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Hi there! I was just wondering, are you going to continue the Parisienne Walkways fanfiction?

Along with the two instalments I have on AO3, there is a third (shorter) piece here on my tumblr that sits somewhere between the Spring Show in Hope and Legacy and the epilogue. As for more…

Real talk for a second. Before I go on, please know that I have so many things I want to write for Parisienne Walkways, as well as for all my other stories, and I truly can’t envision myself just…abandoning any of them completely. That being said, I am in a not-so-great place re: mental health right now, and I’m struggling to keep up. 

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despite what you’ve been told (pt 3)

sometimes when I’m writing a fic like this it just goes and does things on its own and i’m left to stare at it like “Oh. Oh. That’s what that’s about.” so here’s an interlude with Phichit bless everything

Read Part One | Part Two

A little over eighteen months ago Phichit shoved an advertisement under Yuuri Katsuki’s nose with a grin and watched him read over it, blinking behind his glasses at first, then wide-eyed with interest.  Phichit gave it about twenty minutes to settle in, watched Yuuri curl up against the rink barrier, protein bar stuck in his mouth, green-guarded skates tucked under his thighs, tapping the web address from the brochure into his phone.

Then, “Let’s enroll together!” Phichit said, rocking back and forth on the bench, and Yuuri’s expression shifted from curiosity to vague horror.

“N-no, I’d rather not.”

Two days later Phichit tried again, but his roommate shuffled away from him, waffling, “It’s really not me, you know?” and pretended to study until Phichit dropped the topic.

But he’d seemed intrigued at first, Phichit thought, then after another two days of frowning to himself he realized the problem and tried again, after draining his water bottle mid-practice, this time holding up his pinkie when Yuuri came to a stop at his side.

“If you enroll with me, I solemnly swear to put my phone away, not take a single picture, and never tweet a word about it.”

Yuuri wasn’t wearing his glasses, so his squint might have looked more suspicious than it actually was.  “Really?”

“Of course!”

There are probably people who think Phichit is genuinely incorrigible and unscrupulous when it comes to social media, but he does actually recognize that boundary between teasing your friends in ways that are harmless and actually hurting their feelings.  So when Yuuri smiled and linked his pinkie with Phichit’s and said, “Deal,” he made sure his word was as good as the gold he’ll one day wear around his neck.

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You won't believe the kinky gift Jamie Dornan got Dakota Johnson

When Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan closed out shooting the Fifty Shades trilogy, they showered each other with gifts – sort of. In an interview with the co-stars, they told us about the hilarious items they’ve been sending each other over the years.

Johnson thinks back to the close of the Fifty Shades of Grey shoot. “The first wrap gift I gave you –” “Was (chef) knives,” finishes Dornan, who loves to cook.

“Oh!” Johnson exclaims, squinting at Dornan. “I’m sorry, I just remembered something, speaking of wrap gifts. Where’s my (final) wrap gift?” Dornan freezes. “UPS is a (expletive) nightmare these days,” he grins. “I’ll call them again today.”

Point, Johnson.

When the duo wrapped Darker and Freed (the two final installments were shot simultaneously in 2016) the actress got creative. “Jamie worked with a dialect coach to perfect his American accent – which was brilliant – and he would write out his lines phonetically, which I thought was the funniest thing literally in the history of comedy. And I would do dramatic readings of them. So I got him a T-shirt with one of his lines printed out phonetically on it.”

Dornan nods. “I wear it to bed, as you do. A pajama top.”

But he might have to rethink his gifting strategy, after his first wrap gift to his co-star was met with … crickets.  "Oh, she didn’t like it,“ the Irish actor recalls with a grin. "I got her a glass case made with a leather flogger in it, and then a line from the movie on a brass (plate).”

“He basically framed the flogger that he beat me with in the film,” says Johnson. “And I was like, ‘Thank you, this will go in my garage. ’”


The Final Problem

Since The Final Problem is the title of the story where Holmes “dies” at the Reichenbach Falls, I think it is safe to assume that there will be some sort of recreation of this in the last episode. This makes sense because there is so much water imagery in the first two installments of this season, and in all of the promotional material.

