u know what’s really fucking cool from this new manga update

-kuroo started in class 2 in his first year
-yaku started in class 3 in his first year
-by third year theyre in class 5

((maybe they had studying competitions aside from their practice competitions and all their other competitions and later found themselves not rlly competing anymore just

ending up spending time with each other

and receiving competitions became genuinely helping each other improve their skills and grade competitions became helping each other in subjects they were shit at - i bet u kuroo is a beast in science and yaku shit at it and kuroo helps him w his reports and tests, while yaku edits kuroos essays because he tends to be cliché in them

just imagine their blossoming friendship and eating together at lunch and when kenma starts hs at nekoma, yaku has heard enough stories about him to like fucking respect kenma right away obv and

like yaku and kuroo still argue and compete but now only playfully instead of trying to prove something))

anonymous asked:

I hate how Snowboring shippers claim they like Iris, just not with Barry, and says the show should have a male and female friendship instead of turning it into the clique romance. Do you think the Snowboring shippers would be shipping Westallen if Danielle and Candice had reverse roles?

So basically, The Flash, which is now entering its third season, should rewrite the obviously epic, destined romance between Barry Allen and Iris West to be platonic, and make the male and female characters who are clearly platonic suddenly fall in love. I’m totally sold.

I could write a very lengthy essay on why Danielle is the last actress I would cast to be Iris West, or why it should be noted that Candice’s chemistry read with Grant Gustin was what set her apart from the hundreds of actresses who auditioned for the role, or why it is extremely important to Greg Berlanti that a black actress plays Iris West, but I believe Barry’s reaction in the below gif is better than any attempt.

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