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we got married wearing borrowed clothes (part one)


it was no surprise that downworlders and shadowhunters weren’t technically allowed to get married. now, that didn’t stop a select few here and there, but none of them were officiated by a silent brother, or recognized as valid to the clave. 

now that alec was the head of the institute, he figured he would have some say in changing that. 

“just because you wish to marry your…downworld lover,” imogen had stated, her voice like a shrill echo in the room. “doesn’t mean we can change the law for you. i’m sorry mr. lightwood, but the law is t-”

“the law is the law. i know. believe me, i know. and this doesn’t have anything to do with my desire to marry.” alec said, only half truthfully. he knew that uniting the shadowhunters and downworlders in any way would be a victory, so why not start with something that, who knows, might benefit him in the future? 

“mr. lightwood, i simply cannot grant your request of taking this up with a jury. you may see yourself out.” inquisitor herondale motioned towards the door, and alec just sighed deeply before exiting. 


he didn’t give up in his fight to try and make things right between the two worlds, and over the years he was proud to say that the relationship with the downworld was stronger than it had ever been. 

the one thing he was never able to do, though? was the one thing that, as he got older, really started mattering to him. 

until of course, one day, he didn’t care anymore. 

it was after a long and frustrating day at the institute that he came home late to see magnus curled up on the couch, sleeping peacefully. it looked like he had fallen asleep over some work, so alec walked over to him, gently brushing some loose strands of hair out of his face. 

“mm, alexander?” magnus asked groggily, and alec’s heart melted. 

“shh, go back to sleep love, i didn’t mean to wake you.” alec’s voice was soft and soothing, and magnus blinked slowly, sleep still heavy in his eyes. 

“w’nna cuddle you.” alec chuckled and squeezed next to him on their small couch, wrapping his arms happily around his boyfriend. 

“you know, we have a very large, comfortable bed only a room away?” alec noted, and magnus, who had buried his head into alec’s chest, mumbled something that alec couldn’t make out.

they stayed like that in silence for a while, alec absentmindedly rubbing circles into magnus’s arm, until he fell asleep. 

or at least, until alec thought he was asleep. 

alec was half asleep himself, when magnus suddenly made a small noise in the back of his throat. 

“alexander?” he asked, sleep thick in his voice. 


“i love you.” 

alec smiled then, kissing the top of magnus’s head and pulling him closer to his chest. 

“i love you too, magnus.”

“no, i love you. more than i’ve ever loved anyone, ever.” magnus said casually, as if he were telling alec what he had for lunch rather than confessing his love. 

“i want to wake up to you every day and i want to have stupid kids with you and i want it all. i love you.” 

alec was unable to say anything, tears thick in his eyes, and he kissed magnus anywhere he could. 

it wasn’t long after that they both fell asleep. 


alec had been planning this day for three months now. he had considered going to izzy for help, but alec decided he wanted to do it all on his own. magnus was his, only his. 

when he saw magnus standing by the restaurant, it was like alec was falling in love all over again. 

“hey you.” magnus greeted with a smile, leaning in to plant a feather light kiss on alec’s lips. 

alec was too nervous to speak, so he settled for a smile, grabbing magnus’s hand. 

alec had made sure that they had a seat overlooking the river, where the skyline was just starting to light up as the sun went down. 

they talked over dinner, just like any other date that they had. they laughed, kissed, and were content with each other. alec, however, felt like his stomach was doing backflips. 

“are you alright, alexander?” magnus asked, voice full of concern as he reached over and squeezed alec’s hand. 

“i’m fine. wonderful, actually.” alec said, smiling. this was it. he was going to propose. 

“i love you.” he said, and magnus smiled. 

“i love you, too. you sure you’re okay?” 

“yes. better than okay.” alec said, taking a deep breath. “magnus, look. before i met you, i had… no one. okay, i had izzy and jace but it was different. i didn’t have anyone who understood me, who knew who i was, who…got me.” the words came tumbling out of his mouth and he couldn’t stop them.

