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Me when I spontaneously spend too much money on books

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Whenever I buy a new book I just want to show it off to the whole world. Look how pretty my paper package of pain and tears is. So shiny.

Me: “I love reading!!”

Person: “Oh cool, what do you read?”

Me, sweating nervously: “Oh haha…just…uh…books.”

So I’m a huge book lover and I keep asking my parents for books but they refuse and say that I should be doing something more useful and just don’t seem to understand how much I love reading and how important it actually is??

So could you please reblog this with something that would convince them or that would make them realize the importance of literature/reading bc I’m running out of ideas. Thanks!

I love reading, but I hate when I finish a book and there’s that empty feeling you get. It’s like you lived a life that you loved so much and it ended and now you have to find a new life, but don’t want to leave your old one. Does anybody else feel this?

  • Sun in the 2nd: Spends money on things that make them feel good about themselves, spoils others, entertainment
  • Moon in the 2nd: Spends money on homewares, their children, cameras
  • Mercury in the 2nd: Spends money on trinkets, books, phone credit, magazines
  • Venus in the 2nd: Spends money on appearances, clothes, spoiling others, socialising, instruments, lovers
  • Mars in the 2nd: Spends money spontaneously on impulse following heart's desire
  • Jupiter in the 2nd: Spends money on traveling, books, petrol, charity, festivals
  • Saturn in the 2nd: Doesn't spend money, and if they do on necessities
  • Uranus in the 2nd: Spends money on unusual trinkets, appearances, crystals, festivals, instruments
  • Neptune in the 2nd: Spends money on shoes, music concerts, books, instruments, helping others, lovers
  • Pluto in the 2nd: Spends money on current obsessions, what they are spending their resources on can be a great tool of self analysis