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“You did come to the crossroads. I thought you’d abandoned me.”

Modern AU headcanon for a couple characters in One Piece and Pokemon GO

•All over the place with it, he fucking loves this app.
•Never observant and never takes those warnings.
•Their crew had the pull him away from danger a couple of times.
•He got mad because he couldn’t catch a Pidgey, which he just calls “Pidgeon guy.” Close enough.
•Probably didn’t know about Pokemon until that app came out.
•Ace showed him and then Luffy showed his crew.
•His player level is probably over 25.
•Starter: Charmander because it reminded him of Ace.
•Team Valor

•Says he hates it but secretly plays it.
•Everyone knows he plays it.
•Constantly getting lost, like usual.
•Plays it when he’s alone, but the fact he tells the others how to find a specific Pokemon was enough to tell everyone he plays it.
•Luffy and Chopper are the only ones who can’t seem to figure out if he plays or not.
•Probably played Pokemon as a kid, learned about Pokemon GO on social media.
•His player level is about 20.
•Starter: Bulbasaur the pick was random.
• Team Mystic

•Only plays it because he saw women playing it once.
•Has no idea what Pokemon is.
•One of the few members NOT addicted to it.
•His player level is only 3 because he plays it so little.
•He wonders what they would taste like in real life.
•Starter: Bulbasaur because it reminded him of a salad bowl. He named it Moss Head and never uses it in battle.
•Not in a team.

•Plays it all the time.
•Probably the strongest Pokemon trainer of the crew because he’s constantly leveling up six specific Pokemon he randomly picked.
•He likes certain one because they look cool.
•Loves all the Pokemon he catches.
•Except he gets rid of any duplicates.
•Player level is probably about the same as Luffy’s
•Starter: Charmander because it looked cool.
•Team Instinct

•One of the few who are NOT addicted to the app, much like Sanji.
•He builds things most of the time, but when he’s board, he’ll play it just to keep himself entertained.
•He’s been frustrated with how much the servers are crashing.
•He named all his Pokemon SUPER. All of them.
•Character level is only 5.
•Starter: Squirle because it’s blue and, of course, SUPER.
•Team Mystic

•Loves this app
•Literally keeps finding all the rare Pokemon, but no one believes him.
•His nicknames his Pokemon after his friends.
•Lies about his character level and amount of gyms his took over.
•He hasen’t beaten a single gym and his character level is only 6 because he doesn’t want so many duplicates.
•Didn’t know about transfer until Zoro told him.
•Zoro also told him about the cp system.
•Starter: Pikachu because he wanted to se if the Easter egg was true or not. He found it on social media.
•Team Instinct

•"What’s Pokemon?“
•Downloaded it, but forgot about it when he gave up on signing up. The servers kept crashing.
•Luffy has been bugging him about it.
•Zoro told him what Pokemon was.

•Doesn’t play it.
•Says it’s stupid.
•Would probably get addicted to it if she actually bothered to download it.
•Calls the others stupid when she finds them playing it.
•Is the on stopping Luffy from getting into danger because of this app.

•Plays it every now and then.
•Only because most of the crew was playing. So she wanted to check it out.
•Dosen’t really know what Pokemon is, but finds it a little fun.
•Her character level is only 2 because she spends more time reading than chasing virtual animals.
•Starter: Squirtle because it was cute.
•Helps Nami keep the boys from danger and consistently reminds them of the warning screen.


•Oh yes, he plays it.
•Secretly though, no one knows.
•He was the first in his crew to find out about it.
•Penguin was the second, he told Law about it, but he brushed it off. As he left, he opened up the app and resumed catching Pokemon.
•His character level is 10, he still studies his books and stuff.
•Starter: Squirtle because it’s a water type.
•Team Mystic

•All the fire types.
•Catches nothing but fire types and occasional water and grass types.
•He’s a god damn nerd with this.
•Probably played Pokemon as a kid up into adult years.
•Garp was the one who told him about it before it came out.
•Character level: Higher than anyone on this list.
•Starter: Charmander, do I even need to state why?
•Team Valor

twd au where team family meet because of Pokemon go

Glenn (team instinct) and Maggie (team mystic) are fighting over a gym. it starts out harmless but then they start getting really competitive and start visiting the gym more and more just to battle each other, since one of them is always in control. they keep bickering and arguing about the game and who deserves the gym non-stop, until one night when they’re leaving they just don’t stop arguing and they pass a diner and Glenn interrupts to say ‘I need to eat. Just give it up and admit I beat you.’ and Maggie’s like 'We’re not finished here!’ so she just follows him in and they end up getting dinner (still arguing. the waiter is impressed) and then this keeps happening again for a few weeks until the bickering starts getting a flirty edge without them noticing and someone comments that they’re a 'lovely couple’ on the street and after they pass they just stand there thinking 'oh shit’. they’re avoiding eye contact until Maggie slowly starts grinning and Glenn starts grinning and then they’re both laughing and Maggie reaches across to hold his hand

