instinct photography

we never understood
yet, how many do?
it is not a thing
that is taught to you

is it?

what is this attraction?
is it a primal thing
that rises to the surface
sometime in the Spring?

don’t you have the sense
that it must be more?
don’t you have this yearning
deep inside your core?

do you?

i’ve never really understood
what it is all about
not endowed with the wherewithal
to figure it all out

so I move on instinct
though I sense this to be wrong
life moves one step forward
as i put you in my song

Another shot of my circa 1970’s Fred Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow. It’s the Fascor model with factory sight milled into the riser and has the original round ring pins and stiff brush rest. A great shooter. even the Camo limb sleeves are vintage.

This is my first commission, written for @vo-dcc!  Their commission was for a series of headcanons surrounding V and the RFA (Mystic Messenger) after his surgery fails to restore his sight.  That said, the full headcanons are underneath the cut!


When he first wakes up, he can feel the bandages around his face, around his eyes, as well as a hand around his.  The doctors did all they could, but clearly there was nothing more they could do for him now.  He can feel that his eyes are gone, completely removed.  The absence is disconcerting.

He is never going to see again.

He hears the door open, turning his head.  “Ah, good, you’ve woken up,” his doctor says.  “Your friend, Mr. Han, has been with you since you got out of surgery.” That explained the hand holding his.

“How are you feeling, V?” Jumin asks.  His voice is soft and gentle.  His thumb strokes over the back of V’s hand, reassuring.  V can’t help but wish Jumin was somewhere else, so he wouldn’t need to see V like this.

“What are my options, now, doctor?” he asks.  He can’t answer Jumin, can barely face him like this.  He has never wanted to worry him, and now it seems that’s all he’ll be able to do.

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