“when i first met you, i knew that i loved you. alright, love is a strong word, but i knew that, given time, i would love you. and i am so privileged that i have gotten to love you. i don’t care what anyone in the world says, the clave, the downworld, anyone, i love you. more than i’ve ever loved anything.”

magnus was begining to understand now, and he opened his mouth to say something but alec stopped him. 

“no, no let me finish before i loose the courage.” alec said, and magnus let out a chuckle.

“the point is, when shadowhunters find someone, it’s for life. and i’ve found you. and i love you. so…” alec stood up, and dropped down onto one knee, pulling out the box that he had hidden in his pocket. he looked up at magnus, who had tears in his eyes and blinked back tears of his own.

“magnus bane, will you marry me, alexander gideon lightwo-”

“yes!” magnus yelled, lurching forward to hug alec, causing them both to fall down in the process. they both laughed, and magnus leaned down to kiss alec all over his face. “yes, yes, yes, a million times yes.” 

“i love you alexander.”

“i love you too, magnus.” 

(part two coming soon-for real this time)

Ash Morgenstern headcanons

I firmly believe he’s one of the main characters in TWP and Cassie hasn’t told us anything because she doesn’t want to spoil QoAaD. I know nothing has been confirmed yet but let me have my fun

  • Basically, something will happen to the Seelie Queen in QoAaD and in order to protect Ash she’ll send him to his closest family member: Clary.
  • He’ll be utterly terrified of everything since his mother put all these terrible stories about the Shadowhunters in his head. But he takes after his father and won’t show a thing.
  • He’ll meet Jocelyn and upon seeing she’ll just leave the room. Ash will think she hates him and he’ll turn to Clary and say “I don’t care” after seeing Clary’s i-am-sorry look. But he does care. Little he knows, Jocelyn is crying her heart out in her bedroom. He looks just like she imagined Jonathan always to look.
  • Ash will demand to leave the New York Institute after realizing how much damage Sebastian caused in their families. Magnus of course  won’t let him roam the New York Streets, so he’ll be sent to the LA Institute #PoorJulian #anotherkidtotakecareof
  • Jace and Clary vow to bring him back when the commotion has settled.
  • In the LA Institute he’s received much better than in the NY INstitute. Mark and Helen are half-faeries just like him. And the younger kids do not remember Sebastian anyways.
  • Just like Kit he’ll lock himself up in his room and hope that no one bothers him
  • He missess his mother terribly.
  • Kit and Dru will be the first to notice his absence, Kit having been in the same situation and Dru being curious about the faerie boy. Also, that boy hasn’t eaten in ages.
  • They send Mark with  some food to talk to him and Kieran will be there too. Ash will be scared of Mark because Mark remembers Sebastian. Surprisingly, Mark doesn’t really care. Ash is just a kid. No reason to hate him.
  • Imagine his surprise when he finds out that no one really minds him being there. It’s just that they had a lot of to deal with.
  • Of course the first person to befriend him is Dru. She just likes having someone her age in the Institute. The next person is Tavvy who follows him everywhere for some reason.
  • The next person he’ll get close to is Kit. One day, after Mark and Emma do something extremely stupid and everyone’s either laughing or shaking their head in exasperation, Kit comes over to Ash: “You’ll have to get used to weirdness in order to survive the LA Institute.”
  • Slowly he’ll figure out the LA institute and realize “This is kind of really nice.”

Shadowhunters 209/210 Theory (Mostly 210)
My theory is based mostly on these pictures. So I could be super wrong!

