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I’m Going To Save You If I Have To (Steroline Fic)

Setting: 8x08

A/N: Hey! So i just had to write a fic for 8x08 and the possible Steroline interaction. (Might write a 8x09 dance fic too) Enjoy!!

SummaryHis bloodlust was worse than she’d ever seen before. 

She was standing in front of him in an instant, cupping his cheek and trying desperately to reach him.

“Stefan, this isn’t you. Stop.” She implored. 

The effect was instant. The veins under his eyes vanished. He closed his eyes, hands gripping her wrists, and for a second, she thought he had come back to her.

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It’s amazing how instant the effects of sunshine and warmth are. It is 82 and partly cloudy with a light breeze. Is there any better weather? My brain and emotions have quickly clicked into place.

I’m writing at a cute little cafe in the Midcity neighborhood. Went for a paddle board with my friends on the bayou this morning; fresh crawfish out in the yard in an hour or so.

It’s no wonder I came back.

theragdollboy-deactivated201701  asked:

What is a sigil? How is it used? Are there specific guidelines? How can I make one? Can I make one while I'm sick?

Okay, I’m going to do this section by section.

What is a sigil?

A sigil is a magical symbol of intent. What does that mean exactly? It is a design made by a person with a specific goal or wish in mind; usually a sentence is written out, broken down, and then made into a symbol to bring about a certain event or affect.

How is it used?

There are more ways to use sigils than I could possibly count, or even list in one post. The possibilities are endless. You can write sigils on yourself to bring an instant, close contact effect. A sigil can be written on paper and kept on a person for the same outcome. You can use sigils in spellwork to boost their powers for almost anything - happiness, protection, sleep or dream magic, whatever you can imagine. Sigils can be put in or on objects to enchant them. You could use sigils in or on food (like condiments or spices) to bring magical affects to your food. Write on doors or mirrors to seal them. Draw people to you or keep them away. Glamour magic. Like, literally ANYTHING. Sigils are extremely diverse. Sigil magic encourages its users to experiment, so there are always people finding new ways to apply sigils into their every day lives.

Are there specific guidelines?

Yes and no.Yes, because people create or modify a method to make it work for them, and each method tends to have certain steps (like writing down your statement of intent and breaking it down, and making a symbol out of the remaining letters). No, because sigil magic is part of a branch called chaos magic, which literally has no rules. It’s all about trying new things and figuring out what works for you. You can use any method to create sigils, or you don’t have to use a method at all. I know, really contradictory, but totally true. I myself follow a loose method, which used to be much more rigid; it has pretty much slackened over time as I gained experience. It depends on what works for you and your preferences. 

How can I make one?

There are numerous methods here on Tumblr that talk about sigil crafting. I’ll throw you some links so you can see a general idea of how people go about making sigils. Then again, if none of these resonate with you, make your own! Another thing people do is just think of an intent and doodle, and a sigil comes out of it. I’d say keep away from that unless you are sure you can keep the intent focused and clear in your mind. Anyway, methods: 

Here are some articles about sigils and crafting them from external sources:

Can I make one while I’m sick?

You can, yes, but keep in mind whatever energies and feelings you are having at the time can possibly transfer into the sigil. Some people work best when fueled by certain emotions, but in my own personal experience, if I am feeling negative or down, some of that can find its way into my sigils. I personally prefer to not work with sigils when ill or upset, just because I don’t have proper shields or 100% control over how I feel, but that’s my personal preference.

I hope that helps you!

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Hello ❤ I'm new to all of this. And I was wondering if you knew what to do for someone who feels so much emotion, all the time. And on top of that, my emotions or "mood" is extraordinarily sensitive. It can change in an instant. Being effected by music, lighting, movies, colors. And other people. If someone else is feeling sad or angry, or even happy, its like im a sponge. Honestly it gets in the way of my day to day life. If you have any tips or suggestions that would be amazing ❤

Well my friend it sounds like you are an empath. I would do some research on being an empath and being able to control it. I can reboot some posts on it for you, I’ll tag them “empath”

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Your makeup looks so good in your prof pic what do u use sis ما شأء الله😍

Thank you :)

I’ve used these things:
Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Primer
Maybelline New York Fit me Luminous+smooth (Foundation)
Maybelline Jade Instant Anti Age Effect (Concealer)
Manhattan Soft Compact Powder
Sleek Contour and Highlighter set
Manhattan Eye Shadow Base
Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows
Catrice Eyebrow Powder set
Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational
Essence Liquid Eyeliner
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
Maybelline Jade Super Stay 24 Fixing Spray

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I mean Isak literally pushed Mahdi after he not only saw Even kissing Sonja but also Emma outing him. What she said had an instant effect on Isak. (he is also to blame for using/ditching her but he apologized)

:( protect isak at all cost

The very first time

Back in ‘75, we’d seen D&D played, but noone had a copy of the rules: but one of our group came across a set of rules called Empire of the Petal Throne, and decided to try to run it, without any of us having much idea at all of what we were doing. We spent an entertaining evening designing characters, then the GM took us through the very simple dungeon he’d designed. The whole idea of levels was a novelty so the GM had assigned monsters entirely randomly in the dungeon, irrespective of toughness.

The first room we came to, our scout opened the door, and was told, a Level 20 Shen, immensely powerful and dripping with armour and weapons. 

Scout swears, tosses a dart at the Shen and slams the door. Rolls natural 20 to hit, then a natural 20 for critical hit, and a third one for critical effect: instant kill.

The crowd of us, about to execute a mad runaway, hear a heavy -crump- from within the room, and very timidly check. Sure enough, dead Shen, plus more treasure than we could carry away. Instant promotion to level 9 for us, except the scout who got pushed to level 11 (kill exp plus loot exp).

Scout: “Hey, I like this game, we should play it again next week”

drjartus Vital Hydra Solution Dermask is one of Dianna’s favorites. She says that the effects are instant and her skin is smoother and rejuvenated for quick photoshoots and filming. It’s also great because she can pack it in a bag and take it with her on a plane to whatever destination is next.


Sugared lemon rind, it doesn’t smell sour like the juice and flesh of the fruit. It is sweet, but definitely has a zesty, authentic lemon aroma.

Initially, Lemony Flutter feels like a massage bar–thin and oily, but deeply nourishing. As you use the product, the goods as a whole warm up. It becomes more of a dense lotion, buttery and softening but still too thick to scoop out.


Check out the new music video for No Bitter End, the first single from The Brightest Void!
The song is also available as iTunes Instant Grat with immediate effect as part of the preorder of the album. Enjoy! ;)


Okay, just a couple examples of how I’m going to incorporate this dress in my existing wardrobe: 1. Wear over maxi dress for instant gala effect. 2. Wear under big, fluffy skirt for beloved fluff effect. 3. Wear under long skirt for instant dramatic effect. There’s also a kitsch sweater look hiding in there somewhere, I can feel it.