These otherworldly silken ceiling lights that bloom as they descend are the enchanting creations of Dutch designers Studio DRIFT. Called Shylights, they’re awesome kinetic light fixtures inspired by an evolutionary mechanism known as nyctinasty, the circadian rhythmic movement of flowers which close at night for self-defense and to conserve energy.

These particular Shylights are a new permanent installation at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. They open dramatically as they descend 30 feet from the ceiling and then close as they retreat back up to where they started. The dancing lights move according to a choreographed programmed sequence which can be controlled by an iPhone or iPad. Equal parts art installation, sculpture and performance, Shylights represent a stunning combination of technology and the natural world.

“Shylight is a performative sculpture,” says Studio DRIFT in their short video. “When you enter the space, it becomes kind of a dance that is performed in front of you.”
“The satisfaction in our work comes from the moment the audience engages with the piece and they forget where they are, who they are, and they discover this new world between nature and technology.”

Click here to watch a short behind-the-scenes video about how Studio DRIFT created their spectacular Shylights.

Visit the Studio DRIFT website to learn more about this enchanting project.

[via Colossal and Beautiful/Decay]

Installations by Do Ho Suh

World renowned South Korean artist, Do Ho Suh is known for his massive sculptures and installations, which challenge the use of space. Drawing focus to the anonymity behind every being, Suh’s work examines our culture’s obsession with identity and individualism. Drawing inspiration from his classical training in Oriental painting and his mandatory service in the South Korean military, you can find these elements in his artistry. From the presence of the traditional Korean robe to the concise formation of his sculptures, and uniformity, Suh communicates that the individual represents the whole. 

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Last chance! Just two more weekends to see contemporary painting exhibition The Forever Now and Jean Dubuffet: Soul of the Underground

[Installation view of The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (December 14, 2014-April 5, 2015). Photo by John Wronn © 2014 The Museum of Modern Art]


Luxor, 1st BETA

Finally, here is the test version. You can find all other info (known issues, install instructions, etc) in the .zip file.


  • Explorable tombs: Landmarks, graveyard catacombs and also there’s a tomb under a Late Night Club located in City of Oblivion!
  • Themed Venues: Egyptian, futuristic, grunge or sporty…
  • Population: Luxor is populated with ancient vampires, celebrities, jocks, rebels, nerds, and much more.


  • EPs: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future.
  • SP’s: High End Loft Stuff, Movie Stuff
  • Custom Content: Used.
  • Store Content: Explorer’s Loot (WA Registration Reward)


Other Information:

  • Map Size: Largest
  • Lots: 102 total, 40 residental, 62 commercial
  • Populated: 18 families (41 residents) + townies and some service NPCs
  • World Type: City (like Bridgeport)

 You can help me by:

  • Finding any issue (and if possible, fixing),
  • If I forgot anything, reporting back.

You’ll need a decent computer to run Luxor. DON’T DOWNLOAD IF YOUR PC CAN’T HANDLE IT. 


More Pictures:

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Interesting piece describes a recent solar-power study. The focus: Instead of “sprawling solar farms in wild places,” panels integrated into existing city spaces.

If solar power were installed on the rooftops and urban spaces in just the fraction of the state that’s already been developed, it could generate enough electricity to meet California’s energy needs, three to five times over.

"Integrating solar facilities into the urban and suburban environment causes the least amount of land-cover change and the lowest environmental impact," Hernandez wrote in the statement announcing the findings.

"Because of the value of locating solar power-generating operations near roads and existing transmission lines, our tool identifies potentially compatible sites that are not remote, showing that installations do not necessarily have to be located in deserts.

”In other words, we should bring the solar closer to the cities they power; onto rooftops, parking lots, and otherwise useless industrial waste sites.”

More at Motherboard.

anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting Bellarke smut prompts?? If yes, could you please please write a part 3 of the exhibitionist drabbles??? You know something about what happens when they're finally not in front of the computer?? :)

(wow i’m very pleased with the responses to these fics!) 
also, this is the final installment of this series
part one, part two

Bellamy’s bed was huge, at least twice the size of her own. They could each lay spread-eagle on the mattress and maintain their personal space with ease. It was quite fortunate, really, because it allowed for them to do what Clarke wanted, what she had whispered salaciously in his ear as he drove them to his house at breakneck speed.