I imagine that Euros will be a stand in for Moriarty, based on the ending of The Lying Detective. However, we have already seen this fall twice. So what will make this representation of the fall different from the two that we have already seen in this show? My hypothesis is that it is Sherlock and John’s relationship. The first time Sherlock falls, and John cannot help him because they are too physically and emotionally distant. In the second representation (in Sherlock’s mind palace), John and Sherlock are a team, a unit, friends. As friendly as two men could be in the Victorian era (this is emphasized by Sherlock using John’s first name). So what will change the third time we see a fall? We have seen that this season had only brought them closer together emotionally, and there is a huge emphasis on romantic love.

When sherlock falls john will save him again. But this time it will be different. In the original canon John says that Sherlock is the bravest and wisest man he ever knew after he died. John will say this again but this time we know that sherlock will hear it… and not just from a hiding place. This time he will be in plain sight when this intimate confession happens. Just as their feelings are. This time this confession will be one of romantic love. That is what will make this fall unique. That is what will be groundbreaking about this adaptation of the story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.


Here it is. The big Dad Harold fic, and the sandbox in which I usually play in when H has a kid. Or, at least, I loosely borrow from it. This one is my favorite, although it was only the 3rd or 4th thing I ever wrote, and… he’s my favorite? I love him? Be gentle? Treat him well? Also: I hope he accepts my sincerest apologies. 

A word: each thing with this sandbox could be the endpoint. But each thing… will likely not be the endpoint. There’s a part two of the official two part installment, and then after that… well, you’ll see. Enjoy! x.

P.S. I’m not from London and I’ve never bene, but I think this is how snowstorms go in a lot of places with public transit, so….

This is the storm of the season. At least, that’s what the weatherman kept saying when you left home that afternoon. And, navigating the winding streets, you have to agree that this was the nastiest one you can remember in awhile. You have slipped three times from the exit of the tube to the front door of Harry’s building and your knuckles are white from clenching fists so tightly to steel your nerves. You stomp your boots inside the lobby and nod to the concierge who is quite used to you popping in and out every other weekend.

The elevator ride to the thirteenth floor is short, if ear-popping, and you rap with icy fingers on his door. A few moments later there was a click of the lock and the door opens to reveal Harry.

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you:hey why are you crying?
me: Falsettos is a musical with a book by James Lapine and William Finn, and music and lyrics by Finn. The musical consists of March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland, the last two installments in a trio of one-act Off-Broadway musicals (the first was In Trousers). The story involves Marvin, his ex-wife Trina, his psychiatrist Mendel, his son Jason, and his gay lover Whizzer Brown. The musical premiered on Broadway in 1992.

Falsettos opened on Broadway at the John Golden Theatre on April 29, 1992 and closed on June 27, 1993 after 487 performances and 23 previews. The musical was first presented Off-Broadway as two separate shows: March of the Falsettos (1981) and Falsettoland (1990).

Directed by James Lapine, the cast included Michael Rupert as Marvin, Stephen Bogardus as Whizzer, Barbara Walsh as Trina, Chip Zien as Mendel, Jonathan Kaplan as Jason, Heather MacRae as Charlotte, and Carolee Carmello as Cordelia. Rupert, Bogardus, and Zien reprised their roles from the original Off-Broadway productions of March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland, MacRae reprised her role from Falsettoland, and Walsh reprised her role from the Hartford Stage regional production. Scenic design was by Douglas Stein, costume design by Ann Hould-Ward, and lighting design by Frances Aronson.

and you drive me wild

(for the first installment, go here!)

PART TWO: Mission Laurens

Around six am the following morning, a Saturday, Alexander was eagerly knocking on Lafayette’s door. When a bleary-eyed Laf answer the door, hair loose and wild from sleeping on it, he looked less than pleased.

“Alexander,” he grumbled. “Are you aware of the time?”

Alex beamed at Laf. “You know the answer to that is ‘no way!’” He barged into Laf’s room and jumped onto the bed, adding in an extra bounce for good measure.

Laf shut the door and flopped back onto his bed, burying his face in a pillow.

“Laf,” Alex whined, shaking him by the shoulder. “Laf, I found him.”

