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If you liked Netflix’s Stranger Things, here are some podcasts you might enjoy:
  • Welcome to Night Vale (the community news of a small city in the American Southwest where all conspiracy theories are true and a part of every day life; BONUS - canon interracial gay couple as the main couple)
  • The Message (70-year-old message from outer space, cryptology, things are not as they seem)
  • Limetown (everyone in small town disappears and no one knows what happened to them; follow an intrepid journalist as she investigates)
  • The Black Tapes (sister show to TANIS; demons, investigation into the unexplainable, asshole Alpha Skeptic, and the journalist who tries to sort this all out)
  • TANIS (sister show to The Black Tapes; conspiracy, truth, and the investigation of what Tanis really is, plus an “information specialist” named Meerkatnip)
  • Archive 81 (found footage audio series where nothing is quite as it seems and there’s a building that isn’t exactly right)
  • Alice Isn’t Dead (from the people behind WtNV, a truck driver tries to find her missing wife and she runs into a lot of conspiracies along the way)
  • Within the Wires (again, from the people who brought you WtNV, instructional audio guides that slowly reveal a personal story and the revelation that the world the podcast is set in is that great)
  • The Bright Session (imagine what it would be like if the X-Men went to therapy)
  • The Behemoth (a girl and her monster walk across America)
  • Wolf 359 (the absurd misadventures of a small band of eccentric characters on board the Hephaestus Station in orbit around the dwarf star, Wolf 359, where it’s all fun and games until it’s not and the Blessed Eternal just wants a night light)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on how to tell people apart from forty snakes in a trench coat?

We get this question a lot. Here’s a helpful guide for the many of us who would be considered a threat to homeland security without it.

Further questions can be asked through replies to this post, or by querying us directly.

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listening to podcasts is my favorite thing to do. I listen to a lot of podcasts that range from education, drama, to horror. I listen to them when I’m on the bus ride home, cleaning, or doing homework. since I love podcasts, I decided that I would share some of them with you guys today. without further ado…


Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional series that follows a truck driver who’s searching for her wife across America. During her search, she encounters things that aren’t so human, a huge conspiracy, and mysterious towns. 


Limetown is a podcast that focuses on the disappearance of over three hundred men, women, and children from a small town in Tennessee over ten years ago. The podcast follows a reporter named Lia Haddock who’s inquisitive nature leads her to find the answer to this question: “What happened to the people of Limetown?”


Spines is the story of a girl named Wren who wakes up covered in blood, surrounded by the remains of a strange cult ritual,and suffering from meory loss. 


The Bright Sessions is a podcast that focuses on therapy sessions for atypicals. 


Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast told through a radio show thaat gives community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale. It has everything you would ever need: local weather, news, announcements from the Sherrif’s Secret Police, warnings to stay away from the dog park (because there’s no humans allowed, duh), angels, dark hodded figures with unknown powers, mysterious lights in the sky and cultural events.


On Being is a podcast that asks the big questions of meaning to scientists, artists, teachers, etc.


MarsCorp is podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp. MarsCorp is a colony established on Mars in 2070.


Within the Wires is a podcast set in an alternate reality. This podcast tells stories under the persona of instructional audio programs that guide the listener through different audio experiences that later reveal a more personal story.

from the many podcasts I listen to, these are my top 8 at the moment. check them out (i need someone to fangirl too) and let me know what you think. I wouldn’t mind talking to someone about this. like always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know! stay tuned for the next post.

BTS Reaction to working with their one night stand

REQUEST: I dont know if you have done this but if you haven’t then can I request a reaction to when you have a one-night stand with a member of bts and then you realize the next day you are going to work together like dancing/sing or something I hope it isn’t confusing and if you aren’t comfortable doing the request its fine

NOTE: There are hints of some mature content but nothing that makes it truly nsfw! With that said, I rlly hope you all enjoy! 💓 —Admin Sav

[request are open]

Kim Seokjin

This awkward bean would try his hardest to make you and everyone around him comfortable. Jin would choose to not acknowledge what the two of you did that night. He’d steal small glances at you here and there while you were warming up and he’d be kind enough to make light conversation with you during every break they had. Once vocal practice is done, he’d smile at you as if you hadn’t just met yesterday.

“We’re looking forward to our next practice, (y/n).”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t think much of it. He’d make simple conversation, trying to ease the visible awkward tension in the air but as long as you were professional about what happened that night in his bed than things wouldn’t get complicated. He’d go on with dance practice listening to your instructions as you guided them all, completely nonchalant about it all.