Before that, of course, she had explained everything. Watching him, making the connection at the bar, growing to care for him, being utterly terrified of him finding out the truth and thinking she was crazy. He had just laughed when she was finished, all of her doubts melting away when he grabbed her hand over the console and brought it to his lips. 

Once that initial awkwardness wore off, a new feeling settled in: Lust.

It was only fitting, Clarke thought, to end this how it all started. 

Watching each other.

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Returning home for the first time after the Battle of Zaofu…. after the Colossus.. after the quick trial…. 
Kuvira promised she wouldn’t hurt the citizens of Zaofu and she probably didn’t… ( maybe a few exceptions.) Maybe a bunch of the people joined her army at that point. But I’m guessing that clearing out ALL the platinum and metal probably forced most people to leave. 
And I’m thinking it was Baatar Jr. smashing up the mansion with his mecha tank… but you know they’d blame Kuvira for it. 
All those missing photos of Kuvira, are kept in a private album. 

Earlier installments of this story line:  AF1, AF2

So in case you guys were unaware… this duck thing has become a problem! So I wanted more of Killian and his little friend; actually I want so much of them that this might become a mini series thing lol don’t judge me. I hope you’re not too attached to the finer details in the first one, because this shines some light on some finer details… Anyways in case you enjoy this and missed the first installment of my growing problem, you can find it here. More to come! (Also because I am crap and refuse to edit please ignore any of my careless errors— Love youuuuu!)

“Emma!” Killian called out, his voice echoing off of the walls in their apartment. He shrugged into his coat, listening for her reply. Emma, however, didn’t break the silence; it was disrupted by the small whistle tones emanating from the small bird climbing over the toe of his boot. Killian smiled, leaning down and secured the small bird in his hand, wrapping his hook around David gently to keep him from falling.

“Killian, it’s a vet appointment,” Emma told him as she came around the corner, pulling her hair out of the collar of her jacket. She sat down on the end of the couch, pulling her boot onto foot before glancing down at her watch. 

“We have forty-five minutes to the appointment and it takes less than five minutes to walk there,” She teased him as she righted herself, dressed and ready. She humored him, getting ready almost an hour early. Moving from the couch, she wrapped her arms around Killian and placed a light kiss on his cheek, chuckling gently when the peeping started beneath her. 

“Okay, one for you too,” Emma whispered as she leaned down, placing a kiss gently onto the soft feathers. Killian smiled and shrugged when Emma’s gaze met his, her eyes shinning with mirth. 

They made it to the vet with thirty minutes to spare. Luckily, Storybrooke was small so being early just meant an earlier appointment, and that was how Emma found herself sitting in a room with Killian, hand in hand as they awaited the return of their newly acquired pet. A piercing cry sounded through the door, making Killian’s hair stand on end.

“What do you think they’re bloody doing to David?” Killian asked through clenched teeth. Emma smiled at him as she ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his neck when she reached it. 

“Killian, two things. One, you can’t keep calling it David,” Emma hedged, nudging his shoulder with hers. He turned to hers, his mouth hanging open and mock-hurt in his eyes. Emma just rolled hers in response. 

She’s a girl, Killian,” Emma spoke slowly, as if speaking to Roland. Killian merely mimicked her eye rolling. He hesitated, his mouth opening and closing every few seconds before a hint of mischief glimmered in his eyes. 

“Well Robin can be a girl’s name, can’t it?” Killian asked, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly, revealing the light indentation in his cheek. Emma couldn’t contain her laughter at his revelation, her fingers moving to wipe at the tears forming there. Killian just watched bemused, his lip caught between his teeth. 

“Are you going to spell it the same way?” She watched as he smirked and simply nodded his eyes narrowing, daring her to try and get him to change her mind. 

“Regina is going to get a kick out of that. Robin might shoot you with an arrow.”