“Found who?” Laf asked, half-awake.

“The car commercial kid!”

That got Lafayette to sit up. He stared at Alex’s beaming face and blinked a few times. “Really?”

“Well, maybe! Okay, so I did some snooping, and, well, I think we should go to the dealership.”

Lafayette narrowed his eyes at Alex and groaned. “Mon ami, are you telling me that you were up all night and the grand conclusion you came to is that we should go to the dealership?”

“Well, I mean, I tried to find him other ways, but that one seemed most obvious,” he said with a shrug.

Laf dropped his face into the pillow again and collected himself before flipping over to address Alexander. “We are sixteen, mon ami. Nobody will take us seriously. And, besides, that family is, how you say, fucking loaded, and I doubt he works there.”

“It’s all I got, Laf,” Alex said, widening his eyes and blinking sadly at his brother. “You have Hercules and Adrienne and I,” he dramatically placed his hand on his chest and fell backwards onto the bed. “I have no one.”

Laf, against his better judgement, laughed at Alex’s antics. “Let’s talk about this in the morning,” he conceded.

“It is morning,” Alex pointed out. He grinned and began to bounce up and down on the bed again.

“In the human morning,” Laf contested. He grabbed Alex and tugged him close, then pulled the blanket and quilt over the two of them. “And I know you did not sleep, so now you will,” Laf said.

Alex tried to protest, but between the warmth of the blankets and Laf’s body heat, plus the fact that he hadn’t slept all night, he was snoring within five minutes.

Lafayette wanted so badly to drift off to sleep, but now Alex’s new-found mission was on his mind. He couldn’t decide if indulging his brother in this search would be good for him, or if it would only set the smaller boy up for more loss and heartbreak.  

He tried to imagine what their parents, Martha and George, would say, but he wasn’t sure they’d be keen on the two of them tracking down a complete stranger in the first place. And maybe they would be right.

Besides, while Alexander wasn’t exactly fragile, he’d already lost so much for being so young. Laf didn’t want to be overbearing, but if he could protect his brother from one more hurt? One more loss? Shouldn’t he do that? Besides, rich boys weren’t exactly known for being nice, no matter how cute they were.

This can only end badly, Lafayette decided.

He looked at Alex’s sleeping form. He always looked so peaceful when he slept. Laf felt so torn between protecting his brother and giving him what he wanted.

He eventually fell asleep, still undecided over what would be best for his dear Alexander.

There’s a Boy I Know; He’s the One I Dream Of

Just like in the last two Prequel installments, Anakin/Vader is still basically obsessed with bringing up Obi-Wan in the Original Trilogy. He mentions him over and over: I sense Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan’s here, Obi-Wan brought the Force with him UGH THAT IS SO LIKE HIM, Obi-Wan failed, Obi-Wan did a good job teaching you, Obi-Wan thought I could be saved, Obi-Wan can’t help him, Obi-Wan can’t help you, Obi-Wan lied to you, Obi-Wan was right to hide my kid from me, did Obi-Wan mention my name at all, Obi-Wan was super handsome, do you think Obi-Wan would like my cape, what do you think Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost is doing right now…

…OK, some of those might be things I just made up, but you get the idea. Vader is, like, REALLY CONCERNED AT ALL TIMES that we be aware that Obi-Wan is a person that Vader is totally definitely so over. His new boyfriend is a Sith and owns his own Death Star and EVERYTHING.

Look: I’m not blaming you, Vader. God knows we’re all into that guy, but…simmer down a little bit. You’re coming off too desperate; dudes can pick up on that and then the next thing you know, they’ll turn themselves into The Force to get away from you.

