instead of her boyfriend's or rachel's

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TJ teen child just got his/her heartbroken😢💔 and is playing vaguely the 'Duet Song' from "Corpse Bride". So one way he's going to make them forget "whats-his-face"😬 is join them in the duet😍🎹🎵🎶🎵

yes yes this is so cute 

maybe his teen daughter is in musical theatre and her boyfriend was meant to be her lead which is why she’s singing it and then tj joins in to sing instead 

Daddy Wednesday™

My dad said Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was too ridiculous because the song were too dumb. Why can’t he notice it’s satirical? The songs are supposed to be satirical! They’re funny! The entire series makes you laugh at some situations and then makes you realize you might have been in a similar situation.

Like have you listened to Love Kernels? You may think “she’s so dramatic if she thinks he loves her just because he gave her a compliment or just simply talks to her”. But, haven’t we all been there? Hoping that person reciprocates our feelings just because they smiled at us? Plus they used a graet metaphor and broke the 4th wall! 

Then we have songs like You Go First. I can’t count the times I’ve felt like this. You and a friend/significant other fight and you just want to apologize, but you don’t want to be the first one? This is the song you been looking for!

A song about group hangs complaining about how they’re not getting what real Mexican food is? As a Mexican who hates eating “Mexican” food whenever I go to the US I loved it!

And there’re more! A song about the reality of having big boobs, of being a second choice, of being the villain in your own story, of discovering your bisexual, and many other relatable situations!

This show has everything you want to see and people continue to ignore it because of the title or because they don’t like musical. But really, you need to watch it. The protagonist is an impulsive woman with depression and anxiety that is portrayed realistically. She’s an anti-heroin, her own villain in fact! The only canon couple is a gay man and bisexual middle-aged man who are the cutest couple you’ll see in the show! The “Ex- Boyfriend” is a Filipino guy! His current girlfriend is Latina. Two characters are have the same name and instead of call them “Josh and Filipino Josh” it’s “White Josh and Josh”.

I love this show so much. Please, please, please watch it! It’s so good! And funny! And the songs are so catchy! The first season is already on netflix! watch it!

The difference between Tobias and Jake

Tobias: *Is shuffled back and forth between his aunt (who occasionally prevents him from going to school to run her errands) and his alcoholic uncle, watched his father being eaten alive in front of him, finds out that his mother who left him has extreme brain damage and no memories of him as a baby -even after he saves her life and cures her blindness she still cares more about her dog than her son. Lives alone in the woods eating live mice. *

Tobias: Wow I have had horrible family experiences. But I am not going to take this out on everyone around me and instead will be very compassionate. Oh you tortured me for hours and then tried to murder me? No, I’ll get Rachel to spare your life. Oh you betrayed us all, gave up our only weapon and probably lost us the war? Not an excuse for your boyfriend to treat you badly. I’ll go tell him off.

Jake: *His brother, mother and father are made Controllers*

Jake: *Murders over 17000 defenseless Yeerks, who were not hurting anyone, not being in anyone’s bodies, who were blind and deaf to the oncoming attack, who at that point were living in the Pool Ship because they literally cannot go home because Andalites have occupied their planet*

Aka Jake commits genocide and totally got away with it because the humans were the ones who won the war. And his friends all feel bad for him for how rough he had it with his family.

I have to get this off my chest...

I just have a lot of feelings that I seriously need to get out before I burst. This rant is not Rachel/Lea so yeah. I am seriously becoming more and more pissed at how completely one sided Glee has because in this last season. I know the show started off by putting Rachel as the best, and Lea has always gotten the most screen time. It is simply a fact.

And to be honest I don’t hate Rachel and I like Lea but I feel like Rachel scenes that I don’t want are being shoved in my face and making me completely irritated at the character. Let’s go through all the evidence:

1. Rachel gets all the best solos, and yes she is talented, but Glee set a precedent from the beginning of her being “the best” when there was a group of equally as talented people. I’m so used to it that now I just roll my eyes when she has 1,2,3 solos in episodes and other characters go a long time without one. It’s just NOT true that she was the best voice for every single solo she had. It’s just not true.

