Instrmnt 01 Watch

Carefully-crafted with all the hallmarks of a timeless watch, the Instrmnt 01 features a Swiss movement, genuine leather strap, and utilitarian stylings under a resilient sapphire crystal. Glasgow, U.K.-based Instrmnt Limited cut no corners for quality and materials with the 01, delivering a watch that’s styled for a lifetime at an everyday price. There’s just three days left on their Kickstarter to pre-order the watch in your choice of finish and strap.

PRE-ORDER ($152)

  • Clary:All right. Take off your shirt
  • Jace:*raises eyebrow
  • Clary:I'm not going to attack you. I can take the sight of your naked chest without swooning
  • Jace:Are you sure? Because viewing my naked chest has caused many women to seriously injure themselves stampeding to get to me.
Black Cat Swag
  • Black Cat Swag
  • Chrono Rabbit
  • It's Showtime! Vol. 01

Chrono Rabbit - Black Cat Swag

The curtain has lifted and spotlights are trained center stage. Chrono Rabbit makes his debut with It’s Showtime! Vol. 01, ten diverse instrumental tracks that will leave the audience dancing till they drop. Jumping from Electronic Rock to Electro House to Trap and more, Chrono Rabbit’s whirlwind of genres leaves nobody in their seat.

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