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official announcement

ATTN: adoring fans, U.S. citizens, etc.

for the last 8 years, my url has had a significant meaning as party barack was in the house every night. however, now that a new president has finally been elected, party barack will soon no longer be in the white house.

it is with a heavy heart that i announce my url will not be changing to its sequel: andeverybidenjusthaveagoodtime. unfortunately joe biden will not allow that

NOW, for the moment i know you’ve all been waiting for:

i have received several inquiries about what will happen to my url when barack is no longer president. ah ignorant fools, party barack will always be in the house *points to your heart*
that house

thus, my url will not change

The Official Committee on Partybarackisinthehousetonight’s URL Status Post-Obama Presidency™

(verified by The Official Committee on Verifying Important Things™)

maggie’s wearing alex’s tshirt so like. that means that she woke up before alex and probably looked down at her (her hair is splayed all across the pillow and her face is smashed against it in a way that’s only endearing because it’s her) and decided not to wake her. she doesn’t get enough sleep anyway. she decided not to wear whatever she wore the night before. instead, she went to the drawer where alex told her she keeps some of her old t shirts. you know, the ones that have a little too much color. she picked the first one she found, so she didn’t make more noise than she had to. ‘hello sunshine’. apt, she thinks, as she turns to look back at alex with the few beams of sun that have crept through the curtains that land on alex’s back.

and then later in the morning, when alex took her back to bed, the shirt came off, landing in a pile of their other clothes. she wore it home though.

and later, after she gets home from the DEO, she slips it back on - just in case it’s the last time she ever gets to feel the warmth of something uniquely alex danvers wrapped around her body.

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♥ matou sakura because i love seeing her in your style! <3

ahh thank you!!

Leave the door open please, sis
—  My twin brother and I were home for the holidays when I had noticed that his mental health was getting worse. He would refuse to talk to me about it and instead drink his thoughts away at night, unknown to my parents. Before we left to go our separate ways, my parents went out and it was just me and him. Again, I asked him to talk to me. Instead we argued and he kicked me out his room but told me to keep the door open. I walked past his door a few hours later and found the reflection of him hanging himself. I couldn’t save him in time.

still riding high from yesterday, i have new sheets on my bed, i’m taking the day off today and i’m going to do my shopping and do some cleaning too, i’ve got my two favourite seminars tomorrow, i’m also seeing some more theatre, i’m having dinner with my friends on saturday, and then we’re doing a run of the first three acts of macbeth on sunday! i’m so v lucky & embarrassingly emo about how happy i am and how far i’ve come from this time in 2016

Wakatoshi Ushijima General Head Canons AKA Daddy

  • Goes on a run with his dog.
  • Works out every other day
  • Believes it is important to rest the day after a workout. 
  • Drinks tea on his back porch.
  • Gives very formal cards. Ex: Mother’s Day, birthday’s, Christmas
  • Doesn’t read shounen jump that Tendou lends him, instead he reads the ads.
  • Studies every night right before bed.
  • Organized, so basically his room is neat and tidy. 
  • Cares very much for his mom.
  • Helps her with all of the chores without her having to ask him.
  • Very formal with his s/o but also very polite.
  • Texts one worded responses.
  • Likes when his s/o touches his hair.
  • Has pretty good fashion sense.
  • Likes wearing his volleyball varsity jacket outside of school.
  • Very proud to be at Shiratorizawa.
  • Wished Oikawa would’ve came to Shiratorizawa.
  • Thinks going on walks are romantic.
  • Actually enjoys having Tendou around.
  • Hate when Tendou teases him about having a s/o.
the signs: studying for exams
  • Aries: acts like they don't give a single shit but is secretly freaking out and cramming all night
  • Taurus: slow, steady, effective studying. cries every hour.
  • Gemini: procrastinates studying until they realize they have no time left, then takes a nap
  • Cancer: cries and whines but can cram pretty well
  • Leo: thinks about how much studying they have to do, freaks out and does absolutely nothing
  • Virgo: studies nonstop and lives off coffee and adrenaline
  • Libra: tries to buckle down and study but gets distracted every 8 seconds
  • Scorpio: does nothing until fear of failure kicks in, then goes into full study-mode and yells at anyone who disturbs them
  • Sagittarius: forms a study group with their friends and goofs off instead of reviewing
  • Capricorn: procrastinates until the night before exams, then pulls an all nighter, sobbing the whole time
  • Aquarius: googles "how to bullshit an exam" and lies in bed
  • Pisces: forgets exams are being held and chooses the answers nearest to their teardrops on the test

Imagine your favorite character being someone who sleeps in until 3PM

let me flip a few fingers to those teachers, who send assignments to email in the evening of one day and expect students to do the assignments for the next day’s lesson. they could send the assignments a few days earlier, to make sure that the students actually notice the message in time and have the time to perform the task, instead of noticing the message when they are already going to sleep the night before the deadline. i am tempted to just not do the assignment and tell them i noticed it too late. not because i could not do the assignment, but for principle.

