@z100mercy: Auntie Mercy is playing dress up with baby Riley! Ugh, I love this little boy even if he’s side eyeing me currently for my choices. He was happy and then came the whole outfit. He’s lucky there’s not a whole bear costume because he’d be wearing it! the side eye would be stronger! So cute! Having an absolutely perfect Halloween! Work tonight which won’t seem like work! Wait til you see my costume!

@z100mercy: One of the funnest parts of my job? The Jingle Ball! I absolutely adore getting to have the up close and personal with the artists, and to get to experience it all! Even to be able to introduce Mr. Jonas? (The cutest, most talented one) Yes!

This whole dark at five pm thing has me feeling like it’s time for a nap and the night isn’t even half over yet! Day off for this lady means laziness right about now. My roommates came to make sure I was still alive as I’ve not resurfaced since this morning when I came home. I’ve got on my comfiest sweater, watching Master of None on Netflix, and all I’m missing is cuddles. Which seriously I need some cuddles. I should enlist someone for that.

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Put my insecurities aside for the night and decided to be daring! This Halloween, I’m a lingerie model, the one time a year that I get to be daring and I decided go big or go home! 

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@raelsworld1 left a comment: You better slay it, lady! Now don’t ever let your dad see that or he’s going to have a heart attack! I love it! Get it! As my girl Bey said “if you got it flaunt it”. Let ‘em check on you tonight! There’s the Mercy confidence I’ve missed. Get it my little diva!

@z100mercy: @raelsworld1 Aunt Rae! 🙈🙈🙈 I’m not such a little Diva anymore! But I plan on having a lot of fun tonight! Never speak a word of this to Uncle Kai or Dad though! XD

@z100mercy: The face of a woman that’s scrolling social media to see that it’s National Dog Day, and I wish that I had a cute puppy. But alas, I’ve never had a pet. I blame my dad for not thinking I was responsible enough. I hope everyone has a happy National Dog Day, and my adorable Castiel is getting treats from his auntie this weekend to celebrate!