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Do you ever just see someone comment on something on Facebook acting like an expert in the field that /you/ specialize in (and say something absolutely 100% wrong) and you feel this blinding rage…?

Creepypasta #1161: Google Reverse Image Search

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Have you guys heard of this “reverse image search” thing? I hadn’t until recently. I was doing a paper on influential artists of the 21st century and came across it when asking who painted this one thing. Someone on Reddit said to “just reverse image search it!” and sent me a link to Google images. As it turns out, you can just drag and drop a photo saved on your computer into the search box, and the system will look for other images that are similar to yours.

With popular images like a famous painting, this will usually lead you to a website or article about that painting. This made the rest of my paper a breeze to write. I was able to save the paintings off of my professor’s online instructions, reverse image search them and then throw together a paragraph or two about the painting, the artist and their influence, and so on. I finished my paper and thought I could have some fun with this new tool.

I had a few images of my favorite superheroes saved on my hard drive and have always wanted to know where they came from. I thought this would be the best time to find out. So I dragged and dropped a drawing of Barry Allen into the Google Image Search bar to find out it was the cover for The Flash #22! I was super stoked. I had started collecting comic books somewhat recently and thought this would make a great addition to the collection. Especially considering it’s been saved on my computer for so long.

After a few hours of this, I thought I’d take the “Google Your Own Name” game to the next level. You know the game. You just go to, type your name in the search bar and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. It was a lot more fun before the world of social media. Nowadays, you search your name and it leads straight to your Facebook Page. Fucking boring. But I figured I’d take a selfie and drop that in the search box. Maybe I’m on some random “Hot Singles Near You” ad.

It started off with the usual suspects of searching yourself. The first few results were just photos from my Facebook and Twitter. Nothing exciting. Then the pictures started going back a couple of years. Older pictures. Some were still hosted on MySpace. I laughed as I scrolled through the awkward photos of me in my Cradle of Filth tee shirts. I got a little nostalgic at the pictures of me and my friends when we had that band a few years ago. Then came the pictures from my ex’s Facebook page. Nobody likes coming across memories of past relationships. 

Those pictures made me think of how lucky I am now. I’ve been living with my girlfriend for about two years now. And she actually makes me happy. Not that “looking for love and I’m used to this person happy”. The real deal happy. It’s funny because sometimes I can’t even remember exactly how we met originally. I just know that I had decided to go out to the bar downtown and drown my loneliness a few weeks after losing my job. I think that night was the straw that broke the camel’s back, too. 

I remember her buying me a drink and us chatting for a little while. And the next thing I knew, we were back at her place. I’m sure you can fill in the gaps from there. I’ll spare you the details. But I decided that night to stay with her. She sent someone to pick up my things from my parent’s place since I was sleeping on their couch. And in two months, her and I will be celebrating two years together. Anyways. I didn’t come here to tell you about my hardships with my family. I came here to tell you about this crazy little website. So let’s get back to that, shall we?

I scrolled past those pictures of Marie and I and my old band and a few other people I didn’t recognize. Turns out Google thinks I look like a famous Reggae artist from the 90’s? The technology is far from perfect. But that got a chuckle out of me. 

But then I came across something really weird. After all of the nostalgia and pain and memories was a missing person’s poster type-thing. You know, like the ones they have on the wall at the front of Walmart. The guy looked just like me. It was uncanny! Poor guy has been missing since April 2015. He even has the same birthmark on his neck! I can’t believe it.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were twins, honestly. Different name and all. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re looking for something to kill some time, and maybe an alternative to the “Google Your Own Name” game, you should try doing a reverse image search of yourself. You might dig up some old memories or come across something weird like I did. 

So I suppose I’ll leave you with that. My girl is calling me from the other room. Time to take my meds and have some dinner.

Credits to: IrrationalFearsHost

voyageboots replied to your post “Answers About Camping”

Dude I go backpacking! Good luck! Watch out for bears! Always tie your shit up high. Also REI does free pack fittings even if you are not buying one from them you can get fitted.

