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(via The Witching Hour tunic tank Black with choice of print by SOVRIN)

One size.

This tank is fully handmade/hand sewn. Pattern by SOVRIN. Design concept features an over-sized hood, low cut sides, and a longer body. Material has a soft hand, great drape, and very little wrinkling.

Looks great worn with leggings or skinny jeans, and can be paired with any bandeau top or tank. Can also be paired with longer necklaces.

If print is chosen, it will be printed with WHITE eco friendly water based ink on the front of the tank.
Please see other listing for more print choices:

fits a size S-L
waist: 40"
hip: 44"
length: 30"

Machine wash cold delicate with like colors. Hang to dry. Do not use bleach.

People are talking about Snoop Dogg fake-shooting a clown D Trump but we need to get into how Snoop took $27 of my hard-earned money with this stupid vape pen that had incorrect instructions on the back. $30~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ are you kidding me


Rio Rita designed by Uniya Filonova


This is an alternate construction to the one shown in the instructions. With this post, I’ve also included a before picture to demonstrate how the model looks before curling. I’m always fascinated by how a model can change so much just with a little curling. 

It’s been a huge year for me and thisismyorigami and I thank you for all the continued support! Who knows what next year has in store, but I’m certainly looking forward to it. 

I hope all of you had a happy holidays and I wish you all the best of luck in 2015!

Happy New Year!



Designed by Eugeny Prosolupov

5.4 by 10.8

30 Pcs


Somewhat bizarre; the modules connect at the top of each pyramid, so they’re loose elsewhere. If you look you can see that the other rings of 5 are a bit awful and messy, and the whole thing sags quite a bit. Not my favorite. Use stiff paper next time, or fold one of the variations!


FILM FRIDAY – This is a selection of images created by middle school students from Houston’s Robert M. Beren Academy. I had the opportunity to teach a three-part film photography workshop with the students at the end of this school year. 

Part one involved about 10 minutes of 35mm-film-camera instruction, followed by about 30 minutes of shooting time. For the second session, we learned to process the black-and-white film (HP5+) in class. Finally, the students had a chance to experiment with film scanning, editing via Lightroom and Photoshop, then printing some of their images on Hahnemuele’s beautiful 4X6-inch and new 5X7-inch photo cards. 

The students worked in pairs and were assigned a shot list, challenging them to create images based on symmetry, rule of thirds, leading lines, contrast, repeating patterns, story and a few other parameters.

The entire group was new to the medium of film, and most had only limited experience with digital. The cameras they used for the worksop were all vintage and fully manual (the earliest model being a Contax II rangefinder and the newest being a Nikon FM), and only some had working light meters, if at all. I was impressed with how well most of the students correctly calculated exposure. 

The highlight was how excited the students were throughout the experience. Beren is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school, known for its academics and Judaics curricula. The school was slated to invest in its digital photography program for next year, but now is planning to launch a new, full-blown film photography unit, instead. 

I’m a self-taught photographer, who only learned film a year ago. I’ve found that it’s great fun to engage kids through this medium, and it’s wonderful to see them connect with it and keep film alive in the process.

Photography has done so much for my life. It’s nice to share that with others–especially kids. 

Life's Little Instruction Book (21-30)

21) Learn three clean jokes.
22) Wear polished shoes.
23) Floss your teeth.
24) Drink champagne for no reason at all.
25) Ask for a raise when you feel you’ve earned it.
26) If in a fight, hit first and hit hard.
27) Return all things you borrow.
28) Teach some kind of class.
29) Be a student in some kind of class.
30) Never buy a house without a fireplace.