Paintings by Giuseppe Velardo

@Giuseppe Velardo born in Mariano Comense, Italy in 1983 is a self taught painter currently living in Como, Italy.

Above all I wanted to see if I was able to convey emotions, feelings on canvas. The only constant has always been the subject of my work, the human figure, which is the only thing that interested me until now, and my colour palette has always been limited by choice and taste. At first I tried to paint subjects as closeas possible to reality, then I started to disfigure, to deform, to follow my instincts more. 

I realized hat the more you try to escape the harsh and cruel reality the more you fall. I try to express loneliness, frustration, restlessness, a constant search for something.

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“By moon and starlight, abilities you don’t use during the day come alive. Fear flips into instinct and the mystical pull of your feeling leads your way. You can sense the density of things around you, hear the songs of stones and know when others are coming even before they’ve left. This moonlight vision, as Shelly Neller puts it, is a way of ‘seeing’ rather than looking.” 2014 © by Toko-pa Turner  |  Artist Unknown

Because I’m an INTJ, I’m always concerned that I’m saying mean things without knowing or not caring enough about other people’s feelings, because this is what I do instinctively. I’m very direct and honest, but I found out that most people don’t find this comfortable. So my friends already know me and love me for that part of me, but whenever I meet new people, I try to not reveal this part of me at first, and act as concerned and loving as I can.
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Assassin’s Creed + text posts [1/?]

Ezio edition (ft. Leonardo “too good for this world, too pure” da Vinci)
Instincts of a Fearful Body - Chapter 2 - Avatar: Legend of Korra
Chapter 2: The Revelation
By Organization for Transformative Works

Instincts of a Fearful Body
Red Lotus!Korra x Equalist!Asami
Rating: Teen

Successfully kidnapped as a child, Korra grew up as a member of the Red Lotus. Finally, she’s come to Republic City to observe Amon’s Equalist Revolution. Zaheer’s case study goes further off-track, however, the longer they stay.

After Hiroshi’s death at the hands of a bender, Yasuko Sato raised Asami in the midst of the burgeoning Equalist movement. Their hard work is finally coming to fruition in Amon’s hands, but Asami finds herself struggling with the direction the movement has taken.

Asami attends her first meeting with Amon. Zaheer and Korra attend The Revelation. Also: The Fire Ferrets!

Self Portrait in Kennebunkport, Maine

I love self portraits so much and when I take a long break I always forget how good it feels to create a photo I am proud of. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you’ve been creating photos, or any type of artwork, for a long time. You am no longer satisfied with the types of images you used to make. Sometimes you grow out of your style and are unsure of your creative identity. You want to make what people expect from you, but can’t stand the work that comes from that, it’s so boring, and predictable.

Self portraits are something that I will always come back to, like an age-old instinct. Every time I have a creative identity crisis, which is pretty frequently, I always come back to self-portraits and it’s like I am coming home. It’s a place I know I belong.

anonymous asked:

how fast is too fast to fall in love?

That’s a judgement call. Don’t we all initially fall in love via appearance for the most part? You can fall in love in an instant or it can take ages to eventually fall in love with your partner. You can’t control your feelings, they are who you are and what makes you. I have to be completely honest that that’s usually the circumstance. As much as we want to say that it was their personality that you fell in love with which I’m not saying cannot be the case but where it all starts is how you view your partner physically. You should fall in love with them over your life experiences that you share together and the new ideas and the betterment you all provide for each other mentally and physically. But it’s in our human instinct to judge others and evaluate if they are the partner for you to mate with. Humans live their life, reproduce, raise their kids and die. That was a very blunt statement regarding life for human beings but its truly a never ending cycle. So don’t feel bad if you “fall in love fast” just be careful and know the difference between genuine love and lust because those words are greatly misconstrued in today’s society. I hope you live a genuinely happy life and be careful. Love hurts.

Madison alludes to a darker history in the pilot and it’s a violent history. She has gone to a place in the episode that she’s horrified, mortified and broken by what she has done. It echoes something from long before — something she doesn’t want her daughter to be aware of….If you’ve got a child, somebody whom you’re protecting, and they haven’t witnessed this unnatural thing yet — and Alicia hasn’t seen what these people are yet — Madison’s instinct is to shut it out and hope it gets better before Alicia has to encounter. Which ultimately is misguided.

