It took us a while to get adjusted to driving here. The combination of the tiny roads, driving on the left, and shifting with my left hand has made it quite the adventure. After a few hours of nervous driving we made it to Northern Ireland where we found Dark Hedges, one of the most beautiful sights we’ve come across. It was a little busy at first, but we hung out for a while and before we knew it we had it all to ourselves.
Peter Schweitzer


Ghosts (pinhole/instant), 2016 © Ekaterina Selezneva

A few years ago I bought a box of discounted expired colourised Polaroid films. What I should have done was use them straight away, as they were still giving decent results back then. What I did instead is let them sit for a few more years until they became completely unusable. Well, almost.

Kirsten Wiig.

Of the hundreds of Polaroids I shot at Sundance this is definitely my favorite. I wasn’t even supposed to photograph Kristen this year and at the end of the day I walked into my studio to start packing up and there she was looking at the wall of polaroids. “These are cool”. “Thanks, I’m mike. Can I shoot one of you?” “Sure”. I shot two frames and then she disapeared out the backdoor into an SUV.