“A little birdie tells me that you, sir, are quite the Renaissance man and can play any string instrument, so we brought a ukulele!” 


A disabled man makes a giant erhu challenging Guinness

Do you know what an erhu is? It is a kind of traditional Chinese instrument with two strings, invented during the Tang Dynasty, but this one is a giant version almost five meters high.  

Ji Jiarong, a 74-year-old disabled erhuist from Jiangsu Province, spent one year making the giant erhu, trying to win a place in the Guinness World Records.

The giant erhu is 4.98 meters in height, weighs 50 kilograms and the bow length is 4.5 meters. Ji even decorated a dragon on the stick-like neck of the instrument. The erhu needs three performers playing together to perform a musical show. Two of the players draw the bow while the other one presses the strings.

Ji Jiarong had polio when he was young but he became an erhu enthusiast and a little-known erhu producer later in life and has been making music ever since.