This Isn't What I Signed Up For

Author: @riversong-sam
Warnings:  fluff, angst (later part because this is so big it’ll be in two instalments)

Word count: 830
Parings: Cas x Reader, Winchesters x Reader (friendship)
A/N: 2nd Cas x Reader fic let me know what you think



When the Winchesters called asking for your help, you all but jumped in your car to get to them. They greeted you with open arms when you arrived at the bunker.
“You ready to live with us yet (Y/N)? It’d make it easier to get your help when you’re already here.” Dean smirks asking again for about the thousandth time for you to live with them.
“We’ll see Winchester. We’ll see.” Is all you reply.
The three of you got straight to work on the research, and hours later you finally had something.
“You boys are in for trouble. It’s Deans favorite monster.” The sarcasm rolling off your tongue almost so perfect they could have thought you were serious.
“Great I hate witches.” He grumbles as you laugh.
“Have fun I’ll stay here and hold down the fort.”
“Yea ok ”
They grab their gear and leave with Cas. Deciding they could use a home cooked meal you head to the kitchen and make spaghetti. The hunt shouldn’t take long they’d already done most of the hard work, and with Cas there it should have been a piece of cake. You should have known better, of course things don’t go as planned for the Winchester brothers. About four hours later you hear the bunker door open. Coming out from the kitchen you see Dean careful make his way down the stairs. Giggling at the sight before you, you bend down to meet Deans eyes.
“How old are you Dean? I’d say you’re six.”
“Shut-up (Y/N). I hate witches.”
You laugh “Go wash up for dinner young man. ”
He grumbles and walks off, you look up to the entry way where Cas holds a two year old Sam. Walking over you take him from Cas, cradling him on your hip.
“What happened Cas?” “The witch turned them into children. She’s been dealt with.”
“How long does this spell last or do we need to look for a cure?”
“Forty- eight hours at the latest.”
Sighing you nod, “in that case we’ll need a few things.”
Making a list for Cas to swing by your place and mojo everything back to the bunker, you give it to him and he disappears.
“Come on Sammy you and I are going to get you cleaned up for dinner” Carrying him to the kitchen, you plug and fill the sink with warm water. Stripping Sam of his clothes you put him in the sink and wash him. As you finish washing Sam, Cas comes in.
“What are you doing?”
Glancing over you smile, “Hey Cas I’m just washing Sam. Please go check on our other boy make sure he’s ok.” Nodding he goes “bring me back a towel for Sammy to please. ” you shout after him. Giggling, Sam makes a mess as he splashes water.
“Samuel Winchester!” you exclaim as he gets you wet. “Ok bath time is over little man.”
Lifting him from the sink, you take the towel Cas produced and wrap him in it. You take him to the library and start going through the boxes Cas brought. Grabbing a diaper, you dry Sam off and put him in it.
“No use putting clothes on you until after dinner huh cutie? You’ll just get dirty again won’t you?” you coo to him smiling. Holding him on your hip, you set up the play pin and set him in it with some toddler toys.
“Dean!” Cas shouts and you look up to see a very naked six year old running from Cas.
Grabbing the towel, you catch Dean and wrap him in it picking him up.
“Dean you shouldn’t run around naked.” You scold “Now let’s get you dressed and then we can eat dinner. I made spaghetti and garlic bread.”
Grinning at the mention of food Dean complies. You get him some clothes and send him to his room to get dressed. Looking up you see Cas leaning in the doorframe.
“You’re very good with them.”
Blushing you look down, “Yea I’ve had practice.”
Sam starts to cry before he can question you about what you meant. Picking him up you hush him.
“You hungry baby boy?”
He nods and you smile, “Ok let’s go eat.”
You grab the high-chair and take it with you to the kitchen. Setting it up, you strap him in.
“Dean! Come on buddy dinners ready.” You shout as you get Sam a plate of food and cut it into tiny pieces for him to eat.

Dean runs in and you set him on a chair at the table. You get him a plate of food and a drink of juice.  
“Thanks (Y/N).”
“No problem Dean, now eat.” The boy doesn’t have to be told twice as he digs in.
“Cas watch them a minute so I can unbury a sippy-cup for Sammy.” Nodding he watches you walk away. Returning a few minutes later sippy cup in hand, you wash it and get Sam juice.

{PART 2} Blurring The Lines (M) // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by ceohan

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: After giving a believable excuse to leave the others, you meet Jaebum on the 4th floor in the old practice room where you both get up to no good~

A/N: This is the final instalment of a two part series ^^ I recommend you read the first part before reading this part (which I have linked below) :D Thank you!

