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Instituto de Geologia (hoy Centro de Enseñanza de Lenguas Extranjeras - CELE), Ciudad Universitaria (UNAM), Ciudad de México 1952

Arqs. Juan Sordo Madaleno, José Luis Certucha y Luis Martínez Negrete 

Institute of Geology (now Center for Teaching Foreign Languages - CELE), University City, Mexico City 1952

starlight-student  asked:

hey!! i was wondering if you have any tips on language learning? I love linguistics but learning can be slow. thanks!!

Hey! Sorry for the late respond, guess my first answer never went through? So here are my basic motivation tips, learning tips etc.


Remind yourself why you want to learn the language; is it to impress your friends at a French cafe by ordering in French? Or to be able to speak with family in another country? Maybe because you want to speak like that stranger did at the book store? Just keep reminding yourself how worth it will be in the end, and how the hard work will pay off in the long run. If you don’t have a real reason, then find one! It’ll help you stay dedicated, or even find a friend to learn with! If you’re using Duolingo, then you’re able to create a club with others (there’s more but I haven’t tried it yet!) 

Major tip: Remember it is okay to take breaks from learning a language

Learning Tips

Now say it with me “YOU CAN’T LEARN A LANGUAGE IN A MONTH!” No matter those websites say, it won’t happen! However, using the proper learning tools can help make the process go smoother; for example,

Visual Leaner / Read and Write

Tiny Cards (perfect if you prefer using flash cards to learn vocab)

Duolingo (has a variety of exercises including mix and match, translating etc)

Readlang (includes many types of text you can read in your target language)


Audible (listen to a book in your target language)

Youtube and FluentU (watch videos or listen to music in your language)

Foreign Service Institute (has a section of audios in many languages)


FlashSticks (use to identify object in target language, can turn into a game!)

Lang-8  (use to write sentences and let native speakers fix your grammar)

Meetup (Meet up with people to do activities and practice your language)


I am not an expert, I can barely master any language; but using these tips can hopefully help you learn whatever language you’re interested in. In all honesty the most important thing to remember is to not get discouraged when the process isn’t going as planned and to try and keep going. 

Good luck Love! There’s many posts to find more advice, and I hope mine helped at least a little bit :)

I’m very proud of myself today, okay? Hear me out. 

I’m a Teacher of English as Second/Foreign Language. I’m currently working at a Language Institute, and every Halloween we host a party for the younger students. They wear costumes, we play games, eat candies, the whole enchilada. This year, however, I’m teaching teenagers. The thing is, we’ve given up asking them to take part in the party because well, they’re teenagers, and they feel they’re over the whole dress-up and playing games thing, they find it silly or something. I know…

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But since they still have to come to class while the party is going on, I prepared a special lesson for one of my classes. I told them they could bring food and drinks and we would watch a video. So I brought Hush, and I made a video watching worksheet to analyze the plot, themes, and characters. Anyway, at first they weren’t very into it. But as we continued watching, they were hooked. 

Btw, this was me watching them as they watched the episode…

Originally posted by cratermania

…especially as we got to this part…

(and yes, they were fucking scared, two of the girls jumped on their seats… the same happened when the Gentlemen get to the dorms and the student opens the door to find them there…)

Anyway, since we don’t watch the whole thing through (we watch a few scenes, then stop, talk about what happened, they write down notes, then continue watching), we had to stop just when the episode was about to finish. And this happened:

ME: Okay, guys, we’ll finish watching the episode next class. 

STUDENT 1: I want to watch it.

STUDENT 2: Me, too.

ME: You mean you want to finish watching the episode? You liked it? (I was already excited at this!)

STUDENT 1: No, I mean I want to watch the whole show. 

STUDENT 2: So do I!

STUDENT 3: You said it’s on Netflix, right?

ME: Yes, it’s on Netflix! 

STUDENT 1: Have you watched the whole show?

ME: Yes, I have watched the whole show over a dozen times. It’s my favorite show. (I really had to keep the fangirl in me in check at this point…)

STUDENT 3: When school’s over, I’m going to watch it!

