instrument maker

Instruments renamed
  • Piccolo: scream maker
  • Flute: tooty toot
  • Oboe: quack machine
  • English horn: goose simulator
  • Clarinet: blue
  • Bassoon: rolling marbles
  • Saxophone: sexy quacking
  • French horn: star wars?
  • Trumpet: blemp
  • Trombone: fart machine
  • Tuba: big fart machine
  • Violin: crying children
  • Viola: firewood
  • Cello: delta faucet commercial music
  • Bass: bwah

Our composer Yuzukimasu’s newest Pocket Mirror release is out! Please be sure to go give it a listen and show them your support over at Youtube! ( ^ 0 ^ )/

“We’re tight. Lily and I are very, very close. Very close. Always have been, always will be.”

April 7, 2017
  1. Leo

  2. Aries
     Information magazine

  3. Libra
     Chinese cuisine

  4. Capricorn
     Musical instrument

  5. Aquarius
     Coffee maker

  6. Sagittarius
     Address book

  7. Taurus
     Mystery novel

  8. Pisces

  9. Gemini
     Department store

  10. Cancer

  11. Virgo

  12. Scorpio
     Internet search
     Light blue
Gemsona Secret Santa 2017/18: Sign-Up Form


Copy and paste the form below the line into the Submission Box once it has been filled out. Expect an email from on November 5th with your partner and their gift requests.

REMINDER: You CANNOT talk/communicate/make contact with your partner. This is a SECRET Santa.

( * = Question MUST be filled out)

* First Name/Nickname:

* Email Address:

* Main Tumblr Account:

Other Tumblr/Social Media Accounts:

* I am a/an… (choose ALL that apply)
-Gif Maker
-Instrument Player/Song Writer
-Photo Editor/Manipulator
-Playlist Creator
-Video Editor

I will most likely create…
-A short animation/gif
-A piece of art
-A craft/doll of the gemsona
-A gif set
-A song
-A photo set with photoshopped images
-A playlist with a cover image
-A short video
-A story

* Give three ideas that can be turned into a gift:
-Provide 2 – 3 sentence descriptions of your gift requests
-Provide links to your gemsona(s) that are named in the request. Links should have visual references as well as descriptions of your characters.
-Be honest if there is a subject or concept that you wish to be avoided in the gift
-You can ask to have your gemsonas with canon characters from the show, but you may only use YOUR gemsonas for this event. You cannot use gemsonas or fusions that involve gemsonas that were not created by you.
-Make the request flexible enough for different types creators to be able to shape it to their form of art

Examples of Gift Descriptions:
1. Hi! I want my Iolite to be at that snowy mountain where Connie and Steven went with Pearl and saw Jasper. I want Iolite to be surprised to see Jasper and ready to fight her. It would be cool to have the others there too, but if that’s too much I at least want Jasper there.

2. Hey there! I would like my Turquoise to be sunbathing in a one piece swim suit with my other gemsona, Maroon Pearl! They also run into Steven and some of the Crystal Gems!

* Would you like to offer yourself as a pitch-hitter? A pitch-hitter creates a gift for a person whose partner had to drop out and could not complete their gift. You would have a week to complete an entire gift for a new partner. YES or NO?