Fi, Band, Etc. take you pick)
  • Bad Boy/Girl & the Preppy(or Popular) Boy/Girl AU
  • The Vow AU(the one with Channing Tatum)
  • The Corpse Bride AU(Tim Burton’s)
  • Avengers AU
  • Spider-Man/Spider-Woman AU(the one starring Andrew Garfield or the ones starring Tobey McGuire)
  • Superman/Supergirl AU
  • Number 1 Fan meeting favorite Celebrity AU
  • Star-crossed Lovers AU or even Star-crossed Friends AU
  • Musicians AU
  • Supermodel AU
  • Artist/Tattoo Artist AU
  • She’s All That AU(A high school jock makes a bet that he can turn an unattractive girl into the school’s prom queen, remember  you can change it up as you please)
  • Coffee Shop AU(seems like this one’s very popular)
  • The Breakfast Club AU
  • West Side Story AU
  • Grease AU
  • Wicked AU
  • Monster High AU( where freaky just got fabulous, or where very one is a type of monster/descendant of a famous monster & in high school) 
  • Fallen Angels/Vampires/Werewolves/other Supernatural creatures AU(seems over-done but you can always make it your own)
  • Childhood friends to lovers AU
  • Fake Dating AU
  • Teen Spirit AU(it has Lindsey Shaw in it, if that helps)
  • Modern AU(only for fandoms in a different time setting than the present)
  • Teen Wolf AU(the one with Tyler Posey)
  • Once Upon a Time AU(in which fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. And everyone’s a fairy tale character and they’re completely oblivious to that fact. You know what TV show I’m talking about.) 

If I come up with more I’ll post it later on. Sorry this list was so long, and some fandoms might already have some of these AU’s

Hi all! I’m planning on posting Bible passages daily, using expansive language (different translations for the tetragrammaton than “Lord,” more pronouns than “he”, etc.). I think I’ll go through individual Books of the Bible in this way, posting just a chunk each day.

For the next few days you’ll see passages from Habakkuk, one of my favorite of the “minor prophets.” I’m developing a deeper appreciation for the Minor Prophets, with their emphasis on social justice and wrestling with the question of why suffering happens. 

If you haven’t read the minor prophets, I recommend them! They’re all pretty short, and the cries for justice and beautiful poetry in them makes them worth the read.

Context is important with these Books, because there are a lot of demands for justice that may sound like violence when read without an understanding of what these prophets were going through. All these prophets lived around the times of the Assyrian and Babylonian attacks on Israel and Judah. Many of them are exiles in the land of Babylon or have otherwise experienced horrific violence and injustice. They also witness injustice occurring within their own societies, and so they must accuse Judah’s and Israel’s leaders of corruption – of exploiting the poor and the vulnerable, demanding huge loans from debtors, and enacting all sorts of crimes.

These prophets see the likewise unjust Assyria and Babylon as instruments of God’s justice, because this is how they explained oppression and suffering. If God is all-powerful, then all is subject to God’s ordering; but God is also just and does not allow suffering to just people, so if bad things are happening it must be because of injustice. Now, whether or not you decide that this is your answer to the question of why suffering is “permitted” in the world (it’s not the only answer to this question that you’ll find in the Bible, and it’s not the interpretation of suffering I personally take), it is the worldview of these prophets. But even when they see God as the bringer of their suffering thanks to their own societies’ injustice, they also have so much hope in God – that God will never abandon them, and that God is going to bring about a New Creation where there is no more injustice, no more poverty or suffering or oppression. The world will be restored; all things renewed. All nations will come to know God, through Israel. 

A great companion to reading the minor prophets is their summaries over on the Bible Project on YouTube! (captions available.) If you want to read along with my daily passage posts, or on your own, having a Bible with good footnotes and commentary is awesome, and watching the summary vids on the Bible Project is smart too. We live millennia after the events of these Books, and so much of it is alien to us – but when we read them with knowledge of the context, we can learn so much from them, such as how we are invited to wrestle with God and pray with honest emotions; how we can trust in God’s restorative plan; and how we need to stand always with the oppressed against injustice.

Habakkuk’s Bible Project vid is here!

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions for which Bible Books they’d like me to go through in this way in the coming weeks, let me know! For now at least I’ll be sticking to shorter Books; or perhaps only portions from larger Books. 

If you have suggestions for formatting of these posts or whatnot, or if I should include a bit more extended commentary than I have been, let me know that too.

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