A comprehensive list of Steve Harrington defending and protecting people in Season 2. 

Scroll to avoid spoilers. 

  • Goes to those sad monthly diners with Bab’s parents
  • Tries to keep the mood light and happy to help Nance
  • He just wanted Nancy to stop drinking and get home safe
  • Drives to Dustin’s house to deal with the monster dog. 
  • Walks into the basement because Dustin is scared. 
  • Dating, emotional and fashion advice all in one
  • Heavy work to bunker up the bus
  • Turns himself into bait for the monsters
  • Stands in front of Max when a monster is climbing down into the bus
  • Makes sure everyone gets into Hopper’s car before getting in
  • Stands in front of the kids with his bat when the house is attacked
  • Volunteers to babysit
  • Just wants the kids to stay home and be safe
  • Fights Billy (and does damn well until that little shit cheats)
  • Gets his ass beaten protecting the kids from a bully
  • Goes into the tunnels with them
  • Leads said adventure to make sure they’re not attacked by anything
  • Goes back for Dustin after the plan spits on him
  • And for Mike when he gets stuck
  • Shouts “get behind me” like a million times
  • Blazes the vines while the kids stand at a safe distance
  • Helps everyone out of the tunnel knowing damn well he’ll be last
  • Hugs Dustin as the monsters run by (even lifts him off the ground)
  • Pre Snow Ball Pep Talk!!!

TL;DR: steve put himself on the line of danger more times than I can count even though he’s not even directly linked to this simply because he was trying to keep a bunch of kids safe and could’ve easily died and my heart hurts


Hahahaha :’D I like dumb humor I’m sorry!
And here we are!
by the way i wasn’t so sure if i would draw him in this suit but after some funny conversations and asks here on tumblr i decided “ sure why not?”
I hope you enjoy this as much I do :)

Edit: So After two endless hours and MANY tears of anger later i couldn’t fix the Problem with the Blurry Comic. I decidet to uploade it just picture for picture instand of a bundel for the People that hat problems with the comic in my original post

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Contains : CEO!yoongi, singledad!yoongi, babysitter!reader, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Suga/Min Yoongi

Words : + 3k

Summary : Yoongi’s life was amazing, he had to admit. CEO of a rising company, he had everything : money, the love of his daughter, the love of womens. He also had to say that his sexual life wasn’t monotone at all, he had every card in his hands, he controled everything.
But one thing that he couldn’t control was fate, and he quickly realized that when he understood that the new babysitter was one of his one night stands.

(will contain multiple parts.)

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A/N : I live for this gif. You can leave your feedback or requests here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language.

Captivated, fascinated, charmed, you couldn’t think of enough words to describe the mixture of feelings crashing over your body. Your body was gasping for air, trying to process everything that was happening, your soul was aching to feel his skin against yours.
You hated it, you hated how he had every card in his hands, all the power dripping from his fingers. And he knew it, he knew what he was doing, he knew that the smallest brush from his fingertips on your skin would leave you breathless.

Without knowing anything about your life, he got all of your senses awake, all of you for himself.
Your heart was beating, fast, you never expected anything like that from a one night stand. But here you were, gripping the soft and certainly expensive sheet with your fists.
He had taken one of your sense, the tie you were gripping on earlier now firmly tied behind you head.

Pressing your thighs together, you asked yourself, what was he doing ? Was he carefully watching you, waiting for you to snap and beg for him to touch you ? Was he enjoying how vulnerable you looked on the hotel bed, your black lingerie hugging your body ?
Another though formed in your mind, making you bite your lower lip, was he touching himself ?

Your mind immediatly pictured it, his black jacket on the floor, the first buttons of his white shirt open, revealing his tan skin, where all you wanted to do was leave scratch marks. You portrayed his fingers around his cock, length certainly above average, his pants barely pulled to the middle of his muscular thighs, the boy’s hand moving up and down as he watched you, his cold metal rings contrasting with his hot skin.
Your mind drew a picture of his expression, his head to the side, looking at you through his fringe, his pink lips parted as he tries not to moan, pearls of precum leaking from his tip, as pink as his lips.

You licked your lips, your head slightly moving when you heard the sound of fabric, he was getting up.
The air was thick, and it grew even ticker and hotter when you felt the matress under the boy’s weight, the sent of his stronge cologne took over your odora, all your nerves on the edge, trying to guess his next move.

You felt his breath ghosting over the skin of your cheek, lips parting. You were panting and he hadn’t touch you, you had to hold back a moan when you though about how hard he was probably going to make you come.