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Five Fingers

Fandom: Haikyuu

Pairing: Kagehina

Summary: Their relationship begins with a rivalry.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOBA @kidovna. Bhavna you asswipe, ilysm. Thank you for existing, and I hope you like this little present! 

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Hi, I love Every Letter and Every Touch and I was wondering if you are going to post the last chapter of EL. I hope you do it soon. Thank you!

I’ve paused on writing the last chapter of Every Touch until I finish up with the 500 Follower Giveaway oneshots. I’m close to finishing two of them, but the last one is only about 25% complete. As soon as they’re done, ET will be my priority! I don’t wanna give an ETA since I’m not sure how soon I’ll be done with the current oneshots, but as soon as possible, I promise. 


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Our oldest cat, Muggles, was the undisputed King of the house. My favorite quirks of his when he was still living: that if anyone was at the door, he'd go down and check who it was instead of the dog; every night before bed he'd go into each room to check on everyone (and give you those Disapproving Father™ looks if he caught you still awake past midnight); he had a severe thing for cleanliness and would forcibly clean anyone or anything that didn't meet his high standards

That is PRECIOUS. Getting cleaned by a cat is an odd mix of endearing and insulting.


Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 1781

Characters: Sirius x reader, James, Lily

Warnings: Pining

Summary: Sirius and the reader get tired of watching James and Lily pine over each other.

Usually, you loved Charms. It was one of your favourite lessons. Today wasn’t a good day for learning, though. The (admittedly a little stupid) amount of Firewhiskey you’d drunk last night was still making its presence felt, and you were too tired to concentrate on whatever Flitwick was supposed to be teaching you. It had taken you about five minutes to decide that you wouldn’t be concentrating on anything today. You would just ask Lily to talk you through it after the lesson.

Instead, you focussed on trying to piece together your memories of the night before. For some reason, you remembered speaking to Sirius for a very long time. He hadn’t even been invited to the party.

You had decided that for Lily’s birthday, you would smuggle Firewhiskey into the girls’ dorm and spend the night drinking. It had been a great plan until the Marauders turned up, and you, Lily, Dorcas and Alice had been too drunk to make them go away.

It shouldn’t have come as a big surprise to you that Sirius and his friends were terrible influences.

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Study Tips & Study Skills

Students with better study methods and strategies score higher on their exams.

Everyone is different. Different methods work for different people; the following are only suggestions on improving upon your current studying techniques.

  • It is best to review the material right after class when it’s still fresh in your memory
  • Don’t try to do all your studying the night before the test. Instead space out your studying, review class materials at least several times a week, focusing on one topic at a time

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place to study with good lighting and little distractions (try avoiding your own bed; it is very tempting to just lie down and take a nap)

  • Start out by studying the most important information

  • Have all of your study material in front of you: lecture notes, course textbooks, study guides, and relevant material

  • Learn the general concepts first, don’t worry about the details until you have learned the main ideas

  • Take notes and write down a summary of the important ideas as you read through your study material

  • Take short breaks frequently. You memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and the end better than what you study in the middle

  • Space out your studying, you’ll learn more by studying a little every day instead of waiting to cram at the last minute. By studying every day, the material will stay in your long-term memory but if you try to study at the last moment, the material will only reside in your short-term memory that you’ll easily forget

  • Make sure you understand the material well, don’t just read through the material and try to memorize everything
  • If you choose to study in a group, only study with others who are serious about the test
  • Test yourself or have someone test you on the material to find out what your weak and strong areas are. You can use the review questions at the end of the chapter, practice tests that the teacher may give out or other pertinent materials
  • Listening to relaxing music such as classical or jazz on a low volume can relieve some of the boredom of studying
  • Don’t study later than the time you usually go to sleep, you may fall asleep or be tempted to go to sleep, instead try studying in the afternoon or early evening. If you are a morning person try studying in the morning
Hope you guys enjoyed these! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this xx

Headcanon where an 8th year Harry wakes up in the Slytherin dorms after a night with Draco, but of course he has no memory of getting there - the Firewhiskey was strong the night before, you see. Instead of admitting that he and Harry slept together, Draco, before Harry gets out of bed, convinces Harry that of course he woke up in the Slytherin dorms, he’s slept in those dorms ever since he was sorted into Slytherin seven years prior. Harry buys it until Draco breaks down into hysterics on the way out of the room. 

Harry’s memories flood back almost instantly, only getting Draco to stay when Harry asks him for a repeat performance.