Valentine is torturing Alec. Okay that’s a weird way to start of, so let’s dig deeper. Then I will explain why Valentine is torturing Alec & ONLY Alec! In the 1st picture Magnus seems distressed and worried. Magnus & Alec have their huge argument towards the end of 209 and Alec needs some space so he runs off to the institute and the episode ends with Valentine breaking into the institute and taking hostages. So in 210 Magnus is feeling guilty bc he thinks it’s his fault that Alec was taken hostage. If he would have just told Alec about, whatever they were fighting about, he would be with Magnus and safe. Then Clary sees him sulking on the balcony (Pic #2) and tries to consult him, which in turn causes Magnus to express his guilt of causing their argument and possibly that he should have stopped Alec from leaving. Clary comes over to him(Pic #3) to convince him that it wasn’t his fault and there was no way for them to predict that Valentine would attack the institute. And that they will figure out a way of rescuing Alec, Izzy, and the rest of the institute TOGETHER. Clary then gets a video through text or a live video from Valentine (Pic #4). He does this thanks to that IT girl(Lindsey?). The video is most likely Valentine beating up a bound/handcuffed Alec. V: If you want him to live then I need you, Clarissa, and your brother. A: Clary, Jace, don’t come near here (basically telling them not to help that he can handle it). V: *punches him unconscious* This will only get worse. Don’t worry he’s still alive but not for long. After they watch the video, Jace starts screaming and they (Clary & Magnus) run into the house. Jace’s Parabatai rune is red or black or whatever, it’s bad. Magnus then sedates him so he’s not screaming in pain. Also so Jace can give Alec some of his strength. And they realize they have to get Alec back. Mostly for Jace’s sake.

Now why Alec?
-Alec is Jace’s Parabatai so Jace can feel and sense that Alec is being harmed and tortured. As Alec’s brother & Parabatai he’s going to want to save him. So it’s a great way to get Jace to him. Alec’s life for him.
-Clary cares for Jace and Alec so she would do anything to help them. If she has to go with Valentine in order for Alec, and subsequently Jace, she will do it. Not activate the Soul Sword, just go with Valentine.
-Okay. Valentine has to know that Alec is dating Magnus Bane, the HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN. And Magnus is warlock(and Dot is possibly dead) and he needs one. All he has is Madzie, a 4/5 year old warlock, and Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Valentine is not stupid. He knows that Magnus would give himself up to Valentine if it means he releases Alec, and Magnus heals Alec.
-Isabelle. It’s safe to assume that Izzy is most likely in the institute as well. Valentine could be torturing Alec right in front of Izzy. We have seen in the past that, even though she is the LITTLE sister, Izzy is extremely protective of Alec. *Side note: I think this gives evidence to many fans’ theory that Alec is autistic, even mildly autistic. She would be protective of her brother. Also Jace’s comment about Alec being sensitive. I could wrong. Like most of the public, I don’t fully understand Autism* Back to my point. Valentine realizes he can mentally torture one Lightwood while physically torture another Lightwood.
-Robert & Maryse were part of the Circle when Valentine started it. They eventually left him and got their Circle runes taken away and run one of the world’s institute. The only punishment they got was they can only be in Idris for Clave business. He could also be trying to get them back on his side. Alec is their eldest son, so they would care for him. They would willingly go back if it meant that ALL of their children are safe.
-Final point. Jocelyn! Valentine somehow finds out that Alec was the Shadowhunter that killed Jocelyn. Most likely Raj cause you know he would to save himself. Remember, Jocelyn is the love of Valentine’s life! So, he’s going to be extremely pissed at whoever killed her. But someone, Izzy most likely, points out that the demon that he sent inhabited Alec’s body, which is the only reason Alec killed her.

Sorry for long post. I had a lot to explain

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46.8% for the poll vote. Trophy husband alec? im just tired of Magnus always being the one waiting at home for Alec to return

It was 6pm, and Magnus was running late. He was supposed to be hosting a party tonight. Well. He and Alec were supposed to be hosting. It was Luke’s birthday, so Clary had suggested they do something nice both for him and the entire group in general. They were all suffering. They’d lost so many fighting Valentine… they all needed this. It was no small party - likely to be just as busy as Max’s Rune Ceremony, if more rowdy. Downworlders weren’t nearly as rigid as Shadowhunters.

But Magnus was currently doing a terrible job of hosting, because he wasn’t there.

He’d had appointments scheduled until 4, and the plan had been to get back to his apartment and take care of the arrangements. He’d spent the morning brewing a particularly complicated potion, so all he needed to do was finish up his consultations, drop the order off and get home. But his consult had overrun by at least half an hour, and then when he went to drop off the potion there had been an emergency which demanded his attention. And then there had been another emergency.

