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April 12th...Keiko Fukuda

On This Day in Herstory, April 12th 1913, Keiko Fukuda, a Japanese American martial artist, the highest-ranked female judoka in history, the last surviving student of the founder of judo, and a pioneer of women’s judo, was born in Tokyo, Japan.

As a child Keiko Fukuda (福田 敬子 Fukuda Keiko) was trained in the arts of calligraphy, flower arrangement, and the tea ceremony, and other pursuits typical for women in Japan at the time. Around this time, while she was quite young, her father died, leaving her mother with two children, Keiko and her brother. Despite her traditional upbringing, she felt drawn to judo, because her grandfather had been a samurai and master of jujutsu, he also taught jujutsu to Kanō Jigorō, founder of judo. One day, Keiko’s mother took her to watch a judo training session, and a few months later she began to train herself in the art. Her mother and brother were very supportive of her decision to train, thinking that she was meet and marry a judo master. In 1935, she was personally invited by the founder of judo to study with him; this was highly unusual for the time, but he did it as a sign of respect for her grandfather. She was one of only 24 women who trained in his studio. Around this time she reportedly refused to enter into an arranged marriage because it would have ended her training.

Keiko was only 4’11”, and weighed less than 100lbs, despite this, she excelled at judo and became an instructor in 1937. She also earned a degree in Japanese literature from Showa Women’s University around this time. In 1953 she was promoted to the rank of 5th dan in judo. Later that year she traveled to the US at the invitation of a judo club in Oakland, California, she stayed for over two years, before returning to Japan. She traveled to the US again in 1966 and gave seminars in California; one of these seminars was at Mills College, who immediately offered her a teaching position, which she accepted, teaching from 1967 to 1978. At that time, she was one of only four women in the world ranked at 5th dan in judo. In November 1972, Keiko became the first woman promoted to 6th dan. The next year she published Born for the Mat: A Kodokan kata textbook for women, an instructional book for women about the kata (patterns) of Kodokan judo. In 1974, she established the annual Joshi Judo Camp to give female judo practitioners the chance to train together.

Keiko continued to rise through the ranks of judo, and held the rank of 9th dan, the second-highest in judo, from two organizations; in July 2011, she was given the rank of 10th dan. She continued to teach, host the annual Fukuda Invitational Kata Championships, and teach at the annual Joshi Judo Camp until her death. She established the Keiko Fukuda Judo Scholarship to help encourage women to continue their formal training in judo. Her personal motto was: “Tsuyoku, Yasashiku, Utsukushiku” (“Be strong, be gentle, be beautiful, in mind, body, and spirit”). Keiko Fukuda died on February 9th 2013, in San Francisco, California; she was 99 years old.


“How to make an origami Dragon Bookmark Designed by Jo Nakashima (03/May/2018)

◆ Difficulty level: High intermediate
◆ My paper: First dragon: 20cm x 10cm Shadow Fold

Tutorial: 30cm x 15cm Red Tissue-foil“

From Youtube channel Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials: ORIGAMI DRAGON BOOKMARK (Jo Nakashima)

This channel is just amazing. Now, grab your paper and just follow the video

Have fun =) …

It’s useless against the likes of the Green Goblin, Venom, or the Lizard, but if you’re trying to rescue a quarter that’s fallen down a storm drain, you’ll be 25 cents richer with one of these strapped to your wrist! 🛠️


Very excited to share a new giveaway with you!! I’ve been enjoying reading a lot more non-fiction these days, as I’ve reinvented reading for myself and reading for pleasure. When I came across Picador’s Modern Classics and then found out they have this series of four female critics, I knew I needed to share them with you all! Picador is kindly giving away two sets of these classics. To enter, you need to head to my Instagram and follow the instructions there

Shy(ish) (Draco x Reader)

hello! if you’re not too busy with requests could you do a Draco x reader where reader is extremely shy and Draco thinks it’s adorable

I had no Idea how to end this… Whoops!

“Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N)”

Draco glanced around for his potions partner for this class, he didn’t recognize the name Snape had called.

He watched a timid looking girl hesitantly stepped towards him, now that he saw her he realized he knew who she was. She was that girl who always sat alone in classes, in the dining hall, and never really talked to anyone. If he remembered correctly, she always seemed to have her nose in a book, just like Granger.

She pulled out the seat next to him and sat down, placing the book she had been reading earlier on the desk, while avoiding all eye contact with Draco.

He tossed a few sideways glances at the girl, (Y/N), as Professor Snape explained the assignment.

“Get to work.” Snape commanded, and suddenly the classroom filled with the noises of students chatting, pages flipping, and cauldrons bubbling.

Draco turned, once again, to (Y/N) who seemed much more interested in her desk than anything going on around her.

“Well?” He snapped expectantly.

“Sorry.” She muttered as she grabbed her potions book and flipped it open to the page they were on. Draco did the same.

The class was mainly uneventful as the girl seemed too shy to talk to Draco. It wasn’t like he wanted to talk to her either, though, he had to admit, there was something about the timid girl that intrigued him.

