Hello Friends! I’m a Classpass Ambassador! 😁
This is something that has been in the works for awhile. Finally, I am able to share this with you! It’s such an amazing program and completely transformed me to stay active and healthy. I loved it since last year when they first launched in #Vancouver! I still remember that party @eastwoodcycle 💪 But since then I’ve met so many amazing people and tried a few different workouts I won’t normally try! I like OPTIONS! But getting healthy shouldn’t be an option! NO! #selflove and stay healthy! NO excuses!! Because you will never regret going to the gym; but will always regret not going!

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Ask me if you have any questions! 😘

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(at Vancouver, British Columbia)

Eating clean and also exploring clean beauty lines! @renskincare + @amorepacific_us 👌 pretty gentle and doesn’t leave that “tight” feeling after wash! I’m in love!!

Sorry but of a skincare addict here #noshame 😁

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___ (at Vancouver, British Columbia)


Best in the City! 🍲🍴😎
Minced Meat with Salt Mustard: This is amongst my go to clay pot rice flavor. I like minced meat cakes. My favorite thing to do is to use the spoon to break the cake and then pour the soy sauce into the rice.
Steps to eat clay pot rice (my way):
1.) Break apart the ingredients and the rice.
2.) Pour soy sauce into the pot.
3.) Eat =)
4.) When you’re done you’ll notice the burnt rice crusted on the side of the pot. DO NOT leave that. Try to scrape it off and eat it. This is the BEST part of the rice.

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___ (at Richmond, British Columbia)