instructions for angels

The zodiac signs in Ravenclaw

Aries: loves riddles, decides to learn a new language at 3 AM

Taurus: has read every book in the library and wants to write their own ones in the future

Gemini: spends their spare time pressing the random button on wikipedia learning whatever definition comes by heart

Cancer: the one who doesn’t look like much but always gets the highest scores and no one knows how because they are doodling in their note book all day

Leo: good looks, clever brain, a room full of books - they’ve got it all and they know it

Virgo: incredible at arts and crafts, can build every ikea furniture WITHOUT the instructions

Libra: the angel sent from heaven who helps you when you don’t know how to solve things and never runs out of patience when you’re being especially dumb that day

Scorpio: still waters run deep; will stab you with their sarcasm when they’re bored

Sagittarius: takes their friends to museums and eats lunch at artsy french street cafés

Capricorn: never really talks much but is the biggest video game nerd

Aquarius: knows too much about outer space, is probably half an alien

Pisces: writes poems and composes songs, they don’t need you all they need is their phone and iTunes gift cards

“ Angel had dared Marx to play the Bloody Mary game. At first he didn’t know what to do So Angel instructed him and lead Marx to one of the old bathroom s down a creepy hallway. Once he was in He followed all the steps and began to chant “Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary..Bloody mar-” Before he could finish, sometime showed in the mirror, and he turned around fast. Marx screamed so loud that it woke the dead! Angel burst out laughing and let him out running followed by Crymini. Marx never went back.”

-Submitted by Anonymous

dancesugarsugarrr  asked:

Can I ask an angel to be my companion? Or guide? And what ways should I go about asking them and doing that and do u have a master post on the different types of heavenly beings there are in heaven? Omg I have so many questions !!!

Contrary to what some may believe, angels are not “summoned”, but you can call upon them. If you see a sigil for an angel online, do not use it! These are often actually demonic sigils. To call upon an angel, it is important you first have a request in mind. For you, if your request is protection or companionship, keep that in mind as you proceed, and be ready to make it clear to any angel who appears.

((First, know that angels can be called upon any time, informally – like prayer. If you are struggling with an exam, for example, you can call upon an angel to help you. Next, it is important to know which angels specialize in what tasks. I will definitely try to create a master post for you and my followers to help guide you with what angels will best suit your needs.))

Close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Relax, and keep your mind open the best you can.

Speak the name of the angel who you wish to call upon, and say what you wish for them to help with (e.x. “Archangel Jophiel, come to me now and bring me peace”). Saying a specific incantation like this also decreases the chance of a demon showing up in disguise.

By doing this, you can expect your angel to heed your call and to come to your aid. They may appear formally, physically - but if you are calling upon them for a simple task or for emotional help, you may simply detect their presence from a calming, invisible wave which washes over you.

–sorry for the long response, and feel free to ask or message me with any further questions ❤

Instructions for Angels

Take the useful events
For your tall.
Red mouth.
Blue weather.
To hell with power and hate and war.

The mouth of a pretty girl…
The weather in the highest soul…
Put the tips of your fingers
On a baby man;
Teach him to be beautiful.
To hell with power and hate and war.

Tell God that we like
The rain, and snow, and flowers,
And trees, and all things gentle and clean
That have growth on the earth.
White winds.
Golden fields.
To hell with power and hate and war.

-Kenneth Patchen

Things to stop comparing to the current refugee crisis:

1. Pilgrims (immigrants to a new land that had no unified government system and was filled with separate and constantly warring tribes of people)
2. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus (three people who immigrated to a land because an angel instructed them to through a spiritual premonition of infanticide. A one time event involving three people leaving because God told them to, not scores and scores of people)
3. Jews fleeing the Holocaust (there were not threats of widespread Jewish terror to the United States at the time)
4. Any situation involving the legal immigration of thoroughly vetted, law-abiding citizens

I get that you want to help, I understand the benefits of compassion, but you are severely weakening your argument when you bring up things like this. Good intentions are wonderful, but don’t let them get in the way of common sense.