When she finally spoke it surprised him, but what surprised him even more is what she said.

“Erm… you’re doing that wrong.” Draco, who was at first startled, fixed his gaze back into his regular glare.

“What?” He asked harshly which made the girl recoil.

She just pointed at the instructions in the book. He glanced down and looked back up to finally see that she had followed the book exactly how had asked. He wanted to hate her for proving him wrong, but for some reason he couldn’t.

“Well done Mr. Malfoy and Ms. (L/N).” Snape congratulated them once they had finished. “At least some people in this class respect the true art of potion making.“

As class ended Draco noticed that (Y/N) had already finished packing her things, and she had already begun heading out the door. He looked back down at the table and noticed she had left her book. He picked it up and studied the cover, it wasn’t anything he recognized.

He quickly turned around and yelled, “Wait!” but she was already gone.

You forgot your book.


It had only been four days since (Y/N) had left her book in potions and Draco had already read it twice.

Once he got back from the class he only had to glance at it to realize it was a muggle book, and once he did, he shoved it onto his bedside table and glared at it in disgust.

The next day once he got back to his room, he was feeling a little bored so he picked it up again, read the back and flipped through a couple pages. He almost found the plot interesting before he remembered who exactly he was and tossed it back, hoping to forget about it.

The next day he couldn’t stop thinking about it so he decided that when he got back to his room he would read the first page, and it would be horrible so he wouldn’t have to be bothered anymore. That’s what he though what happened, it started with one page, and then became one chapter, and before he knew it he had finished the whole thing, and he wasn’t even ashamed to say he loved it. So he read it again.


The library was almost silent, and smelled of old books. Draco was there, picking up a book, when he saw (Y/N) sitting at a table reading ‘Advanced Transfiguration’, probably for the upcoming test.

He made his way over to (Y/N)’s table and sat down across from her. He could tell she noticed because she stiffened a little, and brought her book closer to her face.

He grabbed her book from his bag, and set it down next to her.

“Here, you left this in potions.”

Her eyes widened as she glanced up, quickly grabbed the book, and put it into her own bag, before meekly smiling at him. Which, he assumed, was her way of saying thank you. She turned back to her Transfiguration book, and it seemed like she was expecting him to leave, and honestly he was expecting it as well, but what he wasn’t expecting was the fact that he didn’t want to.

“It was really good.”

She smiled lightly again and nodded and looked back down at her book, but then she frowned and glanced back up at him.

“Really?” She asked skeptically.

“What? You didn’t think it was?”

“Well… no, never mind.”

It was too late for her too back out, Draco was already interested in what she had to say. Which was rare, as usually he didn’t care about anyone’s opinion except his own.

“No! What is it?”

She glanced back up at him. “Well, it was kind of boring and predictable.”

Draco frowned.

“I mean I’ve read better,” she continued, “but it’s good that you liked it.”

She looked back down, and the conversation seemed to have ended, but Draco desperately didn’t want it to.

“What would you recommend instead?” He asked, almost desperately.

She hesitated, wondering if he was serious or if it was all just some weird joke.

She reached into her bag. “I like this one a lot.” She hesitated as she pulled it out before shyly glancing back at him.

“What is it?” He asked.

She glanced back down at the table. “I just… didn’t think you were like this, I didn’t think you liked muggle things.”

He hesitated before deciding to be honest. “I usually don’t, well not that I’ve ever really tried muggle things before, other than that book of course.” She glanced up at him, “I guess I’ve been trying new things lately.” She blushed awkwardly.

(Y/N) quickly passed him her book and muttered something about having to be somewhere before she scooted out of her seat and walked away

As she left Draco thought something that he had never remembered thinking before. Something about her shyness and awkwardness, something about just her in general, Draco found… Cute.


“Brilliant.” Draco said as he slammed (Y/N)’s book down next to her on the the dining hall table. The loud noise made (Y/N) jump and look up from her dinner.

Once Draco had finished reading, he had ran down to the dining room, and spotted her eating alone, like always.

“You were definitely right, this one is so much better than the last.” He said as he slid into the empty spot next to her, and tried desperately to ignore her look of general discomfort that he had caused her just by sitting next to her.

“Well I’m glad you like it.” She said while sliding it it into her bag.

“I just have one question… what’s a telephone?”


Ever since the shared book the two would talk occasionally, though (Y/N) would never initiate the conversations.

Quidditch season had picked up, and Draco and his team were busy preparing for the match against Gryffindor. He had brought it up to (Y/N), but tried not to too much as, whenever he did, she seemed uninterested.

As for his friends, they had started to notice the strange girl he had begun to talk to, and were extremely put off by it. All of his friends, especially Pansy, would incessantly tease her behind her back and to her face. And the worst part was, Draco never defended her.

Draco could feel himself start to lose contact with (Y/N) especially with his big quidditch match fast approaching. His training took up most of his time which left him with hardly any time to himself.

In fact, he had been training so much that most of the practices had blended together, but there was one in particular that stuck out to him.

Halfway through a particularly draining practice his teammate flew right next to him and said; “Your weird friend is watching you.”

