instances of bullying

halfbloodprincecharming  asked:

Do you think Harry nearly killing Draco caused Snape to have a flashback of Sirius nearly killing him which is why he made Harry copy instances of the Marauders' bullying as a punishment? I saw someone make a post about this and I honestly agree.

Oh I’d never thought of that. I think that makes a lot of sense and is definitely possible. It explains why he chose to show Harry the records of the marauders bullying then and not before. Snape believed that Harry was becoming just like them and he wanted to show him what the marauders were like and what they had done in order to try to make Harry ashamed and keep him from becoming even more like them.  

I just want to say:

It’s sad that every other day now we have to address instances of cyber bullying, especially w/in certain fandoms. It’s always been a problem but now, it just seems like it’s gotten even worse. Technology has propelled us forward but it’s also set us back so far. It has allowed us the ability to shroud ourselves in anonymity, something that a lot of people are using to emotionally abuse others. Hiding behind anon buttons and fake accounts because you’re afraid of people knowing who you are. (You could be someone’s friend and mutual) Afraid of people knowing just how mean and nasty you really are. 

You think it’s okay because you have the ability to do it. You think it’s okay because you justify it by thinking you’re expressing your thoughts and feelings. Telling someone that “I really didn’t like your story because I feel as though you didn’t capture the characters well is EXPRESSING YOURSELF. Telling someone ‘You’re a bitch! I hate You! Your story was shit!” is HATE.  There’s a difference.

And please, don’t say that they’re just words. That’s bullshit. Words have the ability to scar just as bad as a physical bruise.

Please don’t hesitate with blocking their IP from sending you anons (People in general) or turning off the function all together. Your well-being is far more important.

Spread peace and love.