“So… is this like a day job or?”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be so confused. He’d stare at you with wide eyes and constantly ask the staff why you were here and what you were here for. Once dance practice gets started and you formally introduced yourself to the members, he’ll start to calm down but your lingering touches as you adjust his stance wouldn’t help his erratic heartbeat.

“What? What do you mean she’s our choreographer?”

Kim Namjoon

Nothing but professionalism here. He’d never falter and decided to leave the past in the past. He’ll listen and respect your authority as a choreographer but making light conversations and such would be a no in his book. You’re here to teach them how to dance and he’d like to keep it that way.

“Are we going to get on with practice yet?”

Park Jimin

Jimin would take one look at your face and all the memories of last night would come flooding back and the boy would be so utterly embarrassed about everything. He wouldn’t make eye contact and he’d shy away at anything you would say to him even if it was tips to better his singing. He wouldn’t talk much, not even to his members because all he wants to do is just— leave.

“Oh god. I can’t believe I did that…”

Kim Taehyung

When you walk into the room, he’s hyper and friendly; normal Taehyung things. He’s totally forgotten about everything that happened that one night and to be quite frank, so did you. It isn’t until you’re down on the floor showing Bangtan their new dance moves does he remember your face… and a few other things.

“Oh~ that’s why you look so… familiar.”

Jeon Jungkook

His mind would be completely jumbled. He thought he’d never see you again but here you are coaching him and his hyungs with their vocals. He’s constantly sending you wistful glances and messing up his lines because the only thing he can focus on is how your body fit so perfectly against him that night.

“I’m— I’m sorry. I’ll try to—to, uh… be better!”

Do you have a wish...?

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So this little one shot sort of just came to me after the results of Australia’s marriage equality survey came out. So proud of my country right now–hopefully this is a gateway to more change for the better!

But for now, have this fluffy little Spicyhoney one shot! It’s seriously just fluff, so no tags or anything necessary (for a change!)

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Commoner Dick Grayson falling in love with a Princess

•Dick was known to be a flirt around town.

•With an easy going personality and a charming smile he was quite popular throughout the towns.

•He was also really smart and even though he wasn’t brought up royally he knew a lot of manners.

•His good looks eventually got him noticed throughout the royals and within time he got employed to be an advisor

•As a princess you didn’t really follow the typical guidelines.

•You refused to let a man guide and instruct you.

•And you actually had more women employed in your castle than men.

•Upon meeting you, Dick was advised of your behavior and to accommodate that he did not flirt with you.

•But when he saw you, oh dear, it was so hard not to.

•For a princess you had a down to earth vibe and you had a basket of ribbons that he later found out was for the younger girls that worked in the castles.

•You were beautiful and kind.

•And he was at a loss for words.

•When he kissed your hand he may have kissed it for too long.

•He was distracted on how soft and warm your hand was.

•He quickly perked back up and with a nervous grin returned to his work.

•You gave him a curious glance but didn’t ask more.

•Dick’s feelings only grew as he saw you more and more each day.

•You weren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and frequently rode your horse around in the afternoons.

•One day before Dick rode off to town you quickly galloped your horse to his direction.

•"Mr. Grayson may I ask where you’re going?“

•"Princess Y/N! I was going to ride to town.”

•"May I join you?“

•This caught Dick by surprise

•"Certainly, would you like me to fetch a carriage for your passage?”

•You scoffed, “Plush seats don’t nearly give you as much pleasure as riding on a horse.”

•Dick grinned, “You are correct Princess.”

•On the ride there Dick’s thoughts were swarming.

•What should he say? Does she have to say anything?

•"I heard you have younger siblings Grayson.“

•"Yes princess.”

•Y/N gave a soft look, “Call me Y/N, princess is a too much to handle.”

•"Certainly Princ- Y/N"

•"How many siblings do you have Mr.Grayson.“

•"I have three younger siblings named Jason, Tim, and Damian.”

•"Ah, do you they miss you? You are gone frequently.“

•Dick smiled glumly, “I must do to support them.”

•"They can be employed to work for me. It must be hard to be apart.“

•Dick realized right then that this is what you wanted to talk about.

•You wanted to help him out.

•"Ah no! Prin- Y/N It’s fine!”

•"Dick it’s fine. I know it’s tough and people keep telling me I need more male workers in the house.“

•You casually got off your horse and walked to the lights of the town.

