Adrian Tranquilli born 1966 is one of the most interesting artists on the Italian contemporary art scene. Tranquili wanted to focus less on the superpowers and more on their human fragility of some of our most beloved heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wolverine and Spider-Man. He shows us the rarely seen, vulnerable side of our favorite superheroes.

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Bold Thread Installation Takes over Crystal Bridges By Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe has created one of his delicate, large-scale hanging installations of colored thread at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, as part of the ambitious new exhibition “State of the Art,” reports PBS (see “State of the Art at Crystal Bridges: Pure Pop for Now People”).The show is part of Crystal Bridge’s efforts to showcase “under-recognized” American artists who work outside New York and LA. The Mexican-born Dawe is one of three Dallas-based artists featured in the massive show, which includes no fewer than 227 works selected following a nation-wide search.Dawe’s contribution is Plexus No. 27, a spiderweb-like sculptural installation made of 60 miles of thread in a gradient of different colors looped through countless mounted hooks with the help of an extension hook that served as a giant needle. Like all of Dawe’s thread works, the Crystal Bridges project required meticulous, carefully measured planning, and intense concentration, so as to not lose track of the sequence of hooks.


Are you ready for the Official Derp Emblem Hunger Games?

For the next few weeks or so we will be doing a mini series along with the regular comics! As you can see, we’ve taken 24 unfortunate vict- contestants and will pit them against each other in a fight to the death!

Every Saturday (and possibly Sunday) we will release a ten panel comic showing the progress of everyone, so each week you will get a new installment and see if your vote wins or loses!

You can vote for your preferred winner here:

Note: Votes will not affect the outcome because the entire simulation has already been documented! Its just fun to predict things c:


Wexler’s BBQ Restaurant by Aidlin Darling Design

A dynamic undulating ceiling installation composed of laser cut MDF fins bridges the gap between old and new by linking the modern insertion to the historic facade.

Large (Wikimedia)

This photograph, taken in 1899, depicts five African American officers of the Women’s League in Newport, Rhode Island. Unfortunately, I’m not at all certain what Women’s League that is—it’s not that uncommon a name for an organization—but I can tell you that this photograph was probably taken for the 1900 Paris Exposition.

The Exposition included, as the Library of Congress writes, “a display devoted to the history and ‘present conditions’ of African Americans. W.E.B. Du Bois and special agent Thomas J. Calloway spearheaded the planning, collection and installation of the exhibit materials, which included 500 photographs.”

The event was, of course, imperfect—it was as much about assimilation, traditionally middle-class white values, and proving America’s worth to Paris as it was about celebrating the African American men and women depicted—but the photographs it generated continue to be a fascinating (and often otherwise invisible) record.

The Picture Show

- 6 New Meshes - Decorative Only

- Popcorn

(found under Clutter for $5)

- Soda

(found under Clutter for $5)

- Hot Dog

(found under Clutter for $5)

- Moonshine Upright

(found under Clutter for $5)

- Moonshine On side

(found under Clutter for $5)

Drive-In Speakers

(found under Sculptures for $100)

- All writing is in Simlish

- Basegame Compatible - Recolorable

Created for Simdoughnut @ Tumblr

* Download File contains Text File of Policy, Games Installed, Programs used to create, etc.

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if it is asked or not... What app do you recommend for photos editing on phones? :D

I have Meitu and Vsco and Instaemoji installed on my phone~ I use Meitu for like normal pictures and Vsco for Instagram pictures I STOPPED USING PHOTOSHOP I got too lazy to take the photo then edit it on the computer then put it back into the phone again aiya. Instaemoji is the app that adds emojis to your pictures. I heard that Afterlight is really good too~

Edit: someone also recommended PS express~

Imagine, if you will — a rich collector wins a set of heavily damaged animatronics at an auction. He brings these home, cleans them up, sets them up in his basement. He works on them night after night, purchasing and installing parts to restore them to their former glory. Perhaps he’ll open a restaurant of his own someday.

One night, he has finally fixed one animatronic to a point that it can function, though it’s not complete. He goes to bed, exhausted.

It’s 4AM. He’s laying in bed, when his security monitor that he uses to watch the house for intruders pops on. He groggily sits up and looks at the screen. The view is down the hall from his bedroom. Through the pixelated, black and white image, he can make out a large figure at the top of the stairs. He squints, blinks, and it’s gone. He rolls over in bed.

And screams as he stares into the cold, dead eyes of Freddy Fazbear.

farashanat asked:

OMG Tammy. Do you remember last week when an anon said Sal had the voice of the guys who sing La Macarena (Los del Río is the name of the duet) and Kay agreed? Well, this morning while I was driving I turned on the radio and they were playing La Macarena. Suddenly, Sal's face popped up in my head and I almost had an accident. Fucking Sal trying to kill me!!!

Ok, this cracked me up, lol. Sal tried to kill you, you say? Well, what are we waiting for? We gotta put the fucker six feet under, and soon too. First let’s see what Kay has installed for us today. Then we make detailed plan if necessary. Cuz knowing Kay, she’ll have the bastard live long and prosperous. Probably. Still laughing at “Sal tried to kill me”. Sorry, lol.


The robot gestured for everyone to follow her, bringing the group to the northern room with a quick headcount before and after, bringing any stragglers back to the north if they wandered away. She paused, gesturing at the series of tubes at the back of the room.

A young man steps forward and stands at parade rest. He first examines the tube and the “person” before them. Without skipping a beat, he speaks in a surprisingly formal tone. Though his struggles with Japanese easily shatter the serious stance he tries to carry.

"What a strange instalment. Is there a reason for these?"

"I admittedly was just about to get to that. If you enter these tubes the device at the headpiece will analyse your brainwaves and upload it into the records. This is to allow R incorperated to have a large sample size. no knowledge within the machines will come to public attention unless you wish it so."

"Pardon my wariness, but what exactly does R Incoperated do to require ‘sample brainwaves’?"

"Our main goal is to create lifelike animatronics such as myself, indistinguishable from humans. And yes, before you say anything, they are very aware of the possible sci-fi movie correlation, it is why they are working out every issue possible before bringing us to the public attention- I am currently one of the most advanced in the company. Now then- Please enter the neurolink devices and then I will let you all explore the first floor. "

There are offices to the west, a food court to the east, and the showcase and main hall in the south. If you are in need of anything feel free to ask me anything, I am your caretaker for the next few hours after all."


Phantom Fight Club: Ubaldo Piangi vs The Slave Master

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” is retold like never before: through epic Fight Club battles!

In this installment, Ubaldo “The Punisher” Piangi challenges Hugh G. Rection aka “The Slave Master”!

Somewhere, Carlotta is enjoying this.

Watch in hi-def here

Oh and a little 'bad' news

So school will reformat my school PC for… for a thing. With a program that can block installed products that are not in the list of the program

I dunno if my SAI is installed or something. I sure hope it doesn’t. It never does and all, but in case I can’t use SAI anymore I can’t update. That or I use photoshop. I can’t use photoshop (yet)

But expect some style changes if I can’t use SAI, at least until April-May? Sorry for inconvenience.