My headcanons for Pokemon go team leaders

Candela: Lesbian who could kick ur ass but wouldn’t because she’d rather teach you a lesson about the importance of friendship then give you the cheesy “eyes closed smile with a thumbs up” pose. Welcomes you to team Valor by going “really?! Heck yeah!!” And fist pumping the air until giving you the high five of your life

Blanche: Super sassy nonbinary pan who will wreck u with facts don’t fuck with them m8 just don’t. Tallest of the trio, and spark always asks them to get things off the top shelf. Welcomes you to team Mystic with slight smile and a appreciative thank you

Spark: bisexual sweetheart who just wants everybody to have fun and cares for every Pokemon like its his own child. I honestly could go on about spark for hours, this guy fuckin welcomes you to team instinct with a huge hug, unless u don’t like being touched, then he give you a hearty thumbs up, a loving handshake, or a congratulatory high five. Also, shortest out of the three, but makes the most of it!! A ball of sunshine basically