A sigh left your lips when his thumb caressed your lower lip, his hands were the second thing you noticed, his long digits decorated with a few silver rings, his eyes a dark color, promising so many things.

“Yoongi.”, you breathed, the whisper breaking the silent. It slipped out from your lips, and Yoongi tsked, his touch disappearing.

“What were the rules ?”, he asked, his voice deeper and clear, cutting the air.

Even if his tie was blocking your view, you closed your eyes, remembering what he had told you before taking away one of your sense. No talking, no touching.

“No talking.”, you whispered, gripping the sheet a bit thighter in your sweaty hands.
Yoongi hummed, the matress shifted as he moved, taking something from the nightstand. From the clinking, it sounded like a glass, the sound soon stopping when he placed it on the console again.
You didn’t know how long you’ve been waiting, trying to keep your hands away from your body, but it felt like the beginning of your release when you felt the tip of his nose under your jaw. Your body jolted when you felt the coldness on your skin, and you tried not to curse when you understood that he was using the ice from his champagne.

Your body focused on where he was dragging the ice cube, both his hands placed on each side of your head, his body towering you.
It was pure torture, your body aching to touch his skin, your nails digging in your palms as your tried not to tangle your fingers in his dark locks.

But Yoongi was testing your limits, seeing how much you could handle, how submissive you could be, he was drinking in your image, hypnotized with how quickly the ice was melting on your skin, leaving a wet trail.

You couldn’t help it when Yoongi left the ice between your breasts, his soft lips ligtly brushing your skin, his hot breath ghosting over the cold water. Your hips bucked, your legs brushing agaisnt the fabric of his pants.

“You really want me to punish you, don’t you.”, he asked, his hands grabbing your hips to pin them on the matress, your body arched, wishing he would move his hands a bit down.
You didn’t respond, not knowing if you should or not, but you soon got the answer as Yoongi grabbed your jaw, “Answer me.”

“No.”, you quickly said, hearing him hum in agreement. You whined when you felt Yoongi move, the heat of his body disappearing. Was he going to let you here, trembling for his touch ? Your eyes widen underneath the fabric blocking your eyes, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t, you though.

But all those thoughs vanished when his hand fully made contact with your skin, fingertips caressing from your ankle to your knee, his hand cupping the back of it to hook it on top of his hip. His torso brushed over your chest as he lowered himself, a sigh leaving your mouth when his lips pressed under your jaw.
Between your legs, you could feel his boner under the rough fabric of his pants, fighting with yourself, trying not to buck your hips against his.

Instand, you tried to focus on the little satisfactions he was giving you, condensing your attention on his lips leaving kisses down your neck. Your head moved backwards, giving him full access to your skin, which he immediatly took to his advantage, biting on the skin were your neck and shoulder met.

You hissed at the pain, but somehow, your body begged for more, your breath hitching, your chest rising and falling. His lips met the skin of your collarbone, where he started sucking, your hand flying to your mouth to contain a moan.

Your senses were so awake that you felt Yoongi smirk against your skin, placing a single kiss on the mark before leaving your skin.

“Do you want me to take it off ?”, he asked, refering to the tie. You nodded, even if you knew that he wouldn’t simply take it off without asking anything in return.

“Words.”, he harshly said.

“Yes.”, you whispered, biting your lips.

“Be a good girl and I’ll take it off.”, he hummed.

His hand cupped your cheek, your head leaning towards it. “Now tell me what you want.”, he said, his thumb tracing your lips.

“I want to suck your cock.”, you said, bluntly, but visibly, your works affected him, hearing him take a deep breath, his thumb momentarily stopping any movement.

“How can I say no to this.”, he said, regaining his act together. You licked your lips as he softly took your hand, pulling you towards him. Your legs swang out off the bed, your feet feeling the soft carpet.

“Get on your knees for me.”, he asked, still holding your hand as you did so.

“Hands behind your back.”, he instructed, and you held your hands behind your back, hearing the zipper of his jean.
A sigh left his lips, he was touching himself, a groan leaving his lips when you opened your mouth.

“You’re so eager.”, he chuckled, “Look at you, ready to suck my cock. You want it, so bad.”

His fingers still wrapped around his cock, he placed his tip on your lower lip, a drop of pre-cum dripping on it. Instinctively, your closed your lips, tongue wrapping around his tip, tasting the salty pre-cum, making you moan around his cock.

Yoongi immediatly took a fistful of your hair, taking control. But in the back of your head, you knew he would at least lose a bit of control, you also knew what you were doing.