•Dick was in awe of your generosity and before he could think grabbed you in and pulled you in for a hug.

•His hug was warm and when he pulled back and his face was so close to yours.

•He inched closer so that his lips gently touched yours.

•It was so enjoyable before the realization came in and he shoved you back.

•"I am SO sorry! I- I didn’t know what I was think I can’t -”

•"It’s okay!“ You quickly stopped him.

•You tried to come towards him but he backed up.

•"You’re a princess Y/N I can’t kiss you… or love you.”

•"Status doesn’t matter.“

•Dick refused to look at you.

•So you walked right up to him and lifted his head to meet yours.

•"Status doesn’t define anything.”

•And with that you kissed him.

•Enamored by you, Dick wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer.

How to Make an INTP

Now that your INTP Starter Kit has been successfully shipped (we apologize for the excessive shipping rates, your INTP can carry extreme emotional baggage if not handled properly), this instruction packet will guide you through the simple steps on how to assemble your INTP. Let’s do this!

Step One: After removing the harsh wit, werewolf blood, and kitten hair from the package, place them in the bowl with the Devil’s Chocolate Cake mix and stir until thoroughly combined. 

Step Two: Take your mixture and add precisely 10 ounces of any carbonated beverage of your choice. This will ensure that your INTP is well saturated with bubbly and toxic humor, but to inhale it through the nose will make you choke, cough, and possibly die. Please do not inhale the mixture. 

Step Three: Let the mixture rise in a room temperature place. A room too hot will make the mixture too warm (which could result in a grumpy INTP), a room too cold will result in a chill, also known as the Burrito Effect, which will permanently make your INTP wrap themselves in a blanket burrito and never leave that position. Ever.

Step Four: Once your INTP is fully risen (it will take about seventeen years), sprinkle the top with wi-fi. They love wi-fi, and will only bloom properly if given the w-fi. Don’t skip the wi-fi. 

Step Five: Stand back and watch your INTP rise from the the batter. If you have prepared it correctly, the INTP will come out pale and usually ginger. If this is not the desired INTP, go back to Step Two and only add seven ounces of carbonated beverage, which will probably result in a brown-haired INTP. 

Enjoy your INTP, and don’t forget to emotionally arm yourself for the witty comebacks and excessive sarcastic humor that they might go a little too far with. 

Do you have trouble keeping your Tols’ and Smols’ proportions consistent?

Do you agonize over figuring out their exact height difference?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how tol your Tol is??

Do you wish there were an easier way???

Download Grace’s Giant Height Calculator here!

All you need is a sketch of your tiny (it could even be a stick-figure) and an idea for their general size compared to your giant’s hand, face, or foot. The handy instructions will guide you through the rest!

Finding the instructions confusing? Just send me a message and I can guide you through it. You’ll be calculating heights in no time!

Are your giants on the shorter side? Here are special instructions for using the calculator to determine a mini-giant’s height:

  1. Complete steps 1 through 3 as above, but draw your character on the left instead. If the proportions of your giant are different from those on the left (more or less than 7.5 heads tall) draw your giant character as well with proper proportions, keeping your character’s head the same height as a head unit (☺).

  2. To find g, count how many ☺’s tall your shorter character is. You may need to write this as a decimal. Use as many significant figures as you want for accuracy.

  3. Solve the “Ratio” equation above to find how big your giant’s ☺ is.

  4. All you need to do next to find your giant’s height is multiply 7.5 by ☺. (If you drew your giant with different proportions, just use however many heads tall you drew them as)

Have fun!

Any calculations you find using this tool are yours to use however. No need to credit me for the math, the reference, or your final numbers unless you are redistributing the calculator itself, which you are free to do with proper credit. Thanks!

a couple of you people have asked to see the drawings we do in debriefings. since tony has all of them, i figured i’d just start a new one. so here’s steve, running for his life from the velociraptors that were in the park yesterday.

memevengers, i pass this along to you to add to. 

(instructions/drawing guide is under the readmore. )

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somelittleredhead  asked:

Hi. So my local pet store has a pretty pathetic selection of betta safe decor plants and I was wondering. Is there a way to make some cloth-like materiel flowers water safe to put in a fish tank? I would love to diy some decor for my fish to make their tanks unique but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Hey there @somelittleredhead :D Sorry to hear that your LPS doesn’t have a good selection for betta decor :/ But you know what? There’s TONS of DIY decor ideas out there so we’ve got ya covered ;D

For silk flowers / plants, check our your local dollar store! :) Silk plants from places like the dollar store or hobby lobby are usually tank safe ^-^ Just make sure that the wire is removed from the stems before putting the plants in the tank. Also make sure that no strong dyes will leak into the water (I believe you can test this out by placing them in some vinegar + water and seeing if the dyes leak). If the plants have a strong chemical smell after rinsing with just some water, I’d be cautious to use that too.