Oh, good to know! I knew they did fittings but I figured it was only if you were buying. 

spaci1701 replied to your post “Bought a Pack for Backpacking.”

Even more than maps and such, look into a GPS unit - some track where you are in relation to where you started from, some have emergency signals - talk to someone at a reliable outfitters and get some advice on what’s best suited for you. Also, check in with the search & rescue services in the area you plan to go, they often have great recommendation lists of what’s needed for your specific area.

Well, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the only place accessible to me for camping is the Indiana Dunes state park, which is….small. Small and tame. :D So a GPS isn’t necessary, at least not yet. I probably will have cell service the entire time, but even if I don’t, it’s like…pick a direction and walk for three miles and you will reach someone’s backyard. :D 

underanothername replied to your post “Bought a Pack for Backpacking.”

For warm weather you can make a decent tent out of a tarp. Some people almost make an art form of it, origami-fashion. Lots of instructions online if you’d like to try it.

I’ve seen diagrams of that, but it seems…breezy, even for an Indiana summer :D Plus, man, so many bugs. Though at some point, if I keep up the backpacking, I may try it – it definitely would lighten the load….

auressea replied to your post “Bought a Pack for Backpacking.”

If you’re camping in treed areas… a nice alternative to a tent is a camping hammock. I LOVE mine. not sleeping on the hard ground is a bonus!

I looked at those and they look super cool, but I was concerned about my ability to properly install one. I may yet give it a shot though, depending on what I find at the campsite when I do my recon. 

daroos replied to your post “Bought a Pack for Backpacking.”

please don’t die sam

By far the most realistic comment when it comes to me and camping. :D

Things I Bought to Save Money

That sounds counter-intuitive, but part of saving money is shopping with intention. I’m not talking about just intending to go shopping and then spending money; I mean thinking purchases through, evaluating if the short term cost would have long term benefits. 

To make it on this list, the items had A) be used for something I would have spent money on anyway and B) had to see somewhat regular use. No one-time only products here. 

I saved up for every one of these, but they were worth it. 

1) A mini-washing machine. This is sometimes known as a camping washing machine or countertop washing machine. It’s as small as the name implies. They cost anywhere from 20 to 50+. Ebay has a ton of them with different functions and sizes. 

Why I bought it when I’m broke af: I live in an apartment with no washer/dryer hookups. There is a laundromat across the street and a few units in my apartment building, but to wash and dry one load of laundry I paid 3.50 (I often had more than one) and had to compete with a lot of other people for space. 

How it worked out: The thing paid for itself within two months. I had it for two years before it finally conked out and I had to buy another. 

2) A clothes drying rack. Mine cost 7 euro. Your cost may vary.

Why: Goes along with the mini washing machine. I hang up the wash in front of the radiator in the winter (it’s going anyway) or outside in the summer. Saves a ton in a very short period of time, and will last you for years. 

3) A ton of baking soda/vinegar

Why: Baking soda/vinegar are great for lot of reasons. Have a clogged drain? These work. Need to scrub your counters? These work. Accidentally left your clothes wet too long? Vinegar. Want shiny hair? Vinegar. Want to make a mug cake? Well, of course you’ll need baking soda. You can also find instructions online toward turning baking soda into washing soda and making your own laundry detergent, but that’s another post. 

4) A hot water bottle. You don’t actually have to buy one. Filling up a two liter with hot (not boiling, just hot) water works just as well. 

Turn down the heat to save costs, night or day. Before you get in bed, heat up the water, put it in the bottle, and be toasty. During the day I have an old blanket I sewed in half that I toss the bottle into the bottom of. 

5) A bike. Obviously this depends on where you live, but having to commute every day without a car was hard. A bike fixed that and is extremely low-maintenance. Buy used. 

