kissmyringbuddy asked:

Send a ♠ for my muse’s reaction to waking up after having a one night stand with yours.

Blue eyes blearily blinked open, only to squeeze shut again a moment later in protest at the sunlight shining right into his face. He whined, quietly, and rolled over onto his stomach to nuzzle into the soft pillow, to hide from the world just a little longer. He was still sleepy. The bed was comfortable, and he felt relaxed and sated - if a little sore - and the body next to his was warm and…


Sylwen slowly forced his eyes open again to look at the man sleeping soundly beside him. Dark hair, pale skin, a very familiar face–


A grin stretched across his face as realization hit and the memories of last night came flooding back to him again. The thief shifted, scooting closer to Kyle, grin shifting into a sly and mischievous smirk as he threw a leg over the other male’s hips and smoothly pushed himself on top of him, straddling Kyle’s bare thighs. 

“Wakey, wakey, kittycat~” Sylwen hummed, leaning down to playfully lick along the shell of Kyle’s ear. “It’s time for round two~”