In this video, Joey uses cement to make the base of the plants, but you don’t have to use cement. If you want to make a weighted base, you can also do what this Instructables guide did as well, or something similar!

[ Source ]

You can use terra cotta pots in your tank as well! Just make sure they’r actually terra cotta and not painted :) The little holes you see in the bottoms should also be plugged up (you can also knock the whole bottom of the pot out) so that your betta can’t get stuck though :)

[ Source ]

The source for the PVC pipe picture is actually a DIY guide for how to dress up PVC pipes and make them look like old pipes! :p You can also superglue / silicone rocks / gravel to the outside, or tie moss around them, or superglue live or silk plants to them :) It also mentions Krylon Fusion spray paint. Krylon Fusion Clear is commonly used to seal decor to make it tank safe :) I haven’t used other colors, but as long as it’s Krylon Fusion it should be safe :) (and of course you can always seal it with Krylon Fusion Clear as an added safety precaution)

[ Photo Credit: Lori Kays Dunlap Fuzzell ]

Glassware is also usually aquarium safe! :p I got some cute glass teacups from goodwill :D I had them in my tank for about a month or so with no problems (i redecorated and wanted to take them out). Just be sure to give the glassware a good wash! (never use soap to wash aquariums or aquarium decor, a good rinse in hot water or sterilizing with boiling water should do the trick)

[ Source ]

You can also make rock structures with large smooth stones + superglue / silicone! :D

Serial Killer AU (End 2)

And here is the other ending. Pick your fave.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| End 1|

“Don’t keep him too much, it may affect him negatively.” the nurse instructed while guiding her to the right door.

Marinette nodded, her gripping maybe a little too strongly onto the macarons box she was holding. Once the nurse left, she opened the door. The room was simple. Cream orange walls, a twin bed with white sheets and one pillow she recognized as the one she made. Cat shaped. A small table covered with papers and books. And a blond man standing by the window, the sun of the afternoon making his hair shine like gold. His green eyes shifted as he heard someone entered the room.

“Hello, Adrien.” Marinette said with a smile, closing the door behind her. She giggled as Adrien rushed to her side, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Minou, you are squishing the macarons I brought you.” Marinette scolded, but still hugged him back.

“I don’t care. I missed you.” he said, finally letting her go.

“It had been a week.” she said guiding him towards the bed so they both could sit.

“Still, I missed you.” Adrien sighed, before giving her that dazzling smile and looking at her with that one look that made her fall in love with him in the first place, back in a rainy day when they were fifteen. The conversation went as always, a small chat, some information from the outside world. And then they moved onto one certain topic she knew Adrien was interested in.

“The department is finally up and running. With all the backlash in the media and the trials at ECHR, it was decided a department to check the strings some people may pull to escape and so on. And you are looking at the new boss.”

Adrien smiled proudly at her. If there was anyone who would take care no low scum like the one he’d been hunting would escape punishment, it was Marinette. “I’m very happy to hear this.”

Marinette gave him a pointed look, before running a hand through his hair. “Something is bothering you still.”

Adrien sighed. “Marinette, I love you with all my heart and I know what you are capable of. But there will be always some that may escape you. Not only here, but all over the world. You can’t get them all. That’s why that… group I was part of was founded. To finish off people like that, who don’t deserve to be called people.” Marinette took his hands in hers, squeezing them tightly. “You… you don’t think I’m mad, do you?”

Marinette snorted. “Of course not, silly cat. But better two years in here than a lifetime in prison. I know what you did was right, but I also knew it took a toll on you. You needed this help, minou.” she explained while stroking his cheek. Adrien took her hand and kissed her palm, holding it against his cheek.

“You don’t have to wait for me.” he stated what he hoped was obvious. “I’m serious, if you… ”

Marinette only rolled her eyes. “If I find someone I should go for it, yes, yes. Don’t worry about that. And let me make one thing clear. You were my best friend before you became the love of my life. I’d still wait for you, no matter what.”

Adrien melted. Dieu, this woman was heaven sent. he did nothing to deserve her. Seeing the look in his eyes, Marinette pulled him gently into a slow kiss hoping to make up for the lost time as much as she could with this simple gesture.