I wonder what it’s like to be a pet rodent? Like, to have a giant animal, so big, like 100x your size, that you become comfortable enough with to not be afraid of. This big thing could crush you! But they have not! Instead they’ve given you kisses and treats. This giant big is your friend!

anonymous asked:

do yo think kusanagi ever tried to fix fushimi's diet?

I imagine lots of people probably tried to fix Fushimi’s diet, starting with Yata and probably extending to Kusanagi and Totsuka (and then later on Munakata, Awashima and possibly a couple alphabet boys). I bet the first time Yata and Fushimi ate at Homra and Kusanagi saw Fushimi picking around his plate Kusanagi’s Team Mom instincts started kicking in. At some point he probably said something about Fushimi’s diet and Yata informed him that yeah, Saruhiko’s kinda like that, I’m still working on it. Actually I imagine that being kinda cute but also a little sad, since I can see Kusanagi and probably Totsuka too trying to keep an eye on Fushimi’s eating habits, make sure that he is eating and trying to get him to eat proper food because they care about him but all Fushimi thinks is that they’re just being annoying. There’s a bit like that in LSW that I really liked, Totsuka asking Fushimi if he’s eaten and Fushimi wondering “How come it’s always eating that people here worry about first?” because he really can’t grasp the idea that people always bug him about eating because he’s skinny and unhealthy and people worry about him. Kusanagi probably tried to be more nonchalant about it initially, like if they make food he says something to Fushimi about the vegetables and Fushimi’s just like “Tch. Not eating them” and Kusanagi smiles but you just know part of him is thinking “This cheeky brat…” At some point it’s probably accepted that if Yata can’t get Fushimi to eat properly no one can but it doesn’t stop any of the others from trying.

Class Act

I’ll say a prayer
To start a riot
Or face my
In a similar

And keep it
Without ever
The fact of
The matter
Is that I’m not

But swearing
By the joy
Of sinners
And swinging
As a reactive

To a poisoned
Of a vacant
And lessened
Of a measured

Maintaining lies
And attaining
In the obscene
Of a sheltered

Hell-bent on
But fearing
And the messy
Of a shattered

As religion dangling
From the noose
Of lovers
And God still
At the end
Of His rope.

- J. Pigno

Bill Murray’s ‘Rock the Kasbah’ Party Is the Stuff of Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends


At one point in the movie, which Open Road plans to release on Oct. 23, Mr. Lanz tries to settle a character’s performance anxiety by telling her that Jon Bon Jovi throws up every time before he goes on stage.

Over at the Blue Parrot, Mr. Glazer, the shaggy-haired screenwriter, said he could have chosen any rock idol for Mr. Murray’s character to invoke, but he chose Mr. Bon Jovi.

“It was just instinct,” said Mr. Glazer. “I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I always thought he’s probably the only person who does not throw up before a show.”


Since Mr. Bon Jovi was hanging around, it seemed like as good a time as any to fact check with him, too. Did he throw up before every one of his concerts?

“They said that?” Mr. Bon Jovi asked, laughing. “Is that what happened? I missed the movie because I have house guests in from Germany.”

Mr. Bon Jovi insisted there was no way this kernel of trivia was true.

“But I love being talked about in pop culture,” he said.

“That doesn’t surprise me one bit,” responded Mr. Murray, when he got wind of Mr. Bon Jovi’s response. “He’s someone who would never admit any weakness. He can never give up that power of stage presence.”

“I respect Jon for what he demands of himself professionally,” Mr. Murray went on. “Whether his breath is fresh is another story entirely.”




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sid’s a sweetheart who feels terrible when he sees people cry and instinctively wants to do something to cheer them up but just never really knows what because he’s not good at dealing with his own emotions 

he tries to suppress his own and only pay attention to the feelings of other people besides himself who he cares about but since hes inexperienced and inept at dealing with feelings of his own (the best way to understand them) his natural empathy can only guide him so far in how to console people

he cares more than he would like to, tbh. he can’t help empathizing with people and caring about them and worrying about them and letting what happens to them get concern out of him. he tries to fight it, even, to little success