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people always say to draw with your entire arm instead of your wrist because it usually looks better but i do most of my art at a computer desk and don't have much room and i also have scoliosis which kinda makes me tense up from the pain and it makes me feel as though i'll never be as good as i could be. do you have any advice on how to deal with this?

take breaks every 30 minutes and stretch! look online for some good exercises for someone who has scoliosis, there’s a lot out there. also if you financially can, get yourself a chair thats comfier to sit in for longer periods of time if you don’t have one already, like a small office chair maybe or something similar. if it helps, there’s also those little things that elevate your art at an angle? I’m not sure what they’re called, but its like a desk “easel” basically. that can help you not be hunched over when drawing especially traditionally? 

I left traces of myself everywhere. Not intentionally – not at first.
My scarves hang in your closet; my bobby pins hide in your car. My name is on your keychain, it is scratched into the bottom of the moldings on your wall, and it is on every photo of us, every letter I’ve ever hand written to you, and every book I’ve given you that you didn’t take the time to read. You still have memories of me on your bed, laughing at your desk, laying on your floor, or sitting quietly with your dog.
You still find strands of my hair tucked in the crevices of your notebooks where I drew pictures of us, and our dream home. You still find paper boats and paper airplanes in them, too.
I left traces of myself everywhere. Not intentionally – not at first. Maybe you’ll remember me this way, instead of thinking of her.

I love my cat but I don’t love that everything in my room is perpetually covered in fur and oily pawprints

  • the Neurotypicals: remember my ex girlfriend? what a psycho bitch, amiright? oh man, you're so random and crazy! i really need to organize my desk again, i'm just so OCD about it. my neighbor walks his cat sometimes, can you believe it? that guy is straight outta the looney bin! "gun control?" how about we just lock up those violent pyshcopaths instead? god, this thing i dislike is so retarded. sigh, my crush didn't like my status, i guess i'll go kill myself, lololol!! stop being lazy, sweetie :-) sometimes i have an intrustive thought unrelated to mental illnesses, since i don't have any, but because i am a human being and have a subconscious...o, be still my brooding insanity! grow up, you're just being a baby. can you believe that that homeless man is talking to himself? unbelievable. *posts b&w gifs of "tragically beautiful" self harm marks* did you hear about the kid who tried to kill themself last year? they so just did it for attention. you know, autism is related to vaccines and diet, Janet - you're not going to Whole Foods nearly enough. stressed, depressed, but well dressed! lol, potato taco waffleZ!! why did i say that?! o_0 i must have ADHD xD want to hear about my coma AU? all that worldbuilding was because protag was CrAzY all along!!! check out this scary costume! *pulls out a straight jacket with bloodstains*
  • mentally ill person: i have a mental illne -
  • the Neurotypicals: i am beyond uncomfortable
I love you for the way you don’t smoke cigarettes.
I know you think it’s silly, my best friend does to. But you’re laying next to me asleep in bed, and my hands decided to pick up a pen again. I guess this is your penance for falling in love with a writer
But this is about you
And how you don’t smoke cigarettes. And how you only ever drink in moderations. Because I remember the first Sunday you drank a beer in front of me. You probably dont. Not because of how much you drank but simply because to you it was nothing.
And my family doesn’t drink beer. I grew up around rum and tequila and vodka. But now I started drinking beer with my friends. I guess it reminds me of how your lips tasted.
You’re stirring now, probably wondering where my body is. Because instead of being in bed I am up, sitting at our computer desk writing.
But there’s a time to put down the pen and stop writing. There’s a time to start living again.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write