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Pilot, the real-time universal translator, is straight out of a sci-fi novel

  • The ability to understand someone speaking a foreign language could soon be as easy as wearing a new earpiece.
  • Waverly Labs is behind an earpiece called the Pilot that is eerily similar in scope to Star Trek’s Universal Translator  that allows individuals to translate languages in real-time.
  • The smart earpiece works by canceling out ambient noise to concentrate on what is being said by a speaker
  • And then funnels that data to a complementary app that screens it for translation and speech synthesis, according to its website.
  • Pilot isn’t the first — and likely won’t be the last — piece of tech made for the translation marketplace.
  • However, where this device really shines is with its instantaneous translation possibilities that remove the sometimes awkward waiting game. Read more

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BTS REACTION: Your hands being shaky at a fan meeting*

I’ve been working on this for THREE DAYS. I WANTED TO GIVE THIS TO YOU ANON FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME! HERE’S 3500 WORDS OF SOFT YOONGI & FANGIRLING! Again I’m not doing part twos or threes for these, I really need to move on to the maknaes and finish the rest of my requests. This anon was just so lovely and understanding I had to???💕💕💕 Plus the request is like almost a month old.


I love you all so very much and please come back home here whenever you need smiles 😊 Two things for Jungkook might be coming tomorrow(;

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I am laughing evilly because of the idea I have for Jungkook cheating request.

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Previously: YOONGI I


Y O O N G I | II:

You smile, “I honestly didn’t expect you to but it is an honor that you do.” You let go of his hand and continue your job professionally. “We do things a little differently here at International Music Feed. Our journalist are pretty popular and we get a big kick out of making the journalist a mystery instead of the guest. So instead of me introducing you, we want Namjoon to start the introduction since he’s fluent in English. He should be in the center with the three youngest on his right and the three oldest on his left. But when it’s time to mention my name we want all of you to say it. Got it?”

The boys nod at you in understanding and move to stand in front of the camera. Namjoon has to nudge Yoongi to get his attention since he was staring at you instead of the camera. The makeup team touches up everyone’s face, then has them put on a microphone around their ear. On the count of three the camera starts rolling.

“Hello everybody, this is BTS. I am the leader of the group, Rap Monster. On my right we have the three youngest of the group: Jimin, V, and Jungkook. On my left we have the three oldest: J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. Today we are being interviewed by a huge fan of ours at International Music Feed…”

“Y/N L/N!” They all yell out together and you walk onto the stage, waving to the camera with a welcoming smile.

You stand on the left, apart from the group and closest to the hyung line. “Thank you so much for being here,” you bow to them and they bow back in thanks of having them. “Basically how our interviews go is that I speak English to the members who can and Korean to those who can’t. However, because we don’t want the other members to be left out and confused of what is going on, we have a live stream translation of English to Korean on the screen behind me.” You point to a tall screen that is blank at the moment since you are speaking Korean.

“And these,” you tap lightly onto the microphone by your right ear, “aren’t the only microphones in the room. There are about four hanging above us.” The boys hadn’t noticed until you pointed them out. “Everything we say is translated into 21 languages, including Thai, by our team of translators almost instantaneously. This is so that fans from all over the world can enjoy watching this live. All these microphones help the translators hear us clearly to avoid mistranslation. Even so, we kindly ask you to project and enunciate your voices.” They nod eagerly, rather in awe of all the effort the company puts into reaching global fans.

You chuckle at their expressions, every idol group you interview has the same look. Yoongi turns his head in your direction so quickly when he hears you laugh. Seokjin is afraid he might get whiplash. You don’t notice as you quickly recollect yourself, “We will start from the youngest to the oldest. I ask one question to each member, these are questions that I and many other fans have been wanting answered for a long time. Of course, like any ARMY, I completely understand if the question is too personal for you. You absolutely do not have to answer if you are uncomfortable. Not all of them are personal, this is just to let you know that you do have a choice. Once you answer your question then you guys can ask me a question. Unlike you, I can’t pass on it. So please be kind,” you smile nervously at the end but it’s all in good fun.

“First the maknae, Jungkook. You have talent in pretty much everything, which is why you’re known as the Golden Maknae. This also includes superiority in strength. What we want to know is, how much can you lift?”

Jungkook laughs, “I don’t know.”

