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You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with.  Storm?  She’s an ace.  Colossus is the king up my sleeve.  Beast is my old maid.  Rogue is my queen.  Bobby is like the instruction card you throw away.  Scott is a solid seven.  Cable is probably like, a two.  And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Gambit
Little Tricks ~Jack Wilder~

Prompt:  You catch another girl kissing him after a trick and leave him?

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count:655

P.S: The request is for a three parter, soooo….

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You just have to play the hand you’re dealt. Meeks? He’s an ace. Neil is my king up my sleeve. Keating is my old maid. Knox is my queen. Cameron is the instruction card you throw away. Todd is a solid seven. Pitts is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Charlie Dalton
You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Kakashi? He’s an ace. Sasuke is my king up my sleeve. Tsunade is my old maid. Sakura is my queen. Sai is the instruction card you throw away. Shikamaru is a solid seven. Choji is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Naruto Uzumaki
You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Mihashi? He’s an ace. Abe is my king up my sleeve. Sakaeguchi is my old maid. Hanai is my queen. Momoe is the instruction card you throw away. Izumi is a solid seven. Mizutani is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Tajima Yuuichirou, before being crushed by Momoe
  • Echidna: Sometimes, you have to play with the cards you're dealt.
  • Echidna: Dumanfu, that guy is an Ace.
  • Echidna: Morian is the king up my sleeve.
  • Echidna: Tsukuyomi is my old maid.
  • Echidna: Chlordane is my Queen. Obviously.
  • Echidna: Boreru is the instruction card you throw away.
  • Echidna: Chimera is a solid seven.
  • Echidna: And yeah, Fen is probably, like, a two. But twos can be wild, so watch out.
  • Echidna: And I am obviously the Joker!

I just returned from my vacation, and was COMPLETELY stoked to see my Jinroh deck had arrived WAY before the allotted deliver time! I’m a little late to this train but I thought I’d post a couple of (shitty) pics of what came in the box. I so wish I had a scanner and a better camera, but what can you do? Tbh, I have no fucking clue how to play, but the art is mesmerizing (especially of Mephisto because I’m a slut for official Mephisto art…)

Top two: Full deck and box

Below top two: Hero’s

Three across: Villains, Neutrals, ref cards, instruction booklet, and a little card from Kato-sensei!

Bottom four: Close up shots of the front and back of ref cards, close up of instruction book, and the page explaining Mephisto’s card (the fuckin’ diva got a whole page to himself).



On sale Aug 13
78-card deck, instruction pamphlet, 64-page softcover book, in reclosable box with magnetic closure

Lost hundreds of years ago, the Slayer’s tarot is an important artifact from Slayer history that came into existence after a group of women shared a vision of a rogue Slayer who would love a vampire and who would be aided in her fight against evil by a group of mystical allies. The heretical prophecy led to the suppression of the deck by the Watcher’s Council.

Written and conceived by Rachel Pollack, author of twelve books on the tarot, including the renowned 78 Degrees of Wisdom, she teams with long-time Buffy artist Paul Lee to create this one-of-a-kind tarot card set.

Random Kaiju Generator!

by Michael Harrel

A system-agnostic, slightly Pacific Rim-centric (but useful for other settings), card-based giant monster creation aid.

Instructions: Draw 6 cards and build on the results.

Cards 1 and 2 - Animal Bases
The kaiju’s physical description should be a combination of these two animals; however, neither animal should be mentioned by name in your description. (i.e., if you’re describing Gamera, don’t just say “It’s a giant turtle with elephant tusks.”)

A Waterbear/Tardigrade
2 Blob/Gelatin/Amoeba/Jellyfish
3 Centipede/House Centipede
4 Slug/Leech/Worm/Bobbit Worm
5 Spider/Scorpion
6 Shrimp/Mantis Shrimp
7 Bacteriophage
8 Grasshopper/Weta/Cricket
9 Antlion larvae
10 Mosquito
J Fly / Wasp / Hornet
Q Dust Mite
K Coccolithophores/Radiolaria

A Bat / Vampire bat
2 Pangolin/Armadillo
3 Platypus
4 Giraffe
5 Mole/Naked Mole Rat/Starnose Mole
6 Porcupine / Echidna / Hedgehog
7 Bear/Grizzly Bear/Polar Bear
8 Boar/Pig/Razorback
9 Bull/Ox
10 Lion/Tiger/Sabertooth Cat
J Canid / Wolf / Hyena / Dog
Q Elk / Moose / Deer / Gazelle
K Elephant