“When he meets her, he’ll come around. How could you be upset that something that cute shares a name with you?” was Killian’s only response. He smiled one last time before leaning back into his seat, only perking up when the doctor brought his duck back in. Emma smiled, watching how attentive Killian was as the vet went through the vitals taken. His duck was healthy. 

“What was the second thing?” Killian finally asked as they started walking, hand in hand, as they exited the vet’s office.

“What?” Emma shook her head trying to clear her thoughts, or rather clear the images. She had gotten caught up in the vision of Killian coating a duck around in his jacket’s breast pocket. 

“You said two things, you only told me one of them,” He murmured the words softly, not wanting to disturb the now slumbering duckling.  

“We need to stop and get some things. We don’t have anything to take care of a duck. If we’re going to keep her, we need some essentials.”

That’s how they found themselves at the shelter, asking for any possible information. Afterwards, they bought what they needed, and as Killian carried their multitude of purchases; Robin trailed closely behind them, chirping happily. Emma smiled, looping her arm through Killian’s, stopping long enough to scoop up their newest family member.

Honey, I Shrunk The Masterlist

(Can we take a minute to admire this title)(Just a few seconds)(I just want to pop confetti, LOOK AT THAT PUN) Alright, minions, here’s the mobilized version of the “Masterlist” page for all those unfortunate enough to be viewing my writing on their mobile devices. We pray constantly for your deliverance to a laptop. Anyways, you’ll find links to every piece of writing I’ve posted to this blog listed below by character, genre, and in chronological order with the most recent work first. Everything continued or part of a continued story line is listed on this page in groups of collective stories, and can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page with additional details such as a brief summary of each installment and the story as a whole, genre sorting (be it fluff or smut), as well as the links listed on this page. Links should open to a new page, so don’t worry about losing your place on your dashboard. Anything you want to read can be found directly below. Be free, my minions. It’s all down there waiting for you.



- "Eavesdropping" - "Damaged Goods" - "The Pit" - "A Miracle" - "Groceries" - "Use Your Words" -"Can’t Bail On Tradition" - "Preference; Keeping Warm" - "Perfect Length" - "Demon Spawn" - "Ink And Amulet" - "It Suits You" - "Gone But Not Forgotten" - "Tutor" - "A Mutual Confession" -"Ransom" - "Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)" - "Driving Miss Daisy" - "Well, This Is Awkward" - "Underwater" - "Abandon All Hope" - "Choose" - "Control" - "She’s Taken" - "You Have No Idea" - "Don’t Judge A Book" - "Save Me" - "Can’t Have Both" - "Family Don’t End With Blood" -"These Boys…"  - "Sam"


- "A Welcome Distraction" - "Silence In The Shadows" - "Wiggle Room" - "Here’s To Forever"


Continued Imagines: 9 ("Angel Radio" -/-"A New Look" - "A New Approach" -/-"Gone Without A Trace" - "Marco, Polo" -/- "Best Kind Of Liar" - "Little Blue Lines" - "Better Late Than Never" - "Home Delivery Services")


- "Uh… Mrs. Winchester?" - "Lover, Hunter, Doctor" - "Stay" - "Bubble Bath" - "Hopeless Romantic" -"Soap Suds" - "Preference; Keeping Warm" - "When, Not If" - "Different This Time" - "Heartache" -"Date Night" - "Us… Someday" - "Gone But Not Forgotten" - "Assisted Living" - "Just Studying" -"Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)" - "Honey, I’m Home" - "Broken Bottles" - "Well, This Is Awkward" - "Underwater" - "Responsibility" - "Choose" - "Preference; You’re On Your Period" - "Night Terror" - "Everything Will Be Okay" - "Waiting Up" - "Can’t Have Both" - "Doctor Doctor" - "These Boys…" -"Shortened Tempers" - "A Case Of Fetch" - "Stage Kiss" - Handcuffs” - "Dean"


- "If The Tent’s A Rockin’" - "Losing You…" - "You’re Mine" - "The First Time"


Continued Imagines: 4 ("In The Name Of The Father" - "Et Filii" -/- "Under The Spotlight" -"Lock And Key")