After sucking of his tip, you took a deep breath, starting to bob your head. And you were right, his length was definitely above average, wishing you could wrap your hand around what you couldn’t take.

You relaxed your jaw, focussing on Yoongi’s reaction. You couldn’t see his expression, but at least, you could hear him. It started with regular sighs, quickly transforming into heavy breaths, whines and full moans.
You couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride, who knew that you could get a man like Yoongi to moan like that under your touch.

His whimpers were making your heart quicken, your panties starting to feel uncomfortable.

Yoongi bucked his hips, his tip hitting the back of your throat. The action making you moan around his dick, the vibrations making Yoongi groan. Moans and groans filling the hotel room, he took several deep breaths before talking, “Stop.”, he said, breathless, his hand leaving your hair.

Unwillingly, you opened your mouth, catching your breath. Yoongi was also trying to catch his breath, his fingers grabbed your chin, indicating you to get up, his arm wrapped around your back, leaving a single kiss in the corner of your mouth, teasing you.

His other hand finally grabbed his black tie, taking it off of your eyes. Releaved, you blinked, your eyes immediatly finding Yoongi’s. His eyes were filled with lust, pupils dilated. His lips were parted, red from all the biting and kissing, sweat starting to form.

Yoongi leaned in, capturing your lips, and you quickly kissed back, moaning at his soft lips. He immedialty obtained dominance, his tongue exploring your mouth.
Your hand grabbed the fabric of his shirt, but before your could take it off, he detached his lips from yours, eyes hooded, “Get on the bed.”

Quickly climbing on the matress, you leaned your back against the headboard, watching in awe as Yoongi took off his shirt.
Button by button, exposing his smooth skin. You wished you could touch his skin, drag your nails along it, kiss every bit of his skin.

But Yoongi had something else in mind, climbing on the bed after throwing the fabric on the floor, sitting at the end of the bed. Cocking your head to the side, you looked at him with a questionning look.

“Touch yourself.”, he asked. And your breath got caught in your throat, biting your lips.
Your head was spinning, all you wanted was his touch, his fingers, his tongue or his cock, anything, you needed a release, but if the only way was to touch yourself, you were too desperate to decline.

Your fingers played with the hem of your panties, the other grabbing the sheet, your clit was throbbing, but you wanted to tease Yoongi a litte, seeing that he was also about to touch himself again.

“Spread your legs.”, asked Yoongi, and you did so, shamelessly parting your legs and exposing the wet patch on your panties. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”, gasped Yoongi.

Catching your lower lip between your teeth, you started to rub yourself through the fabric, carefully watching as Yoongi’s hand started to move up and down, his tip as red as his lips.

You couldn’t tease yourself anymore, your fingers sneaking under your panties. A moan tumbled from your lips as the tip of your digits started rubbing circle on your clit, trying to keep your eyes open.
Yoongi’s movements immediatly escalated, his hand pumping up and down, his mouth dropping open, a heavy breath escaping.

“How does it feel ?”, asked Yoongi, tongue liking his lips, eyes glued on your movements.

“So good.”, you gasped, rubbing faster, a moan following your words. Spreading your wetness, you allowed two fingers to enter your heat, your eyes rolling in the back of your head.

“Fuck, I can hear how wet you are.”, breathed Yoongi, a groan coming from his lips.

“I wish it was your fingers.”, you confesed, moving your fingers faster. Sweat was starting to form on your forehead, your body burning.
A smirk on Yoongi’s face appeared, as his thumb spread his pre-cum on his shaft. “Yeah ?”, he asked, “Only my fingers ?”

“Your tongue, your dick.”, you breathed, unable to form a full sentence, to focused on the pleasure you were receiving.
The men moaned, his head dropping backwards.

The knot on your stomach was growing bigger and bigger, and soon, you were feeling your walls tighten around your fingers, your eyes closing.

You felt your Yoongi move in front of you, but you didn’t pay attention, too focused on reaching your release, but suddently, you felt his fingers wrap around your wrist, stopping your movements.

Your eyes flew open, eyes wide, breath uneven as you stared at Yoongi, feeling the promise of your release fade away.
As you were about to talk, Yoongi crashed his lips against yours, soft lips aggressively kissing you. Biting your lower lip, he pulled back, catching your eyes. His eyelids were as heavy as you, lips as swollen as you.

“Fuck, I’m going to wreck you.”, moaned Yoongi, head dropping to the crook of your neck.

