“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3

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Wow mate instand hard on. Very sexy keep em coming

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What I want in the next Grimm season

- More Diana & Kelly moments, we got one, then Kelly seemed to be gone the rest of the season

- Juliette actually working through her trauma and what happened to her instead of being pushed into a relationship with Nick

- a huge hug scene between Nadalind where she tells him she’s sorry, and he tells her it’s okay, he gets it.

- Monrosalee to be pregnant with twins

- Hank to find a woman who truly loves him

- Wu to be okay. He should just be alright.

- explanation on full Woge zauberbiests

- what’s going in with the stick?

- bonding time with Adalind and Diana, Nick and Diana

- Nick to kick Seans ass but only enough so Diana won’t kill him

- Sean to be Sean again. Evil or good. But no spineless Puppet

- Bud to be back

- more Trubel

- both Adalind and Juliette to be more than just love Interests

Hamilton and Laurens took an instant liking to each other and became inseparable. Hamilton later lauded his friend’s “zeal, intelligence, enterprise.” As the war progressed, Hamilton wrote to Laurens with such unbridled affection that one Hamilton biographer, James T Flexner, has detected homoerotic overtones in their relationship. Because the style of eighteenth-century letters could be quite florid, even between men, one must tread gingerly in approaching this matter, especially since Laurens’s letters to Hamilton were warm but proper. It is worth noting here, however, how frequently people used the word *feminine* to describe Hamilton— the more surprising given his military bearing and virile exploits. When John C. Hamilton was preparing his father’s authorized biography, he omitted a loose sheet that has survived in his papers and that describes the relationship between Hamilton and Laurens thus: “In the intercourse of these martial youths, who have been styled ’ the Knights of the Revolution,’ there was a deep fondness of friendship, which approached the tenderness of feminine attachment.” Hamilton had certainly been exposed to homosexuality as a boy, since many “sodomites” were transported to the Caribbean along with thieves, pickpockets, and others deemed undesirable. In all thirteen colonies, sodomy had been a capital offense, so if Hamilton and Laurens did become lovers—and it is impossible to say this with any certainty—they would have taken extraordinary precautions. At the very least, we can say that Hamilton developed something like an adolescent crush on his friend.
—  Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton

Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu.

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