instead i just took pictures


I just hate backgrounds so much, so instead of making one I just took a picture of a lamppost, ran it through probably too many filters in Photoshop, and then drew on top of it.

And on the subject of cheating, This was already a sketch I had done a while ago, so nothing for my Adrinette Month Day 2 submission is original! Yay, cheating!

P.S. Unnecessary detail shots are unnecessary. Sorrynotsorry

So I met Christopher Sabat today at Anime Boston, who voices like… the whole DBZ cast, and also, the voice of Christophe in the Yuri on Ice dub. I told him about this post, and asked him to sing it for me. He did. I didn’t get the first take on camera, but when taking a selfie with me, he took this video instead of just a picture. I was BLESSED. I have to share this with you all.


I went to goodwill today and restrained myself from making some very foolish purchases. So instead, I just took pictures of them, but let me walk you through how good they are! 

First we have a GOOD BOOK called “wearable art for real people” and it was a clothing construction book about these insane and beautiful quilted shapless slacks and vests. The clothes were very good, and the people were very excited. 

Then we found a beautiful family (modeled by @towerofglass). They could have been my family, but I said goodbye to them and let them go. 

Then there was this just really good moon and star lamp that I’m sure glowed up really soft and pretty. 

AND THERE WAS FUCKING CROSSFIRE JFC. It was missing everything, it was just a box and the battle arena but omg the box is good enough to frame. Except it was $10, and that’s kind of a lot. But it was so hard to walk away from it. I only have a little regret not buying this because it can go for a lot on ebay, but it was absolutely not a complete game and the box was all shot up and it was $10 to start with and I am not going to beat myself up over it because crossfire only goes for $80 when it’s complete and in a good box and has the targets and stuff. Also I would have literally just not ever gotten around to selling it, nor would I want to if I had it. 

Then there was just this really good bear eating hot dog box. It was one of those great paper and chipboard boxes that we used to use when I was a kid in the early 90s. This one was filled with idk some sort of offbrand lego situation, but I was amazed that it wasn’t completely trashed and colored on, as all of mine were. I must have had dozens of these boxes. 

Finally there was just this real hip looking learn french record set. It wasn’t kitsch and trash like the other stuff, it was just real cool and retro looking. 

I really wanted to take all this beautiful trash home with me so I could stare at it for a long period of time and forget about it. But I didn’t and honestly I sort of feel like someone should say “Good job, I’m proud of you for not buying trash”. 


Shipping No Kyojin
All done! After it got too cold for my yard projects this afternoon I decided to finish something in my sketchy book to pass the time and this was the lucky page I chose (yay!). SO have some colored shipping fun xD (oh and after he saw it colored my hubs decided he was accepting of the SashaxPotatoSenpai ship bahahaha!).

Sorry for the poop quality guys, the scanner’s been being an ass and I didn’t wanna mess with it, so I just took some pictures with the Ipod instead.. eh heh heh..

Norcal Noragami Gathering 2016 - Report

(get ready for a splurge of incoherent thoughts because I’m still processing everything)

Our first annual (that’s right I want to do this again~) Noragami Gathering happened, and it was kind of like throwing an elaborate party for ourselves - because all the organizers showed up, and that’s it! 

A part of me was feeling this:
Whee~ check out all our fun fancy stuff we get to do!

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And a part of me was feeling this:
Wahh~ It’s just us.

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This was a real possibility I had considered, seeing as only the organizers had RSVP-ed and we had 16 ppl interested but not committed (which I’m SUPER impressed about because we started with like only 3 people who were interested). I find marketing to be fascinating and it’s a tough nut I’ve yet to crack - I know our fandom is hella niche (it’s part of what makes it so fun ;) ) and a super niche fandom means that it’ll be hard to find enough local fans to attend, even if you hit up the anime networks. I would have really liked to meet up with some of the Noragami cosplayers I connected with at Fanime >_> - in fact I was really hoping they could come! But you know what - there’s always next time >:D and now that we’ve done this once, we have a better idea what we’re doing! And also because we were such a small group, we all had a chance to take individual shots  :3 - which was excellent because the photo-shoot portion took way longer than I expected - partially because I had structured SO MANY Kodak moments (which I think was the strength of our gathering), basically the entire cosplay gathering could be one LONG candid photoshoot. 

