I’ve installed two small pieces in a nice furniture gallery which already had a few of mine up and you can learn more about them here. They’re wonderful people and if you happen to live in the Pioneer Valley area and need some furniture I’d recommend stopping by. 




Amaterasu [天照], Amaterasu-ōmikami or Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami is a part of the Japanese myth cycle and also a major deity of the Shinto religion. She is the goddess of the sun, but also of the universe. 

In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, is the sister of Susanoo, the god of storms and the sea, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. It was written that Amaterasu had painted the landscape with her siblings to create ancient Japan. She became the ruler of the sun and the heavens along with her brother, Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon and ruler of the night. Originally, Amaterasu shared the sky with Tsukuyomi, her husband and brother until, out of disgust, he killed the goddess of food, Uke Mochi. This killing upset Amaterasu, causing her to label Tsukuyomi an evil god and to split away from him; separating night from day.

There is also a long-standing rivalry between Amaterasu and her other brother, Susanoo. When he was to leave Heaven by orders of Izanagi, he went to bid his sister goodbye. Amaterasu was suspicious, but when Susanoo proposed a challenge to prove his sincerity, she accepted. Each of them took an object of the other’s and from it birthed gods and goddesses. Amaterasu birthed three women from Susanoo’s sword while he birthed five men from her necklace. Claiming the gods were hers because they were born of her necklace, she decided that she had won the challenge. The two were content for a time, but her brother became restless and went on a rampage, destroying Amaterasu’s rice fields, hurling a flayed pony at her loom, and killing one of her attendants in a fit of rage. Amaterasu, who was in fury and grief, hid inside the Ama-no-Iwato (“heavenly rock cave”), thus effectively hiding the sun for a long period of time. The world, without the illumination of the sun, became dark. The gods could not lure Amaterasu out of her hiding place until the goddess of dawn, Ame-no-Uzume, was able to trick her into reappearance.


‘True Trans’ Premieres Final Episodes: Transparenting And Acceptance

Over the past several weeks, AOL has aired an incredible docuseries with the intention of educating and informing the public about the lives of transgender and gender-variant individuals.

Called “True Trans,” the docuseries stars Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and incorporates the experiences of trans and gender-variant people from all walks of life. Now, “True Trans” is coming to a close, with the final two installments focusing on parenting when it comes to transgender individuals and the road to acceptance surrounding their identity – both by others and by themselves. 

Watch the full video learn about how Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace’s overcomes judgmental cisgender parents.

The Hermione of “Cursed Child” is a Woman of Color - and That’s Amazing

“Harry Potter” fans have a lot of feelings about the upcoming play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” which will follow Harry’s son Albus as he navigates living with the legacy of his father. The play, which premieres this summer on London’s West End and will be told in two consecutive installments, caused mayhem when tickets went on sale in October, with many fans waiting hours in long online queues only to ultimately face sold-out shows. Many feel that the limited availability of the play – only fans in the UK or wealthy enough to travel there will be able to see it when it premieres – is a detriment, but that hasn’t stopped the show from selling a TON of tickets.

After the Bridge Part Two (Jem/Tessa)

A story for those who might have wondered what Tessa and Jem did after they met on Blackfriars Bridge in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

Those who do not like Tessa&Jem together or Jessa sexytimes probably should skip this. (You will not miss anything that will affect your understanding of later books.) Those who like that sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.

After the Bridge alternates POV between Jem and Tessa. It will be posted in installments.

This is Part Two. It is not the whole story. There are more parts. As this is one short story and not chaptered, each post will contain the whole story from the beginning up to the point where that part ends so that new readers or readers who don’t remember what happened won’t have to hunt down the previous post(s.)


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get to know me meme

     ➥ [10] favourite movies: The Avengers (2012)

“It’s what we call ourselves. We’re sort of like a team. ‘Earth’s Mightest Heroes’ type thing.”

  • me: ok time to focus
  • my mind, repeatedly in the background: Here in my garaaaaaaaaaaaage. Just bought this new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills. But you know what I like a lot more than knowledge? this new Lamborghini here. But you know what I like a lot more than the new Lamborghini here? My Tedx talk where I talk about this new Lamborghini here. The. The. Thuhuhuhuhuhuuu. In fact I'm a lot more proud of these seven new Hollywood Hills that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new Lamborghinis. :| :o :| :o :| :o It's like the Buffet Warren billionaire says, "The more you earn the more you drive up here in the Hollywood Hills." In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini, is the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here is that it's a reminder. A reminder that dreams are still possible because it wasn't that long ago that I was in a little Lamborghini sleeping on bookshelves in the Hollywood Hills with only forty seven billion dollars in my bank account, and forty seven Lamborghinis in my Lamborghini account, and only forty seven hills in my Hollywood account, and only forty seven Tedx Talks where I talk about Warren Buffets in my Tedx Talks where I talk about Warren Buffet account. But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a Lamborghini, and another Lamborghini, and a few more Lamborghinis. I found five Lamborghinis. I don't call it money anymore I call it fuel units. You must have enough units. You must have enough Lamborghinis. You must CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS. I'll see you on my website. It's a quick video and you'll see there absolutely nothing!

Sketchtober 29th: Shadow

With the spiritual body count up to two, it’s not without trepidation that Marco asks Armin for help. Together they manage to perfect the ritual; and this time, the attempt to bring someone from the realm of spirits into the world of the living is successful.

It just isn’t one of their friends.

[ Previously on Ouija AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

Continuing in our tradition of Cute Brown-Haired Boys Read You Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, Jack Falahee has signed on to record the audiobook of THE LOST HERONDALE. Jack stars as Connor Walsh in the show HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. 

Team TFTSA loves Jack and loves Connor and is totally thrilled! We’re also excited for the next two installments, since they’ll likely have British readers. Anyone you want to see particularly? :)

‘Creed’ Star Tessa Thompson Joins Cast of 'Thor: Ragnarok’

THR reports that Thompson has landed a yet-unnamed role in the upcoming Thor sequel! No details were revealed, but here’s some speculation from the report:

Details for Thompson’s part have not been revealed, but she could be the female lead as Natalie Portman, who was the female lead as Dr. Jane Foster in the previous two Thor installments, is not returning.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ will also star Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Herman Kuijer infills two tunnels in Zutphen with Immersive light works

Uniting the fields of architecture and art, Dutch designer Herman Kuijer has revealed two luminous installations for the historical town of Zutphen in the netherlands. situated at two different underpasses, linking a newly developed area with the traditional town center, these site-specific, permanent light installations take on physical form through colorful luminescent hues projected onto a concrete supporting structure. ‘it was a great challenge to work in this specific urban context where aesthetics are paired with accessibility and the safety of the user,’ kuijer says. ‘my task was to create a sustainable work to allow people to pass safely through and also experience the aesthetic quality of the light. improving the public domain is a continuous challenge in the netherlands.’  The gradation of light and color across both the marstunnel and kostverloren underpasses mimics the movement of nearby water, subtly changing in hue as time passes. beneath the cavernous glow, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can experience the relationship between time and space, prompting them to interact with an ever-changing environment. as light moves and floats across the architectural surfaces — just as a water current traverses across a flat surface — visitors are reminded that they are standing at a place that, without man’s intervention, would be underwater. 


GazettE Gif-a-Day 2016

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