Pulling your hand out of your panties, he after got rid of his pants, grabbing a condom from his wallet. You, on the other side, quickly kicked off your panties,letting your back rest on the matress, before Yoongi towered over you.
His hand sneaked behind your back, swiftly taking your bra off, tossing it beside the bed.

His lip immediatly wrapped around your nipple, sucking, toying with the other with his fingers.
You arched your back, your hand intertwining with his hair, a groan coming from his chest when you tugged at it.

He didn’t seem to care about the rules anymore, the act slowly crumbling down.
, you moaned, catching his attention.
Leaving your nipple, he hummed, before kissing down your neck.

“Please.”, you begged, closing your eyes, you were craving to get your release. By now, you knew that he would ask for words, so you took the matters in your own hands.

“Please, Yoongi, I need you.”

Truth be told, he couldn’t wait any longer either, aligning himself with your entrance after putting a condom on, he waited for your nod to push in. Both hands on each side of your head, eyes closed, he waited before starting to move his hips.

“God, you feel so good around me.”, he cursed, hips rocking back and forth.
Head thrown back, you didn’t care about staying at least a bit silente, loud moans filling the room alongside Yoongi’s groans.
Quickly, way too quickly, the knot in your stomach started to form again, threatening to release at any moment. But you wanted to last longer, feel his cock slid in and out of you longer, keep the feeling of his skin against yours longer, hear his moans longer.

Yoongi wasn’t going to last either, the feeling of your walls driving him to his edge, he trying to muffle his moans in the crook of your neck.

Heavy breaths right beside your ear, his thrusts were growing slower and deeper, chassing his release.
Wrapping your leg around his waist, he started hitting a deeper spot each time, your mouth falling agape.

“Yoongi, I’m gonna cum.”, you warned, a loud cry tumbling from your lips.

His movements immediatly escalated, snapping his hips faster, eager to feel you come around him.

“Cum for me.”, he said through gritted teeth, and you couldn’t hold back any longer, coming around Yoongi. Your mouth fell open, eyes shut, small dots blurring your vision, and Yoongi followed soon after, his loud moan filling the room.

“Daddy !”, screamed the little girl, bouncing around the living room. Her footsteps ehoed through the silent living room, her voice louder as she ran to her father.
Yoongi lazily smiled, resting his head on the couch, and he swore to himself, he would never ever party at the end of the week-end again. His muscles were still half asleep, eyelids heavy, all of his thoughs blurried with the lack of sleep.

Rubbing his eyes, he sighed before looking at his watch, the metal shinning under the cold rays of the morning sunlight. 

She should be here in 5 minutes, if she wasn’t the late type of person.

The little girl climbed the couch, sitting on her father’s lap, grabbing his wrist to inspect the strange object.

He was waiting for his new babysitter, he couldn’t bring his daughter to work anymore. Sure, he was the boss and all, but he liked to keep things professional and clean, and having a crying child in his arms during an important meeting wasn’t the definition of those two words.

He wasn’t used to let his daughter alone, he knew that he was only leaving her with a babysitter for a few hours and not for days but he still felt strange. Now, he was used to dress his daughter, bring her to work, where his employees were fond of her. He was used to having her around his office, and he didn’t know if the place would be too silent for him without her.

On the other hand, the little girl didn’t care at all, she didn’t seem to be too sad about letting her father go to work without her. Maybe she was more excited to meet a new person, even if it was another adult and not someone of her age.

Finally, someone rang at the door, and Yoongi quickly got up, taking the little girl in his arms.
Quickly, he reached the white door, she was just in time but he had just a few minutes before being late to work, which, again, wasn’t really important since he was the boss.

Kissing his daughter on the cheek, he opened the door, his eyes not leaving the expression of his giggling daughter. But eventually, she turned her attention to the person waiting at the door, her father following her gaze.

And his jaw dropped,

“Y/N ?”


“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3

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I would like to have a fluff scenario where Bakugou indulges his gf in cuddles and kisses on a cold night in the dorms. 💕💕 Thank you lovely, best wishes for your blog to grow!!!


It was a cold night after another hard and tiresome day at U.A. High. Just when you had finished with showering and doing homework your phone lit up. A message from your beloved boyfriend. “Hey babe, wanna sleep over at my room?” The thought itself was sweet but he lived across the floor, he could have come himself to ask you that. You laughed as you imagined him saying “like hell I would get up for that” with a faint blush you had already seen thousands of times. If he didn’t bother getting up, why would you bother texting back. Actually, you wanted just to barge into his room and half-surprise him since was pretty sure you would say yes. You grabbed your phone, a devilish smile plastered on your face.

