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Let the flesh instruct the mind

Interview with the Vampire Traditional Art - Painted with Watercolors & Pastel Pencils in ACEO size

Original Painting available NOW here

You just have to play with the cards that you’re dealt. Piper, that girl is an ace. Jason is the King up my sleeve. Hazel is my old maid. Annabeth is my queen. Frank is the instruction card you throw away. Nico’s a solid seven. And yeah, you know what? Leo is probably, like, a two. But sometimes twos can be wild. So watch out. And I am obviously the joker.
—  Percy Jackson

Business Glossary: Retail Edition

Hello! Welcome to ____!: I am required to greet every customer

Can I help you find anything?: please tell me you don’t need my help

Alright, just let me know if you need anything: Thank you for not needing my help, please don’t change your mind

That looks good on you!: I have a sales goal I have to meet

This item is very popular/on sale for a great price!: they want me to sell a lot of these

I have my own pair and I love them!: I do not own a pair and I am very desperate to meet my sales goal/sell a lot of these.

All of our stock is already out: I am not going to check the back.

Let me check the back: I am desperate to make a sale

(As customer is leaving) You didn’t find anything today?: where the fuck do you think you’re going

Are you sure you don’t want to get anything?: get your ass back in here and buy something I have a fucking sales goal

I’ll be with you in one moment: im busy you can fucking wait

Please follow the instructions on the card reader: stop spacing out and enter your pin number

(To a child) please no running/stop that/don’t touch that: (to parent) WATCH YOUR STUPID KID

Just so you know, we’re closing soon: Get out.

Hey, we’re actually closing up now: GET OUT.

It’s a bit passed closing. Do you need help?: GET THE FUCK OUT

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Dating Pietro Maximoff would include....

Anonymous asked: Could you do a “dating Pietro would include…” thing please? Thank you! I love your writing!

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Word count: 2.4k+
Warning: Fluff, Smut

A/N: To the anon that requested this: I made it as gender inclusive as I could! This was so much fun to write! Thank you for requesting it! I hope you all liked this! It kind of got out of hand and I’m not sorry at all. (At this point you should all know I will never understand the concept of writing short/quick fics. Just expect everything to be more than a thousand words. I’ve accepted it.)  

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“You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Kyoya? He’s an ace. Honey is my king up my sleeve.  Renge is my old maid.  Haruhi is my queen. Tamaki is the instruction card you throw away. Mori is a solid seven. Kaoru is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.”

~ Hikaru Hitachiin.

Little Tricks ~Jack Wilder~

Prompt:  You catch another girl kissing him after a trick and leave him?

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count:655

P.S: The request is for a three parter, soooo….

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anonymous asked:

hey! i love ur writing, and do you think you could do a porn star au? i'll love you forever!

can you please write one where they do the do in a public place?

ahhhhh thank u sm!! 

Eleven hours. London to LAX. Dan is traveling to L.A. on a business trip, and as it happens, Phil is doing the same.

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How to Play of Le Neckbeard: A Casual Card Game for Casuals.

The kickstarter is ending soon so check it out!

You just have to play with the cards that you’re dealt. Snape, that guy is an ace. Lucius is my King up my sleeve. Alecto is my old maid. Bellatrix is my queen. Barty is the instruction card you throw away. Amycus’ a solid seven. And yeah, you know what? Wormtail is probably, like, a two. But sometimes twos can be wild. So watch out. And I am obviously the joker.
—  Lord Voldemort
You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with.  Storm?  She’s an ace.  Colossus is the king up my sleeve.  Beast is my old maid.  Rogue is my queen.  Bobby is like the instruction card you throw away.  Scott is a solid seven.  Cable is probably like, a two.  And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Gambit


I finally got to lay eyes on my updated edition of the Apprentice Tarot which, if you don’t know, is the teaching deck I made, aiming to combine ease of readability with short definitions and correspondences, with aesthetic meaning and enjoyment. I am so much happier with this edition. The sun is setting and the lighting in these pictures is terrible, but I couldn’t wait, so I’m going to walk you through all the changes.

You guys have heard me lament the color problems I had with the previous printer I used. Here’s the spine of the new and the old AT side-by-side. Guess which is which. XD

Here’s the back of each. Again, terrible lighting quality, but I promise you, in person, the new backs are so much more vibrant and less pixelated than the old ones. I did add a new design element in the corners, but other than that, I didn’t change anything. The difference in vibrancy and detail you see is all down to the printer. So much happier.

Again, you can see the extra vibrancy on the Fool. Now you can actually SEE the full rainbow on the edges of the Majors. I didn’t change anything except the type, and centering the image better.

Oh, did I mention the new cards have new type that is one consistent size and slightly larger for easier reading? Yes, they do.

The keywords are more legible too!

Here’s another really dramatic example of the difference a good printer makes! I did not change the color of the water in the cup whatsoever. For some reason, the first printer just rendered it as being extremely dark and splotchy. Now it looks how it looks in my files – smoother and more aquamarine.

I did alter the tone of the Wands to conform better to the overall color scheme of the deck.

Man that bigger typeface is so much better.