The next five minutes are filled with laughs and cheers as Jungkook’s face grows more and more red from the struggle of keeping heavy books up, to which the staff keeps adding more and more until he can no longer handle them. He sets the books down on the scale in front of him, dropping down to his knees in exhaustion.

“175 pounds!” You exclaim in English.

Namjoon quickly makes the calculation to kg. “Oh! 80 kg!” He exclaims while clapping and all the boys join in, impressed

“How much can you lift Y/N?” Jungkook asks, still out of breath.

You smirk, “Well that’s not fair. I workout everyday to help with my anxiety. I can lift about 64 kg, or 140 pounds to the American viewers.” Yoongi is impressed by how easily you can talk about your anxiety now, whereas before you had been stammering. No wonder you have some fans of your own. You are very open about your problems.

“Wow! You can lift up Jimin, V, Suga, and Jin!?” Hoseok says in amazement.

You nod and suddenly find yourself with an armful of Taehyung. You throw your head back in laughter before setting him down. “That was fun, but you should definitely warn me next time. What if I had dropped you!? The rest of ARMY would not be happy with me!” Once you all calm down you move on to the next member.

You ask Taehyung, “What level are you on in Overwatch?” This results in you two having a detailed conversation of the game and ending with him asking you for your account name. Which, to their surprise, you just simply give to him right then and there. They thought you would have preferred to give it to him when the cameras are all off.

You wave off their surprise, “I play with our viewers all the time. Of course, your account name will be kept between you and I.” You reassure him to move on to Jimin.

With Jimin you simply ask him if he has eaten today, to which he guiltily says he was too nervous about your interview to eat. You shake your head. “That’s no good, as a dancer you burn a lot of calories so it’s important for you to eat a lot of calories or you won’t have energy to dance.” Jimin and the other members are, again, taken aback. While they are aware that ARMYs are genuinely concerned about their health and eating habits, it’s surprising to see it expressed on your face. It hits them that this is generally how all of ARMY cares about them.

Jimin asks, “What about you Y/N, have you eaten?”

“I ate breakfast but I think I am getting quite hungry now,” you say with a bit of embarrassment. “Since we both happen to be hungry, we should eat!” As soon as you say this, the staff brings bowls of already cooked ramen to each of you and the next ten minutes are spent eating. What could have been awkward silence is filled with slurps and satisfied groans. Everyone spends a few more seconds cleaning up and saying thank you to the staff.

“Now for the leader we have a much more serious question. Remember that you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.” You gently remind him and the others before continuing in English. “In your mixtape, you rap about depression. There are many stereotypes when it comes to depression, but in reality it varies from person to person. In a similar way, every person has a different way to cope. How do you cope?”

The rest of the boys read the translation behind you, but it’s very easy to tell what’s going on by the seriousness of Namjoon’s facial expression. The leader takes time to think of an answer, “…I live with six others so it can be difficult to get time alone. And that’s usually my first impulse when things become overwhelming…It’s actually a good thing for me. My thoughts turn darker when I feel like I’m alone and when I truly am by myself. Having at least one of them in the same room as me, no talking, just me listening to music and the other doing whatever, helps a lot. Because it reminds me that even though I may feel alone or useless or just tired, one of them will always be nearby.”

You bow to him, “Thank you so much for sharing this with us today. These aren’t easy things to talk about. I want to tell the viewers that I will always love and care for them with all of my heart. And that no matter how many times they form a team against me on any gaming platform, they will not win.” You do a baby voice with a cute expression at the end: a wide smile and a heart made of your two hands. Hoseok and Taehyung have no qualms about immediately squealing over how cute you are. Jimin and Jungkook throw their heads back in laughter with a slight blush on their cheeks. Jin and Namjoon smile widely at your antics. Yoongi has to stop himself from giving all of them a glare and threatening to kill them.

Not wanting to ruin the enlightened mood, Namjoon keeps his question simple. “So the first time we met you, it was actually at a fan meeting.” You nod your head. “It’s only been three years, and you were still in college during that time. Can you give us a quick summary on what happened after that?”

“Let’s see…After the fan meeting, I didn’t see the messages you all had left me until I got home. I was in my second year and living on campus, home was only an hour away but I didn’t have money to go down there every weekend since my parents didn’t want me to work while going to school. Even so, my relations with them have always been strange. We love and support each other, but we aren’t exactly close. Your messages were very heartwarming and they made me feel like you all actually cared about my future. It motivated me. I learned three different languages for my last two years in college. I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea for my third year and in my fourth year I received an internship to work as an assistant for an important newspaper. With my language skills and my work experience, I was qualified for a position here as a translator. I became an anchor here about three months later and well, here we are.”