You opened your door and almost screamed when you saw him as directly in front of you, a few centimeters between your faces and bodies. “Hey babe.” That cheeky smile would never fade to make your heart beat faster. “But.. you..” Leaning on the doorframe with one arm while letting the other rest at his hips, he leaned in closer until he was right in front of your face, almost feeling the heat your cheeks emitted. “You could have answered me, you know?” The cool you lost for a second came back and so your sarcasm he loves so much. “And you could have asked me personally, you know?” “But I love teasing you, look at that blush, so precious.” “Truly lovely, you should try it out yourself more often.” “As if.” And with that he lifted you from the ground and threw you on his shoulder. “Real mature, Kacchan.” “I thought I told you not to call me that.” “But Deku can call you like that and I don’t, that’s so unfair, Kacchan.” As soon as you finished that sentence you were put down on his bed, the first thing you saw his crouched stature, with his face directly in front of yours, staring at you, without saying a word. You knew exactly what that look meant. “But I love teasing you, look at that blush, so precious.” Before he could turn around or say anything, you cupped his face with your hands and planted your lips on his. You smiled at each other, eyes gleaming with joy and love. “I love you.” A few seconds passed before both of you started chuckling because you said it at the same time. 

He climbed into his bed, put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer and the blanket over your two already intertwined bodies to shield you from the cold. As time passed countless kisses and laughs were exchanged, soft strokes placed at each other’s cheeks and heads as well. Another kiss was shared, but this time your boyfriend moved away, grinning like there was no tomorrow. “What is it?” The smile you wore never left your face when you were with him but now it was filled with happiness and curiosity. “Nothing, I’m just happy.” As those words left his lips, your lips stretched even more, eyes becoming smaller but expressing more emotions. Just as you wanted to open your mouth, the sound of his voice interrupted the command your brain was just about to send. “I love you, ___.” It was moments like these you lived for. “Hah, I said it first!” Yes, you still lived for moments like these. Laughter came from your lips like a harmony played by the most capable musicians. “This is no competition, Kacchan.” As soon as you realised your own words, it felt like a light bulb was turned on above your head. You turned around and reached for your phone to write something very important. “Oi oi, what are you doing, making me compete your attention as well?” He came closer and his arms embraced even more of you. You turned around and peppered his face with kisses. “That’s more like it.” He was just about to kiss you again when you both noticed that his phone vibrated. He just shrugged it off and went in for the kiss he was already waiting too long for to be delivered. “You should look at it.” It was hard to speak in between his sweet kisses but you knew you had to. “I couldn’t care less.” “Maybe it’s something important, from someone important, you never know, Kacchan.” He knew the instand you used his childhood nickname that it was from you. He reached for his phone not letting you go. “I love you more.” His face softened up as he turned to face you. “Really ___? You’re making this a competition, you know? Seems like I have to show you that I love you more, can’t be helped.” He threw his phone away, reached for your delicate frame and took you into his strong arms, almost not letting you breathe from his kisses. “It’s useless Kacchan, I love you the most, seems like you have to live with that.” Eager to show your love to each other, you forgot about the cold since it couldn’t stand a chance against your burning feelings.

