ok… so…. I…. want to try and … um…. make… my own… AU……. *shakes head and clears throat*

It’s called InstruTale

And basically, this Au specifies music or rhythmic sounds and here is the famous duo, Sans the Skeleton, and The Great Maestro Papyrus or in other Au’s they would be clarified as Sol (Sans) and Re (Papyrus).

Of course, the two play music, but not just one instrument. In the AU, all monsters know how to play more than one instrument. The instruments emmitts their attacks like a sound wave, where the humans/ other monsters have to dodge the “music notes”.

However, not all monsters know how to play every instrument, specifically, Re knows how to play basic instruments, like the flute, piano, guitar(prefers) and so on, whereas Sol can play more extravagant instruments like eltric instruments, the Koto, glass Aharmonica, as well as, basic instruments. Being the older brother, of course, he would know more instruments and be able to play more than most monsters.

Oddly, I imagined these to being like protectors of the music and rhythmic types of creators, but I don’t know.. maybe?… Sol would have the personality of a level headed peacekeeper, playing music to calm others, whereas Re would want others to have fun and be happy with what they make/ create. .. so how knows.

… but yeah… I did a thing XP 

If you guys have any other questions, send me an ask and I will do my best to answer, but besides that, I’ll try and develop the characters as I go.

french music

this can’t be a ‘music masterpost’ because i don’t think it’s possible. i’ll try my best (remember to check youtube’s suggestions for more)

NB : no link = video 

- if you are a bit emo/goth : saez, eths, kyo, indochine, bb brunes, superbus

- if you like old, noisy, political stuff : trust, bérurier noir, parabellum

- if you like old, fun, catchy stuff : téléphone, partenaire particulier, rita mitsouko

- if you’re a little hippie : tryo, sinsemilia, peps, louise attaque, zazie, renaud 

- if you like poetry : noir désir (<333), léo ferré (<333), jean-jacques goldman

- if you like modern, unusual stuff : manu chao (lots of spanish, political), shaka ponk (esperanto, weird stuff), nasser (english or instru, ‘electronic rock’)

- if you like rap : oxmo puccino, NTM, iam, kery james, youssoupha, diam’s

- if you don’t mind “parents’ music” (i don’t) : balavoinesardou, delpech

- if you like rnb : m pokora, tragédie, willy denzey

- if you like old (nonetheless amazing) stuff : aznavour (<3), piaf, jacques brel (<33), brassens, barbara, dalida

V is for Visual Impairment (22/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 22 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  V is for Visual Impairment.
Word Count: 4597.
vision loss, anxiety, surgical procedures.
Rating:  Teen+.
Author’s Note: Requested by my cinnamon roll @fandomheadrush – this fic got away from me.  I just started writing and couldn’t stop.  A lot of it is written from personal experience (word to the wise: don’t ever detach a retina if you can help it, it really effing blows), and I’ve left the procedure very much the same as the way it’s performed today just because from what little I know about physics and lasers, even 200 years from now we’re not going to have the kind of technology required to close a large retinal tear without invasive surgery.

V is for Visual Impairment

Your head is still reeling as you swing your legs over the edge of the bio bed you’ve been lying on for the better part of the afternoon and your ears are still ringing.  You’d been involved in an explosion on an away mission, and while you’d been armored well enough that you’d avoided shrapnel injuries, you’d been close enough to the epicenter of the blast that you’d been knocked on your face by the shockwave that followed the detonation.

As soon as you’d been beamed back up onto the ship, you’d been rushed to medical with the rest of the team and thoroughly checked over.  After looking over your scans and monitoring your condition for a while, Dr. McCoy had finally pronounced you fit to leave medical, and you’d jumped at the chance.

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Razorblade - The Strokes
Galaxyspeaking (voice) + The two I (instrumental)
Razorblade - The Strokes

So yeah an anon asked if I was ever going to post another song recording and this one has been sitting on a shelf for a few months now. Again far from being perfect but I think some parts are okay ?

Also as usual I used an instru made by the Two I. I swear to god I’ll learn an instrument by the end of next year ! (maybe the bass, or… ukulele Idk)

Warm blooded - Gail & Holly fic

Got this little idea for some more Gail and Holly smuttery when I was writing my last piece, so here we go, a little fun smut story for y'all!

Kinda takes place between 5x01 and 5x03.

Warm blooded

Gail put away the leftovers from the takeout containers in the fridge. Then washed the dishes from the solitary dinner and put the kitchen back in order. She dried her hands on the towel and turned to lean against the kitchen counter. The townhouse was quiet, she hadn’t even bother to turn on the tv as she had been expecting Holly to come home any minute for about three hours now. She glanced over at the clock above the kitchen island, a quarter to ten. It had been over a week since they actually had laid eyes on each other, mismatching shifts and the backlog at the forensics lab which had forced Holly to stay later and later each night had been an ever present obstacle for them to spend any quality time together.

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Dj Cutymike est un activiste du mouvement Hip hop depuis une vingtaine d'années. Soirées, mix-tapes, émissions radio, production de beats; la nouvelle recrue de 7 Sekt Production est un véritable couteau suisse du management et de la production urbaine. N'enfermez pas notre homme dans un style, soul, rn'b, rap.

usando a gravidade deslocando-se do
eixo  apoiando-se  num  pé  depois  no
outro esquerdo usando-o  como  instru-
mento corpo que se deixa pêndulo que
pende trêmulo e assim pendente  deita
em pé  pesando  breve  enquanto  leve
perde seu suporte e segue  revezando
peso e peso um  pouco  em  cada  pon-
to pé direito  até  o  avesso  sala  sobre
o  solo  e  a  favor  do  vento  paira  pou-
sa ala pedra asa  tesa  desce  e  voa  a
esmo enquanto se enterra a si  mesmo

Arnaldo Antunes,
agora aqui ninguém precisa de si.


Piano vamp on an old religious melody. Click here for my hymn arrangements on iTunes -joshua

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Ratlami Poha…

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sick, sick, sick, beat