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THE START OF FOREVER PT.2 (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

(PART 1)

Exactly 3 months had passed since you and your husband Andy’s honeymoon. Everytime you thought about that magical night a smile spread across your face, losing your virginity to the perfect man felt so beautiful, even though it left you a bit sore in between your legs, but it was worth it. You and Andy had made love for the 4th time last night, everytime he connected his body with yours was pure magic, your souls becomming as one, each time better than the last. You woke up in his arms, the first thing your eyes caught sight of was his peaceful sleeping face.
You smiled, he looked like he was dreaming about something good because every now and then he would smile slightly.
“Better not be dreaming about me pole dancing.” You thought in your mind, causing you to giggle out loud.
Your smile quickly faded away though, you began to feel your stomach churning, you could clearly feel yourself getting extremely nautious. “Shit!” you whispered out loud, immediately you got out of bed like there was no tomorrow, you rushes yourself to the bathroom and began to blow chunks in the toilet. Your husband’s eyes shot open as soon as he heard you moaning and grunting.

He quickly got up off the bed as well and opened the door to the bathroom, only to find you throwing up non stop.
“Babe?” he called.
You threw up a little more, spit out the remainding little chunks in your mouth and slowly got up to wash your mouth breathing heavily.
“Babe, you okay?” Andy asked very concerned.
“Yeah Im fine.” You muttered as you brushed your teeth and gargled mouthwash.
“Why did you throw up? that was random.”
“I dont know, mustve been something I ate last night.”
He began to ponder your reply, last night you guys ate grilled chicken breats with salad and lemonade, it was a healthy dish and it happend to be one of your favorites, so there was no way it was food that made you vomit.
Then he remembered what the two of did right before you fell asleep in each other’s arms, little by little a very huge smile formed on his perfectly shaped lips as the beautiful thought popped into his mind.

“Yeah love?”
“Are you….pregnant?” he asked, his smile becomming even bigger.
Your eyes widend, you knew very well that it was a posibility, a very high chance of another human being forming inside of you.
You placed your hand on your stomach,
“You think so?…” you whispered a little breathless, you knew being pregnant was going to happen sooner or later, but now that you might be, you felt happiness, and you were already wondering whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, who was it going to look like more? you or Andy?

Moments later, Your beloved husband went out to a pharmacy and bought you a pregnancy test, now you were sitting on your bed looking at the time on your clock, the test results should be popping out on the white stick at any moment.
“What the hell is taking so long?” you muttered to yourself getting up from your bed and pacing back and fourth.
“Babe, why are you nervous?”
“I dont know I mean wow…me having a baby inside of me…I always dreamed of this moment but..I just never thought that this day would be the day, but what if the test results come out negetive? Oh God Andy Im way too fucking nervous!”
He gets up and puts his hands on your shoulders chuckling, “(Y/N), shut up.”
You laughed a little and tried to breathe,
“Im sorry…”
“Its okay, youre just excited, so am I, we both talked about this day, now whatever that pregnancy test says, its all good okay?”
You nodded agreeing and took a deep breath, “Youre right honey, okay, time to see if we’re gonna have a baby or not.”

You stepped inside the bathroom, your heart skipped a beat as you caught sight of the results, and sure enough, it was what you hoped for. You came outside with a blank stare, Andy turned around to face you and became a little concerned by your expression.
“What is it?” he questioned, You held up the stick and two red lines were smiling at Andy.
“Im pregnant…we’re gonna have a baby..” You whispered with tears of joy comming down your soft face.
Andy immediately jumped up and down like a little boy receiving what he always wanted on christmas.
He grabbed you and lifted you up spinning you around cheering “Im gonna be a dad! we’re gonna have a baby!!”
He sure was the happiest man on earth, just like you were the happiest woman on earth.
As he placed you down, he placed his hand on your tummy rubbing it, “Hello my son or daughter, youre going to have the two most loving parents in the world, we cant wait to meet you.”
“Mommy and daddy love you so much angel.” You added, putting your hand on top of Andy’s as he pecked your bundle of joy.

As the months went by and your belly became bigger and bigger, Your spouse treated you like royalty, he treated you like a queen, massaging your back, bringing every food you would crave, cleaning and cooking for you, he didnt allow you to lift a finger until your nine months were up.
You had the best husband in the world, You were now exactly nine months, you couldnt believe how close you were to having your baby and meeting it.
Your stomach was pretty huge, instead of walking you would waddle worse than a penguin, You lifted up your black dress and saw your huge stomach in the mirror, there were a couple of stretch marks but other than that it was nice and smooth.
“My God baby youre so huge…are you sure theyre not two of you in there hmm?” you ask your bun in the oven.
You and Andy decided to let the gender be a surprise, you really wanted to find out months ago but you figured it would be more fun to let it be a surprise.