Magnus had barely even had time to breathe, and he certainly hadn’t had time to text Alec.

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Part 2
Part 1 is here

The black haired girl - Izzy - had brought you into an old church, calling it the iIstitute. It looked really bad on the outside but inside… well after that monster - a demon - it didn’t shock you anymore that magic seemed to exist.

Shadowhunters, that’s what Izzy called herself and the others who were running around in the Institute. They all wanted to figure out who you actually were, as you could see demons and, after a little test, clearly could wear runes.
You were one of them, that was clear to them, but you were still waiting to wake up from your dream. As an orphan you had always asked yourself who your actual parents were, but all this information was a little bit much, all at once.

It took a while but it seemed they had a lead to who your real parents were, when you were called into an office. Izzy was there with her brothers Alec and Jace, who already helped trying to explain you most thinks without making your head explode.

There was also an older man. The way he looked down when he saw you wasn’t feeling good, so you kind of did the same.

“Could everybody stop starring please?”, you asked, trying not show how insecure you felt.
“I didn’t think we would see you again,” the older man started talking. “But it seems that some things are faith. I don’t ask you for forgiveness or anything.”

“Forgiveness? What does that mean?”
“It means that he is your father”, Izzy explained with a hard gaze to the man. “As he is ours too. He had an affair while being married to our mother.”

News you hadn’t expected. They all had told you that there was a war around 18 years ago, so your real parents were probably dead. Hearing that your father was alive should be a good think but it felt wrong. You were a bastard…literally.

“Why.. how did I end up in an orphanage?” At least that you wanted to know.
“Your mother died shortly after your birth. We were already on the eyes of the clave and my wife… I couldn’t ask her to raise another child, that wasn’t hers.”

“So you threw me away.” The thought hurt more than you could have imagined.
Maybe it would have been better, if you had never known.

End Part 2

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Hi friends! I’m back with part 2 of the tips studying abroad mini-series, and this time it’s all about pre-departure: admin things like paperwork, packing, and figuring out your destination country’s systems. 

*Note: I’m going to be using the word “university” a lot since the post-secondary institution I attend is a university, but this could also apply to other institutions like colleges, cegep, etc!

Part 1: Check yourself so you don’t wreck yourself - planning and arranging your term abroad

Part 2: Leaving on a jet plane - packing and preparing for departure

Part 3: A whole new world - arrival in destination country (soon!)

  • Phone plans: you could get a pre-paid SIM card, go with a plan from your home country, or get a whole new phone plan in your destination country (the list goes on and on), but the most important thing is that you quantify it! Make sure you know what you can do with your plan - how much data do you have? What can you do with that much data? Quantify it in terms you’ll understand so that you’ll easily remember and can keep track of it. And if you can, I highly recommend bringing a portable battery! 
  • New country, new systems: in the same vein as arranging a phone plan for the new country, you should also make sure you have the right outlet plugs for your electronics! I brought a universal outlet and voltage converter which was really helpful if you don’t want to buy a new adapter.
  • Storage: if you’re using your phone camera throughout your trip, check to see if your phone supports having an extra SD card so that you have extra storage on your phone (this s helpful for apps and pictures). There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a scenic landscape and realizing you need to delete an app in order to take a picture.
  • School notes: instead of bringing all the notes you need with you, save space and scan them and save them onto a USB. Even if you are there for something other than school, try to go through your notes to see if there’s anything relevant that you might need because you never know!
  • First aid kit: different countries have different healthcare systems, so it’s worth bringing your own little first aid kit even if you know there will be a pharmacy nearby. It’s useful for when you need to take painkillers, because you’ll know exactly what dose to take since you’ve likely taken that medication before. I also like to pack antibiotic ointment, sanitizing wipes, and bandages. Tip: instead of packing a whole bunch of bandages, I highly suggest buying a roll of gauze and bandage tape, it’s easier to adjust what size bandage you want, and it’s also a lot more flexible/stronger than regular bandages. 
  • Financial matters: you also need to figure out how you will be paying. Consider looking at any bursaries or grants from your university that you can apply for. You should also look up what the currency exchange rate is  between your home currency and destination country currency - this will  really help you put perspective on how much an item really costs and     whether it’s worth it. Aside from that, make sure you know how much your bank will charge for currency exchanges. If you don’t want to keep using your existing bank account (the fees will add up!) consider setting a bank account for the new currency, or looking up a credit card that doesn’t charge currency exchange fees/gives you a good cashback rate.
  • Scoping out your new digs: Often if you’re going to be studying abroad, the school will send along a little information package for you about how to get around the school/city and about the international student community. If you don’t get one, try to contact the advisor to see if they can put you in contact with an international student already there, or a student studying there. You can also look for Facebook groups for international students at that school or for other students from your home institution also going abroad.
  • What do I pack??? As a general rule of thumb, I try to pack as if I’m only going to be away for 2 weeks - there will be washing machines! Pack versatile layers so you’re ready for any weather you’ll encounter and so you can make different combinations of outfits. Here’s a little checklist of tips and reminders I made!
  • Getting into the country: last but definitely not least, figure out what paperwork you need to fill out in order to enter and live/work/study in the country! If you can, schedule an appointment with an advisor from your home institution to figure out the details like what paperwork you’ll need to fill out before/after you arrive, any visas information/paperwork, whether you need to register at the city hall of your destination city.