- "I’ll Be Seeing You" - "Prayer And Promise" - "When the Ball Drops" - "If I Had Lost You…" - "You’ll Be In My Arms" - "A Flirtation" - "Seven Minutes In Heaven" - "Under The Influence" - "Gone But Not Forgotten" - "Jump" - "Chains" - "A Heavenly Stranger" - "More Than You Can Chew" - "Bake Day" - "Stars" -"Shoulder To Cry On" - "Overprotective" - "Preference; You’re On Your Period" - "Keeping Company" -"Feeling Human" - "The Fall"


- "Like A Virgin"


Continued Imagines: 5 ("Mr. Lonely" - "Forming Habits" - "Conflicting Emotions" -/- "Come Ten Years…" - "Just A Pinch")


- "Baby, It’s Cold Outside" - "One Up" - "The Jester King" - "Prince Of Hell" - "Running With The Devil" - "A Proposition"


- "Torture Chamber"



- "Playing Doctor" - "Familiar Face" - "Too Good" - "Designated Flier"



- "From The Fire" - "Breath By Breath" - "Where Have You Been?"


- "Roll Of Thunder"



- "Overworked"


- "Walking On Eggshells"



- "The Great And Powerful Oz"



- "Watch Your Step"


Continued Imagines: 1 ("Parent Slash Guardian Angel")

Questionable Food Choices (RPG Maker VX ACE Game)

Hello! My name is Geo and for the past few days I’ve been working on my first game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I have titled it Questionable Food Choices, and you embark as a college professor (and ex mma fighter) Landon, as he journey’s through a drug-induced dreamscape where monsters and assholes await.

It’s a free game and i basically made it in about 4 days. There is maybe an hours worth of gameplay, and everyone who’s played it/ played the demo loved it.

To download the game, please click any of the text.

You will also need PRG Maker VX ACE RTP

It’s just a runtime environment,that allows you to actually play the game without having rpg maker installed.

Be careful, some of the content may trigger you.

Also, if you could, spread this around even if you don’t play it! I really want to get markiplier to play this game! So if you could help me achieve that goal I’d very much appreciate it!


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The initial artists are now confirmed for "Broadway Sings Bruno Mars, the eighth installment of the acclaimed Broadway Sings concert series. Some of Broadway’s current, brightest talents will sing completely new arrangements of the hits of funk superstar Bruno Mars, accompanied by a full band playing brand new, original orchestrations of the singer’s greatest songs. The previous sold-out shows included Adele, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Stevie WonderAmy WinehouseJustin Timberlake, and P!NK.

Performers include Nick Rashad Burroughs (Kinky Boots),Steel Burkhardt (Aladdin, Hair), Alison Case (Hands on a Hardbody, Hair), Corey Mach (Hands on a Hardbody, Godspell), Zak Resnick (Mamma Mia!), Keala Settle (Les Miserables, Hands on a Hardbody), and Joey Toranto (Kinky Boots, Rock of Ages). Additional performers will be announced at a later date.

The concert will feature cover songs to celebrate the pop singer’s iconic songs, including “Uptown Funk”, “Grenade”, “When I Was Your Man”, and “Just the Way You Are”. The music will be orchestrated and arranged by Joshua Stephen Kartes.

Bruno Mars, as a performer, writer and producer, has sold more than 130 million singles, making him one of the world’s best selling artists. Five of his singles landed on the Billboard Hot 100 since 2010, faster than any other male singer since Elvis Presley. He has received two Grammy Awards and was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2011.

"Broadway Sings Bruno Mars”, produced and directed by Corey Mach (Hands on a Hardbody, Wicked, Godspell), will celebrate the success and talent of this soulful, eclectic artist.

For tickets to the show, visit 42West is conveniently located at 514 W 42nd Street. Tickets are $30 standing, $40 seated, or $20 standing with a student ID (at the door only). $75 VIP tickets are also available, which include a meet and greet after the show.