Immediately confused Draco turned around to see (Y/N) sitting in the stands, watching him. Her book tucked away in her ever present bag, and her chin rested in her palms.

Once she realized he had caught her, she quickly picked up her bag and darted away, her cheeks practically glowing red.

Draco couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the practice. That was when he realized how much he liked her.


Right after practice Draco quickly got changed the ran out the doors, searching for the shy girl, in hopes of telling her his feelings. He wanted to do it right now, because he knew if he didn’t do it right away his pride would get the best of him and he wouldn’t end up doing it at all.

He spotted her out on the grounds, sitting down and reading a book. He couldn’t tell if she noticed him or not, but once he got closer, she stood up, and started walking away.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled as he started to chase her down. “(Y/N)!”

He finally caught up to her, though he was gasping for air, and slowed down his pace so that he was waking by her side.

“Hi Draco…” she muttered.

“Hey.” He replied.

He decided not to mention her surprise visit earlier today, deciding it would only make her uncomfortable.

The two walked and found a comfortable silence settle around them, and Draco couldn’t help but notice every time their hands brushed.

“This is my stop.” She said after abruptly pausing next to the entrance to the library.


She waved slight and turned away, before Draco reached out and grabbed her hand.

She quickly turned around and stared at him with wide eyes and red cheeks.

“Erm… (Y/N)?” She nodded, “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmede with me?”

She blinked, processing the question, before softly smiling.

“Yes, yes I would.”

Brazilian Mayor Orders Armed Police Seize LGBTQIA+ Books, Leads to Protest


On Saturday afternoon, Marcello Crivella, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, dispatched a team of city hall agents accompanied by 20 armed policemen into the Bienal do Livro, Brazil’s biggest literary event, with instructions to seize any books or comics with LGBTQIA+ content. However, the festival’s entire stock of LGBTQIA+ books had already sold out, and the arrival of armed police led to an impromptu protest for freedom of expression, with those involved demanding Crivella step down immediately.

Crivella’s campaign against LGBTQIA+ books started on Thursday when he announced that he would sweep the Bienal for any volumes of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade that were not wrapped in black plastic, sealed and stamped with a warning of improper content. The volume in question featured Wiccan and Hulkling kissing. The book sold out 40 minutes after the news of the sweeping order hit the floor of the Bienal.

In response to the crackdown, Brazilian YouTuber Felipe Neto bought the entire festival’s stock of LGBTQIA+ books, distributing them for free in opaque black plastic and marked with a sticker reading, “This is an improper book for archaic, retrograde and prejudiced people.”

Under the Brazilian Constitution, censorship is expressly forbidden, and homophobia is a crime. In 2011, same-sex couples gained the right to compose a family unit, and in 2013 they finally won the right to marry. Although a judge initially ruled Crivella’s ban was unconstitutional, the president of the Court of Justice later backed up Crivella’s act of censorship, remarking LGBTQIA+ content falls outside the usual scope of superhero comics.

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anonymous asked:

Because your requests are open... ever thought about writing some Bucky!Librarian smut? 👀

I’ve gotta say, I have but I’ve read a few one-shots on Tumblr and they are way better than I could have ever have imagined. How about a head canon instead, nonny? NB - this is a bit rushed.


Originally posted by softevanstan

  • Finding a reason to not bother studying at home once you knew the local library had hired a young, quiet and oh, my God, far too attractive new librarian. Suddenly finding a reason to study away from your desk at home seemed like a simple one. Or finding a reason to even brush your hair just to go there. 
  • And yes, he was sweet and pleasant, always asking about the weather or making a quiet comment on the text you needed or what he enjoyed about it. 
  • Cable-knit sweaters in winter that do nothing to hide those muscular arms and when summer rolls around, biceps on boldly display in white V-neck t-shirts, his tatted left arm and no one in the library is safe… 
  • Especially when he takes the Mums and Babies Read sessions. It made you wish you’d dragged a random kid off the street to participate. The animation he reveals as he sings kids nursery rhymes emphatically leaves a spontaneous combustion of female oestrogen filtering through the place. It’s fascinating.
  • It almost seems criminal someone so attractive is hidden away in card catalogues, behind a computer screen or behind large book shelves. 

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HEY LOOK AT THIS THING I FOUND did you know an unfortunate events game exists

i found it at a thrift store and the instructions book is missing so im not really sure how you’re supposed to play it but it’s still Very Neat 

it looks like it’s mostly count olaf trying to kill the baudelaires’ guardian and them trying to invent, bite, or read things in order to find ways to stop him 


meanwhile mr. poe also exists. i have no IDEA what the poe player does


the count olaf cards do various things to sabotage the guardian 


and the baudelaires do clever things to stop him (the sunny cards are the best)


and there’s also cards with rooms on them but im not sure what those are for 


Better late than never? This comic book sketch cover was commissioned at least two months ago but I finally sat down and drew on it.

The original Archie comics were a big thing in my house when I was a kid, and I also really like Harley and Ivy, so this was a treat!