Good luck, and as always, feel free to add to the list!

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It’s a splendid evening, all told— delicious food, lovely conversation, Alec grinning and rosy-cheeked after downing a bit too much champagne. Jace and Madzie are facing off with Luke and Clary in a high-stakes game of Candyland— the version that Magnus has “upgraded” so that relevant treats pop into existence when players land on certain squares. Catarina and Raphael are creating a special Twitter follow list for Downworlders, and Izzy is putting on a fashion show of Magnus’s own clothes while Alec giggles helplessly.

“Do you use magic to make this type of brocade feel so soft?” Izzy exclaims, running her hands down one of Magnus’s most glamorous shirts as she twirls to show it off. The sleeves are ridiculously long on her, and the hem comes down almost to her knees. “Most clothes that look like this are so scratchy, but this one feels like a cloud.”

“Maybe,” Magnus says, smiling down at where Alec is tangling their fingers together. “I’m a very powerful warlock, you know.”

“Can you help when t-shirts have itchy tags?” Alec asks, tipping his head onto Magnus’s shoulder. “I hate that.”

“The hardened warrior, who has faced certain death so many times for so many years, taken down by the unfairly itchy tag. I will certainly do my best to defeat your greatest sartorial enemy, angel,” Magnus promises. He swirls his fingers, and Izzy’s outfit shifts into one of his tuxedos. Given the size of his shoulders, she’s drowning in fabric.

“If you bespoke me, will that mess up the tailoring when you switch it back?” she asks, flapping the sleeves hiding her hands like a little runed penguin.

“Ye of little faith,” Magnus sighs. Another wave of the hand, and Izzy is wearing the same look like a second skin.

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Jimon and “Didn’t you see what I did?!” maybe?

Jace finally finds him behind a dumpster in an alley four blocks away. Simon is crouching, trembling, and hugging himself, a look of absolute horror on his face. The blood smeared over his mouth and neck has dripped down on his shirt.

He jogs up to him. Simon looks up at him but quickly lowers his head again, not before Jace can get a glimpse of his bloody fangs still out.

Jace crouches down at his level and raises a tentative hand to rest at Simon’s shoulder, but he flinches away.

“Hey, easy, Tiger,” Jace teases. “It’s just me.”

“Go away,” Simon breathes out and Jace can hear the sob in his voice. “Just… run, okay? I don’t trust myself right now and I just…. Look, just get away from me, okay?”

Jace clicks his tongue and tightens the grip he has on Simon. “Yeah, that’s not an option. Come on, let’s get you back to the Institute.”

“No!” Simon shouts, finally turning to face him. “Look at me! Didn’t you see what I  did?! I killed those people. Their… shouts, their screams…” Tears stream freely down his face now and something dislodges inside Jace. Instinctively, he gris his knife tighter.

