今日の和菓子:紫陽花  6月の花と言えば、やっぱり紫陽花。その小さい花が集まって寄り添い、お互いを助け合って咲いている様子から、日本における紫陽花の花言葉は「仲良し」「家族団欒」「平和」だとか。今回は異なる色の錦玉羹で涼しげな雰囲気に仕上げてみました。 Today’s Wagashi : Hydrangea Many Japanese consider hydrangea to be the most typical flower of the rainy season in June, as they look just right when wet, and enshrouded in mist. In Japan it tends to be described positively because the small flowers are all together helping each other. That is why there are so many good meanings such as “friendship”, “family bonds”, or “peace”. These meanings come from the Japanese way of thinking that value collaboration.  I created a cool-looking Hydrangea Wagashi with colorful  'kingyokukan’ (a type of sweet Japanese jelly). Its transparency and coolness remind me of crystal glass :)

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