institution walls

  • ok so what if alec and izzy were both the same height for a really long time while they were little
  • because they’re pretty close in age right
  • and izzy was always pretty tall for her age in general
  • but all of a sudden alec started getting taller
  • but like so was she let her live
  • and for a long time it was a lil competition of no, I’M taller!
  • ok but imagine izzy making robert measure the two of them against the institute’s walls
  • and robert raising the pencil just half an inch
  • just so izzy can be satisfied and that she’s indeed not getting shorter and yes, izzy, you’re as tall as alec, see? 
  • and there are still faint lil pencil lines on the frame of izzy’s bedroom door that she wouldn’t dare paint over
  • anyways
  • all of a sudden izzy was losing
  • because the tall tree that is alec lightwood just wouldn’t stop growing
  • so she started bringing out the big guns (aka seven inch heels)
  • and was all like frick ya imma beat alec at this now
  • but then alec just kept fucking growing and growing
  • and now her head barely reaches his shoulder, even while wearing her biggest stilettos
  • but she smiles anyway
Mods for Settlements

Settlement Supplies Expanded

-Adds over 400 more objects to be placed in settlements. Includes: working beds, doors, food planters, lights, and more.

Homemaker Expanded Settlements

-Adds more craftable crops, containers, chairs, beds, lights, fences, and more. Now includes Institute walls, floors, and build objects.

Simple Intersection

-Lets you plays things like floors or walls slightly into another object.

Unlimited Settlement Objects

-Removes the size object limit that will stop you building in settlements after you build a certain amount of objects.

Longer Power Lines

-Increases the length of power lines/wires.

Increased Settlement Population with Infinite Settlement Budget

-Increases the maximum settler capasity with an optional file for an infinite budget (meaning no object limit).

Brighter Settlement Lights

-Brightens all lights placed in a settlement.

Quieter Generator Sounds

-Reduce the volume generators make to 10% 25% or 50%.

Project Modern House

-Retexture to make settlements look more pre-war.

Create a New Settlement Anywhere

-Spawns a workshop at your location using a console command. Once spawned, the current exterior cell will be flagged as a settlement and you can build and scrap like you would a normal settlement.

Patch Job- Fill Those Holes

-Fixes some holes in settlement walls and roofs

Clean Settlement - Mess Removal

-Removes leaves, vines, and shrubs.

Better Generators

-Modifies all vanilla generators to produce more power (with options including: 3x more, 2x more, 10,000, and a few more)

The Survey Corps Make a Time Capsule p. 1
  • Levi: Okay, brats. What have you chosen to put in the time capsule?
  • Jean: These are my mom’s diaries. She lived in Trost all her life and recorded everything she ever did.
  • Connie: A disappointingly good idea from Jean.
  • Mikasa: *grabs the diary* “Jean starred in his school production of Peter Pan. He was a beautiful Tinker Bell.”
  • Jean: It was an all-boys school!
  • Eren: I have an idea. Why don’t we put Jean in there and seal the top so that he suffocates and dies?
  • Historia: For my item I chose a picture of my girlfriend Ymir with a mustache drawn on her face and stink lines coming off her, because she stinks.
  • Sasha: I am submitting this menu from a Wall Rose institution, JJ’s diner, home of the world’s best breakfast dish, the four horse meals of the egg-pork-alypse. Connie loves it too.
  • Armin: And I am submitting this: A brief history of everything that has ever happened since the walls were founded. Not like you get extra credit for this, but I did write it from memory. And for the first time ever it includes a complete list of every official slogan the walls have ever had.

sofialamb  asked:

1 with princess and shaun xoxo

1. Don’t Leave

How long has it been? Hard to guess within the Institute walls and Shaun by her side, because it feels like time is standing still when her son, her baby, her treasure is with her.

According to the Pip-Bpy on her wrist, it’s been two weeks. Robert must be worried. Nicky too. And the folks over at the Railroad must be wicked curious what happened to her.

“I should…” Princess starts, but Shaun reaches out for her. Despite the silver hair, and the wrinkles on both his face and the hand holding on to hers, he reminds Princess of the child she saw in Kellogg’s memories. A young boy, with freckles and a mischievous smile, needing his mother’s attention.

