The “Lemur”. A Collaboration created by myself and my man
@darbyholm. This killer sculpture houses many functioning parts. The tips of the bamboo are dry pieces. The large stalk of bamboo in front is a water piece. The Lemur itself functions throughout it’s entire body. The air travels through the bowl in the hips, down the spine, under the head, where it percs through the water filled skull. It then travels up the second spine tube, around the bowl, up to the tail which removes to exposes the mouth piece. The Lemur can be removed from bamboo and will sit on the users arm. Also, 100 of the rocks displayed below the sculpture are dry pieces. Def one of my all time favorite pieces to date. Thank you all for supporting my art and please feel free to share:)! See this piece in person at @illuzionglassgalleries or for more pics and video go to my website
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