They all clap for you, even the staff. However, Yoongi also stares at you in awe. He’s unable to take his eyes off you, which definitely causes some questions to pop up in the viewers’ minds.

You smile and bow slightly in thanks. You have to move on to the next three members quickly, the staff has given you a warning about time. “For the next three members we actually have requests for a live performance. After these performances, you three can ask me the questions you want. You can deny doing the performance. Everybody will understand because you are not prepared. Sounds goods?” You tell them in Korean and they nod in acceptance.

“J-Hope, you are the main dancer of BTS and incredibly talented. Your dance for the Wings trailer, otherwise known as ‘Boy Meets Evil,’ is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The first time I saw it, I was in tears.” You tell him sincerely and he is flushed from your praise. “So I would very much love to see you do this dance. If you decide to do it, we have the track ready on our surround sound speakers.”

He gives you his sunshine smile, “Anything for ARMY.”

You direct the rest away from the main stage. Once Hoseok seems prepared the track begins. Yoongi is standing close behind you. He hears you hold in your breathe as soon as the song starts. He can’t help but smile at how adorable you are when fangirling. Hoseok is at the part where he’s covering his mouth and Yoongi swears you are choking back tears. Hoseok throws his leg behind his head, and because of how close Yoongi is too you he can hear your muffled squeals. Hoseok ends the dance on his knees and Yoongi sees you take a deep breathe to recollect yourself. He’s unaware that the camera streamed him staring and smiling at you during Hoseok’s performance.

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Yoongi snaps out of his trance when he hears you clap and loudly yell, “J-HOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!” You practically run to Hoseok and squeal while clapping more, “That was so amazing!” Said dancer smiles so widely and it warms Yoongi’s heart to see that you’re a big fan Hoseok. “Okay, we are running out of time. So I need to stop praising you and move on.”

You look at Yoongi directly in the eyes, as you’ve been doing to every member when you ask them their questions. But he’s not prepared at all. Your eyes are shining so brightly under the stage lights, and if it isn’t for Namjoon’s hand on Yoongi’s shoulder keeping him grounded he wouldn’t be paying attention at all. “As Rap Monster mentioned before, I first met all of you at a fan meet. At this fan meet, I thanked you for inspiring me with your mixtape which revealed your struggles with anxiety and depression. Now, I would like to talk to you about your song ‘First Love.’ This song is all about your love for the piano and how it was hard to love something you wanted to hate. I, personally, have never been that passionate about anything until now. It’s a little overwhelming and your song captures that feeling perfectly in the way you sing almost desperately. I would be honored if you performed it live today.”

Just like the first time, he doesn’t say anything. He simply walks up to the piano that is set up on the far right of the stage. He starts the music and immediately gets overwhelmed by his emotions. This song is about a piano but he starts directing it towards you. You have been on his mind for years and now that you are actually in front of his eyes he wants to be closer. However, the problems both of you have will never fully go away. He doesn’t want something beautiful to be destroyed by the darkness within.Even so, he can’t help but wonder if the beauty will radiate with understanding and support instead of being shadowed by insecurities and silence? Still, will the understanding and support be enough to combat jealous and hateful fans? He doesn’t want you to hate something you are supposed to love, yet, he is sure that once you are within reach he will never let go.

Once he finishes the last note, he takes a calming breathe. There is no applause like there was for Hoseok, and he can’t help but be a bit disappointed about the silence. He opened himself up for this performance. He’s not crying, but you don’t need to cry to show raw emotion. Yoongi faces your direction and realizes that while he may not be crying, you most certainly are. The fact that you got so affected by his voice shocks him. Your crying is more than tears of appreciation, they are tears of resonation.

You try your best to clean yourself up while the boys just stare at you. They don’t know what to do. “I think these,” you point to your face, “speak for themselves.” You clear your throat and attempt to pass off as a professional again. “Okay. Ignoring the fact that I just revealed how much trash I really am,” you joke. It helps the awkward moment pass. “I’m definitely going to be going over time, which is more for me than you. Because I have a segment afterwards where, depending on the number of members of the group, I answer that amount of questions from the viewers. The stream doesn’t end until I finish and I have a dog to feed,” you explain to them why you are rushing. They nod in understanding.