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  • Who said “I love you” first: Eliza said it first. Eliza is very much a heart-on-her-sleeve kinda gal. One day while playing Mario Party at midnight Maria blue-shells her and nearly doubles over laughing at Eliza’s instand outrage and instread of being upset at going from first place to third, Eliza is filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and warmth and she’s saying ‘I love you’ before she can properly interpret the emotion herself.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both?? Eliza has a selfie of her and Maria at six flags looking a little worse for wear but happy. Maria has a candid picture of just Eliza. Eliza didn’t know the picture was being taken so it’s just her with her legs crossed in bed one her laptop with her chin resting on one hand looking one-third domestic and two-thirds adorable.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Eliza!! Eliza has to wake up and leave the house on average about half-an-hour before Maria even wakes up so she leaves little messages like ‘I love you!’ and ‘Have a great day!’ 
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Maria. She’s so so sooo in love with Eliza and is less adept at expressing emotions verbally than her so she makes up for it via cheesy gifts. She bought them matching necklaces where one had a heart-shaped lock pedant and the other had a key pedant. Maria is the worst on Valentine’s Day though in which she goes the whole nine-yards. Including but not limited to a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a stuffed bear.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Maria did!! On their first date. Eliza was nervous and just smitten with Maria. She spends the entire date way too jittery to even think about kissing Maria so when they near the end of their date and Maria kisses her, her mind short-circuits a little bit and her heart nearly beats out of her chest. She learns later that Maria was feeling the same way.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Eliza. She wakes up first in general and does fully wake Maria up but kisses her just enough for her to be awake enough to say goodbye.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Maria does when she’s looking at Eliza and Eliza’s looking particuarlly soft and adorable. Eliza is super ticklish but unfortunatly for Maria so is she. So Maria will pounce on Eliza in the middle of watching an re-run of Friends. Eliza can fight back at first but eventually builds up just enough of tolerance to get Maria back and after a while they’re just on top of each other on the couch laughing.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Maria asks Eliza. Sometimes Maria will wake up a little early and Eliza’s in the shower. She’ll wake up and hears the shower running and is just magnitized to the bathroom. She enters the bathroom and Eliza is singing or humming and it sounds beautiful. She ask Eliza if she can join but starts stripping before she gets and answer because the answer is kind of a given at this point in their relationship.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Eliza surprises Maria. She knows Maria never eats breakfast because she either forgets or leaves the house in a rust. So Eliza, Maria’s knight in shining armor, shows up and whisks her away to the magical land of the Cheesechake Factory and Maria protest a little bit but really is greatful.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Eliza is super shy. She’s been crushing on Maria for months by the time they have their first day and spends the entire day with Peggy picking out an outfit. They go to a fair and it’s the cliche perfect first date where they ride the ferris wheel and Maria wins her a stuffed penguin and Eliza thinks it’s almost too good to be true.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Maria does it. Eliza isn’t scared of the spiders but is kinda grosses out by them. She loves animals and she knows spiders are more afraid of her than she is from them but that doesn’t matter because they’re creepy and have far more eyes than neccessary and are just extra in general and she does not want to get anywhere near them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Eliza shouts how much she loves Maria for everyone to hear after just a two glasses of wine. Maria would put a stop to it but turns out she likes hearing Eliza literally yell about how amazing and wonderful Maria is and how perfect she is.

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Bucky waking up after being in cryo and opening his eyes for the first time again, he is asking T'Challa when and where he is because he’s still in shock about a few things and because of being in cryo for so long it takes a while to adjust.
He asks when, T'Challa says seven years.
Seven years? Bucky repeats and immediately thinks about Steve. T'Challa answers before Bucky could even mutter a word about his best friend and how he has been. He’s fine, T'Challa tells him with a smile but it fades away when he continues with; He misses you every day.

So Bucky decides to leave Wakanda after his metal arm got repaired, looking for the address in Brooklyn T'Chlla gave him. It’s an odinary building, an ordinary hallway with ordinary neighbours who Bucky tries to give a friendly smile as he walks past them.

There he is, standing infront of a door. The bell is labeled as ‘Rogers’ and Bucky stares at it for a moment. Steve lives here, he thinks and asks himself if he dares to. After all, it has been seven years of absence and he is dropping by without even telling it to anybody in advance.

But then he knocks and it doesn’t even take a second before he hears a dog barking wildly inside. Steve has a dog? Bucky frowns and his eyes stare against the wooden door in horror.

His heart almost beats out of his chest and his breathing comes out a little shaky. But when the door finally opens he is frozen to a statue. His head was turned up to meet the face of a tall man but he was greeted with empty space instead. However, Bucky notices someone elses presence and very slowly, he looks down to see a child standing between the door and a big exited dog. Hello, says the child with a smile.

Bucky does not at all know what to say or what to do. He observes the girl who is maybe five or six years old and cannot even move a muscle.

Darling who is at the door? A voice calls and Bucky recognises Steve’s voice. The memories and emotions that collapse over him at this very moment would have nearly caused tears in his eyes if he hadn’t been this confused. Yet there he is. Steve.

He has grown a beard, wears a jumper and carries a toddler with short blond hair in his arms who is chewing on his small fist. His first curious expression about the unexpected visitor changes into disbelieve.

Bucky? Steve stops walking in an instand and his jaw dropps. The men just stare at eachother until Bucky whispers a ‘Hi’ under his breath.
Steve finally closes his mouth, eyes watery and he lets the toddler down. Oh, Buck. He wraps his strong arms in a bear hug around the still startled looking Bucky. Steve breathes out, unable to say something until he feels that he is hugging him back. Seven years, it’s been seven years.

Daddy, who is that? The girl asks and Steve lets Bucky go. A very old friend, he replies and he does not leave his eyes for one second.
You’re a Dad, Bucky says with a grin. He is so overwhelmed and he still can’t believe his eyes. Steve with his children. A happy, normal life.