2. Rachel gets EVERYTHING!
And don’t try to tell me that I’m exaggerating because I’m really NOT. One she always gets the guys she want. With the exception of Finn/Cory’s death which was of course heartbreaking, Rachel has always gotten a happy ending with a guy she wants. She wanted to get in NYADA and she got it, she got to be in the Winter Showcase, she got her dream role on Broadway, and she got her own tv pilot. Have any of the other characters had equally as much success getting every single thing they wanted?

3. Rachel ruined everything for herself!
She got into the best school in the country for musical theatre which she gave up for her dream Broadway role, which she gave up to be a TV star. And all of the first episode of season 6 was spent on Rachel moping about how her dreams of stardom was gone and how she would get her mojo back. She needed Mr. Schu, Blaine, AND Kurt to convince her that she would be able to move on. Which brings me to to my next point:

4. Everyone Kisses Her Ass!
Rachel screwed up her life because of her own selfish impulses and now everyone is helping to get her dream back. Mercedes came back to town and she helped Rachel get an audition, the whole New Directions/alumni sang a song to encourage her, and this is only one example. And in the most recent episode everyone encouraged her when she got another Broadway show she didn’t earn and again when she got accepted back in NYADA though of course she wants to skip school AGAIN.

I’m just so over Glee a.k.a. The Rachel Berry Show. I’ve loved this show so much and it feels all these convoluted storyline are just being forced down our throats. The thing is that Rachel is going to get everything she dreamed of. She’s getting her ex boyfriend Jesse St. James back and in the future they are married, she wins a Tony, and is pregnant and it is probably her baby with Jesse. And where is everyone else? Supporting and cheering her on of course.

Compare this overindulgence to what has happened to Klaine this season. Like it or not they have a huge fanbase, which is proved for one by the countless polls we win, charity’s we support, eat…and look at their story this season compared to Rachel. They were engaged and happy and so naturally RIB had to break them up instead of having them work through their problems in a mature and adult manner. Then Blaine got a boyfriend in the man who once used to torture Kurt even though I know he’s redeemed himself.

Not only that but Blaine was so depressed he was kicked out of school and having nothing better to do he works at Dalton. The utterly ridiculous thing is that nobody has talked to Blaine about trying to get a second chance to go to NYADA. It’s all Rachel. Not even Kurt talks to him about it. And Chris and Darren have hardly sang this season, wtf? Not to mention that when Klaine got married it was an afterthought and extremely rushed. We had lots of time dealing with Santana’s Abuela and Brittany’s annoying parents and hardly nothing about Blaine’s Mom and her reaction to having her son getting married spontaneously. Like what the actual fuck?

And then Darren wrote two songs for Glee and one is a group number and guess who sings the other? Yup, Rachel again. I don’t understand how the writers can mistreat all their characters and favor a select few all the time. They’ve wasted the final season of what was once an amazing show. And I gave the example of Klaine but seriously this mistreatment goes for several characters and ships. And tell me this RIB, why are you so focused on Samchel if St.Berry is endgame. You are confusing as fuck, Glee!

FIC: VD is a Dumb Time to Hold a Wedding

Title: Valentine’s Day is a Dumb Time to Hold a Wedding

Pair: Kadam

Summary: Kurt and Adam discuss whether Kurt should return to Lima during February. Some side lol Bland and lol Schue.

“You know,” Kurt said as he lined up his socks by color, “Valentine’s Day is a dumb time to hold a wedding.”

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I know, I’m never happy with anything Glee does it seems. Gah, I just need to dump my annoyance somewhere what with all the spoilers/teasers coming out for tomorrow. 

:/ As stoked as I am about Tina having a storyline and actual words to say….why does it have to be about Rachel and her NYADA drama?

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Common People, Ch. 1

 Well hello! Welcome to Common People, a My Mad Fat Diary and Pride & Prejudice crossover fic, written by slitherouter and how-ardently.

