instant color film

Eado, Houston, Oct. 5, 2017

(Fujifilm instax Wide 300)

Project Retro Dayz: Fursuit Friday

I’m glad it’s fursuit friday. Because I’ve waited about seven days to release these photos on social media. Sometimes I hate releasing special things on a certain day. Because when I get the stuff done early, I’m like “I want to release it now.” Then I realized “Oh fursuit Friday is coming up it’s best to save these images on that day.” Then two days later “I’m like F**K I WANT TO RELEASE IT NOW!!!” Anyways Here are the pics. I hope you can enjoy them.

This is part of a continuation of the project retro daysz series. About a few weeks ago I contacted Kale the deer private message and asked him if he wanted to participate in a photography project. When I explain to him more of the project, he was interested. So for the project I had to use 3 cameras that take instant film and one camera that takes 35mm film. The 35mm one is a plastic camera but it’s made by company called “lomography.” People call them hipster cameras because they look like the kind of cameras that hipsters would use. The kind I bought was one of those SLR cameras.But it was called “Konstruktor” It’s really cool camera but the downside of it is you can’t adjust the shutter speed and aperture on it. So it’s one of those point-and-shoot cameras with the zoom-in lens. When I bought that camera I actually had a put together. Because it was one of those DIY kits. It was fun putting it together but putting the metal spring on the camera was the hardest part to do. But everything else is just fine. It was like putting together an IKEA furniture.

After putting the camera together, I loaded up the camera with 35mm film from Kodak. I’m surprise that Kodak is still around after all these years. So I went around my neighborhood taking a couple photos with the Konstruktor camera. I also use that camera to take a few pics of Kale the deer as well. Which explain more about it in this blog. After taking a couple photos in my neighborhood I decided to put the camera away and use it for the photo shoot of me and Kale. After two weeks later Kale showed up at my front door. So I took him to the back garage and showed them the studio set up for our project. I told them “For this project will be using four cameras. Three of them take instant film the other takes 35mm of film.” So we went back into the house and put on our fursuits and head on over to the garage. The first camera I used was a Polaroid SX-70. It’s the camera I use in my Polaroid photos. I have a unique story behind the camera but I’ll tell you guys about it another time. Is my first time using the “impossible flash bar by mint” on the camera. Because those kind of cameras originally used bright light bulbs. So I took photos of kale in the garage with the brick background. My photos didn’t turn out well in the garage. Because the lighting in there was too dark and Kales fursuit blend in with the darkness. So I picked up the other cameras took a few photos of kale in the garage. Again some of the photos didn’t turn out well. So I decided to move on to plan B and took the pics outside. After taking a couple of photos of Kale outside with four different cameras. The photos actually turned out well. Then I had to ask my mom to help take photos of me and Kale with the 3 camera that take instant film. So far we got a few good photos of Kale and I with those cameras. After that, we wrap things up and call it a day.Kale and I went back into the house and I showed him all the photos that we took from the project. Kale told me he had so much fun working on this project. Working on photography projects with others is actually fun. It’s one of those projects we take your time on it but it’s fun. I also teach Kale a couple cool things about Polaroid cameras as well. After that project I think he wanted to get a Polaroid camera on his own.

Project Retro days help get my mind off stuff. I was going through some stress times because of real life stuff and my YouTube channel as well. But this project help get my mind off the stressful stuff. But it felt wonderful to re-live the moment of shooting instant films on Polaroid cameras. My previous post about the Polaroid land camera earned a lot of attention on here. Furries loved it. They even asked me questions about the Polaroid camera. I was actually happy to answer those questions. But it was also an interesting experience for using those kind of cameras for the first time. Plus it was my first time using FP-100c instant film. They work differently compared to your standard 600 model instant films.

I will still continue to work on project retro days this year and next year as well. If you guys have any questions about the project or just Polaroid cameras in general, feel free to leave any comments below. Thank you all so much for being this blog and have a wonderful day.

Pokemon watching; extraterrestrial sightings
Pokemon: Elgyem and Beheeyem
Location: Forte Pozzacchio, Italy.

Rumors of their origin are linked to a UFO crash site in the desert 50 years ago. They are said to use their strong psychic powers to cause unendurable headaches. Apparently, they communicate by flashing their three fingers, but those patterns haven’t been decoded. 

Medium: Colored markers and watercolor on fuji instant film.
Following the recent release of the mobile app PokemonGo, we decided to paint our take on this fun game.