Bucky, these are my kids. Steve introduces the two children who are both smiling up to Bucky. The boy is clasping his wet fist into Steve’s jeans but he doesn’t mind.
He runs his hand over his daughter’s head. Margaret, he says her name and she waves. Before Bucky knows what he’s doing he is waving back at her. Peggy, he thinks and tears up.

And- James.

He is not sure if he heard it correctly because the name sinks in so slowly. James? His eyes meet Steve’s and he sees him smiling. Bucky is speachless and his lip makes a small, almost unnoticeable pout.

Children, it’s your uncle Bucky.

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Got7 getting jealous because of the attention you’re getting.

행복한 할로윈! 🎃👺
Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

Jaebum: He’d come up to you and wrap his arm around you smoothly in front of the guys who are obviously flirting with you and just smile at them smugly. ‘This devil is already taken’.

Jinyoung: He would get very easily annoyed and try not to pay attention towards the guys flirting with you. After not being able to hold back any longer, he’d jump in and tell the guys that they should stop flirting with someone who’s taken.

Mark: He’d be mostly worried about you feeling uncomfortable in the situation and would make sure to step in when it gets out of hand. He’d lecture you about your terrible costume choices all night. ‘I knew this vampire costume would be a bad idea.’

Jackson: He’d knew this would happen from the minute you bought the very thin maid outfit. To get most of the attention away from his girl, he bought the same exact outfit and everyone would forget about you quick.

Youngjae: He really likes your outfit and wouldn’t mind the attention that gets drawn on you but would rather enjoy the thought of everyone staring at his.

BamBam: He would regret letting you buy such a revealing costume in an instand and would honestly tell you that he doesn’t like all these guys staring at you. If you tell him that you feel uncomfortable as well, he’d borrow you his jacket to cover up and bring you home. 

Yugyeom: He’d instantly become very protective of you and stay very close to you at all times. He’d leave you compliments on how good you look all night to reassure himself that you still know who’s you are.

Love, Youngmi~

Locked out (Demon!Dean x Reader)[smut]

Genre: Supernatural

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smutty as hell/forceful

Request: Super smutty Demon!Dean imagine? Please, please!?

It had been just over a week since Dean had walked out that room - it didn’t feel the same, and something told you it never would. His inky black eyes used to scare the hell out of you whenever you saw them, he used to try and hide them from you and Sam but it must have slipped his mind at times - it was only when the incident happened that things had changed…

A couple of days before 

You hated hunts where you had to dress up, how come it was you always as the bait and not one of the boys? You understood that it was an all male Vampire nest that were targeting young women to turn them then keep them as their slaves for the rest of their eternal life, but why you? You came out of your room wearing a tight burgundy vest top tucked into a leather black mini skirt with the high heel boots you never thought you would wear. You had never felt so uncomfortable in your life. Clicking your way into the kitchen you washed the remaining eyeliner and red lipstick off your hands in the sink ’why did I use waterproof?!‘ All of a sudden you felt someone press up against you, slightly bending you over the sink whilst rubbing their hands up and down your hips and back “Well sweetie, if I were a Vamp, Id defiantly have you as my slave” a familiar voice whispered into your ear sending a flutter of pleasure through your stomach, only to then playfully nip your neck before slapping your backside and walking off out the door. Dean Winchester. Why Dean Winchester? You composed yourself and carried on out the door after him, preparing yourself from the hunt you had lied ahead of you.


Sitting at the dinner table staring into the darkness you thought about that night and why it was on your mind so much; ever since Dean had come back he seemed to be more interested in you than ever, slapping your arse at every chance and commenting on how your chest bounced as you walked. You liked it. 

Sitting opposite you was Sam, wearing a plaid shirt as always; and next to you was the man himself - you only snapped out of your daydream from the feel of Dean’s warm hand touch the top of your thigh, you exhaled a little too deeply and he noticed, squeezing you even harder causing you to knock your dinner plate off the table “Oh god, I’m so stupid!” you complained, standing up out of your chair, forcing Dean’s hand to slide off your leg “Are you okay Y/N?” Sam asked starting to stand as well, Dean shot up in an instand and held your back and gesturing his hand as though he was pushing Sam away using the force “She’s fine” he said sharply “She’s just exhausted” he continued looking at you. It may have just been the light but you could have sworn he flashed his black eyes at you. He took you by the hand before you could protest “Ill make sure she gets some rest while you clean this mess up” he said ordering his brother like he always had - Dean led you to your bedroom as the sound of clinking china became distant.

