DIY Cosplay LED Skirt

This detailed tutorial shows how to use LED Lights in DIY Fashion:

“By using a pre-programmed LED chip from Cool Neon that can be controlled by remote, I avoided the need for arduino coding, making this project quite a simple one. I also used a new kind of LED strip that just became available: fully addressable rgb side emitting led strip.”

For 100s of DIY Halloween Costumes go here.

Find this DIY LED Skirt Tutorial from Instructables’ User MikaelaHolmes here.

DIY Elf Ear Cuff

Make this CosplayWire Wrapped Elf Ear Cuff using 2 gauges of wire and beads.

Find this DIY Elf Ear Cuff Tutorial by Instuctables’ User momoluv here. (via The Beading Gem’s Journal)

More Elvish Inspired DIYs

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Mabon Peach Simple Syrup Recipe~

Hello Beautiful people!

So, it’s almost the end of the First Harvest, Lammas, and we are quickly heading into the Second Harvest, Mabon! So, being a Kitchen Witch, I am always looking for ways to incorporate food into my rituals. I am so excited for Mabon this year because it will be my first celebration as a Wiccan! Anyway, I came up with a simple idea to incorporate some of the harvest fruits in my house by making them simple syrups and into teas! Peaches promote Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Fertility, and Wishes.


You will need:

  • 2 Ripe Yellow or White Peaches
  • 1 Cup of Cold Water
  • 1 Cup of Cane Sugar

(Note: If you want more syrup just double the measurements. Although it does make quite a bit.)

Now I use a sugar called Demerara Sugar. It’s like Cane sugar, but it has a more earthy taste and doesn’t melt as quick as Cane or white sugar but is soooo yummy. It also turned the water very brown so my syrup is a little more dark than it should be. It tastes exactly the same and holy shit it’s good.

Step 1: 

Get yourself some ripe peaches. Cut them into thinish slices and put them to the side for now. Prepare a saucepan (small) by adding the cold water and sugar to the pot.

Step 2: 

Add the peaches to the water and bring it to a boil. Allow about a minute or two to give the sugar time to dissolve. Once the sugar has dissolved, bring the heat down to low and using a spoon (Or a potato masher like I did) mush the peaches so that the peach flavor can mix with the sugar water.

Step 3:

After you’ve mashed all of the peaches, take off the heat. (Make sure all the sugar is dissolved) Let steep for 25-30 minutes. I let mine steep for like 45 minutes cause I wanted the flavor to really get saturated, but I’m sure if you let it steep for 30 minutes you should be fine. Once it’s steeped, strain into a jar or cup or whatever you can put it in and that’s it! It should have a beautiful pinkish/orange color, but like I said, mine came out a bit darker. Make sure you put it in the fridge so that it doesn’t spoil!

It’s still really tasty and it adds a nice taste of peach to my tea without overwhelming it. I made a tasty Peach Black Milk tea and added some Cinnamon to mine for some extra Healing, Protection, and Spirituality before I head off to bed, but feel free to add any yummy spices or herbs to your syrup to enhance the intent. I will probably make a tutorial on the how I make my tea but for now I leave you with this.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Any questions? Feel free to message me. Have a peaceful night/day and many blessings!~


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DIY Harry Potter Paper Time Turner Necklace

Make this amazing Harry Potter Time Turner using just paper and glue - no really, just paper and glue.

There’s a template to download with lots and lots of circles to cut out. The tutorial is really clear and easy to understand, from gluing the layers of paper to painting the time turner.

For everything DIY Harry Potter go here including anamazing DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game and DIY Harry Potter Chess Set.

Find the tutorial and templates for this DIY Harry Potter Paper Time Turner from Instructables’ User emilyvanleemput here.

More Harry Potter Time Turners

DIY Revolving Time Turner Necklace by Sunny at Cut Out + Keep here.

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To the Band Dorks™ out there:

I can hear my town’s high school marching band from my apartment almost every night. From pre-season through now, it’s like I can feel the confidence they have gotten from their practice. Their playing is so much bolder, more enthusiastic, more fun-sounding, and it honestly just pumps me up. I have favorite songs from them and I don’t even know what any of the songs they play are.

You guys work hard and put in long hours, and your dedication and skill is obvious even through my apartment’s windows half a mile away, so even though statistically you are not in my town’s high school marching band, you’re in some town’s marching band, and I bet you sound great, too.