6) The cheapest yoga mat I could find. I think it was 7 Euro three years ago. I’ll admit I got very lucky with that. There are a lot of videos online these days. I highly recommend anything from FitnessBlender, which is high quality and no cost to you. Working out at home (yoga for me was a game-changer in this chaotic budget life) even for five minutes a day reduces stress and saves gym fees. You don’t need a mat if you have a carpet, but the core message is the same: work out at home, not the gym. 

7) A Neti pot. This thing isn’t actually called neti, but it’s the same principle: you wash out your sinuses to prevent infections. I’m prone to that kind of thing seasonally, and being pretty regular with it has saved me money, misery, and time by eliminating doctor’s visits. Make you own saline solution with very simple recipes online. Nothing complicated about it. 

8) Gardening supplies. This can get very costly if you don’t keep an eye on it. However, a simple balcony garden in the spring, summer, and fall can supplement your food budget for months. Add a few flowers for fun and herbs for taste if you can afford it. Starting from seeds is the cheapest route. Using seeds from fruits and veggies you’ve already purchased and sorted is the cheapest. Gardening as also been proven to lower stress levels significantly. No room? A couple of plants on a window or in a tiny patch of earth you find is equally good. 

9) Good scissors.  Watch youtube and go on pinterest to find out how to cut your own hair. Man or woman, a good hair cutting utensil will pay for itself within one or two uses. Just keep the cuts relatively basic. If you aren’t able to do your own or don’t trust your hands to be steady, enlist somebody’s help. It just takes a few minutes. 

10) A mini-oven. Ignore this if you have a full-sized one, but I didn’t. I was also eating out a lot, which doesn’t work well when you’re on a budget. By learning how to bake my own bread, cake with few ingredients, lasagna, and other recipes, that 40 Euro investment ended up saving me hundreds last year, and in fact varied my diet greatly. Roast chicken. Yum. 

What have you bought to save yourself money? 

aliceopal  asked:

I adopted a lion fur bunny a few days ago and parts of her fur is matted down to the skin. I live somewhere where groomers aren't really a thing. Do you have any advice on how to find legitimate instructions online? (seems there is much contradictory information and since bunnies have sensitive skin and should not be trimmed unless it's medically necessary, I want to make sure to do this as little and as accurately as possible)

You definitely don’t want to do it yourself - getting out mats is a trained skill and you can really hurt your animal if you make a mistake. I’d call vets in your area and see if any of them can help you since you can’t find a groomer. They’ll have the correct experience and understand how painful living with them can be for your bun. 

Kingsman - How they take care of you when you're sick


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He has some experience since he often has taken care of his sister when she was sick. Usually he ends up making you some soup while stationing you on the couch with a bunch of blankets. Once the soup is done and he made sure you have eaten it, he lets you rest your head on his chest, gently massaging your head while you watch crappy tv shows. Everything would be perfect if Eggsy wouldn’t ask every 5 minutes how you’re feeling or if you need anything.


Originally posted by galahadftw

Strict bedrest. Honestly, you just have to sneeze once and Harry is already forcing you into bed. Once he made sure you’re really going to stay in bed he selects a tea out of his enormous collection that supposedly should help against you troubles. After setting the tea down on your nightstand he helps you change into one of his expensive dress shirts, knowing how much you love to wear them. If you’re bored he likes to read to you while holding one of your hands in his, rubbing soothing circles across your skin with his thumb.


He doesn’t really have any experience with taking care of someone sick, but that only makes him so much more worried. Merlin methodically looks up the best ways to take care of you and follows the instructions he finds online accurately. It’s sweet at first, but after a while you have to step in when he wants to make you some weird compresses. He looks a bit lost when you tell him that there isn’t more he can do and you just want him to cuddle with you. After contemplating for a bit and asking you again if you really don’t need anything he finally slips into bed next to you, pulling you close.