“Don’t leave,” Shaun says quietly, and Princess answers with a nod.

How could she ever?

micro prompts!

Responding to mutant adversities, Charles Xavier founded a school for them over 30 yrs ago, converting his family’s large New York estate into the Institute. His purpose was to give mutants a safe place to live, learn and grow. Today, he, some of his very first students and a handful of recruited staff members strive to maintain his goals. No matter what a student’s eventual pursuits may be, the Xavier Institute does its best to impart as many tools as it can onto its students before they resume a life outside of the Institute’s walls.


I wake up, I’m in a car an hour later. The radio is blaring the same songs it was a week ago, my bag has the same books, the view is the same.
It is constant.
I’m in a perpetual state of madness that is so often recurring, that it is not unique anymore.
The sky is the same, a little less blue maybe. Or maybe, that’s just my brain trying to find something different.
I am in a monogamous relationship with my life. And I can’t break up even if I want to; I can’t find any other. It, on the other hand, can let go of me whenever it wants to. It can send in a truck to hit me right before my life changing interview, who the fuck knows?
I’m numb. It’s so boring and uneventful; all that’s happening : I can’t even get out of this continous loop.
The vehicle stops, I wave my mom goodbye and I enter the institute. The same walls, the same benches. It’s driving me insane. My skin feels like it has thorns growing underneath, no matter how many say petals will brush against someday; I’m pretty sure the gardener is just a motherfucker. I have been sober my entire life. Maybe a little bit of weed can change things?
I walk down the corridor, the same faces. Why isn’t it changing? It seems like it has been years.
I need to get out of this hoax where people are constantly trying to convince themselves that things will change. They might in a next few months, but right now I am done. My crush walks towards me. She is usually very pretty, but today she is just okay. I haven’t slept in a while. She doesn’t excite me. Nothing excites me. All good things that used to make me wanna jump out the chair now just make me want to go back in bed and scroll through my tumblr feed. Maybe I need a drive? I don’t know. I envy the sun. That fucker just keeps shining, it has been so many years I don’t even know if humans have counted it. Maybe scientists have. I don’t care. Maybe that’s the problem. Whatever it is, all I know is that every single morning I wake up a little after dawn, and I never find any sunlight.


Johns Hopkins University  -  (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Faculty members include 51 of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences colleagues .61 Institute of Medicine members 0.28 National Academy of Sciences members, and four Nobel Prize winners.

Johns Hopkins is different, it was designed from the outset to be at the forefront of scientific discovery.

What is considered the university is working on a large scale the world’s leading medical school. As such, it’s the National Institutes outside the walls received more awards than any other health and medical research institution in the country. Which is the main reason behind the school receives more federal research money than any competitor.

But Johns Hopkins is much more than just the College of Medicine.
Many universities began in this list and a small presence as schools designed primarily to religious education.

The university as a whole also has a federal research and development dollars than any other school, which helps to promote this prestigious institutions such as the School of Advanced International Studies, and the Carey Business School, and the College of Engineering and Whiting.

Today the system and philosophy of institutionalized racism identified by Dr. King no longer exists.

Read that sentence again.

I would love to know what universe the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal lives in. 

Oh wait, it’s this one, it’s just that they’re privileged enough to believe this bullshit.

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So, I was thinking about my poor sad anon wanting more of Somewhere Between (The Postshower Fic) and I thought maybe I would go ahead and dash off the next bit for you all, as additional apology for probably denying you a full Last Four Years chapter tonight. So here is Vignette #3 for you:


Somewhere Between Part 3

The piano’s no harpsichord, or even as good a piano as one might wish, but Hannibal finds himself increasingly drawn to it as the days roll by. Words are dangerous. Eyes are dangerous. Music feels like a safe harbor; a language Will doesn’t speak except in the most casual way. Hannibal can be as emotive as he wants to at the piano.

He takes to playing in the mornings after breakfast, day after day until his fingers regain most of the muscle memory lost in the years he waited behind institutional walls. Alana had been, he will freely admit, reasonably generous with his accommodations under the circumstances, if only to placate him. But a piano was never on the table for him, other than in his memories.