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, dirty talking and rough sex~

{Part 1} {Part 2; Final}

You made up an excuse to slip out of the room, telling everyone else that your manager wanted to speak to both you and Jaebum. “Leader stuff!” you recalled exclaiming as you skipped up the steps to the 4th floor, wondering what would await you when you entered the unused dance practice room. As you bounded up the last flight of stairs, you couldn’t shake the recent feeling of Jaebum’s possessive grip on your hips – the way he pulled you right into his broad frame so aggressively; making you hungry for more of what he had to offer you.

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GazettE Gif-a-Day 2016

[103-104/?] Ruki during 13STAIRS [-] 1

The reviews for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ are in and they’re mostly positive:

Peter Debruge, Variety:

The first in an ambitious five-film pentaptych, whose first two installments are being handled by David Yates (the director responsible for the four ultra-bleak blockbusters that wrapped the “Potter” franchise), “Fantastic Beasts” does double-duty as yet another imagination-tickling fantasy adventure and a deeply troubled commentary on tolerance, fear, and bigotry in the world today.

Cath Clark, Time Out:

Redmayne radiates a wet-eyed warm glow as stumbling, bashful Newt – an English wizard in New York. He’s perfect for Rowling’s world, where a kind heart is the most potent magical power of all.

Eric Kohn, Indiewire:

But the real star of “Fantastic Beasts” is its heavily stylized, period-specific setting. From a seedy jazz club filled with outrageous beings to an explosive showdown in Manhattan’s old City Hall subway station, the movie captures a New York that’s at once nostalgic and otherworldly.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian:

“Fantastic Beasts” is a rich, baroque, intricately detailed entertainment with some breathtaking digital fabrications of prewar New York City. This is Steampunk 2.0, taking its inspirations from Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” or Howard Hawks’s “His Girl Friday” but the New York [Rowling] creates also has the dark, traumatized look of Gotham City.

But not everyone was on board. Entertainment Weekly wasn’t feeling a couple of characters in particular.

WTID update/pre-emptory notes

This installment turned out very, very long.  I’ll be publishing it in two halves, the first coming probably in a few days to a week (pending recovering illness of one of my readers).  So while you won’t be getting all 30k someodd words of it at once, it also means you won’t have to wait all patient and adorably for MONTHS for the one after that because it’s already written!

Also, while I thought this long installment (now two shorter ones) might finish it off, it hasn’t.  There’s a little more story left that I want to tell.  This is good or bad news depending on your outlook I suppose.

There are going to be times where, if you’re at all invested in this story, you’re worried about one or another character or relationship.  That’s the nature of the piece.  All I can say is if you’re at a point where you’re panicked, it’s not the end.  Keep calm and read on. (ie:  Don’t hate me.)

{Part2} I Can’t Lose You // Jackson Wang (Highschool AU!)

Originally posted by subears

Pairing: Jackson x Reader (featuring Jooheon from MONSTA-X as the schooll bully!) 

Genre: Angst // Fluff

A/N: This is the final installment of a two part series! Please be aware that this scenario talks about physical abuse~ I hope you enjoy it a lot! I also recommend reading part one before you read this ^^

Read {Part One} here!

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Bookish Love III

*Final Part of the series. I apologize for how crappy these last two installments may have been. If you’d like to see more Newt fics, please feel free to ask! I’ve got some ideas in the works, so I hope you all enjoy!*

Part 1 Part 2

For some time now, you had been feeling…different towards Newt. You didn’t dislike him or anything, but something had changed in your dynamic since that night at the pub. He dropped in more frequently to say hello, usually chattering on about some new creature he had found. It always amazed you, how much he knew and cared for these beasts. It was as if they were his own children, and it brought some fire to your own soul at hearing the passion behind his work.

You longed for that same feeling; for the will to pursue the passion you had been dying to since you were a child. As you’re filing away some of the newer books, you find yourself frowning deeply, suddenly dropping everything to go and find one of the other workers. They stare at you in shock when you hand them the keys to the store.

“I’m retiring. The shop is yours now, or for anyone who wants it. I can’t…I can’t keep living like this,” you finish, feeling a rush of adrenaline as you step away from them. Turning sharply on your heel, you run out of the bookstore, bumping straight into Newt, who stares at you in shock.

