It’s fairly impossible to predict what British artist Andy Goldsworthy might come up with next! The Scotland-based artist creates intriguing, site-specific land art that utilizes natural resources in completely unexpected ways. The final results are organized, colorfully radiating leaves, spiraling sticks, and mounds of thin rocks that convey the beauty of the natural environment in creative works of art. Via


So this week was a very special week for me because i have my first wall in my life :D weeewwwww 

this is for scholarship (and i do hope i get some) 

it is amazing to see most of my work from this year up on a wall all together :)

thank you for all the friends who had helped me throughout the process, love you all >3</ THANK YOU


Avião by Los Carpinteros

“the piece is representative of the culture shock and disorientation experienced by the many communities when confronted with the endless advancement of technology”