Slowly it comes back, though. He plays Bach. He plays Schubert. (The Ständchen, and if he has a particular face in his mind’s eye as he pours out the yearning in it, well. That’s between Hannibal and the piano.) He thinks about writing something new, but he’s too unsettled for composition.

The first few days, Will stays away. Perhaps it’s a courtesy, as Hannibal relearns the feel of the keys, and the unused small muscles in his hands that need to be reminded how to stretch and dance the way they must for this. He hits more wrong notes than he’d like and he’s grateful that Will at least pretends not to be listening.

The fourth day, Will sits on the staircase out of sight and listens. As if Hannibal wouldn’t know. As if he’s not always entirely, uncomfortably aware of where Will is. Not to mention, Will’s just come in from a run and he can smell sweat and sunlight and warm skin. But if Will wants to hide, then let him hide. Hannibal plays some Chopin for his hidden audience and manages to hold him for several minutes until Will finally goes to take a shower.

Hannibal continues playing alone and does not think about Will in the shower. Or after the shower. Or, for that matter, bent over the piano.

He gives up for the day after striking several wrong notes in a row.

On the sixth day, Will emerges from hiding to lean against the door frame and listen. He’s taken his post-run shower first this time and his hair is still wet. Hannibal plays him some Debussy, the Arabesques and the Valse romantique. Will closes his eyes and listens carefully, and Hannibal would like to know just what he’s hearing. He doesn’t get any hint; when the music ends, Will just opens those too-piercing-by-half eyes again and looks at Hannibal for a long moment before saying “Thank you for the concert,” and slipping away out of the room.

The day after that, Hannibal comes into the living room to find Will’s skipped or at least postponed his morning run in favor of curling up in the heavy armchair with their tablet. Hannibal assumes he’s catching up with the latest lurid Tattle Crime headlines. He pauses in the doorway to ask, “Will it disturb you if I play?”

Will has the sweetest smile when he chooses to deploy it; it pierces Hannibal through that heart he’s still surprised to find is human. For an answer, he asks, “Do you mind if I stay?”

“Not at all.” Please. Please stay.

Hannibal takes a moment to reconsider his selections for the morning. Bach, mostly. He plays, and Will listens, a quiet but attentive audience. He ends up playing longer than he’d intended to for the pleasure of keeping Will there with him, but he can’t keep playing forever and eventually his fingers trail to a halt.

He hasn’t let himself turn to see if Will is still there, but now he does, and Will is watching him again, still and thoughtful, tablet forgotten. He says, “Thank you. Again.”

Hannibal grasps for a conversational topic to keep Will in the room and comes up with, “Did you ever play any instruments?”

“I thought I might, someday, but I never did. There never seemed to be time.” A flicker of distress, or perhaps just distaste, crosses Will’s features as he adds, “Other than my brief experience of playing a human cello.”

Hannibal still regrets not seeing that crime scene in person; he’d have liked to hear the sounds. Although when he says, “I would have liked to witness that,” he’s thinking more about the sight of Will playing the cello. Will’s hands. Will’s fevered eyes, all those years ago.

Maybe he lets too much of that slip through, because Will smiles an oddly knowing smile at him then. “Yes, I’m sure you would have.” He gets up to leave the room then, but pauses in the doorway and looks back at Hannibal, the piano, his armchair. Hannibal thinks he detects a note of something softer in his voice, something hesitant or perhaps questioning as he offers, “You know, usually I’m on the other side of this.”

Hannibal frowns, not entirely sure where this is going. “I’m not sure what you mean.“

Will doesn’t make things any clearer when he says, “I was thinking about the night I met Winston. Did I ever tell you I met the two of you in the same week?”

Hannibal’s still not entirely following, but he manages to say, “It must have been quite a week.”

“It was. Will you play for me again tomorrow?”

“Whenever you like.” Hannibal stays at the piano for a long time after Will leaves, ghosting fingers over keys he doesn’t actually press, considering what he’ll play for Will tomorrow and trying to understand what he meant about his dog.