Fallout 4 Headcanons 3: Electric Boogaloo

  • Hancock and Eddie Winter are the only Ghouls in the entire Commonwealth who are able to physically cry because their ghoulification was chemical and didn’t affect the tear ducts. Hancock hates crying in front of others; the ability is entirely wasted on Eddie.
  • Deacon collects the agony aunt pages from undamaged newspapers, and gives the comic strips to MacCready for Duncan.
  • Most Institute scientists suffer from a serious case of the smart-dumb: because Synths perform all manual/routine tasks on their behalf, none of them would be able to do something as simple as operating a can opener. 
  • Nick’s preferred literary genre is actually romance. It’s a secret he guards as zealously as his human predecessor did.
  • Mister Zwicky and Miss Edna are just the cutest and if you disagree then you are just wrong

Some stills from our upcoming Fallout short film. 

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