“But Jin here deserves just as much attention as everyone else,” you have your tongue in your cheek. Everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. You look at the oldest member with a soft smile, “I’m not going to explain any elements of your song because there’s really nothing to explain. I will just say that you are an amazing singer and dancer. The choreography for BTS songs are very difficult, not just anybody would be able to keep up. Your high notes, your voice overall, is beautiful. You send lots of hearts and kisses to ARMY, and each one is precious. I hope you will perform Awake live today with these words in mind.”

The song already makes him emotional and with the impact of your words his performance is even more meaningful. He directs his song to ARMY, more specifically to those blew up their twitter with selfies of them holding up hearts for him. With their love, with his teammates, he will grasp another fate. One where he can fly and finally reach the sky. When he finishes the song you both are in tears, and in a moment of understanding you give each other a hug.

It takes much longer for the both of you to recollect yourselves. The rest of the boys don’t say anything during this time. Everyone has a moment to themselves because their hearts have been touched too many times in the past hour. You wipe your face one more time and are extremely thankful for the hardcore setting spray the company invests in. “Now that I am no longer a mess, you three may ask your questions. After that we will say our goodbyes.” Everyone else groans in disappointment. You nod solemnly in agreement, “Yes it is sad, but we all have things to do. Anyways, J-Hope, what is your question?”

Hoseok gives you a wide excited smile. “Since you love the dance for Boy Meets Evil so much, I was wondering if you would want me to teach it to you?”

Your mouth is wide. You move your head side to side in disbelief. No doubt you are going to become a reaction meme soon. “Ye…Yes! That sounds amazing! You can get my contact info from your manager and we will arrange everything from there.”

Yoongi is surprised by how easily Hoseok talked to you, meanwhile he hasn’t really said a word during the whole interview. He realizes that he doesn’t have a question to ask you. He’s been distracted by you the whole time. So he stays quiet, looking around the room while desperately trying to think of something.

“Can you cook? I want to get new recipes so that we can try different foods. Also so that they don’t get tired of my cooking,” Seokjin asks in place of Yoongi. The maknae line is off to the side face palming, Namjoon is shaking his disappointingly, and J-Hope looks stuck between pitying his teammate or laughing at him.

At the mention of food you immediately perk up, “I can cook a variety of dishes. We can exchange recipes if you want, do the same as Hoseok to get my contact information.”

Seokjin nods in agreement and once again, it’s Yoongi’s turn. In his usual tone, he asks the first question on his mind.

It’s been one day since Yoongi embarrassed you on live television. It’s been one day and already your fans are threatening him to treat you right. Apparently, you are known as the Precious Interviewer from International Music Feed, due to the way you love and worry for all your viewers. The ever investigative ARMY tweeted him some links of past interviews where you made it very clear you are adore him. He doesn’t understand how you were able to relatively stay professional when he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Which the rest of the boys had a lot of fun teasing him about, and no amount of death threats could stop them.

He’s losing his edge.

His phone vibrates with a message, probably Namjoon telling him that they have to get dressed soon.

Unknown: Hello, this is Y/N from International Music Feed. Hoseok gave me your number and insisted that I text you. I hope you don’t mind.

He doesn’t want you to present yourself to him formally and with professionalism. He wants to see more of your reactions, hear more of your stories, and be able to help you personally whenever you need it. He wants to know enough to be able to write about you.

Send requests for texts, reactions, scenarios, or moodboards ~(^3^)~

[Translation] Popolo 2017/09 The Real Face of Yamada Ryosuke

(Part of the 最&強 2大王子様対決 山田涼介 中島健人)

Translated by CeliaSee. T/N’s are from Celia. Please do not share without permission and credit!

[T/N: 素顔 may mean a makeup free face or the real face. This interview is an honest look at one side of Yamada’s persona.]

Thanks Momozzz32 on weibo for the clear scan. I paraphrased a few things but I tried to keep the original intention intact.  I may make random (sometimes snarky) comments, but will put them in the Asides.  Feel free to skip those.  Please let me know if I translated anything incorrectly.

Sometimes I am Affected by Conflicting Emotions

I do not distinguish between “Hey! Say! Jump’s Yamada Ryosuke” and “Yamada Ryosuke, the actor”, nor do I consciously switch between the two personas. Depending on the situation, I can switch between the two roles naturally. In other words, both are Yamada Ryosuke.