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Where should you start getting into the PC-98 Touhou games, when you already play the modern games?

mmm that’s kind of hard to say? my first touhou game ever was lotus land story and i don’t think that’s a bad way to get into it, especially since the final boss is a familiar face from the windows games, buuut there’s pros and cons to all the games, so since i am Very Passionate about the pc-98s here’s like, a proper guide. i’ve put it under the cut since it’s very long (oops).

to summarize, though, lotus land story and mystic square will be most familiar to you if you’ve played the windows games, so starting there isn’t a bad idea, unless you you want a challenge, or something more unfamiliar. or both.

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Happy Birthday, librarian-amy!

May 22 - Thor and Steve friendship, something humorous involving IKEA or some other potentially frustrating building/repair project, please! for @librarian-amy

Written by @celiaequus

“This store, I like it,” Thor said, beaming as he looked around.  His voice was a bit loud, and Steve ducked his head, hoping the glasses would be enough disguise.  A few people looked their way, but most of them were too distracted to notice that there were Avengers in their midst.

“Yeah,” Steve said.  “It’s just a pity we have to follow the arrows.”

“But these ones bear our faces.”  Thor pointed to one of the arrows they were following.

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you know when you’re googling something so fundamentally simple that no instructions exist online for it and you just have to accept that you’ve hit rock bottom

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My hubby just botched a recipe that had expensive ass ingredients ($30 cheese????) and he was so sad I found him sitting in front of the oven like a kicked puppy and I feel bad and hungry but I cant stop laughing honestly and tell me that's not Carisi


That’s so cute and sweet, though, that he wanted to make you a nice dinner and then poor guy was sad when it got ruined! That’s totally a Sonny moment, though.

I feel like, beyond the recipes that he’s inherited from his own mother and grandmother, Sonny goes above and beyond to make sure that he’s also cooking things that he knows Rafael will like – dishes from his childhood based on recipes that he’s gotten from Lucia, or just traditional Cuban dishes that he finds easy instructions for online, because no way in heck is he messing up a meal that Rafael very likely had growing up.

So this whole dinner debacle happens on one of the nights that Sonny gets home mercifully early for once, and he decides to use the extra time before Rafael gets home to whip up a more complicated dish that he’d talked to Lucia about over the phone just a few weeks ago.

So Sonny gets all excited and whips up the dish no problem, and he puts it in the oven to cook and makes sure to set the timer and everything, and then poor baby is so tired from OT earlier that week that he sleeps through the timer going off and wakes up to the smell of smoke and his and Rafael’s dinner burning.


All Sonny wanted to do is make his husband dinner so that he could come home and relax after court all day, and now he’s gone and screwed it up, and ugh, they’re entire apartment is going to smell like smoke!!

Rafael comes home to Sonny literally staring at their oven like it’s personally accosted him in some way, which, yeah, it sort of has, but he doesn’t know that so he doesn’t hold himself back from bursting into laughter at the glare in Sonny’s face.

But then Sonny turns that glare on him, and that’s rare, so he schools his expression into something more neutral before asking Sonny what had happened to make him look at the oven like it’d pissed in his coffee that morning.

Sonny just groans, and says, “All I was trying to friggin’ do was make you dinner, Rafi, and what do I do?! I burn the freakin’ thing, all ‘cause I couldn’t stay awake long enough to wait for the timer to go off.”

Rafael chuckles, and shakes his head, and Sonny is about to glare at him again, because this isn’t funny, Rafi, but then Rafael is bent down in front of him, large hands on either side of his face, bringing him in for one of those soft kisses that make Sonny feel so loved.

When he pulls back, he looks at Sonny and says, “I know you were trying to do something sweet for me, which I love and appreciate and again makes me wonder what I ever did to deserve you. But, I don’t care that you ruined my dinner, okay? I’m just as happy with ordering Chinese as long as it’s with you.”