Both of you tumble to the ground, his face twisting in pain at the weight of you on top of him. “I am so sorry, Newt! I didn’t see you there.” You’re laughing as you apologize, standing to brush yourself off and help him up.

His own eyes linger on your face, watching a smile radiate from you before he blinks and goes to open the door into the shop. Grasping his wrist before he can grab the handle, you shake your head, pulling him towards the street.

“I quit. Oh, I’ve never felt so alive! It was so drab, seeing that place each and every day.” Without a warning, you spin around and start walking backwards, causing Newt’s brows to shoot up. “I wanted to do something I was passionate about, like you. I’ve always wanted to see the world and write. Perhaps meet someone adventurous and fall in love and just live out my life with them; wandering from place to place without so much as a worry on my mind.”

He’s been quiet this whole time as you spill your guts out onto the pavement for all to see or hear. When you finally pause for air, Newt stops, which causes you to jolt – as you had still been holding his wrist – and fall back into him. Your eyes drift to meet his green ones, which swirl with emotions you haven’t seen before. Every freckle is defined at this distance, standing out against his skin like they were stars in the midnight sky. Glancing down, you focus on his lips, which are chapped, but parted just barely so that he can breathe before words come tumbling out.

“I love…you. I have fo-or quite some time now, and I wanted you to know this before I did something that might make you change your mind about traveling,” Newt states. His hands, calloused and warm, cup the side of your neck and tangle in your hair. Those same lips you had been staring at mere seconds ago crash against yours, much softer than they looked from up close.

Whatever it was that you might have said in response flutters out of your mind as you wrap your arms around his neck, fingers gripping at his silky curls and tugging just barely. It was odd, feeling this much passion from a man who seemed so terrified of human contact. Coming from a man who much preferred his creatures and briefcase to the outside world, this kiss was full of emotions you rarely were witness to, other than your books.

Pulling away for air, you both stare at each other before twin smiles split your faces in two. “I love you as well, Mister Scamander. It would be an honor to…spend my time in your presence.”

With that, he pulls you back in, kissing you gently and laughing when you bump noses. “It would be my pleasure to bring you anywhere your heart desires.”

From the Missing Pages, Chapter 12

Robin and Regina spend an afternoon together at the castle; and Regina finally tells a secret she’s been hanging onto.

This chapter could technically be the end–however, will be two more installments. The last chapter is somewhat of an epilogue; and then, there will be an alternative ending. You can find previous chapters HERE.

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Jamilton Series: Part Three

Hey there, kiddos! Here’s the next part in my Jamilton Series! Did you miss the first two installments? No worries! Just go to this link and read away! :D

Two Days Ago–– Campus Library

“Alex?” Jefferson drawled. His boyfriend didn’t react. “Alexander,” he said, a bit sharper this time.

Alex’s head snapped up from his math textbook. He wiped at the drool that had gathered at the corner of his mouth. Jefferson smiled at him. Alexander was so cute when he was overtired. And Jefferson only thought that because Alex was always overtired. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen the boy after a full night’s rest.

“You fell asleep on your homework?” Jefferson prompted.

Alex looked down at his textbook, wiping up a little spit with his shirt sleeve, then up at his boyfriend again, a silly grin spreading across his face.

“Oops,” he said with a tiny shrug. He picked up his pencil again and looked back down at the textbook.

Thomas kept watching him, sighing when he saw his eyelids begin to droop shut again. “Alex, beddy-bye time,” he singsonged.

“It’s only…” Alex glanced at his watch. “It’s only just after ten,” Alex murmured.

“Doesn’t matter. You can’t even stay awake long enough to have a conversation with me.”

“Math is boring,” Alex said, pushing the textbook away as he tried to blink his eyes open. “I’ll just go grab a coffee––”

“Alex, NO.” Thomas had to be stern. That was the only way to get Alex to listen at times.

Alexander sighed. “Fine. You win. Happy?” he muttered as he slammed his textbook shut and shoved it in his backpack.

