institue of living

the disability community and how it intersects with the lgbtqa community is interesting because we are both new, young communities. the gay community as we know it was rebuilt after the aids epidemic, and rampant and cruel institualization stole generations of disabled lives. 

both communities are fighting tooth and nail for our rights to exist, be loud and proud, undeniably who we are, and we have both suffered atrocities against us. both of these communities are learning to own our sexuality, our place in society and in a community that was built around tearing us down

there is so much intersectionality in our communities, and we need to come together and hold each other up, and walk hand in hand into a future where people like me, who are gay and disabled can hold our heads up high, and live in a society that embraces, loves and supports us

and i hope you will come with me into that future as well