“I think I have to go.” Marinette declared after they finished the kiss. “I don’t want to get you in trouble.” Adrien nuzzled her cheek one more time, before letting go of her. “ I hope you’ll enjoy the macarons. Oh, and by the way, Mecha Strike Seven is out. I’ll keep it for when you will be out as well.” Marinette winked at him before getting up.

Adrien smiled once he heard that. That was a very Marinette gesture. As she approached the door, she turned back to him, sending him a flying kiss. “See you next week, mon chaton.”

Adrien nodded, grabbing the flying kiss in his fist, then putting it against his heart.

“Goodbye, my love.”

Hunters Academy - Part 1

Word Count: Around 3200

Summary: The reader is looking for a way forward in life. A cryptic business card may provide her with a new opportunity at an unconventional school. Introduction

Warnings: Language 

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

@misguidedconqueress Thanks for always reviewing, editing, giving suggestions, and being there for me. 🐱


The bunker was eerily quiet with no one else around. The first couple of days, you did some general snooping around, but kept mostly to the rec room or your own. After a few more days, you grew more comfortable. With no one else having shown up, you frequently wandered around with just a baggy t-shirt and no pants, because seriously… who needs pants anyways? You were making breakfast and dancing like nobody was watching with your headphones plugged in. After having grabbed carton of eggs from the refrigerator, upon turning around you dropped the entire thing, at the shock of a tall, lanky man in the doorway.

“Jesus Christ!” You yelped as you dropped the eggs.

“Not exactly.” He responded flipping his black hair to the side. You couldn’t tell entirely, but you were fairly convinced he was wearing eyeliner.

You took your headphones out and tried to pull the hem of your shirt down. “I’m sorry, you startled me.”

“So are you like faculty?” He asked unimpressed.

“Umm..” You nervously laughed. “No, just a student.”

“So where are the professors?” He demanded.

You chuckled a bit, imaging Sam and Dean as professors. “Oh, they went for a hunt before classes start. Should be back any day.” You explained.

“And they left you in charge?” He scoffed.

“Well… not exactly, just to show new students around I guess.” He remained silent, the awkwardness growing. “I’m going to go put on some pants… and then let me give you the grand tour.”

He rolled his eyes and walked back towards the library. After becoming fully clothed, you walked around with him, showing him the ins and outs. He picked out a bedroom and flopped down.

You remained in the doorway. “I’m Y/N by the way.”

“Ned.” He answered.

“See you around, Ned.” You left to go clean up the mess in the kitchen.

A few more days passed and more students trickled in. You mentally kept notes for each one. Ned was definitely the soul searcher, eyeliner, hair gel, emo music, which you could get behind, you just needed the occasional ray of sunshine. Serena came next. She was a total glam queen. You thought one of her suitcases was just for her makeup. You silently snickered when she realized the bathroom was a common space. Kaveri and Skylar showed up together. They were sisters. Skylar was a no-nonsense kind of chick. You would not double cross her on any occasion. Her sister Kaveri though, was a definite follower. She tried to come across like her sister but had none of the bite to back it up.

The only other guy of the group showed up the same day as the sisters. His name was Joseph but you referred to him as Broseph. He was 100% beefcake but was lacking a certain intellectual quality. Serena couldn’t keep her mouth off of the floor, drool and all. She was attached at the hip to Broseph from the beginning. Last but not least was shy Ciara. She showed up on the 31st. The last day that would be accepting students. Although, Sam and Dean had not yet returned and you weren’t sure if you would be able to turn anyone away. You’d just sick Ned on them, he wouldn’t have a problem.

As for you, you were quickly developing the reputation as mama bear. Yes it bothered you, but someone had to be responsible. You mediated arguments, ensured Broseph got a variety of nutrition (not just red meat), tried to keep the place decent looking - at the very least hygienic - and made sure Ciara got a bit of socialization. But in a way, you were simply satisfied the bunker had life in it again and had a few foosball partners to fill the time. However, a few days after the 31st Sam and Dean had not yet returned, you grew more nervous.

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22 Things Only People Who Suck At Cooking Would Understand
  • 1. You have literally no idea what to bring when you get invited to a potluck dinner.