“Actually, yes, I am,” Jefferson said with a sly grin. “Hey, did you end up grabbing dinner like you said you would?”

Jefferson had texted Alexander to join him for dinner in the dining hall earlier that evening, but Alex had said he couldn’t make it because he had a meeting for a group project.

“Um,” Alex said. And that said it all.

“We’re making ramen when we get back to your dorm,” Jefferson commanded.

“Stop babying me,” Alex snapped.

“I’ll stop when you start taking care of yourself,” Thomas snarked back.

“I am taking care of myself!” Alexander exclaimed. When his eyes locked on Jefferson’s there was something different about them. They were a little glazed over.

Jefferson shrugged it off as too little sleep and not enough food.

Alexander swung his backpack over his shoulder. “I’m going to my dorm room, and I’m going alone,” he said.

Jefferson’s heart fell just a little bit. But he quickly brushed it off, reminding himself Alex was exhausted and hungry, and nobody was at their best when they felt like that.

“All right,” Thomas sighed. “Call or text if you need anything.”

“Mmhmm,” Alex said. He pecked Thomas on the lips before scurrying out of the library.

Jefferson stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what had been so different about the kiss. His lips, he thought. They were so warm.

He shrugged. Alex was tired. He’d be fine in the morning. He just had to be.

Yesterday–– Campus Quad

Alexander was shivering more than usual. He was always cold whenever the temperature dipped below 50 degrees, but this seemed different.

“Um, are you sure you don’t want to go inside?” Thomas asked.

Alexander glared at him from across the table they were seated at. “Yes, I am quite sure,” he said with a little huff.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Well you’re shaking like crazy, so just wanted to make sure.”

“I’m fine. Everyone else is out here enjoying the nice day.” He gestured to all the other students occupying the quad, some at tables, others sitting on the grass, a few tossing a football back and forth.

Thomas wanted to say well you’re not everyone else, but he bit his tongue. Alexander clearly wasn’t in the mood for that kind of thing.

“Well let’s at least get a warm drink, then,” Thomas offered. “My treat. I’ll run into Starbucks and grab coffee.” He stood up, not even waiting for Alexander’s response. Starbucks wasn’t Alex’s favorite, but it was right on campus, and it was what they both drank most of the school year.

“No thanks,” Alex said without looking up from his book.

“What?” Thomas said, staring at Alexander.

“No thanks,” Alexander repeated as if he regularly turned down coffee.

“Are you okay?” Thomas couldn’t keep his voice from cracking.

“I. am. fine.” Alex growled, still not looking up from his book.

Thomas went to Starbucks and got them both coffees, anyway. He wordlessly set it down on the table in front of Alexander.

Alex didn’t even touch it.

Yesterday–– Evening, texting

Alexander: Sorry I was such a jerk earlier today. Not feeling the best.

Thomas: It’s okay. I figured something was up, but you didn’t seem to want to talk.

Alexander: Nothing bad, just a little tired, a little sore.

Thomas stared at the screen of his phone for a moment. It was one thing for Alex to admit to being tired. He did tend to admit it, but only after other people pointed it out to him. But sore? Jefferson couldn’t remember a time when Alex had complained about feeling sore…

Thomas: sore from what?

Alexander: all that working out I do ;)

Alexander: I think I’m just tired is all. I’ll be fine

Thomas was in the middle of typing back a long response about how Alex should call him if he needed him and that he really needed to take better care of himself when another message appeared on the screen.

Alexander: Goodnight, Thomas. Thank you for caring so much <333

Thomas stared at it for a moment. In their months of dating Alex had never written something like that. There’d been hearts and goodnights, but never thank you for caring so much. It seemed oddly… final.

Thomas brushed it off. Alex was clearly exhausted. Everyone dropped their guard a bit when they were tired.

He deleted the response he’d been working on in favor of a shorter text.

Thomas: Night, baby. Feel better soon, please <333

There was no response. Not that night, not the next morning, not until Thomas ran over to Alexander’s dorm and pounded on the door. And now, staring at his boyfriend in the hospital bed, all of his strange behavior made sense. The finality of the text made sense.

Thomas dropped his head into his hands and sobbed.