“Hey, snap out of it! I saw it and it wasn’t you. That was all Valentine, d’you hear me?”

Simon snorts. “No, it was all me. Valentine just unleashed the beast, but it was all me. I… Jace, liked it. I can still taste them and I want more! You can’t even imagine–”

“I’m taking you back to the Institute, Izzy’s gonna figure out a way to get that shit out of your system and you’re gonna be okay.“

“No, I can’t face her like this! And Clary…!” He crumbles in on himself again. His back hitches with his sobbing.

“Alright, we don’t have time for this.” He gets up and pulls Simon’s arms. It’s a testament to his current state that he just goes along with it. “Are you gonna walk or am I gonna have to carry you?”

Simon shocks them both by laughing wetly at that. 

“Bummer. I was looking forward to throwing you over my shoulder.”

Eric’s wedding with Vanessa was perceived by Ariel as ultimate, irrevocable rejection on Eric’s part. Reasonably so, seeing as when your love interest/crush willingly (or at least that’s what Ariel originally believed) chooses to marry someone else it’s more than an overt and unambiguous statement that they are not interested in a relationship with you. And remarkably, Ariel did not feel entitled to Eric regardless of how far she might have been inclined to go in order to achieve her individual AND romantic goals.

This right here is the core of Ariel’s character and one of her fundamental, defining traits: she is persistent, enthusiastically devoted and unwaveringly determined in pursuing her agendas. But she NEVER interferes with anyone’s freedom of choice and agency while doing so.

When she lived under the patriarchal authority of her empowered, controlling, regressive values perpetuating extremist of a father who loved her in the most genuine and simultaneously the most toxic way she diligently pursued the acquirement of knowledge, information, experience and other essential elements pertaining to personal emotional, ethical and intellectual development. Being incessantly condemned, degraded, chastened, yelled at and consistently demeaned for her firm refusal to subscribe to her authoritatively empowered father’s bigotry against a different culture didn’t prevent Ariel from relentlessly seeking out ways to expand her views. To challenge the limitations/boundaries imposed on her in order to determine why the fire burns, to aspire to one day ask questions and get answers and to come to a conclusion that her mermaid form restrained and repressed her potential (“flipping your fins you don’t get too far”).

When Ariel found herself drawn to a representative of a culture her father systematically discriminated against her privacy was violated and her endeavor of multiple years was viciously destroyed by Triton. Who wasn’t above taking advantage of both authoritative and physical superiority he held over Ariel while she vainly and fruitlessly pleaded with him trying to stop the gruesome act of vandalism against her grotto/safe heaven and treasured items that took her numerous years, enormous efforts and several life threatening encounters with sharks to obtain.

By disregarding Ariel’s entitlement to individuality, to cultivating a mind of her own, to gaining knowledge and not being inclined to conform to his misguided and harmful mentalities, by interfering with Ariel’s organic process of self discovery and pursuit of romantic goals - regardless of whether it was a momentary attraction a young woman is perfectly entitled to explore or something that had a potential to evolve into a more substantial relationship - Triton basically marginalized Ariel on both personal and social/institutional level.

A male authority figure, Triton used his position of power to suppress young woman’s yearning for “more”, denying his daughter education SHE strove to acquire (not the one he deemed as appropriate for her, namely whatever musical skills his narcissistic assistant Sebastian could have instilled in her in order to put Ariel on public display and brag about his grandiose concerts). Dismissing her right to expose herself to information SHE was eager to be familiarized with. Invalidating Ariel’s needs and wishes and practically punishing her for being romantically drawn to someone whose cultural background Triton didn’t approve of (hello slut shaming AND discrimination) because he considered himself fit to instruct her on who she is or isn’t allowed to be attracted to.