Sonny melts into him with arms around Rafael’s neck, kissing him softly in answer.

ooc: I’m sorry to miss a holiday, I never found the time to draw something among my school assignments D:

Just imagine:

Sam, Dean, and Cas, having just finished a rough few weeks of non-stop hunting, trudging back to the bunker late last night… they stop by a grocery store, staring longingly at the turkeys in the meats section…
that’s when they give each other the “we deserve this” look, and decide to buy it.

Sam looks up turkey prep instructions online all night, and Dean spends all morning getting everything in the oven. Kevin is in charge of making desserts, and Cas helps gather ingredients.

Once dinner time arrives, everything is laid out on the table. The bunker family has their first Thanksgiving together with a real turkey, and they feast until they’re all completely stuffed.

Sam is thankful that everyone has survived happily and healthily yet another year.
Dean is thankful for, for the most part, being able to sleep in a comfortable bed and eat home cooked food 70% of the time. (When they’re not on the road, of course.)
Kevin is thankful yet again for the Winchester’s protection and friendship.
Cas is thankful for the boys’ patience with him, and Dean’s love and companionship.

[I’m sorry but this little hiatus will probably extend to Christmas, that’s how busy I am. Hopefully I can make something nice for the holiday to make it up to all of you <3]

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm currently a rising high school junior outside of the US and I have zero knowledge about the college application process and what preparations I should be doing. The instructions online are quite vague, so I've been wondering if perhaps you could give me a hand? Thank you very much!

I’m so sorry- I’m not a US student so I’m not sure how the college application process works either! Someone I know at the top of my head that does go to college is @hufflepuffwannabe (Sorry Carolyn!) so she can help you a lot more than I probably can!

EDIT: Here’s some extra info thanks to @shigeo-coleslaw (thank you so much!):

ik nobody asked me (lol) but it’s also helpful to start outlining essays you’ll write for colleges and get to know the common application if you think you’ll use it. the common app uses very similar prompts each year for its main essay and a lot of colleges will accept it. also, it doesn’t hurt to start making an academic resume that briefly describes each of your extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, jobs, volunteer work, etc.) since most applications will have a section for this.
Minific #10


1000 FOLLOWERS AND THE FIC IS ON TIME (because I wrote it ahead of time)

This one is based on this request, and is as such a combination of two prompts - one by egg anon, one by me.


They hoped it’d be worth the investment, but if they really thought about it, they knew they didn’t have any kind of doubt that it was.

It was really a very simple machine, although it was very large. But most of its size came from its enormous, semi-transparent tank; the attached tube and pumping mechanism were only a quarter of its size. The kit had also come with a remote control, with an on/off switch and speed meter, with settings from 1-7.

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Designed by Eugeny Prosolupov

5.4 by 10.8

30 Pcs


Somewhat bizarre; the modules connect at the top of each pyramid, so they’re loose elsewhere. If you look you can see that the other rings of 5 are a bit awful and messy, and the whole thing sags quite a bit. Not my favorite. Use stiff paper next time, or fold one of the variations!

remushlupin  asked:

do you mind if i join the tampon discussion? i was 10 when i first got my period and i took swimming and dancing classes, so i talked to my mom about it (she's a nurse btw) and she was so relaxed about it and actually taught me how to use it. I was afraid it would hurt of that i would "lose my virginity" but she helped me calm down. Looking back I think that was so sweet. I only lost my virginity six years later and i WAS a virgin still.

1. i’m always up for tampon discussions and 2. that sounds like a really good approach by your mom, far preferable to my experience of relying on terrifying online instructions lmao

  • Don't Compare: Though you'll be tempted to, focus on yourself and your own style, not what other MTFs or FTMs or gender fluid people are wearing
  • Be Safe: Don't bind with ace bandages or tape; consult several sources of online instructions for tucking.
  • Wear What You Like: You don't have fit into a binary; that's what you're trying to escape. Wear whatever you like, and don't let others convince you otherwise.
  • Everyone's Their Own Person: (see tips 1 and 3)
  • "Am I 'trans enough'?": There's no such thing. Stop worrying.