Carl is obsessed with the game (Team Valor, naturally) and drags Rick out to the park every weekend to go hunting, where he becomes hunting buddies with a boy called Andre (team mystic). Rick doesn’t think much of it until a sweaty out-of-breath Carl runs up begging to have Andre and his mom over for dinner, and Rick’s just about to say no because they have plans already until he sees Michonne walking over and he loses his train of thought. she’s apologetic and says, 'Sorry, they’re just excited. Andre shouldn’t be inviting himself over.’ But Rick’s suddenly flustered and just says 'No, no, It’s fine! It’s no bother.’ they end up having them over that night and Rick is super awkward, cracking bad jokes and stammering and full of nervous laughter, to the point where Carl asks him point blank, 'Dad, why are you acting so weird?’ And Rick is mortified until he hears Michonne snorting next to him and he calms down a little. they share commiserating stories about their sons and the game and they’re both surprised how easy it is until they look up and realise Carl and Andre have fallen asleep on the couch, and notice how late it is. Rick walks Michonne to the door and there’s an awkward beat of silence until she says that they should do this again sometime, but just the two of them and then there’s a lot of grinning and an awkward cheek kiss but they go out again and then they keep going out and fall in love

Tara (valor) loves the game, and takes Meghan (valor) out every weekend to go hunting. they always grab lunch at this cafe opposite this gym that they’re trying to beat. Tara 20% wants to beat the gym and 80% wants to awkwardly stare at the barista, Rosita, that she’s been crushing on for months. the gym is being held by team instinct, and they spend months battling it and hoping they’ll run into the trainer, but they never do. they spend two hours in the cafe every week playing and talking and drinking orange soda, and growing increasingly despondent over their chances at taking the gym, until one day Rosita wanders over for a soda refill and glances at their phones and casually snorts and says 'You’ll never beat me with those.’ and wanders away. Tara and Meghan are freaking out, and a flustered Tara goes up to pay a while later and Rosita just smirks at her, but she checks the receipt on the way out and on the bottom is a scribbled 'hope you’re better at dating than you are at Pokemon’ with her number and ’ ;-) Rosita x ’ at the bottom. she looks back and Rosita gives her a wink and smirk before going back to work. Tara is grinning the whole way home

Daryl (instinct) downloads the game in secret, three months after its release, and denies any knowledge of it when it’s brought up. he only plays in public at dusk and dawn, when no one’s out, and he shields the screen to pretend he’s doing something else. he’s gotten pretty good at keeping casual, until he spots a rare Pokemon nearby and can’t help but get excited. he can’t see anyone around, so he starts fast waking all over the place, trying to find it, and he’s almost got it when suddenly someone bumps into him from behind, sending his phone flying. he spins around but it’s this hippie-looking guy (valor) who starts apologising immediately, saying it was an accident. his phone’s fine, so he just grunts and starts walking away, until he gets a few feet, glances at his phone, and sees the pokemon is gone. he looks up with rage and spins around to see the hippie guy slinking round the corner. he starts sprinting after him and catches up to him after a block. he tries to bump into him to knock his phone out his hand, but the guy somehow sees it coming and twists out the way, causing daryl to trip a little and drop his phone. the other guy picks it up for him, while daryl starts spluttering at him about stealing Pokemon and basic decency and the guy’s just looking amused, until daryl realises that he’s complaining about some random guy stealing his Pokemon and starts getting embarrassed. he goes red and grabs his phone out the other guy’s hand and takes off, ignoring his laughter. he’s almost home when his phone notifies him of a text. he opens it and reads 'your passion for Pokemon is cute. we should get drinks sometime :-) -Paul’ daryl goes red and deletes the text, but another comes soon after. after a few, he starts replying to try and get him to shut up, until he someone finds himself agreeing to a coffee date the following week