This, in a nutshell, is patriarchal oppression Ariel chose to defy - by turning to another marginalized woman, irrespective of how controversial her image might have been. Ursula offered Ariel means and resources to accomplish her goals and offered a legitimate deal to her. Terms and conditions of which implied only that Ariel alone was going to be subjected to consequences if she fails to fulfill her part of it, specifically kissing Eric within three days. Ariel did not place the responsibility for this deal on anyone but herself - she was willing to become Ursula’s life time slave if she didn’t manage to build a constructive and effective relationship with Eric and if her feelings for him were one sided/unrequited, misguided and not as powerful as she might have initially assumed. Ariel acknowledged her responsibility for her physical, emotional and romantic desires, individual goals and methods she resorted to in order to attain them.

She was going to participate in Kingdom Tours and grasp the opportunity to learn, grow and make little but valuable discoveries. She was going to be immensely overwhelmed when finding out that Eric - contrary to her father - not only recognized her needs and agency but encouraged her pursuit of knowledge, adventure and progress by giving her literal and figurative reins. She was going to work towards establishing a relationship with him that could warrant a “Kiss of True Love” that was going to make her a human permanently - only to have her heart reduced to shreds, pieces and fragments at one point.

Enter Vanessa (whose true identity and malicious intents Ariel is not yet aware of). A woman Eric seems fiercely insistent on marrying. Someone who didn’t engage in thrilling carriage and boat rides with Eric or work towards forming emotional bonds with him. A person Eric knows for no more than a day and is nonetheless inclined to wed. Ariel is at risk of becoming Ursula’s prisoner for life because of this woman’s insertion. It would have been absurdly easy for Ariel to throw a fit/tantrum, resort to petty aggression like Triton did (he only knows her for a day! How dare he cultivate his feelings and pursue a relationship with someone before having an obligatory number of interactions with this person and before he VALIDATES his feelings! He needs to be taught a lesson and have his privacy invaded/violated as a punishment! - at least according to Triton OR self professed couch critics of Ariel’s arc who undermine her for having emotions and feeling entitled to them without feeling obligated to PROVE their legitimacy).

Yet Ariel doesn’t antagonize either Eric or Vanessa. In full consciousness, she made an investment - her literal voice, physical trait - in order to find a figurative/metaphorical voice by achieving her long term goal of becoming a human. To make knowledge and personal growth accessible and available the way it wasn’t under the sea where it was persecuted by her oppressive empowered father. And receive an opportunity to decide for HERSELF who, when and how she wants to be attracted to without being gruesomely punished for it and having her personal possessions violently demolished. When said investment was at risk of not paying off Ariel didn’t blame it on Eric or consider him unworthy of her determination and effort. As someone who took a major risk in pursuing liberty and escaping a patriarchal/oppressive haven Ariel recognized and accepted the consequences and sacrifices that might come with the mere FACT of taking this chance.

When Eric treats her like an equal, shows clear signs of affection to her, endorses her agency and supports her aspirations and ambitions Ariel keeps pursuing this relationship. When Eric chooses someone else - Ariel is devastated but BACKS AWAY regardless of the extreme, horrific and unenviable turn her deal with Ursula was inevitably going to take.

It’s not before she is informed that Eric is forced into this marriage by having his agency/free will compromised does Ariel slip back into action.

Because, again - Ariel is relentless, persistent and passionate in pursuing any type of goal she might have but the last thing she would ever do is dismissing other people’s entitlement to freedom of choice the way HERS was dismissed by her father. When Triton makes his last ditch attempt to repair the damage of his admittedly incompetent parenting and oppressive behavior by confronting Ursula Ariel realizes her actions were going to negatively affect him and instantly apologizes. That’s the point - Ariel is NOT going to apologize for RIGHTLY pursuing her emancipation, for going after her goals, exploring her feelings and challenging problematic/discriminatory outlooks. But she DOES feel remorseful when the consequences of her choices backfire on anyone OTHER than herself.

Obviously, she and Eric efficiently defeat Ursula and liberate her other innocent victims (Triton’s citizen that he, a ruler with direct duties and obligations towards them, clearly could care less about) by working as a team and being partners. That’s the only kind of dynamic and commitment Ariel is interested in - a partnership based on equality and functionality and strict recognition of each other’s agency.


“Have you been collecting spoons?”