I was having a mildly bad day today, and right after ordering a drink at McDonald’s I spot this 12? year old kid looking at me. So I turn to them and they hold up their fist and we fist bump and they just wordlessly walk away. They absolutely made my fucking day.

I can only imagine it was because of Pokemon Go (was on my phone, plus on my wrist) or Team Instinct (people are so much more adept at spotting what team I’m on when I’m playing than vice versa) but just made me happy.

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For the hot-o-meter: Reaper?

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HE’S………………………………RLY GOOD…………………………..

Humans Are Weird

Ayup, jumping on the bandwagon

So, humans are weirdly aware apex predators with crazy survival instincts (though sometimes we seem like we might not have any)

There’s been talk before about predictive behavior and pattern recognition, but what about the ley lines?

And liminal spaces?

We will swear up and down about not messing with the Fae, have so many stories about things that happen, of those you do not speak of  lest they take it as in invitation

And disassociation?

And gods beware if of what happens when a damn human dissociates while walking in a liminal space, taunting things their alien companions are hissing at in fear and worry; ‘where did you pick up this human, why did you let them off the ship for krellnak’s sake put that back!’

Humans using peripheral vision to dodge incoming attacks and casually throwing an incendiary device over their shoulder into the enemy without looking, grabbing an injured companion and walking (seemingly) calmly to a med clinic.

Humans who sit for hours or weeks alone in their quarters, refusing to give an explanation afterward

Yanking smaller alien partners up with one hand before they step in something unpleasant

Warning about incoming attacks or foreseeing something, their alien friends staring in wonder and confusion because how could they possibly know about that?
Being treated with suspicion at first because of worry about double-crossing spies, human rolling their eyes and explaining yet again about gut feelings, and instincts

Another human pulling aside the commander to explain in whispers about humans who do have abilities, who practice the Craft

Humans explaining about different religions, about those who don’t follow one faith or another, ones who shrug and point at the windows and smile, saying, “Well, we found each other, other life among the stars, who knows what we might find next? Isn’t it exciting?”

Restless humans who pace along the viewscreens, impatiently badgering technicians about how far they’ve gone, where are they going next, how does that work?

Humans who, once they’re on planets, fall to their knees and stay that way for hours, and no, they don’t require a medic, they just want to stay here for a bit.

Humans who are constantly exploring everything, being called up and questioned about their whereabouts, how did they even get there? They shrug, saying they were learning

“Learning what?” Asks the alien leader

A smile, baring teeth that remind them that humans are omnivorous predators. “Everything we can.”

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I love your self-insert!! Haha Teru and Mob look like your children and you are the mom! It's really adorable! <3

If I could I would gladly take care of them, listen and talk to them, take them to school and fight any damn bastard who dare hurt them! hahaha I love my children so much it’s true the boys awakened some parental instinct within all of us <333

…Houses are alive. This is something we know. News from our nerve endings. If we’re quiet, if we listen, we can hear houses breath. Sometimes, in the depths of the night, you can even hear them groan. It’s as if they were having bad dreams. A good house cradles and comforts, a bad one fills us with instinctive unease. Bad houses hate our warmth and our human-ness. That blind hate of our humanity is what we mean when we use the word ‘haunted’ but what we really mean is that the house has gone insane
—  Stephen King, “Rose Red”

ive said this before but i really like the shift in persona from shouichi to agito like shouichi is so terrified of this particular unknown he actually ran away from it twice but now that it’s confronted him and he’s essentially forced to fight, the agito persona has pretty clearly taken over since he transforms and fights with the usual agito air of silent confidence, it’s pretty clear agito is running on either a totally different persona or some sort of subconscious instincts but either way its interesting to see it in action like this

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I'm trying to figure out if I'm kin with a character, but I'm not sure if I am or not because I'm not totally clear on how being kin works? Like is it... a decision? Like can I decide to be kin with a character or does it have to be like an innate instinct

it’s not really a decision you make on your own.. it’s your decision whether or  not to tell people and put yourself out there as kin with your kintype but it’s mostly a feeling/ connection you get with something that just pulls you towards it and you can feel that you are kin with it. 

i hope that helps!! if you have more questions feel free to message me @elfinkin !!



And all of this time I’ve been living it up
And all that’s is left is rubble and dust
Oh oh, I’m coming home