STUDENT 2: Yes, I’m going to watch it over the summer!



-Grampneto. Gimme all the grandkids

-Dadneto. Gimme all the disappointing parenting skills.

-prequels Erik and W.olverine stuff during Dofp

-prequels Erik finding crazy W.olverine post XMA.

-More lil Erik/Max comics or movie verse

-Che.rik because I always need that tbh

-More Fassbender FCs. Seriously twins or other muses I just love the Fassy shush.
-More good guy 616 Mags
-did I mention C.herik?
-My random boxer!human!Erik AU or not human
-Modern young Erik AU with other marvel or DC muses.
-Mutants Prison AU (i read a cool fic ok)
-Erik showing someone his home in Poland post XMA. Angst warning.
-Erik sticking around after Dofp
-Erik teaching at the Institute in any verse tbh. Foreign languages perhaps.
-Young Erik meeting original timeline Xmen muses.
-Nina surviving and Erik bringing her to Charles’s school. Fluff and angst warning.
-Deaged!Erik at the Institute. (I mean he’s been de-aged in the comics so why not)
-Azazel stuff. Someone needs to write him aaahh.
-More as I think of stuff.

“I came to Korea a year and three months ago to learn Korean, but I don’t have any Korean friends. All of my friends at the language institute are foreigners. Where can I meet Koreans?”

“한국어를 배우러 1년 3개월 전에 한국에 왔는데, 한국인 친구가 없어요. 어학원에 있는 친구들은 다 외국인이거든요. 한국인 어디서 만날 수 있어요?”

This is the kind of crap Koreans have to put up with on a daily basis from tourist teachers. This capture is from a Facebook group full of white dads. I’ve posted from it before. It’s often a very sexist and offensive forum. I have friends who send me the worst bits.

Korea Expert Dad above works for a university* and like so many tourist teachers here, he doesn’t really like to do any work at all. He gets four months paid vacation. He’s been on vacation for a couple of weeks already and he’s beginning to receive email about next academic year, which begins the first Monday in March. And as so many Freshman English teachers do every year, he’s complaining about “demands”.

The universities, spurred on by the poor job market in the US, now have the ability to hire very experienced teachers for lower pay. However, they’re stuck with all the old, shitty employees, too. You may not know this, but employers here prefer not to fire employees. It’s much different than in the US. If an employer doesn’t like you there, or if all your colleagues think you’re unqualified and incompetent, you’ll be gone before too long. The employers here will keep you around. Clearly, this asshole’s university has had it with teachers who don’t really teach and is now requiring proof of work and curricula from its employees. Good for them.

I love the privilege in this post. He’s flabbergasted that they want him to work, want to teach as well as he can, and want him to prove he knows how to teach well. They want him to explain his practice. And teachers can do this. We can easily do this. It’s obvious he doesn’t know how to handle the task.

Since 2008, the schools in Korea have benefited from better Korean English teachers and younger teachers with new ideas as well as a better foreign teachers. Students can get better classroom experiences. For this process to continue, Korea has to continue shedding itself of foreign teachers who aren’t really here to teach. It’s a slow process, but it’s happening. And it’s great. People like me and Praise are more the norm these days than we were six years ago when there were still a lot of teacher tourists.

I wish they’d fire guys like this. Can you believe it? He doesn’t think it’s legal for a school to insist he make lesson plans. He thinks it’s a sign of their bureaucracy. We know it’s a sign that his employers know their teachers aren’t doing work everyday. And this is a problem in the freshman college classroom here. Students complain all the time about incompetent foreign teachers. It’s consistent and sad, quite frankly. We’ve all worked with unqualified colleagues and they just won’t fire them.

*Unigwon is a university’s language institute where mostly foreign teachers teach writing and speech classes and possibly work at not-really writing centers. Most foreign teachers work at unigwons because they are not qualified to teach in departments. Many unigwon teachers like to call themselves professors. Their namecards all say “professor” on them. It’s gross. They often aren’t even as qualified as adjunct composition or speech teachers in US unis.