It was now midnight, about four in the morning to be exact, you got up to use the bathroom but then you froze dead in your tracks when you suddenly heard your water splatter on the hard wood floor.
Slowly your head went down to see that your water broke, “Oh shit…” you whispered,
“What?! what?!!! duck and cover!! stop, drop and roll what?!!!”
“The baby…its comming…”
Luckily for the two of you, you lived very close by the hospital, so it only a couple of minutes to get there.
“Just breathe baby everything will be okay.”
“Ugh this hurts so bad…” you cried, trying your best to breathe, the pain in your stomach was way too much to bare, the contractions were striking you too hard, it almost felt as if someone was severely stabbing your insides with a huge knife and then cutting you more with a chainsaw.
Not to mention your back was hurting like a bitch too, you swore a dinosaur was kicking your back until it broke.
“Hang in there, youre a strong girl you can get through this, do you want the epidural?”
You shook your head, “No I dont trust that..”
“But youre too much in pain sweetheart..”

Andy was very worried about you, he couldnt stand seeing you crying in pain, dripping in sweat and watching your eyes shut tightly whenever a contraction hit you. He wished that somehow he could switch places with you, that way he could take the pain instead of you.
“I dont think I can do fucking hurts…” you sobbed, tears streaming down your cheeks. Your soul mate grabbed your hand and tried to wipe some of the sweat off your forehead, “No please dont say that, you can do this, hang in there for our baby.” he begged.
You just nodded and shut your eyes again, you began to breathe in and out deeply trying to get your mind off the pain.
The doctor came inside just as you were dealing with the intense physical pain, and checked your area to see if you were dialated.
“Is she ready?” Asked Andy.
The doctor smiled and nodded, “Yup, she’s ready to have the baby.”
You felt so relieved that you were finally going to give birth, “Thank God…” you whispered.
“Alright (Y/N), get ready to give your first push.” The doctor ordered. You did as you were told, the nurses separated your legs and when the doc said push, you pushed with all your might. Even though you were exhausted as hell. But you didnt give up, you wanted to see your baby, you wanted your baby to come into this world and live, so you gave it your all.

You pushed and pushed until the doctor announced that your baby was out, and then came that beautiful sound, the sound of your newborn angel crying.
You glanced at Andy, his eyes filled with so much happiness and tears of a loving father.
The baby was so tiny and beautiful, immediately one of the nurses took it to clean off the fluids and blood.
“Alright (Y/N), get ready to push again.”
Said the doctor. You became a little confused and raised an eyebrow,
“What do you mean?” you asked breathless.
“Well you need to push so the other baby can come out.” he tells you.
You and Andy became very stunned,
“The other baby?!!!”
“Yes, you guys are having twins.” Said one of the nurses.
You and Andy were still shocked, but then you became happy about it, it was truly both a shocking surprise and a blessing to actually have twins, this whole time you thought you had just one baby inside of you, but in reality you had two little angels.
Your heart filled up with even more joy and love, and so did your husband’s.

Hours had passed, hours turned into days, and days into weeks, your little prince and princess were almost a month old now.
Andy picked the name for the girl, and you picked the name for the boy. The girl’s name was Emily, and the boy’s name was Alexander, Alexander looked mostly like you, your same pretty eyes, smile, nose and eye shape. Emily was her daddy’s twin, same beatiful features and the same bright blue eyes.
As you were taking a nap on the couch, Andy went over to their bedroom to check up on them, he had a feeling that they were now awake, sure enough they were, and as soon as their little eyes caught sight of their father their legs started kicking like crazy, adorable happy expressions on their cute and chubby faces.
“Aaaah!” squealed Emily, “Heh heh!” giggled Alex.
“Heeeey you guys!” Greeted Andy with a huge smile in a baby tone.
“How are my two little angels?”
They squealed a little more causing their daddy to laugh, “Shhh, dont get too excited you guys you dont wanna wake mommy up, she’s very tired from feeding you guys cause you guys are hungry little monsters yes you are! haha, Aw man I cant wait until you guys get a little older, Im going to teach you guys so many great things, man you two are gonna grow up with the best parents ever.”