A Bird of Prey/Vulture/Eagle/Buzzard/Hawk
2 Axolotl
3 Frog/Toad
4 Turtle/Matamata Turtle/Alligator Snapping Turtle
5 Iguana/Komodo Dragon/Monitor Lizard
6 Snake/Python/Anaconda/Viper
7 Dimetrodon
8 Pterosaur/Quetzalcoatlus/Pteranodon
9 Ankylosaur
10 Theropod/Allosaurus/Tyrannosaurus
J Therapsid (Estemmenosuchus, for example)
Q Mosasaur
K Plesiosaur

A Blue sea slug
2 Trilobite/Horseshoe Crab/Lobster
3 Anglerfish
4 Squid/Octopus/Cuttlefish/Dumbo Octopus
5 Praying Mantis
6 Dunkleosteus
7 Sea Dragon / Sea Horse
8 Jellyfish / Man o’ War
9 Shark
10 Demon/Dragon
J Trespasser Model
Q Trespasser Model
K Trespasser Model

Cards 3-4: Special Characteristics
Your kaiju will also have special attacks, powers, or other characteristics, which may not have anything to do with the base animals. (I.e., Gamera’s rocket propulsion is almost entirely unrelated to normal turtle behavior.)

A. Lamprey mouth
2. Tentacles!
3. Lots of horns/spikes
4. Wings
5. Camouflage / Invisibility
6. Sonic Weapon
7. Breath weapon
8. Pincers or Claws
9. Shape Changing
10. Long Jumping / Pouncing
J. Attack deflection
Q. Forcefield
K. Shockwaves / Tidal Waves

A. Miasma / Toxic fog
2. Burrowing
3. Constriction
4. Rapid Asexual Reproduction
5. Energy Drain/Absorption
6. Whip Tail
7. Multiple heads/mouths
8. Hidden/Retractable spikes all over its body
9. Several smaller kaiju hidden inside
10. Binding mucus / Hyper-sticky glue slime
J. Eye beam
Q. Sonic burst weapon
K. Hidden scythe-like arms

A. Psychic Blast / Forced Drifting
2. Self Destruct Mode
3. Parasite Injector
4. Mental Surge
5. Greater Darkness
6. Multidimensional folding
7. Resurrection/Healing
8. Tractor beam / Magnetic Field / Artificial Gravity
9. Very Long Tongue / Frog’s tongue
10. Acid Attack
J. Space warping
Q. Made of lots of tiny organisms
K. Field of darkness / Photon negation

A. Bone shards / Bone spikes
2. Size expansion/contraction
3. “Force” Slam / Push
4. Defensive Regurgitation
5. Explosive / Detachable Body Parts
6. Able to flatten itself / change shape
7. Biological or energy net, trap, tripwire, web
8. Speed boost
9. Extreme Temperature Control
J. Flight
Q. Mesmerization / Hypnosis
K. Biological chain-saw

Card 5: Category/Height/Weight
This card is fairly Pacific Rim-universe specific, so if you’re generating a kaiju for another setting, feel free to skip it. The card’s suit is irrelevant here.

A - Category 1 / 200ft / 2000 tons
2 - Category 2 / 200 - 300ft / 2000 - 3000 tons
3 - Category 2 / 250 - 350ft / 2500 - 3500 tons
4 - Category 3 / 300 - 400ft / 3000 - 4000 tons
5 - Category 3 / 350 - 450ft / 3500 - 4500 tons
6 - Category 4 / 350 - 400ft / 3500 - 4500 tons
7 - Category 4 / 400 - 500ft / 4000 - 5000 tons
8 - Category 4 / 400 - 500ft / 4000 - 5000 tons
9 -  Category 4 / 450 - 550ft / 4500 - 5500 tons
10 - Category 4 / 450 - 550ft / 4500 - 5500 tons
J - Category 5 / 500-600ft / 5000-6000 tons
Q - Category 5 / 600ft / 6000 tons
K - Daikaiju / > 600ft / > 6000 tons

Speed, Strength, and Armor start at 7 each. You may add a number of points equal to twice the Kaiju’s category, and may move points from one column to another on a 1-for-1 basis.

Card 6: Kaiju Name Type
The examples given are mostly Pacific Rim-related, but I feel like Pacific Rim had pretty good kaiju names and you won’t go wrong by following them. As in Card 5, the suit of the card drawn doesn’t matter.

