awkward and personal questions, share if you dare!

1. how many exes do you have?

2. Has anyone ever attempted dirty talk and failed?

3. why did you and your last ex break up?

4. worst date(s) ever?

5. did you ever meet up with someone who was completely different in real life than they were online?

6. tell me one of your ‘let’s not meet’ stories

7. have you ever met someone with gross/weird habits? 

8. the weirdest thing someone ever asked you?

9. one of the most fucked up/awkward secrets someone has ever told you?

10. a lie someone told about you?

11. tell me the strangest story you have ever heard from a stranger

12. when was the last time you took revenge and why?

13. have you ever send nudes? do you regret it?

14. write a letter for someone you hate (you don’t have to tag them)

15. if you had to delete one year of your life completely, wich one would it be and why?

16. if you could go back in time, would you still start dating the person you are with now?

17. post reletionship advice that you would give to your younger self.

18. are there good reasons for cheating on someone?

19. who will you never forget and why?

20. post a song that reminds you of a person you love


“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3


Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu.

Yumoto | Io | Atsushi | En | Akoya | Ibushi | Kinshiro