 None of this would be possible without the amazing madfatty. We are so grateful for your help and insight and most importantly, your friendship.

Common People, Ch. 1

Dear Tix,

The dreaded moment has arrived. Tomorrow morning I will be marching through the gates of hell, I mean college, ha ha, and God only knows what hellish nightmares will await me there! 

Fatty, I’m too nervous to sleep, so I’ve decided to write you a bit. I know I’ve been bad with the writing, but it’s been two weeks of craziness here in the Earl house. Even more than usual, if you can believe that. 

First, since my cousin Chloe moved into the spare bedroom, taking over my bathroom and my life, my mum is in over-drive of crazy. Between the two of them talking about diets, showing each other their shopping, and giggling over magazines, there’s not a moment of peace around here. 

I swear the only sane person in this house is Karim, and he went away to visit his family abroad so he hasn’t been around to get me through the endless hours of prattle with these two. Kitty is still a tiny little angel, but she must miss him or something, because she’s been crying and fussing so much, and it just adds to the general chaos of everything, and, well, fuck. I can’t bloody hear myself think, Tix! Makes me miss those long afternoons of sheer boredom at the hospital with everyone. Maybe I’ll check myself in again. Ha ha, no I’m kidding. I’ll never go back. I know you’d throw a flower vase at me if I did!

Anyway, all this is going on and tomorrow is college and I’m bricking it. I don’t know if I can do another two years of people saying shit and always being mean fucks to me. Can I confess something, Fatty? I’m scared shitless that the moment my foot touches college ground, everything’ll start up again, and it’ll only take the world five minutes to destroy all the work that I’ve done on myself. All the progress, everything I fought for in therapy, the stuff Kester taught me… that all of it will just go poof the second someone puts me down.

Cause, yes, I know I’m brilliant, and you know I’m brilliant, but the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck. And I know I’ve got so much going for me, and yeah, I’m a great person. But put me in those social situations, and all that is just irrelevant. People look at me and all they see is A BLOB. I think that I’m maybe strong enough now to stand up to people who take the piss, use my wit to give as good as I get. But I’m scared, Fatty, that actually, it really doesn’t matter how brilliant I am. Doesn’t matter how many witty put downs I have in my arsenal. The other person could always say, “Yeah? Well, you’re fat”. And they’ll be right, and I’ll be done. 

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Klaine Advent - Ocean

Just in under the wire.  Set shortly after The First Time.


“What did you just ask me?“ 

"Oh, come on, Kurt. I’d tell you.”  Rachel scooted closer and whispered conspiratorially, “As a matter of fact…" 

"Rachel! Oh My God!!” Kurt shot off the bed and stared at her, horrified.  “I do not want to know how big Finn’s dick is, and I’m certainly not going to tell you about Blaine’s!" 

"Why not? Is it embarrassing? Is he, "she started to move closer again, but seemed to think better of it,  "really small?" 

"Oh my God!! Yes! It is embarrassing, and No! it isn’t ‘small’” Kurt could feel his cheeks flushing.

“Because you know what they say,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken, "It’s not the size of the boat that counts, it’s the motion of the ocean. It’s okay if he’s working with a dinghy instead of a yacht.”  She smiled reassuringly.  “Perfectly fine.”

Kurt glared at her, “Blaine does not have a *dinghy*, Rachel! His *boat* is a perfectly normal size. Above normal, even. And why do you even care?" 

"You’re my best friend, Kurt. I want to make sure you’re happy.  Plus, Blaine was almost my boyfriend, and this is information a girlfriend should have." 

Kurt gave her a withering glare, "Okay. A. You were never *almost his girlfriend*. You kissed once.”


"And 2, it’s none of your business how big MY boyfriend’s penis is. And C, I am very satisfied, so you can stop worrying about me. ”

“All right, ” Rachel pouted.  “But I still don’t see why you won’t at least give me a hint? I’d tell you.”

“Okay.  Fine.” he sighed, then smirked.  “Remember when we watched the Titanic?”

“Kurt!!  Oh My God!!  Is that true?!! How are able to walk?!!!!!”