Dean tucked you into bed ever so gently until he heard the bunker door open then shut again, a sly smile came across his face “Be a good girl and stay here, ill be right back” he said propelling himself from the bed, slithering out of the door way and down the hall, you instantly threw the covers off you and peered your head round the corner of the door frame - you heard three distinctive locks of the bunker door and spotted Dean walking back down the hall starting to undo his belt, he haddent seen you yet so you bolted back to your bed and placed the covers back over your body, trying to remember exactly how you looked before you left. Re-entering the room he slipped a chair under the doorknob and continued to you, holding one hand behind his back “What was it?” you asked innocently “Just locking the door so Sammy cant get back in” he replied laughing “What? Why?!” you shouted sitting yourself upright “Because we don’t want to be disturbed” he said through a smile as he grabbed you round the throat, pushing you up against the wall behind you; he nipped the exposed part of your neck “Remember what I said on the night of the big Vamp hunt Y/N?” he reminded you in between sweet kisses, oh god did you remember; you moaned as a reply - his response was biting down on the vein in your neck, it felt as though it was going to burst but it was counteracted by the wetness that started to fill you down bellow “Well, now I’ve turned you” he said bringing his arm out exposing the arrangement of belts and ropes he had collected in the short period that he was gone “Now its time to make you my slave for all eternity”.

The rope burned against your wrists as he tied your right hand your left and hoisting you off of the wall, arms outstretched above your head and arse just about off the bed; Dean stood proudly above you, standing on the bed holding the other end of the rope “You don’t want this Dean, its that thing thats inside of you” you yelled out to him, you didnt want him to stop but you wanted to make sure the real Dean was there “Oh but dont you see?” he said bending down slightly to meet your face, his hand wandered downward; caressing your breasts and grabbing the bottom of your shirt, pulling it upwards briskly he exposed your jet black bra whilst tying the knot tighter by wrapping your shirt around it as well - he pushed your chin up towards his face with his index finger and showed you his emerald green eyes “I do want this” he replied flashing his eyes back to black “I want this so bad!” he said more aggressively throwing you down onto the bed again and straddling your chest; he still held the rope firm in his grasp while he forced your mouth open, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down as well as his underwear, exposing what your body was yearning for. Gripping you by the hair he pulled his face close to yours “Now youre going to take me in your mouth, and youre going to obey. Ive done the walk to the bins many times and im telling you that he is already on his way back. So, are you going to be my good girl” he asked sliding his head into your wet mouth, you bit down hard causing him to yelp out in pain. “No” you shouted with a smile of delight, you knew what was coming; with a face of pleasure Dean flipped you over onto your knees, the rope now making your hands stick to your back, he wrapped it around your stomach and added to the tangle of shirt and rope “Guess we have to do this my way” he laughed pulling down your trousers and undies and thrust his finger into you hard, constantly pounding his finger into your g-spot making you moan with delight he asked once again “Now, are you going to be my good girl?” “No” you screamed halfway through a moan. He slipped another finger in causing you to scream even louder into the mattress “I said, are you going to be my good girl?” he repeated pounding you as hard as he could “YES!” you squealed, slowing his pace he removed his fingers from you, wiping your wetness onto the covers; lowering his face onto your entrance slowly l lapping up your juices to clean you up 'accidentally’ pushing his tongue in too fair every now and then - deciding you were wet enough he flipped you back over again so he could face you, lining himself up with your slit he rubbed himself against you and you hummed a slight moan at the relaxing feeling “P-Please” you called out “Say my name” he ordered “Dean, P-” you were cut off by him sliding himself slowly inside you penetrating you ever so slowly “Oh god, Dean!” you shouted as he picked up pace, he slammed himself into you over and over while you screamed repetitively - he dug his nails in harder with every squeal you made. Hitting your g-spot every time you felt your orgasm pooling up inside you, it wasn’t until you tried to silence yourself that you heard the pounding “Dean, I know you’re in there let me in!” you heard the muffled shout of Sams voice from outside “Nearly here” he winked at you “Better hurry up and finish you shouldn’t i?” he teased as he pounded into you harder. The unmistakable flutter of wings drew your attention to the other side of the room - there stood Castiel gawking with a tilted head and Sam unconscious on the floor; Dean offloaded himself into you, triggering your own orgasm causing you to scream louder than you ever had before. 

“I dont understand, Dean whats going on” Castiel asked innocently “Just showing Y/N who’s boss Cas nothing to worry about” Dean panted.

“I don’t understand