    2. Your freezers are always stuffed with frozen dinners.

    3. And the only thing in your fridge is takeout leftovers and alcohol.

    4. That’s because your three main food groups are cereal, sandwiches, and noodles you can cook in a microwave.

    5. You sometimes buy fresh produce out of guilt, and then guiltily watch as it all expires in your fridge.

    6. If you cannot cook it in the microwave, you are probably not going to cook it.

    7. You’re a genius at putting things on the stove or in the oven and then completely forgetting about them.

    8. You actually hate frozen pizza, because it is all the stress of cooking with none of the convenience of ordering pizza.

    9. When you buy something frozen, and you realize it CAN’T be cooked in the microwave and must go in the oven, you feel like you have been tricked.

    10. Your smoke detectors are always covered with something.

    11. You will never admit this, but you do not really understand why some foods cook at 375 degrees, and some foods cook at 425 degrees.

    12. Everything you’ve ever made involving eggs has little bits of shell in it.

    13. You have accidentally melted at least one piece of plastic on your stove.

    14. You know better than to try and make anything off of Pinterest.

    15. No one ever assigns you anything to make for Thanksgiving.

    16. You honestly only know what half the things in your kitchen are used for.

    17. The only two spices you have any sort of ability with are salt and pepper.

    18. You get really annoyed with cookbooks and/or people who just tell you to “follow the recipe.”

    19. You never, ever remember to put cooking spray on the pan.

    20. Your kitchen is surprisingly clean… because you never actually use it to cook anything.

    21. When someone invites you over for dinner, you feel like you have been saved from a sinking ship.

    22. You talk to Grubhub and Seamless more than you talk to your own family.
His bestfriend- justin bieber imagine

smut-you have been warned, oneshot [virgin jb x reader]

“You’re lying” you half laugh at justin’s statement, not fully believing him. “I mean you’ve at least kissed someone.. Right?”

“N-not really” he stutters as his eyes falls to the ground.

You and justin were both in his bedroom, chatting and gossiping, catching up on your math homework, when somehow the subject of ‘how old were you when you lost your v card’ suddenly was brought up.

You stare at your best friend whom you’ve known since you started high school. He sat there as he quickly returned to scribbling some math equation on his book, not wanting this topic to go any further. You let the topic go as you see how uncomfortable he looked.

After you two had finished your last math revision for the day you stretch your arms out, letting the whole bubbled up frustration of your exam tomorrow wash away your body. “Ugh i’m so tired,” you groan out, “i feel like passing out.”

He keeps his eyes on you, studying your body as you fell back on the bed. He looked at how your hair was blown out, how your shirt was risen up your body as when you stretched your arms out. He took in every detail, like how your feet were flat against the bed and how your legs were spreaded out, just enough for him to imagine what was behind your flimsy covered shorts. He silently groans under his breath he sees your panties peeking through your shorts.

“Justin” you call his name again. He finally snaps of out his little not-so-innocent daydream.

“-oh-w-what?” he stutters out, carefully but quickly brushing over his growing dent in his pants.

“I said,” you say again, “are you hungry? I wanted to get some pizza or something.”

“Yeah” he quickly responds before walking out of the room, desperately making his way to the bathroom next door and slamming the door.


I casually as possible walk out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

“Finally,” she muffles out as she keeps chewing her food, “you took so long! I was going to have to finish it all.”

I slowly settle myself next to her as she arranges the food, making space for me on the bed.

“Eat justin,” she speaks again, “aren’t you hungry?”

“Not really,” i reply, continuing to play with my fingers.

I watch as her she keeps eating, laughing at her own jokes. She looked so happy and carefree. I laugh at how at how there was tomato sauce on the corners of her mouth and how she doesn’t notice it at all. She was so beautiful, perfect, amazing. She cracks up at her ‘funny’ joke as she starts to hit me hysterically on my thigh repeatedly, i couldn’t help but burst out laughing as well. She pushes me flat against the bed all of a sudden, taking me by surprise.

“I know how happened earlier,” she giggles, her body so close to mine causing me to heat up at the position we were in. “I heard you groaning in the bathroom, you weren’t exactly quiet”

My cheeks automatically heat up, i could feel it heat burning my whole face. She laughs as she gets up from the position that was making me faint.

I scan the room, not making any eye contact with her. I could feel the tension raising up in the room.

“Justin,” she begins, “I could help you ya know?” she says looking dead serious.

I feel my lungs bursting out of the body, my head spinning a thousand times around and around. “Don’t,” i say.

I didn’t want to make this anymore awkward than it already was. Sure i liked Y/N for more than i could remember, but i truth be told, I was scared, scared she’ll hate me after it, i was scared of screwing up our friendship. There was so many reasons why nothing sexual could not ever happen between us.

