Giants among the living at SJB Cemetery, these two palm trees greeted the many Igers that participated in #instawalksjb on May 6th. 🌴 Also, my entry for @joshjohnson & @althotel #altexpo #purple contest 🌴 I used Camera+ for shooting, Luminance for Polar FX, & FotoRus for Lomo Effects. (Taken with instagram)

I saw this fire hydrant at Mission San Juan Bautista during #instawalksjb and just loved the blue and red chipping paint framed by the greens. (Taken with Instagram at @IgersSV InstaWalk SJB)

This is the end of my cemetery series from yesterday’s #instawalksjb in Historic San Jaun Bautista with @igerssv. I thought it would be weird walking thru a cemetery, but it was really fascinating. Almost all of the graves had something left by loved one: whether it was flowers, toys, unopened bottle of beer, or a bell. It was really touching. (Taken with instagram)