“Youll never have to worry about hiding anything from us, because whatever you guys decide to be or do in life, mommy and I will back you up and support you guys one hundred percent, because thats how much we love you.” He tells them.
“My little Emily, man you are going to turn heads when you grow up, I can already tell you are going to be so beautiful, but never let those boys touch you and break your heart because your brother and I here will snap their necks like pencils, my little princess, youre going to be such an amazing person when you grow up, I love you sweetheart.” He softly cooed, stroking her little cheek causing her to smile.
Little did daddy know that mommy was standing by the door listening in on the beautiful conversation, his words were like heavenly music to your ears.
“And Alex, my little man, my buddy, make sure you always protect your sister here, and whenever you need advice on winning the heart of someone, Im your go to guy, Im gonna raise you to be a perfect gentlmen, you and I are going to be the best of friends, I love you little buddy. Youre just as beautiful as your mother.” He says, allowing Alex to grab his huge finger with his tiny hands.

“Youre an amazing father you know that?”
Andy turned around and chuckled a little, “How long were you standing there?”
“Long enough my man, what you told them was beautiful.” You approached the babies and they smiled even more when they saw you, the two of you each carried one of the precious twins, they couldnt stop smiling, they loved being in their parent’s arms.
“Well you are an amazing mother.”
“Yup, we are amazing, haha, look at us, we’re a family now..”
You proudly said, Andy leaned in and passionately pecked your cheek…
“I know…we are perfect.”


xaki  asked:

for kuroo/oikawa, when their crush finally gets the courage to ask them out on a date to confess to them but as she goes to meet with them, she sees her beautiful, popular twin sister (who without fail always steals things whether it be items or guys shes liked before) flirting with them, and so she leaves dejectedly to cry to herself. (fluff, and resolution of issue?)

IT ENDS UP LONG AND SUPER DORKY SO I WILL PUT OIKAWA’S IN A SEPARATE POST OKAY im sorry for the dorkiness but i just??? headcanon kuroo as a dork so -shrugs-

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Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing/Characters: Kuroo/Tsukishima

Rating: M

Prompt: Championship

Edit: Revised 5/1/16

Read on [AO3]

Tsukishima’s cocktail sat half-finished on the bar while he scrolled through his social media feed for updates on the volleyball championship finals. His friends’ team had been playing against their long-time rivals tonight, but he hadn’t been able to watch the tail end of the game because of unintended overtime at work.

Working with a boss who was incapable of telling time sucked balls to the highest degree and Tsukishima couldn’t wait for the day he gained enough experience to apply for a job with better prospects and throw his resignation in his boss’ face. It was a terrible environment and every week Tsukishima spoiled himself with a cold drink at the bar to ease the mounting anger issues.

“Shit,” Tsukishima muttered as he read through the results of the tournament and felt his heart sink. The first drink of the night might have to be accompanied by a second, and a third, and maybe a fourth, because Fukurodani had lost the finals.

Tsukishima Kei
sorry about the championship, guys

Bokuto Koutarou

Akaashi Keiji
Thank you for your sympathy, Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi Tadashi
@tsukki u owe me ten bucks

Bokuto Koutarou

Tsukishima Kei
already at the bar having one for you guys

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Green Eyed Monster

A/N: i dont usually write smut so bare with me this is so bad im sorry about the ending i just this isnt even smut

Pairing: Reader/Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1k+

Summary: Ashton broke up with you a few months ago so you go to your friend’s party to try to forget about him. But Ashton’s there and he tries to make you jealous.

You walked into the club wearing a black, body-tight dress. It was your friend’s birthday and she was having a party at this dance club that she rented out for the night. You were excited to leave your apartment. Ever since Ashton broke up with you, you haven’t left your apartment unless it was for classes or to go food shopping. 

You walked straight to the bar, hoping to drink enough tonight so you could forget about Ashton and maybe even wake up with a stranger in your bed tomorrow morning. You ordered a shot of vodka and leaned your back on the counter of the bar as you looked around the club. You were hoping to find Lily so you could say happy birthday until your eyes stumbled upon somebody else. You cursed under your breath and quickly turned to face the bar so he wouldn’t notice me.

It was just in that moment that you realized of course Ashton would be there. He was the one who introduced you to Lily. Lily was one of his best friends and once he introduced you to her you two became close friends very quickly. 

The bartender put the shot in front of you and you quickly ordered another one. You turned my head to take a look at the boy who you wasted two and a half years of your life on but turned back around when you made eye contact. “Shit,” you mumbled.

He noticed you. He saw you in that black dress. That was his favorite dress on you. He wondered if you were wearing his favorite perfume, too. When he looked at you he felt regret creep up on him.

