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League of Legends Asks

(Made a league ask, feel free to use it at your leisure!)

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1- First champ played?
2- First main?
3- Season when you started?
4- What got you into league in the first place?
5- Current rank?
6- Highest rank?
7- Current main?
8- Odd pick fave?
9- If you could date a champ irl who would it be?
10- Best odd combo?
11- Worst league experience?
12- Best league experience?
13- Ever got stuck in a rank?
14- Met anyone you met on league irl?
15- Last league game score?
16- Last champ played?
17- Most champ played?
18- How many mastery 7s?
19- Ever cosplayed a league champ?
20- Ever had a penta kill?
21- Favorite champ?
22- Favorite skin?
23- If you could perma delete a champ, who would it be?
24- Current instant ban?
25- Least favorite champion?
26- Aram, twisted tree line, or Summoners Rift?
27- Favorite special game mode?
28- Ever gotten so tilted you broke something?
29- Ever been reported?
30- Ever been banned?
31- How many summoner names have you had?
32- Ignite or heal (adc)?
33- Most expensive skin owned?
34- Longest game?
35- Longest amount of time playing consecutively?
36- Too many chests or too many keys?
37- Favorite midlaner?
38- Favorite adc?
39- Favorite support?
40- Favorite top?
41- Favorite jungle?
42- You’re worst champ?
43- Favorite lore champion?
44- If you have a champions abilities irl who would it be?
45- If you could be a league champ what would your kit/role be?
46- Your favorite male champ?
47- Your favorite female champ?
48- What’s your favorite league ship?
49- What’s your favorite LCS team?
50- Ever used RP to buy a champ?

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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A history of PoC on Game of Thrones:

Khal Drogo: racist portrayal of an indigenous man who rapes a 13 year old white girl who later falls in love with him and whose death is then used as her character motivation.

The Dothraki: really racist portrayal of PoC who are barbarians and “savages” and thieves and rapists. The women exist to be fucked like dogs by the men and to dote on a white woman. The men that don’t serve and obey Daenerys usually get murdered for not kissing her ass. Everybody bows down to her because she’s fireproof even though she just burned down one of their sacred places.

Drogo’s murderer: a WoC whose village was attacked by the Dothraki, was gangraped, watched her temple be destroyed, watched her friends and family die, but we’re supposed to be happy that Daenerys burns her alive because she poisoned Drogo.

Rich guy in Qarth whose name is escaping me because he dies: black man who wants to marry Daenerys, tries to manipulate her, gets locked in a vault to starve to death.

Slave owners: usually Arab looking men who are misogynistic and threaten Dany with sexual violence and get killed by dragons.

Slaves: only survive if Daenerys crowdsurfs across them like some white Jesus with a vagina.

Missandei: becomes Daenerys’s translator but doubles as a maid who gives her baths and does her hair but is never actually left in charge despite all of her qualifications. Gotta leave that shit to Tyrion.

The Unsullied: Castrated black men who were groomed from childbirth to be soldiers and help a white woman expand her empire by killing other PoC.

Grey Worm: an Unsullied whose allowed to be a character. Has a romance with Missandei. Still just exists to serve Daenerys. Actually has to say something like “If I hadn’t been castrated and abused I wouldn’t have met Daenerys!”

Oberyn Martell: Probably the only PoC on the show who was allowed any kind of agency while maintaining and interesting personality. Gets his head smashed in by a white man.

The Sand Snakes: Nobody likes them because the writers literally had no idea what to do with them, meanwhile new white characters like Lyanna Mormont and Euron Greyjoy become instant fan favorites. They die really brutally.