So I come at 9:30am, 

and nobody has claimed any picnic benches at Willow Point. There’s some joggers on the edges and people with strollers, but that’s it. I stake our spot under a nice tree, and discover that there’s a smattering of bees, enough to make me a bit worried (luckily they didn’t give us much trouble), and a whole heck of a lot of bird poop - the common problem of parks by lakes. I gave up trying to avoid stepping on the bird poop, and just laid out that picnic blanket, DEFINITELY gonna wash it before I return it >_>

The weather is really nice. I’m constantly running around, so I was getting warm pretty quick, but if you lie down on the blanket and chill in the shade, OMG IT’S PERFECT.  Like it got so warm for me, since I was running around in my jeans and open jacket, but it made our water gun fight SO MUCH BETTER :)

Anyways… by 10am, 

Jose comes by in his Yato cosplay. And the moment I saw Yato walking over, that’s when the Noragami gathering started for me. I saw Yato, living and breathing, picking his way through all that poop and I thought - This is it. This is happening.

I had a similar thought when my uncle showed up with his legit camera equipment, started snapping photos, posing us, and I saw one of his shots that I suggested - taking a picture with our backs to the camera, seated on a bench that has an awesome view of the lake and the bridge. It looked SO GOOD, and my peeps were SO EXCITED. And I thought - this is us. We’re semi legit. This gathering is happening.

When Yato showed up, the two of us kicked back and laid down on that picnic blanket, relaxing in the shade and staring up at the beautiful shimmering leaves and the sky beyond it, and IT FELT SO GOOD, like this was everything we had planned for, this moment right here. Chilling by the waterside, lying on this blanket, simultaneously enacting a Yato + Yukine father/son bonding time with no effort at all. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR GATHERING RIGHT HERE - it’s what I believe we had planned for. Also I think all of us organizers were tired of running around the day before and getting up early today, and lugging everything everywhere, so I think we were happy to do chill things, but I had a lot of games planned (haha) so if I were to go back in time, I’d create more space just to relax.

Once everyone came together by 10:30, we introduced ourselves a little, shared our favorite character in Noragami and why (Yato was a crowd favorite). We played an ice breaker. 

Then we did the photoshoot.

Jose as Yato.

 Myself as Yukine <3

First we did individual shoots. This was kinda cool because it kind of turned into a group effort. We’d help each person think of different poses to do for their character - one of us would even look stuff up on their phone.

@natseint as Bishamon. Look at her slayy

@umbrella-kun as Kofuku. This was such an adorable shot!

We did a long paired shot with Bishamon and Yato - and I stepped in and made sure Bishamon’s hair looked good. <= That’s a whole job right there - official hair arranger, I’d totally want someone to make sure my hair always looked good in those cosplay shots because… my wig’s bangs was so messy! Like, it looked great when I drove over in the car where there’s no wind, but once I was out, it was fair game.  I kept using some of this hair wax but no dice. Next time I’ll be sticking with hairspray or try some of that wig glue stuff. I really want to up my cosplay game and figure out how to style wigs well. Next time I’m bringing a mirror so I can freaking fix those bangs and check them for sure. Also, posing as Yukine is not easy. He doesn’t have many signature poses. It’s difficult to embody his personality into any real definitive body language. Also, I’m trying to pose as a dude, so I have to remember to try to make myself bigger and watch all my normal effeminate gestures waaaah. Posing as Kofuku on the other hand would be a PIECE OF CAKE. I’m always smiling anyways! I gave @umbrella-kun​ all the tips ;D

- We recreated that scene where Yato kisses Bishamon, and Nat and Jose were SO GOOD. It really helps that they’re already close, and man you could just see the chemistry as they were reenacting it. And it’s such a hilarious moment. That was fantastic :)

- My uncle full on studied the Noragami source material that I sent him. Recreating the Yato kissing Bishamon was actually his idea. He’s so dedicated. I’m so proud of him <3

- Also I bought a Sakura tree branch from Michaels, and it was SUCH a useful prop in the photoshoot. Go me :) 

- 50% of the time, I wanted to run around with a video camera and record/snap different moments because I have a photographer’s eye, and AHHHHH there were so many moments that would have been perfect on video - like our whole water fight - especially when Yato got me back with the water gun, and when we were just chilling and eating, and when we were swinging on the hammock, and some of our improv scenes, and I wish I made one of the cosplayers pose as if they were grilling the food… 

After our photoshoot,  we broke for lunch.

At this point, I still had a bunch of photoshot ideas swirling in my head, but we were sensible and stopped for food. My friend had reeled in his sister to help BBQ, and it was SO NICE because we all basically had zero experience with BBQing. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. I was picturing that we’d eat on the picnic blanket - LIKE IN THE OVA - but our nice photo-ready one is kinda small for everyone to fit in, and going to that blanket area would require walking and we already had a table by the grill, so we ate there instead >_> I wish we took pictures… I should have just swiped someone’s camera and nabbed a few shots.

