instrument humor

When You Criticize The Instruments
  • flutes: *nod stoically and then go alternately cry from embarrassment and plot revenge the the bathroom*
  • clarinets: it's my reed
  • saxes: *don't realize the director is talking to them; continue conversation about nothing to do with band*
  • trumpets: yoU WANNA GO BITCH IM THE BEST
  • horns: i play like five measures in this whole piece the fuck do you want from me
  • trombones: haha I know man *fistbump each other*
  • tubas: excuse you we are the foundation of this band so we are never wrong
  • percussionists: *mutter mutiny under their breath and don't fix it because they weren't doing it wrong in the first place*
The sections as things they've said or done in my band
  • Piccolo: Just because you can hear me doesn't mean I know what I'm doing
  • Flutes: *throws tuner across the room*
  • Clarinets: I just didn't realize I'd actually have to do work
  • Alto Sax: Endless sexual innuendo jokes lol
  • Tenor Sax: *comes in late* *salutes behind band directors back*
  • Bari Sax: *comes to every rehearsal stoned*
  • French Horns: *deep throats leadpipe*
  • Trumpets: Let's trip on acid before we perform
  • Trombones/Euphs: I only talk to freshman if they have a watch because that's all that matters
  • Tubas: *gets boner right before a field show*
  • Percussionists: *throws drumsticks into the ceiling*
  • Drum Majors: I just got hit in the boob with a flag, but it's okay
  • Band Director: Pretend your mellophone is a water gun, and squirt me with your sound
Alternate Instrument Names:

Oboe: obi won
Clarinet: squidward
Flute: metal recorder
Piccolo: ear knife
Saxaphone: fuck phone
Barri sax: BIG low fuck phone
Bass clarinet: big squidward
Trumpet: yikes
French horn: bendy straw horn
Trombone: one loud motherfucker
Tuba: band dad
Baritone: smol tuba Bassoon: needy and wants to be included?? Percussion: miles teller

Friend: What’s that, a clarinet?

Me: No, it’s an oboe.

Friend: …sooo it’s not a clarinet?


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