harry potter aesthetics: ravenclaw/slytherin friendship

“ravenclaws are usually smart enough to see through rumours and lies, and if a slytherin is willing to swallow their pride and the ravenclaw is willing to put up with sarcasm and some snide comments, their friendships are gold” - krista romero 

u know what’s really fucking cool from this new manga update

-kuroo started in class 2 in his first year
-yaku started in class 3 in his first year
-by third year theyre in class 5

((maybe they had studying competitions aside from their practice competitions and all their other competitions and later found themselves not rlly competing anymore just

ending up spending time with each other

and receiving competitions became genuinely helping each other improve their skills and grade competitions became helping each other in subjects they were shit at - i bet u kuroo is a beast in science and yaku shit at it and kuroo helps him w his reports and tests, while yaku edits kuroos essays because he tends to be cliché in them

just imagine their blossoming friendship and eating together at lunch and when kenma starts hs at nekoma, yaku has heard enough stories about him to like fucking respect kenma right away obv and

like yaku and kuroo still argue and compete but now only playfully instead of trying to prove something))

Hal Jordan, Authority, and Thaal Sinestro

So this was originally going to be a reply to an Anon who wanted to talk about Hal’s issues with authority in contrast to Sinestro’s need for control. Instead I wrote an essay. Oops?

So let’s talk about Harold fucking Jordan and his “Issues with Authority”!

I actually find this phrasing kind of ironic, since Hal isn’t the Green Lantern that comes to mind with that phrase. He doesn’t have a problem taking orders, per say, so much as he does with who’s giving them.

In that way, it is very fascinating that his canonical tale of star crossed friendship is with, to quote Anon, “control-freak Sinestro.” In fact, that’s one of the reasons they work so well as a pairing, to be completely frank. They are a very complimentary pair, but not for strictly D/s or control reasons either.

Fair warning: psycho-analysis, head canons, spoilers, and meta discussion to follow.

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hinanami/chiaki rant oops

i can’t believe im seeing hinanami hate rn, like get that out of my face. 

who cares if they didn’t know each other for that long, who cares if all they did was play games?? theres more to their friendship besides the few scenes we saw between them in the anime. they’re not gonna expand on it that much because everyone needs to get screen time. it’s still pretty much implied that they created this bond with each other, friendship or semi-romantic whatever you see it as, and even if they didn’t know each other for very long they still became important to each other. 

nanami waited for hinata everyday.. their gaming sessions could have been within the span of just a few days or weeks, but seeing someone everyday that you’ve just started to care about, and then all of a sudden they stop showing up… that hurts.

and then nanami was part of the reason hinata went through with the kamukura project. sure, maybe he would have went through with it anyway, but i think nanami inadvertently pushed him to it. which is especially sad, it’s like the closer he got to her the more talentless and inferior he felt, he thought he wasn’t good enough to be around her (hinata why q_q) 

and i don’t understand how people can say nanami is completely ooc in dr3. like, first of all she’s technically a different person, of course she’s gonna seem different (we didn’t even know she was real??). this might just be me but i don’t even see that big of a difference with sdr2/dr3 nanami either (i take into account that their situations were very different & pre-despair chisa had some influence on dr3 nanami too). plus, we all know the games are more in-depth. i dont think the anime is necessarily meant for character development but more for us to see their relationships and how things happened.. 

also, for all we know, nanami’s AI might have even been her own creation stored on her computer or something (like with alter ego) or maybe they find a way to turn her brain into AI nanami (idk okay) but for now i like to think that the real nanami had some part in creating her AI-self somehow, otherwise it won’t be as meaningful when she meets hinata again in the simulation.