Former Prison May Become Home For Adults With Special Needs - Disability Scoop

A nonprofit is planning to modify a former state prison to create a community where adults with special needs could live and receive job training.

The idea is to have people with I/DD living in an old prison.  If this is in your area, please start calling, writing, and emailing.  Do what you can to oppose this.

I went out last weekend.

I went to london with a friend called mitch (friend from my college in romford) to do some dancing for his music video. We went into china town and met up with simon and maz, later on, we met with josh and a load of his friends. We had some jokes time, was freaking hilarious. I had my dock so we busted out some tunes, singing J.R.A songs walking through trafalgar square. Was great!

On the way back, i realised that, the laughter and jokes i just had, I will never have in my college. I’m the only filipino in my whole college, it’s mostly a white institution. I told my friend mitch all this. I dont really have that connection with a group of people in my college, it sucks. I just want that laughter and happiness of me to mediate from outside, as well as within the walls of my college.

So yeah, rant over. I only have 4 more months staying in there, then i’m off to uni, where i can create that connection with new people as well as keep my close friends i have now.