“He is observing the chaos, taking in the lack of raw humanity
It’s as if the entire world’s fallen in love with their insanity
Hear the innocent voices scream
As their tormentors laugh through all of it
No forgiveness from all I’ve seen
The degradation I cannot forget.”

The Vengeful One by Disturbed

  • Father: We don't want the Institute or the Brotherhood getting wind of our operation at Bunker hill- we want to keep this small.
  • Sole Survivor: okay
  • *back on the surface*
  • Sole Survivor, yelling across the Commonwealth to both the railroad and the bos: come to bunker hill at 9:00 if you want to kick the institute's ass!!

At that time, the year 2227, the Institute had made great strides in synth production. But it was never enough. Scientific curiosity and the goal of perfection drove them ever onward. What they wanted was… the perfect machine. So they followed the best example thus far - the human being. Walking, talking, fully articulate… Capable of anything.

  • me: bethesda please make a dlc where we can fuck the old robot
  • bethesda: no problem
  • bethesda: *lets you have sex with an old robobrain which seems physically impossible but???????*
  • me:
  • bethesda: you can now fuck an old robot
  • me:
  • bethesda:
  • me: this isnt what i wanted