Oh, and there’s also an instructional card for how to read it now. The large print run will also include suggestion spreads!

And here is my first reading with the new edition of the deck.

For some reason, this one is reading so much nicer for me than the old one did. I alluded to it, but it’s not exactly confidence-inspiring to admit that your own deck seems to be a bit snooty towards you.

This one feels less stormy, and more complete somehow. It’s giving me much clearer readings. Perhaps it appreciates the extra time I took on it.

In addition to all this stuff that’s easy enough to point out, I’ve also fixed some typos, a mislabeled Cups card, and other various little errors. I will, of course, be combing over this one as well.

I am a bit happier with this cardstock also. It’s slightly more slick, but less prone to bending, which made it easier and less precarious-feeling as I was shuffling.

I may also tinker just a tiny bit with the white balance. The only thing about this deck that is not outrightly better, color-wise, is that the whites don’t seem quite as bright. I didn’t really notice until I put them side-by-side, but I will see if I can amp them up just a little.

I will take some better-quality pictures soon, but I just couldn’t fucking contain myself!

Thank you to all my testers, @torque-witch , @upthewitchypunx , @bonesandpoemsandflowers, @orriculum , and @witchy-words who gave me feedback and helped me fix her up into a worthy study deck! A special double-thanks to Torque for carrying my small run, and sending me some housewarming tea with the deck!

We are more or less on track for the Kickstarter! My workstation is set up, and I am hopefully I will launch it late this week, or early next week at the absolute latest.

Thank you to everyone for staying patient with me as I weathered all these personal storms. This is going to happen! Please share!

Villainous Strategy Game

So, I’m taking a Game Design course at school and I’ve decided to make a villanious themed game for my strategy game assignment! I wanted to post whatever information I have on the game so that you guys can check it out :D and tell me what you think. 

In this game I am using the following AU’s

Heroic AU by @comixgum

Ravenous AU by @rp-red-hat-inc

Apathetic AU by @nivilliain and @themcnobody

Cowardice AU by @skribblie

Jekyll and Hyde AU by @rascal-rose

Blue Hat AU by @heroicsandcompany

Gamma by @theinsanefruitloop-chan

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Hidden Soulmate

pairing: tony x reader

@giantcookiez request Hey! Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU between a shy reader x Tony. Possibly where she has abilities that she hides. She could also work for him or another avenger, whatever you feel like! Thank you so so much!! *smut*

Y/n- your name

Y/f/n- your full name

Y/f/a/n-your favorite authors name

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Ever since you were a little girl you couldn’t wait to find your soulmate. You would ask your mom if she would tell you how she knew your dad was her soulmate and how you couldn’t wait until you met yours. She giggled and told you it was an indescribable gut feeling. So throughout your life you wondered what they would look like and wondered if they were as shy as you were.

You finally met when you were being interviewed for a job with the avengers. It was a long process and had to be interviewed by all the avengers just to be sure they liked you. Tony was the last person to interview you and you were scared you weren’t going to make a good impression.

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anonymous asked:

It's fine if you're not willing to do this! I'm just assuming you're a fan of Phantom of the Opera from the bio! So could you do an AU with Akira as the Phantom and S/O as Christine? Like I said it's fine if you don't, Phantom is just my favorite musical!

*Akihiko voice* I’ve been waiting for this! Lmao The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical too!! ^^ It’s not going to perfectly align, but I had a lot of fun with this. I could write a whole novel on this AU tbh, but I showed some self-restraint lol. Thank you SO much for the request!! I hope you like it!

SPOILERS ahead for Persona 5 and The Phantom of the Opera. Please read at your own discretion.

EDIT: I added some lyrics. ^^

The Phantom (Thief) of the Opera:

  • So, we know Joker is going to be the Phantom / Phantom Thieves, and S/O is going to be Christine.
  • In this AU, S/O is going to represent public opinion.
  • The managers are going to be Shido; seemingly clueless, but still in charge at the end of the day. 
  • The Girys are Joker’s allies; they send his letters (calling cards) to his targets and they protect him.
  • Carlotta is symbolic of the police; always scrutinizing S/O and being pampered by the managers (Shido).
  • Last but not least, Raoul is going to be represented by Akechi / the law; the handsome man that was the childhood sweetheart of S/O. I like to imagine him wearing his Crow outfit for the most part.
  • Back to the AU, Joker has guided and trained S/O for years, preparing for the day they make their debut.
  • The Opera House is actually home to Mementos.
  • Joker’s been attempting to steal its Treasure, but he can’t seem to find the ‘true’ Treasure.
  • That’s why he sends all the letters (calling cards); he hopes that one day it will fall into the hands of Mementos’s ruler.
  • When Shido and Akechi take over the Opera House, the ‘incidents’ start occurring, and everyone just blames it on the Opera Ghost.
  • That’s partially why Joker’s in hiding; besides, the world had already shunned him, so he operates behind the scenes by stealing Treasures from people that threaten S/O.
  • When the police fail to do their job, Joker’s allies urge S/O to step in, so they do.
  • When you find that once again you long to take your heart back and be free…
  • After their big performance S/O’s popularity skyrockets, as well as their gratitude for Joker.
  • However, Akechi goes to see them the night of their debut and reestablishes his bond with S/O, causing conflicting feelings in them.
  • When Akechi leaves the room, Joker takes action.
  • He finally makes himself known to S/O, and he charms them into his lair.
  • Akechi overheard what was happening, but he couldn’t open the door because the allies had locked it. That’s when he takes interest in the Opera Ghost.
  • S/O is completely entranced and captivated by Joker as he cautiously escorts them to his room.
  • My power over you grows stronger yet…
  • Joker then proceeds to seduce S/O, whispering words of rebellion and charming them with his song.
  • Let the dream begin; let your darker side give in…
  • After S/O goes to sleep, he has his allies send calling cards to the police, Akechi, and Shido while Joker infiltrates the Metaverse and steals the Treasure.
  • The Treasure manifested as a music box with a monkey seated on top. He retrieved it and returned to reality, discerning that the Treasure belonged to Shido.
  • S/O awakens, and after snooping around they find Joker’s stash of Treasures.
  • They begin to doubt Joker, thinking that he’s just some warped thief that tricks people just because he can.
  • S/O attempted to unmask Joker, but he sent them away from his lair, which resulted in arousing more suspicion from S/O.
  • Meanwhile, Shido, Akechi, and the police are panicking about the calling cards and the fact that S/O disappeared.
  • The allies then deliver another card instructing them to instate S/O as the star of the next show, while the police remain secondary.
  • Shido denies the request and continues to boost the confidence of the police. In the meantime, he sends Akechi to investigate the Opera Ghost.
  • Christine spoke of an angel…
  • However, Shido became useless after that; the effects of having his Treasure stolen had begun to take place.
  • During the next performance, Joker humiliates the police, but Shido’s death occurs after doing so. Joker realized that he had been framed.
  • S/O is frantic; they seek out Akechi for comfort and they take him to the roof of the Opera House.
  • They accuse Joker of being a murderer, but they are also conflicted, since he’s helped them all this time.
  • But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound…
  • Akechi takes this opportunity to dazzle S/O with his righteousness and his kindness. He also declared that he was taking over the Opera House, so S/O had nothing to fear.
  • Let me lead you from your solitude…
  • Little did he know that Joker was listening the whole time. 
  • That’s when Joker ascertained that Akechi was the one behind the ‘incidents’ and the murder.
  • Joker decides to lie low for a while, which results in Akechi announcing to everyone that the Opera Ghost has been dealt with.
  • But Joker appears at the masquerade, delivering the final calling card (Don Juan) himself. He makes sure that everyone knows that he’s alive and well.
  • He warps to the Metaverse in that moment and is surprised to discover that the public’s Treasure manifested as S/O.
  • This was going to be his ultimate heist.
  • He needed to make the public believe that S/O can be taken, so back in reality, Joker follows S/O to the cemetery in order to steal them, but Akechi interfered and returned them to the Opera House.
  • Thus, Joker waits for the next show. He makes his appearance onstage with S/O in another attempt to seduce them into coming with him.
  • In your mind, you’ve already succumbed to me…
  • However, S/O reveals his identity, so he steals them and makes his escape into the Metaverse.
  • Even though the police were onstage, there was nothing they could do. Akechi confronts Joker’s allies and asks that they lead him to the Phantom.
  • The allies agree because it was part of the plan to expose Akechi’s true nature to S/O.
  • With a mob of shadows fast at his heels, Akechi pursues Joker in the Metaverse. He was not going to allow S/O get stolen from him, not when he’s come this far.
  • While Akechi’s dodging all the traps and enemies, Joker is trying to convince S/O that he is innocent, and that he’s actually keeping S/O safe from the people that will eventually ruin them.
  • Akechi eventually shows up, donned in his distorted black garb. He reveals himself to be the true ‘Phantom’, then he shuts the gate to the lair to keep the mob of Shadows from interfering.
  • Akechi and Joker have their final showdown, and after Joker nearly loses, S/O begs for his life to be spared. Akechi explains that he only wanted S/O to see him as a hero. His only desire was that he was acknowledged.
  • The world showed no compassion to me!
  • S/O sympathized with him, but they ultimately sided with Joker.
  • The Shadows were nearly finished destroying the gate. Akechi allowed S/O and Joker to escape the Metaverse while he stayed behind to buy them time.
  • He was also heavy with grief, and saw no point in living without S/O at his side. 
  • Akechi touched the engagement ring in his pocket and took a deep breath before opening the gate.
  • Christine, I love you…
  • No one knew if he survived the ordeal.
  • Joker successfully stole S/O, and since they wholly believed in him, the Metaverse was destroyed.
  • Decades later, when Joker was visiting S/O’s grave, he spotted something glimmering on top of it.
  • It was a rose with an engagement ring attached to it.
One More Night - Prologue

Pairing: Daniel Atlas x reader
Summary: They are like the sun and the moon. Chasing each other, but never quite finding each other to finally become one. Daniel and the reader are solo artists with loads of charme and character. What happens when two stubborn minds meet and are forced to work together?
Words: 800ish

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