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i watched kimi no wana because of you, it was great! i was wondering if you plan to do more of this au for dgm? i'm curious what hcs do you have for it :>

Really? That’s great! I’m glad you enjoyed it <3 I always forget the ending and it always sucker punches me lol

I always intended to write Allen’s part of that fic, but not much more past that. I also didn’t put a lot of thought into it beyond surface details, and looking it over there’re some things I want to change.

But details for the au!

  • Allen is really close friends with the Thirds and Link. He met the Thirds through Link, who all attend his high school through a sponsored program. You could say Leverrier heads it, but he’s just a distant background figure - no need for a antagonist. He and Tokusa get along really well, save for petty arguing and pranks all the time. 
  • In this au, Allen ends up dating Link - Kanda sees the attraction where Allen only sees friendship and hesitates for fear of being rejected - Kanda doesn’t have that, and pushes it forward. 
  • Most of Allen’s home is pretty clean, but because he isn’t there often to make a mess in the first place. His cooking is pretty abysmal, but he gets buy on store-bought meals and takeout. Cross is actually alright at it, but he can’t be assed to cook when he isn’t even there half the time. Anita sometimes gives him meals.
  • At some point Cross heard leaving children alone too long made them prone to trouble and so dumped a pet on Allen. It helped a lot, because taking care of an animal made taking care of himself routine too. Haven’t decided on what kind of pet yet.
  • Allen keeps track of all his spending religiously. Not five cent leaves or comes into his hand without it being meticulously noted, and he loves his friends but they don’t get free “hey can i borrow a dollar?”s off of him. Luckily for their friendship, the thirds are very good at either not borrowing at all or immediately returning it. Allen never borrows money from anyone, except from Cross which is more like paying it forward to Cross’ own debts. 
  • He meticulously keeps a to-do list for every day and overall weeks - planners don’t work well for him because his sense of time and direction work against him a lot. 
  • Link always notices when Kanda and Allen switch, but only that Allen is different. He can’t pinpoint what exactly it is though.
  • The scar on Allen’s face isn’t a neat star and line.

On Kanda’s side!

  • Kanda owns a cat that doesn’t have a name. He was a stray that Kanda accidentally sheltered one rainy night and then it never went away, so he feeds it. Tiedoll calls it Kitty-kitty and Marie and Daisya call it Kanda’s Cat. Chaoji is scared of it.
  • Kanda keeps a garden and Marie and Tiedoll immediately notice when Kanda starts switching because the garden isn’t tended to as frequently/routinely. Marie’s entire life revolves around routines and Kanda always keep his - that he begin to break away is concerning. Tiedoll only scolds Kanda for not monitoring what he decided to nourish in the first place.
  • Lavi keeps track of all of Kanda’s switches diligently, and delightedly recounts everything Allen did while in Kanda’s body, to Kanda’s mortification and horror. 
  • Nobody knows how Kanda got the tattoo on his chest and he refuses to tell anyone.
  • Kanda was forced into art lessons like the rest of Tiedoll’s kids. He doesn’t have much affinity for it, but enjoys doing nature landscapes occasionally. Once he starts switching, the drawings expand into details of Allen’s home. He makes a journal on how to take care of each plant and when, much like Allen’s to-do list, so that Allen won’t kill them.
  • One of the biggest differences - aside from actually exercising facial expressions - between Allen and Kanda is that Allen wears Kanda’s hair down. Kanda hates him for it. There’s also more pictures of Kanda, to Lenalee’s joy - she loves selfies and takes hundreds when Allen’s there.
  • Kanda hates keeping a diary - it feels redundant to him - but quickly realizes the need for it when Allen starts screwing his entire life over.
Report: Donald Trump Plans to Eliminate National Endowment for the Arts, Privatize Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Donald Trump's transition team is eyeing staggering cuts to the federal agencies that support the arts, humanities, and public broadcasting, the Hill reports. Under the team's plan, the non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television, public radio, and PBS, would be privatized. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which offer grants for artistic and educational productions, exhibitions, research, and more, would be eliminated entirely. As The Hill points out, the proposed plan hews closely to a blueprint prepared by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, which has had an outsize influence on the staffing and direction of the new administration. Two transition team members reportedly discussing the cuts to arts funding, Russ Vought and John Gray, previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, and for vice president-elect Mike Pence. The U.S. has always trailed countries like Canada and

Everyone, everyone on this page should be blowing up phones and trying to shut this shit down. Not cutting military spending, no bail outs for corporations and major tax cuts. We’re saving money by shutting down the arts. And privatizing PBS.

This is absolute bullshit.

Top 5 Hardest things to explain in D.Gray-Man

5. The second exorcist project

4.This fucker

3. Where’s Lavi

2. Millenium Earl

1. How Kanda has this L'oreal Paris hair when he wash it with soap

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The Value of Museums

Museums are more than a collection of objects. Museums are more than a resource for a community. Museums are more than a place for solitude, for study, for socialising, for gathering, a place to learn, a place to find inspiration, a place to find joy. Museums are more than one thing to everyone who visits them.

In light of the proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities I would like to request submissions to feature on this blog of all the things that your museum, art gallery or archive has done to bring value to your communities. Have you worked on a project for your visitors? Have you conducted research to explore something new in your field? 

Please email me at at gmail dot com to start the conversation. I can’t wait to begin featuring your stories.