However, I think I am pretty good in terms of switching on and off for work. No matter what role I play, I do not take the character home with me when I left the site. Never? Well, I’m not 100% sure, but at least as far as I remember, it is not the case.

When I prepare for a role, first, I like to have a visual image of the character by the time we start shooting. Then, through reading the script or talking with the director, I will train my body, lose weight, or dye my hair according to that role.

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How Interpreters Juggle Two Languages at Once

For most of history, interpretation was mainly done consecutively, with speakers and interpreters making pauses to allow each other to speak. But after the advent of radio technology, a new simultaneous interpretation system was developed in the wake of World War II. In the simultaneous mode, interpreters instantaneously translate a speaker’s words into a microphone while he speaks, without pauses. Those in the audience can choose the language in which they want to follow.  

On the surface it all looks seamless, but behind the scenes, human interpreters work incessantly to ensure every idea gets across as intended. And that is no easy task.

It takes about two years of training for already fluent bilingual professionals to expand their vocabulary and master the skills necessary to become a conference interpreter. To get used to the unnatural task of speaking while they listen, students shadow speakers and repeat their every word exactly as heard, in the same language. In time, they begin to paraphrase what is said, making stylistic adjustments as they go. At some point a second language is introduced. Practicing in this way creates new neural pathways in the interpreter’s brain and the constant effort of reformulation gradually becomes second nature.  

Over time, and through much hard work, the interpreter masters a vast array of tricks to keep up with speed, deal with challenging terminology and handle a multitude of foreign accents. They may resort to acronyms to shorten long names, choose generic terms over specific, or refer to slides and other visual aids. They can even leave a term in the original language while they search for the most accurate equivalent.

Interpreters are also skilled at keeping aplomb in the face of chaos. Remember: they have no control over who is going to say what or how articulate the speaker will sound. A curve ball can be thrown at any time. Also, they often perform to thousands of people and in very intimidating settings, like the UN General Assembly. To keep their emotions in check, they carefully prepare for an assignment, building glossaries in advance, reading voraciously about the subject matter, and reviewing previous talks on the topic.

Finally, interpreters work in pairs. While one colleague is busy translating incoming speeches in real time, the other gives support by locating documents, looking up words and tracking down pertinent information. Because simultaneous interpretation requires intense concentration, every 30 minutes the pair switches roles. Success is heavily dependent on skillful collaboration.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How interpreters juggle two languages at once - Ewandro Magalhaes

Animation by @rewfoe

why Haikyuu translations for the last two weeks (225 and 226) has been driving me crazy

# hashtag  tenka complains about being lost in translation

it’s the word 紛れる ( Magireru )

which you will see is the chapter title for 226, crops up a few times that chapter, and it is the final panel of chapter 225. (below)

So what does magireru mean?

If you hit up a standard dictionary, it will tell you that it’s a verb with multiple meanings.

So, on the final page of 225, with the readers having absolutely no idea what Hinata’s plan is actually talking about until the next chapter, which word would be the best word to choose?

1) Divert? 
2) Distract? 
3) Disappear in to?
4) Slip in to?? What is that even???? 
5) To get mixed in among
6) Dicks out for harambe??????????

If Hinata were talking about a distraction, then how is this any different to the usual decoy he pulls? 

I had to think a little bit more about the word “magireru”. 

If you look at the example sentences, it gives you an idea of how the verb can be used. It’s used in examples where one takes advantage of a situation, using X situation as cover to do Y, etc.

I tried to look at the overall vibe of the word, and tried to pick a meaning in English that would cover as many bases as possible, while hopefully not going too off-target with what Hinata’s plan in 226 would be.

In the end, I couldn’t settle on one word, so I went with two. “Blend”, and “Distract”.

This is an example of how in Japanese, one word can give the native Japanese reader an array of possible meanings to absorb instantaneously, whilst an English translation is forced to pick and choose. It’s not always easy, and it never feels good when I know there are nuances being lost in translation.

So hopefully people have a better idea of this particular aspect of the recent Haikyuu chapters. You might spot many variations of the word “magireru” in the English ms translation, while you should know that in Japanese it was just the one word. (fml sorry)

So that’s a story of how the shortest sentences can sometimes take a disproportionate amount of time to really think about and translate, and when it’s the very last word in a chapter the end just feels so close but so far away. :’)