I think we should start calling pugs “asthma dog” .. just so people know what they would be getting themself into. 

In all seriousness.. I sometimes regret getting a pug.. mine doesn’t have any serious problems so far but I would definitely not get another one. He’s an amazing, loving companion but yes, his life is more limited than that of most dogs. 

I just wanted to add a more elaborate point than - I’m a pug and life sucks *wheeze*! 

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It's a bit unfortunate that the amusing "teach Peri how to eat" scene can never be canon, since Peridot can't shapeshift- she wouldn't be able to make a digestive system. If it was, Amethyst would have known that fact before Too Short to Ride.

That’s an interesting observation! The implications of which change a lot of their dynamic. One possibility (given Peri’s disgusted face at Amethyst’s instructions) could be that Peridot’s refusal could be chalked up to not wanting to shape shift. It’s not unheard of for gems to reject food, Pearl would have been on Peridot’s side should that have come to pass. It’s still a scene worth exploring though. In Log Date, Amethyst is comfortable with confronting Peridot but Too Short to Ride Amethyst has also confronted herself on several occasions.

If that’s the case saving the revelation for TSTR was great timing, though should the Peri eating scene have occurred, there is a way it could’ve been spun to keep the truth hidden a while longer, and Peridot’s aversion to shapeshifting a digestive system would have been chalked up as foreshadowing.

I mean just look at this face.


The number of people who show up at the dojo on a Friday night is typically small. But with only two students tonight, I got a lot more attention than I ever expected. More of the correction was directed at me than Robert, and as a result I think I may finally have a handle on kokyu dosa (the breath throw exercise at the end of most classes). Chio sensei then had us move to an application of the exercise, katate dori irimi nage. And once again, more correction was directed at me than Robert.
I am so fortunate. Classes available, seven days per week.

DIY Cosplay LED Skirt

This detailed tutorial shows how to use LED Lights in DIY Fashion:

“By using a pre-programmed LED chip from Cool Neon that can be controlled by remote, I avoided the need for arduino coding, making this project quite a simple one. I also used a new kind of LED strip that just became available: fully addressable rgb side emitting led strip.”

For 100s of DIY Halloween Costumes go here.

Find this DIY LED Skirt Tutorial from Instructables’ User MikaelaHolmes here.

DIY Elf Ear Cuff

Make this CosplayWire Wrapped Elf Ear Cuff using 2 gauges of wire and beads.

Find this DIY Elf Ear Cuff Tutorial by Instuctables’ User momoluv here. (via The Beading Gem’s Journal)

More Elvish Inspired DIYs

DIY Wire Mermaid/Elvish Ears from YouTube User NsomniaksDream here.

DIY Elvish Crown from Rachel Ann Poling here.

I posted this DIY M&J Medieval Headpiece here.

DIY Easy Elvish Crown from 102 Wicked Things to Do here.

DIY Glue Gun Elvish Crown and Ears from Sandra Holmbom here.

I’ve posted pages of ear cuff tutorials here: and you can see the roundup of DIY ear cuff tutorials I posted here.

DIY Wire Ear Cuffs from Basic to Advanced from Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe here.



‘A demonstration of igloo-building in Canada’s Far North, showing how the site is selected and how blocks of snow are used to make a snug shelter in only an hour and a half.’

| Hosted at: Internet Archive
| Collection: A/V Geeks
| Download: Ogg | MPEG4
| Digital Copy: Public Domain

EXCERPTS by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/historical/rare/controversial moving images.
A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.


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The periodic table is awesome all by itself, but Instructables contributor makendo has made it super awesome by turning it into this 3D Periodic Table Lamp

“This instructable documents my efforts to reimagine a 3D periodic table of the elements, using modern making methods. It’s based on the structure of a chiral nanotube, and is made from a 3D printed lattice, laser cut acrylic, a lazy susan bearing, 118 sample vials and a cylindrical lamp.”

Head over to Instructables to learn how this geektastic lamp was made.

[via Neatorama]