  • Nick Burroughs (Kinky Boots)
  • Allison Case (Hands on a Hardbody, Hair)
  • Corey Cott (Newsies, Gigi)
  • John Arthur Greene (Matilda the Musical, West Side Story)
  • Alison Luff (Matilda the Musical, Mamma Mia)
  • Corey Mach (Godspell, Hands on a Hardbody)
  • Ciara Renee (Pippin, Big Fish)
  • Zak Resnick (Mamma Mia)
  • Joey Taranto (Kinky Boots, Rock of Ages)
  • Marisha Wallace (Aladdin, Something Rotten)
  • The Skivvies:
    • Lauren Molina (Rock of Ages, Sweeney Todd)
    • Nick Cearley (Pageant)

Ashland Mines
promise of echo, 2015
sound and light installation in the New Museum stairwell

Don’t miss the lovely sensation of standing at the top floor and hearing the sound play tag along the stair case arriving at your eardrums in waves. Also reminiscent of: bad sci fi movie warp speed sound effects. 

RUN Home Collection: Susan Cianciolo + Thompson Street Studio

Susan Cianciolo + Thompson Street Studio’s Run Home Collection Pop Up at IKO IKO + Building Block space

March 21 - April 11, 2015

Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk of Thompson Street Studio have collaborated with a select group of artists and designers to create this current Run Home Collection.  As long time collaborators, Susan and Kiva celebrate ideas about community, family and home space, with the very process of collaboration contributing to the story of this collection of homeware pieces.  RUN Home focuses on a range of traditional and experimental textile practices, combining quilting, weaving, silk screening and knitting, utilizing recycled fabric and dying methods. The artists were asked to realize an idea or drawing created by another, often trading works-in-progress back and forth. Participants include: quilter Coulter Fussell, Jessica Ogden of APC Quilts, Jasui Krawjeski, Zoe Latta of Eckhaus Latta, Julio Espada with photographs by Wallace Lester

The Run Home Collection installation at Iko Iko + Building Block includes a selection of quilts, pillows, home textiles, and one-of-a-kind kimono garments.

See more here:

Fallen Out of Favor snippet!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t gotten the last chapter out yet! I totally meant to do four installments over four weeks, but Real Life got in the way of getting the fourth chapter done and out. Once this show that I’m in is over (last performance is tonight! And then the cast party, where Shit Is Gonna Get Weird.), I’ll be able to devote more than 20 minutes at a time to working on it. With that in mind, here—have a sneak peek! 

Actual footage of Clarke Griffin in this particular section (and there’s a bonus Minty mention):

Leaving medical with a promise to check back in on Monty at dinner, Clarke follows the path through the maze of tents toward the little clearing where the guys split firewood. Cracks and thunks fill the air, and she can hear familiar joking and laughing. Once she steps into the clearing, she looks for Bellamy and what she sees makes her mouth go dry. 

Because he’s shirtless and sweaty with his back to her, and because it’s just her luck, she’s found him right as he swings his axe up and over his head. The bright sun and the sheen of sweat on his skin accentuate the extension and flexion of his muscles as he hauls the axe downward and splits the wood in a single blow. Miller jerks his chin at him; Bellamy looks over his shoulder, drops the axe on its head, and turns to walk over to her. There’s sweat running down his chest and stomach and Clarke yanks her eyes from where the vee of his pelvis disappears into his cargo pants. 

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Joel Shapiro, 20 Elements, 2004-2005, wood and casein, 122 × 132 × 85 inches. Installation view at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Photo by Sophie Boegly. Copyright Musée d’Orsay. All images copyright Joel Shapiro / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Michèle Gerber Klein: “Nothing you make is a statue.”

Joel Shapiro: “I’d like to think that’s true. It’s not too hard to differentiate. Of course, what I find inert, others might find meaningful. Very subjective stuff. It’s about the component of work that differentiates art from objects.”

Michèle Gerber Klein: “That’s a good question.”

Joel Shapiro: “It’s a serious issue that has to do with the capacity of the work to evoke aspects of collective experience or re-frame experience in some new way. Without that, the work becomes just some dumb statue or yet another stupid, or at best amusing, object. It’s how much can be vested in the form.”

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