She reaches out, touching my arm softly. I shudder at the touch. I think i stopped breathing all together. I keep my eyes on her hand, so delicate, skin so smooth as she softly grips my forearm. She steadies herself on her knees, leaning into me, closer, closer as she keeps her face there. I could feel her breathing fanning the side of my face.

She plants a soft peck on my left cheek.

I feel her lips. She had the softest lips i ever felt- ive now officially lost my ‘kiss on the cheek’ virginity.

“Lets have sex.” she states blantly, so casually.

“No.” i say, virtually stomping my foot on the ground.

She sighs out. “I know you’re scared justin, but this could change for the better. C’com you’re already 19, you’ve got to break free out of your shell.”

I was scared. I was scared, not of girls but of the girl in front of me. I was so scared.

“Lay down,” she instructs me, “i’ll guide you through-step by step okay?”

I huff as i knew she was never going to let this go. We had already gotten here, there was no going back. “Just do it,” i repeat in my head.

I do as i’m told. I see her smiling at me, a warm smile plastered over her face, “Good, wasn’t that hard, was it?”

I feel my insides screaming as she starts to lean in. I could smell her perfume all over her causing my insides to melt as i take a sniff of her scent. I couldn’t help myself but reach up and touch her skin, caressing her the tender skin on her neck. I feel her head stop moving. I take my cue to lean up from my bed and plant a needy kiss on her neck.

I didn’t realise how much i was biting and nibbling on her neck until i heard her a whine leave her lips. I pull away to find a huge coloured spot on her neck.

She pushes me back on the bed, almost harshly, causing my arms to detach from her body. She traps me under her body, her core on my waist, knees planted each at the side of my body. “Are you sure you’re a virgin?” she laughs out, tilting her head slightly.

I look at her, studying her features, how amazing she looked above me. “Yeah i am,” i trail off, feeling her hips began to move against the thin fabric of my tshirt. I swear i could feel everything rubbing against my body. I narrow my eyes at how her hips were moving. I could feel my body heating up, my cock twitching at the sight.

I swear this girl could make me explode by just watching her grind and how she would close her eyes every now and then. This was definitely than all those times i was alone, with nothing but my hand, this wasn’t an imagination, this was reality.

I stare at the girl in front of me and something inside me couldn’t help but want to be the reason she was going to let go. I cautiously slip my hands in her shirt, slowly. She still had her eyes open, i didn’t want to freak her out or anything. I see her eyes opening, fluttering almost. I see how her mouth was open, slightly, little heavy breathes were let out every now and then. I think she liked my slow movements.

“God,” she groans out, her voice causing a sensation to bubble up, my cock automatically catching on her pleasure. I shift my hips, feeling the restriction in my pants build up. I leave a hand off her waist and make my way to my pants. I take a hand in and begin to rub myself through my boxers. I groan out.

Suddenly i feel a more delicate hand around my shaft. I open my eyes to find her orbs staring straight into mine. I swear i saw a smirk on her face. I couldn’t help but raise my hips up to her hand, she was beginning to slow down. I loved the way her cold fingers would touch so softly against my hot sensitive skin. I could feel myself heating up. I could feel myself being restricted almost, my manhood painfully hard and sore as he halts her rubbing.

“Fuck,” i curse out as she begins to rub her clothed core over my now exposed manhood. I could feel my face heating up at sight. I swear i could feel something damp. I flick my eyes up to her as i watch her facials. This was a sight i could never unsee.

I didn’t know what came over me but i feel the sudden desire to take this in my hands as i easily flip our bodies over. I watch as her eyes blown wide at the sudden move. Hell, i was surprised too.

“Justin,” she says as she tugs her bottoms down in one go. I start to feel the sweat on my forehead start to build up. I swear i was going to start hyperventilating as i flickered my way down to her heat. She softly takes her hand in mine, tugging it down to between her legs. I feel how wet she was. The feeling was making me go wild. “How?-your so wet?”

“Justin-fuck, me,” she breathes out as he yanks my bottoms down as well. This girl as going to be the death of me. I could help but want to please her, not myself. I wanted to see her cum. I had pictured this in my mind again and again- it was finally becoming a reality.

“I’ve always wanted you,” I say as I position myself at her entrance, “f-fuck-”a shudder of pleasure ran down my spine as I feel her walls. Was she suppose to feel this tight? I quickly look at her for any signs of discomfort. I see her eyes fully shut, eye brows slanted.

