Im a little rusty on drawing some stanchez. So felt like doodling some of the daycare rick from pocket morty. and i really wanted to draw super rick fan morty too. Cause im on the hunt for one cause hes so cute.

He meet daycare rick and instently glued to him

so i did some of making out daycare stanchez 
stans look is based on @stanchez-sloppy-seconds design.

Monsta x reaction : BTS member being your older brother.

Shownu : He was excited to meet your older brother for the first time. You told him his name was Seokjin, but he never exspected Jin from BTS to be your older brother. “It’s nice to meet you Hyung” he interduced himself politely. 

Wonho : When you told him you wanted him to meet your older brother, he had instently agreed to meet him. But when he did, he never imagined it to be Jimin from BTS. He really liked their music and meeting him in real life like a dream to him. 

Minhyuk : He meet your brother as an accident. You had invited him home and v your brother just happened to be home. Minhyuk was confused as to why his senior was sitting in your livin room, but they became friends really fast. 

Kihyun : Your younger brother Jungkook meet Kihyun when you were out on a date. He didn’t like your boyfriend at first, but quickly warmed up for him when they found out they had alot of similarities. Which only made you happy. 

Hyungwon : You already told him your older brother was in the same buiness as him. But he didn’t know who he was, so when he met your older brother J-Hope he was surprised. He really liked him, and meeting him in person was a blessing to him, they really hit it off with each other. 

JooHeon : Your brother was excited about meeting him. When Suga heard about your boyfriend being a rapper, he immediately liked him. Your boyfriend really liked your brother and thought he was an impressive rapper. So when they met, that was all they talked about for the whole day.

I.M : I.M was nervous about meeting your brother, it only made it worse that he knew who he was. BTS’s Rap Monster. Rap Monster being his senior made him feel small, and he was scared about your brother not liking him. But once he met him all that went away. Your brother really liked him and thought Monsta X was an impressivve group.