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G1 twins (I like the twins alright), prime, red alert, prowl, ratchet, and jazz reaction to being told that their normally nice quiet and shy s\o who usually doesn't fight suddenly become a fighting machine raging when they get badly hurt. And even manages to fight Megatron in blind anger and wins both the fight and battle in a instent

I’ll do the first four, if you don’t mind. :)

G1 Sunstreaker

•he would be surprised to see them like this but also proud, he might even brag about it a bit

• but on the other hand, he would also be extremely worried you would get a fatal injury and ask you to wait for back up next time

G1 Sideswipe

• just like sunstreaker, he’s surprised and mesmerized, like “aw yeah that’s my y/n” and on the other hand like “oh my…that my y/n?!”

• he would say he was proud of you, but would also ask not to do anything to hurt yourself if you go up against a serious opponent

G1 Prime

• when you first went into battle he would try to stop you, fearing for your well being

• when you started demolishing everyone else, though, he would be very proud of his s/o but still help him the best he could manage

•after the fight he would thank-you since you helped win this victory and also ask you if you had sustained any injuries.

G1 Prowl

•when you first went into battle, he almost had a spark attack, especially if you were up against much bigger/stronger opponents

•when he sees fighting , though he would feel very proud (like a mama bird XD) and also help to the best of his ability

• after the battle, he would ask why you dont fight usual since you seem to be an excellent fighter, and you’d probably get a hug (which is very rare with him) since he legit thought you would die