If you’ve ever lived in a tight space, you understand what “real life tetris”– as the artist Michael Johansson calls it– feels like.  Having to fit odd objects together juuuusst right is what this guy does for a living. It might be the OCD gremlin in us, but there is something so calming, so reassuring about this Swedish guy’s work. A place for everything & everything in its place!

Michael Johansson collects everyday objects and composes them in a confined space– a doorway, a window, a break in the wall– sometimes color-coding his creations. He is inspired by patterns and irregular situations in daily life. Read more about him at, via Pinch Magazine 

Image above of work titled Ghost V (2011)

HELP! :)
I am in need for any old flat glass and mirrors you may not want.

All sizes needed (anything from old makeup compact mirrors to the full on real deal).

Everything is appreciated, and will contribute to bringing more beauty into the world!

I will pick up if you’re not too far :)

Stay inspired!
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