One of your old friends had walked up to you and started talking to you. “Y/n, where have you been?”

“Jason! I haven’t seen you in forever,” you leaned in and gave him a hug.

Ashton was glaring at you. He saw how you were glowing when you were talking to that guy and immediately wanted to do something about it. He wanted to end your conversation with that guy and he decided that he wanted you back.

“I really like a guy who’s strong and has nice, big biceps and one who’s really good at sports,” the blonde who was sitting next to Ashton said. “Ashton, what about you?” 

“What?” Ashton said. He was too focused on you to pay attention to the girls he just recently met.

“We were just talking about what we look for in guys. What do you look for in girls?” the brunette to his left said while tracing her finger down a vein on his bicep.

Ashton was surrounded by four girls. Two blondes and two brunettes. The sight was sickening to you. When Ashton noticed that you were looking at him, he quickly put his arm around the blonde. He raised his voice to make sure you’d hear, not like he needed to because you were at a close enough distance that you both were able to hear each other’s conversations. Ashton quickly looked at you to make sure you were listening and then started, “I like girls who are hot and fun to be around. I like when girls are really flexible and good in bed and it’s just a bonus if they’re nice or funny.” 

Now he was really trying to irritate you. And it really was working. You rolled your eyes and continued your conversation with Jason. You spotted Lily from the corner of your eye with a group of friends not too far away and walked over to her telling Jason that you’d talk to him later. 

You ran over to Lily screaming “happy birthday” and greeted her other friends. You started up a conversation with her other friends as she got pulled away by other people. You noticed not even a minute into the conversation that her friends were really dumb. They were just talking about hot guys and their sexual experiences. “Once I gave this guy a blowjob on a boat,” one of the girls said. 

“Oh my god same,” one of the other girls said. 

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Ashton walking toward you. You sighed thinking he was going to come to talk to you. He felt an urge to pull you aside and talk to you alone but instead he walked right up to two of the girls standing next to you and put his arms around both of them. “Hello, ladies,” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

“Yes,” you mumbled but you were drowned out by the of-course-not’s that the rest of the girls said. You assume he heard you because you saw him smirk at you. 

A waiter was walked by with a tray of glasses of champagne and you quickly grabbed two glasses as he walked by. You quickly downed one and were about to down the other when you were interrupted by Ashton. “Be careful, things happen when you drink too much.”

 “If it happens, it happens, at least I won’t remember it.” You downed the second glass of champagne and put both glasses on a tray that belonged to a different waiter who was walking by.

His eyebrows furrowed. “Are you serious? You wouldn’t care if you had sex with some random guy?”

“As long as he’s good looking…” you smiled. He gritted his teeth.

Ashton forced a laugh. “Isn’t that just terrible? To sleep with someone and not remember any of it, not even their name? How slutty. You ladies are so good to me.”

Your jaw tensed. How slutty. Your mind flashed back to the day you two broke up when he called you a slut. You looked down at your feet and then quickly walked away. You felt your eyes start to water as you passed Lily on the way out. When she had asked you where you were going you replied with, ‘home, I’m not feeling too well. Happy birthday, I’ll call you tomorrow.’

Ashton saw you walk away and his face dropped. He knew he had gone too far. He quickly weaved in and out of people, trying to find you. He followed you outside after yelling a quick ‘happy birthday’ to Lily. He saw you get into a taxi and quickly jumped in it telling the driver his address and ignoring your complaints about him being in the car. “Will you just shut up?” he asked when the taxi started moving. You wiped a teat that threatened to fall, frowned and looked out the window waiting for the ride to be over.

When the car came to a stop, you leaned forward to tell the driver your address so he could take you home. Just then, Ashton gave the driver the money, grabbed your arm, and jerked you out of the car. “You’re coming with me,” he growled. The taxi drove off much to your dismay.

“Why the hell am I here, Ashton?” you sniffled.

He turned around. All of the anger immediately left his face. He closely examined your face. “Are you crying?”

“No,” you said, rubbing your eye and then crossing arms in front of your body.

His eyebrows furrowed and his lips parted. He led you through his apartment complex and into his apartment. “I wanted to apologize.”

You sat on his couch as he stood in front of you. You looked up at him and then looked down in your lap. “I don’t even get why I’m here. Why didn’t you just bring one of those other girls home? They were perfect.”

He kneeled down in front of you, “I don’t want them. I want you.”

“Yeah, right. I saw how you looked—“

He cut you off with a kiss. “I missed you,” he said breathlessly.