A. Portmanteau (e.g., Ceramander)
2. Portmanteau (e.g., Ceramander)
3. Gods, Demons, Monsters (e.g., Raiju, Hundun)*
4. Gods, Demons, Monsters (e.g., Raiju, Hundun)*
5. Descriptive Compound Noun (e.g., Knifehead)
6. Verb with Negative Connotations Ending in -er (e.g., Tresspasser, Reckoner, etc)
7. Verb with Negative Connotations Ending in -er (e.g., Tresspasser, Reckoner, etc)
8. Archaic Insult (e.g., Slattern)
9. Horrible Pun (e.g., Scissure)
10. Ends in “-ra(s)” or “-(g/d)on/-an” (e.g., ‘Gojira”, “Gamera”, “Rodan”, “Megalon”)
J. Random Vaguely Negative Word (e.g., Hardship)
Q. Person Associated with Horror Films (e.g., Karloff)
K.  Portmanteau + Gods, Demons, Monsters (E.g., )

*For some Gods, Demons, and other Monster names, see:,,

Example Kaiju:
Codename: Moloch
Category: 5
Height: 500 ft  
Weight: 4000 tons
Speed: 10
Strength: 15
Armor: 14
Attack behavior: Savage and unrestrained.
Toxicity: Medium
Powers: Extreme Regeneration, impenetrable carapace, powerful teeth, claws, and tail
Weaknesses: Precious Few
City Targeted: Santiago, Chile

Description: Moloch has two large horns on its head, and a heavy carapace on its back, covered in spikes. Its main forearms are quite long, indicating that it may be partially quadrupedal. It has a prominent lantern jaw, and rough, reptilian skin. Its hands and fingers are long, with sharp, wicked looking claws. Its tail is likewise covered in savage spikes, and can be used as a whip.

Moloch’s carapace is strong enough to deflect virtually all attacks against it, and even should its shell be pierced, or a weapon aimed at its softer underside, its incredible rate of regeneration will heal the wound within moments – even to the point of regrowing lost limbs. Even when decapitated, the kaiju’s second brain takes over, and given enough time (several hours), the first head will grow back.

Want this in pdf? Here you go! 

You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Sanji? He’s an ace. Zoro is my king up my sleeve. Robin is my old maid. Nami is my queen. Usopp is the instruction card you throw away. Franky is a solid seven. Chopper is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Luffy
You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Piper? She'as an ace. Jason is my king up my sleeve. Hazel is my old maid. Annabeth is my queen. Leo is the instruction card you throw away. Frank is a solid seven. Nico is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Percy Jackson, Blood of Olympus
How Will Sehun Propose to You?

You were in the middle of watching a movie when you received a text from your boyfriend Sehun. “Meet me at our bubble tea place in an hour.” You rolled your eyes and smiled. You loved your nighttime bubble tea dates with Sehun. At around five minutes before 10, you opened the door and walked in, but to your surprise, he wasn’t there. More surprisingly, no one else was there. Usually this place was packed. As you stood there wondering what day it was today, you were greeted by a waitress. She informed you that you were their 500th customer today so you get to participate in their “little scavenger hunt.”You had to find three little printed hearts in their shop in order to move on. You found the first heart at the counter and another heart on a napkin. The Last heart on the cup of your bubble tea. After finding these hearts, you were handed a little card that instructed you to head upstairs. When you reached the top step, you looked around and beautiful scented candles lit the room. You looked around and there he was. Sehun got on one knee and held a big poster that read “Will you Yehet me?” With tears in your eyes, you ran to him and gave him a big bear hug. “Of course I will.”

So I made this for my little sister, who is probably the cutest boot ever and wanted an instruction card for those days when you just wake up as a grump lump (note that these are her personal instructions for delumping and may not suit everyone.)  Anyway I sent this to her… and she made a live action version!  AAAAAA HOW IS THERE THIS MUCH CUTE IN THE WORLD.

WGM at Lotte World (By Possible Admin)

Summary: You and Jungkook are paired together for We Got Married.
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 659 Words

This possible admin will be called P.A. Ar (Also wrote this reaction)

-Admin Kat

All possible admin work will be completely unedited

Originally posted by jinkooks

It had been almost a week since you learned that you would be one half of the newest We Got Married couple. Your group’s manager had agreed to drive you to Lotte World amusement park where you would meet you soon to be husband. When you pulled up, one of the producers handed you an envelope with a the WGM logo on it. Sticking your nail under the seal you pull out the card inside. ‘Y/N, welcome to Lotte World! I’m sure you’re excited to go on a few rides but that will have to wait. Your husband will be at the swan boats, good luck.’

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