I quickly pull out, slipping out of her heat. I didn’t want her to be in pain.


You feel your walls suddenly empty. What was this boy doing?

“What the f-” you open my eyes to see a worried look plastered all of his face.

“Are you hurt- are you crying?” he stumbles over his words.

“Justin,” you couldn’t help but laugh at his silly words, “get in me you idiot!”

You wrap your bare legs around his waist harshly, causing his cock to plunge into your core, brushing your walls perfectly.

You could feel him touch everything inside of you. You hear him curse above you. He sounded like he was enjoying this as well.

He hold your hips in place with one hand, his fingers making your side hurt a little at how hard the pressure was. Justin looked lost in the moment, he probably didn’t know how hard his fingers were pressing at your sides. You could feel him speed up. He was hitting all the right places and friction of his shaft against your tight walls made you go crazy, your head was spinning a thousand miles per second.

“I think i’m going to cum-fuck-fuck fuc-” he spits out, tugging his head into the crook of your neck, panting crazily into your ear.

You could feel your legs start to shake at how amazing the pleasure felt. The rigidness of his shaft, plunging into you, hitting the spot that made you see black and white was so much, you swear you couldn’t hold onto your orgasm any more.

You wail out as you feel your sensitive bud being rubbed so fast and roughly. You could feel your eyes roll to the back of your head. Was this boy really a fucking virgin?

Justin speeds up. You feel the thrusts become a bit sloppier. He suddenly spills inside you, his seed warm as he groans a animalistic growl at the back of his throat.

You let go seconds after him. You feel the tightening in your stomach wash away. You stare at him, eyes fluttering closed. He simply stares back at you, golden orbs not leaving your face, almost as if he was trying to read your mind. “Thank you” he softly mutters. 

He had finally had what he wanted since.. well forever.

The Main Goddesses and Gods of Celtic Druidism

This list is useful for becoming familiar with the more prominent Celtic Goddess and Gods. Every Celtic tradition has a name for the “Mother Goddess”. In the Welsh tradition I was initiated into, Kerridwen is the name of the Mother Goddess. Because of this I have listed her and her consort, Kernunnos, first. 

Kerridwen- In the Welsh Gwyddonic tradition, she is the All Mother, a Goddess of inspiration and knowledge, called “The Ninefold One”. Her magickal symbol is the divine cauldron of inspiration of the Otherworld. Her totem animal is the sow. 

Kernunnos- In the Welsh Gwyddonic tradition, he is the All Father and a God of wealth. He is lord of the forest, animals, and a God of life and death. His magickal symbols are antlers, horns, a serpent belt, and a bag of coins. His power animals are a stag, a bull, a rat, and three cranes. 

Dagda- He is the cheiftain and Great Father called the Mighty One of Knowledge. A lord of wisdom, Dagda is the Good God or the Good Hand, a master of life and death and bringer of prosperity and abundance. Twin to Sucellos as ruler of the bright half of the year, he is father to Bridget. The power and knowledge from the Dagda is given as a breath called the “awen” by a kiss to the one he chooses as successor as Chief Bard of the Druids. The “awen” is the breath of God (the Dagda) that guides and instructs, and that sets a bard apart from others. The Dagda’s gifts are the rods of command, a chalice, a magick harp, the flesh hook, a sword, club, and an inexhaustible cauldron that satisfies all hunger. 

Math- Son of the mysterious Mathonwy, and a great king and powerful Welsh God of wisdom, sorcery, magick, and enchantment, he is a master of Druid, teacher, and shapeshifter. Math symbolizes the cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. His feet rest in the lap of a virgin, and one of his abilities is being able to hear anything once it is carried on the wind.

Lugh (Also Lug, Lleu (Llew) Llaw Gyffes)- Called “Lugh of the Long Hand”, he is the uncontested master of all arts, and a God of war, justice, smiths, poets, and bards, associated with the setting sun and the mysteries of the moon. Lugh is a fertility God and champion of the Tuatha, historian, and powerful sorcerer. His symbols are the cock, turtle, goat, a bag of coins, magick spear, and sword. His spear gave victory in battle, and his sword was called “The Answerer”. Lugh’s foster mother is Tailtiu, and he is the grandson of Diancecht and Baler of the Evil Eye. He is the son of Ethniu and Dagda, consort to An the Triple Goddess, and the father of Cu Chulain. 

(Source:Exploring Celtic Druidism Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment by Sirona Knight)