Illaria Sand:  Hypersexualized, usurps Dorne, allies with a white woman, gets kidnapped, gets tortured by another white woman.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

But sure, PoC on this show have “agency” and the showrunners are the right people to trust with a show about the Confederate winning.

some highlights from Murder on the Rockport Limited from a first-time TAZ listener
  • the leech battle in the swamp, like all the battles, is set up pretty much exactly like a pokemon battle
  • angus macdonald is the smallest sweetest boy in the whole world and I won’t forgive griffin if he ruins it somehow
  • sweet ango is way too trusting of these shady grown idiots talking to him
  • these grubby idiots can’t keep up a grift for longer than 6 seconds
  • travis has magnus be so incredibly mean and rude to angus for no fucking reason
  • jenkins the shitty wizard train butler is the funniest npc so far and its bc griffin made him a disaster of a person
  • angus: "i’m the world’s greatest detective!“ magnus: "i roll my eyes” angus: “okay, well i was good enough to see through your horseshit”
  • i just don’t understand why the hell rockport would hire an UNSUPERVISED CHILD to investigate a serial killer
  • sweet ango eliminated the grubby grifters as possible serial killer suspects based on the fact that they’re just too damn stupid and incompetent
  • grififn opened a money zone break by apologizing for killing Fan Favorite Shitty Train Butler Jenkins
  • the mcelboys took a quick break from the action to give clint shit for being old and making old references
  • magnus tried to steal jess the beheader’s soul-bond axe from her, like it’s not her goddamn property
  • griffin in the money zone break: “god i hope yall like murder mysteries” like uh yeah griff, we’re good, we all promise
  • jess the beheader: “do you guys like gambling?“ "uh, yes?” “lets take bets on how far I can throw each of you” Instant Favorite Jess the Beheader
  • sweet ango asked the grubby grifters NOT to kill the culprit and its like aw shit kid better lower your expectations of these idiots
  • magnus: "hold on, lemme think" sweet angus: “well, i kinda already got everybody horny for the solution"
  • griffin straight up deus-ex-machina prevents magnus from contacting killian to help clean up their goddamn mess
  • justin: “we gotta get character voices-” [travis attempts a Magnus Voice] “-that don’t sound like death and sadness….mixed into a pudding”
  • travis: “I just gotta grab onto the last train car. but that would take an immense dexterity roll" griffin: “yeah. and if you fail….I’ll kill you”
  • jenkins the shitty train butler wizard was clearly the most fun npc since magic brian the german idiot
  • griffin: “no, go ahead and toss this incredibly valuable item into your fucking jansport”
  • the grubby grifters acquired a second relic and i really gotta question the competency of the other employees of the bureau of balance, if these morons are the most successful at this goddamn world saving mission
  • this umbrella is showing sentience and it fucking ate shitty jenkin’s magic wand and while I have an idea of why, it still seems pretty goddamn suspicious
  • i really thought griffin was gonna fuck around with sweet ango’s life, but no. it turned out to be fucking justin robbing this poor innocent child of his grandpa’s silverware
  • “can we disconnect the train from this locomotive?” “yeah, we can do that, but the train is still gonna hit neverwinter!“ "have you met us? that’s some other dnd campaign’s problem”
  • griffy made a goddamn genius level murder mystery with a classic plot twist and memorable characters and a unique murder weapon on par with some agatha christie shit and I’m so proud of him and this arc was so fun to listen to
Batboys X Reader- Welcome to the Family (Part 2)

Welcome To The Family  (Part 1)

I’ll be alternating with requests in my inbox and the series you guys voted on!! I feel like I have ignored all of these requests.  Enjoy!!


“Has anyone seen (Y/L/N)?”

“I thought (Y/N) was supposed to go walk Titus with you,” Dick said with a frown, trying to remember the last time he saw you.  “I saw (Y/N) in the living room a few hours ago, but I highly doubt she’s in there now.”

“Tt, I guess I’ll go on the walk without her,” Damian stated.  “Tell (Y/L/N) that I left if you see her.”

“Okie dokie,” Dick responded, returning his attention to organizing the groceries Alfred bought.  “Say hi to the lady with the German Shepherd for me!”

“Shut it, Grayson!”

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The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that’s guaranteed. And I can’t begin to explain that. Or the craziness inside myself and everyone else but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again.
—  Silver Linings Playbook