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People think it's ok if someone call "Louis is not talented and they don't know to write and they wonder how they become the leader" so we have to chill!!!!!!! Why should we defend Louis????? It's not like he's been always dragged down 😑 ... I can't believe people are angry because we defend him!

That’s what i was thinking too (and have just written). Obviously when someone like Savan comes out with this shit about Louis which is BULLSHIT your first instinct is to defend Louis like anyone would do if someone they adore and support were involved. And we’re talking about Louis now, but it applies to every single boy.
It’s just that…Louis was always dragged down, since the beginning, and hearing this shit when he’s out there writing most of 1D songs, such beautiful and heartfelt lyrics, out there with his single (!!!) being played at the Oscars TWICE or so… it’s obVIOUS PEOPLE will get defensive especially if he means the world to you. Because the boy doesn’t deserve it, nor him or anyone in the band. They work(ed) so hard these last years and it seems like it’s not enough bc people like Savan can’t fucking accept that they can and are successful without their help.


Okay holy crap I have a lot to talk about.

1: Edward transmuted his arm into a blade, which is fucking awesome.

(A tiny flashback to this scene just popped up as Edward thought about it)

2: Edward instinctively just knew he could use Alchemy without a circle, and also attributes it to his exposure to “the truth” that he experienced.

3: Alphonse did not experience a talk with “God” or the see “the truth.”

4: Alphonse just said that their mentor, presumably the stern looking lady with the dreadlocks from earlier, can also Transmute without a circle. Going by point number 2 above, I am suspicious as to whether the mentor lady has also seen “God.” But correlation is not always causation. Just something I’ll keep in mind, as there’s still a lot about Alchemy I do not know.

Red Velvet Reaction to: You Having Really Bad Anxiety

snsd version; here! (coming soon!)

and ty!! I never know what to say to kind anons but I really do appreciate the support and I really hope you like this! 💘

Irene: Her motherly instincts take over and she just wants to shelter and protect you. If she sees your anxiety levels rising, she’s immediately by your side, linking arms or holding your hand; just offering silent, physical support.

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Wendy: She’s another motherly type, who will coddle you when you grow anxious. She’ll comfort you with a hug, whispering reassuring words in your ear. This allows her to help you through the moment without being overly obvious and possibly making you feel embarrassed by having others know.

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Seulgi: The one most likely to help you through the anxiety by making you face what was making you anxious. She’ll be nearby, blowing kisses and flashing smiles to show support. If you overcome the moment, she’s so proud of you and gives praise; “See, I knew you could do it!”

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Joy: Uses humour so that you would be distracted from what was making you anxious, focusing on her instead.

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Yeri: doesn’t understand how simple things like ordering food could make you so anxious: “It’s not that hard, really!” But she’s not condescending, just confused. She’ll try her hardest to support you and although she might not get it, she’ll do anything to make you comfortable and happy. Even if that’s ordering for you.

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When someone asks you a question like “Would you date a person who was transgender/autistic/mentally ill?” or some other label that carries strong negative connotations, your first instinctive thought may be “No, they’re not attractive.”

With a question like that, the focus is on the label. It makes it difficult to see the person behind it. All you see are the stereotypes, the prejudice, the unattractive qualities, the difficulties it would bring.

But in reality, you get to know a person first. And maybe you have a natural click with them, and you talk a lot. You’re attracted to them, you work well together. You could have a real future with this person, and how often does that happen for you? It’s only then that you learn that this person has this condition or that label. Turns out it wasn’t noticable at all and it didn’t stop you from liking them. It doesn’t look that negative anymore when you’ve gotten to know the person first. It’s not just a label anymore. It’s a person you care about.

If you ever reached this point with someone who carries such a label, you probably wouldn’t at that point say “Sorry, now I’m suddenly not attracted to you anymore.”

So don’t be too quick to turn down entire groups of people based on prejudice alone, because it all depends on the person behind the condition.

Humans are animals that at the end of the day just want to eat, have sex and die and then here we are with our society just making it complicated. I mean we’re born with evolutionary instincts that are telling us to eat, mate and give up when our bodies slowly start to shut down and for some reason we live for 70 years. Who even knows? So don’t worry about the little things, ‘cause they’re all just constructs created by modern society.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 10th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (21/?)


quick doodlies thinking about how the slow monthly transformation of this werewoof goes. a good woofwoof

getting somewhere on the monster aspect of the idea, and I may try and develop them as a character concept too. not sure if they’re a boy or a girl or no, or what kind of setting they might be in, but we’ll see!

  • Spark: Honey, it's really muggy out today.
  • Blanche: If I go outside and all our mugs are on the front lawn, I'm leaving you.
  • Spark, sweating: [sips coffee from a bowl]