(they recreated the scene just for me :) )

After lunch,  everyone was getting food coma, and just chilling, but according to my schedule it was 1pm and we were supposed to move on with games, and my brain was going at crazy speeds because I was leading everything. But if i had more chill, I would have allotted for more downtime, maybe like 15 min extra, and then just walked over to the picnic blanket and laid down there, because being there was like HEAVEN. And I missed napping so much, like I forgot to relax during our entire time there. I only relax a bit in the beginning when we were waiting for everyone to get together, but if I were to redo something, I’d create more down time, if anything, just for myself. I’d make sure to chill. But in the end moving at that pace  worked because we were taking some many photos up to the time when my uncle had to take off.

ehhh what did we do… we took a few more shots. we took pictures at the hammock.


IT WAS ALSO PURE BLISS. BEST THING EVER. GOOD THING i DIDN’T TRY SETTING IT UP MYSELF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A MESS BUT YATO AND MY FRIEND DID AND WE FOUND THE PERFECT SPOT RIGHT BY THE LAKE’S EDGE, AND EVERYTHING WAS KINDA SPREAD OUT THERE WAS A STATION FOR THE FOOD AND A STATION FOR THE PICNIC BLANKETS, BUT IN THE END IT ALL WORKED OUT. We found out you can fit 3 people on there without it breaking, but ahhh that was scary. We re-created the ending segment of the anime’s 1 season EP when Hiyori finds Yato and Yukine leaning against each other, fast asleep. We did that scene, but on the hammock and I haven’t seen the pictures yet but I’m sure it was cute as hell. And ahhhhhh I want to be back in that hammock. Suspended in air, floating back and forth. Listening to the sound of the trees. The hammock was definitely another highlight, and I borrowed it from my friend’s family, and they are such a gold mine; I am so blessed :)

We tried to do waterballoons but that was a bust because none of the faucets would work with our special waterballoon-turbo-5000-tron which fills up 30 balloons in one go - so we didn’t get to do a waterballoon toss :O 

And we ran out of time to do the sac hops and the three legged-races, but 

we did do Tug of War,

 and we were all bushed by the 2nd one, but I made them do it one more time, because it felt proper >_>. We ended up doing only one game and when we totalled up the scores, I totally lost and I had to wear cat ears as punishment. (Also a moment I wish we captured on camera, the moment when Yato put cat ears on Yukine. He tried to make me wear the whole set- there’s a tail and a little bow/collar, and I was sulking.)

We also had some drama games 

- and I’ve been with drama peeps for a while, so I know we weren’t doing to hot, but I don’t even know where to start??? like how to do you coach/teach beginners how to do improv?? ahhhh I was a theatre kid, I ended up taking only one drama class, but many of my friends did theatre, we’d play games, and stuff, so I was familiar with it, but I don’t know where you’re supposed to start. I guess the best thing would have been to pull out game with clear goals: like the freeze game and telephone charades. Our best moments were when we had to grow and shrink our group. Kofuku and  Bishamon were shopping at the mall, they meet up with Hiyori at the mall and they run into Yukine working at the Hot Topic store, and Yato is off buying some hella expensive fizzy water at Hot Topic and then Yukine chases him off, warning him not to use all their money, and then Bishamon goes off to buy some bras, and then everyone wanders off. in my opinion, it was the best structured scene we got.


Yato brought a freaking sword to a water fight. 

Yato and Bishamon always look so cool.

Near the end of our water fight, everyone was dripping wet, except for me, because I’ve got my trusty Yukine jacket. I was showing off my water resistent jacket until Yato ambushed me and agh he got me so bad! I had to curl up in my jacket to defend myself >_<

Honestly my favorite moments are Yato and Yukine’s father/son moments, or Yato, Hiyori, Yukine family moments - like Hiyori wiping Yukine’s face because he’s got a smudge there, or Hiyori helping Yukine with his homework while Yato keeps bothering him, or Yato giving Yukine a piggyback, or Yukine just rolling his eyes at Yato as he does another lame thing - give me all those moments in a photoset / video and I will be SO HAPPY. However, I held back from making too many of these moments because…

1. We only have one photographer and one Yato
2. I’m still getting to know this Yato cosplayer, and I don’t want to always be up in his business unless we share those mutual family-moment goals ya know?
3. Everyone else is waiting on us >_> , so once again, if they share the same family-moment goal and they’re cheering us on, then I know it’s okay.

However, looking back at all of our pictures, I definitely did get a few “family” style shots. So I’m happy :) Like sooooo happy.

Pst. Message me if you want to attend our Northern California Noragami Gathering next year. I’ll make sure to let you know!