31 Insanely Clever Products To Organize Your Whole Life

Magnetic Bottle Holder

These insanely strong magnetic strips allow you to hang your beer from the ceiling of your fridge, freeing up space (plus it just looks cool).

Miniature Filing Cabinet for Business Cards (or Recipes)

Have a job that involves acquiring a ton of business cards? Install this little guy on your desk. Save a lot of recipes? Put one on your kitchen counter.

KeySmart Compact Key Organizer

Get rid of your bulky, Argus Filch-style key ring and condense your keys into one compact unit. Here’s a video to show you how you attach them.

Album Genre Dividers

You can choose from over 50 different genres when you order your dividers: from blues to tropicália.

Clothespin Carrier

Attach this to your clothesline and your pins will always be within reach (plus they’ll feel so fancy in their own little gondola).

Remote Control Organizer

You’ve got a remote for your TV, your DVD player, your Wii… the list goes on and on. Stop letting them clutter up your coffee table and stick ‘em in this thing.

Houses Necklace Display

Turn your necklaces into wall art and organize them at the same time with this adorable handmade village.

GRID-IT Accessory Organizer and Tablet Pocket

A case for your tablet featuring a front constructed with woven elastic. Tuck all of your accessories under the various elastic straps, slip it into your bag, and hit the road (or the sky — this would be perfect to include in your carry-on luggage).

Motorized Tie Rack

It’s like Cher’s rotating closet in Clueless…only for ties.

Keyboard Note Holders

Have a lot of things you need to remember? Let these guys help you out. They display your reminders right where you’ll be sure to see them: on your keyboard.

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Marcius Galan 

Bandeirinha (Bunting), 2013

Inert, 2013

Intersection=0, 2013

From the series “Geometric Progression”


Marcius Galan explores the metaphorical capacities of space and our relation to it through his wide- ranging practice which includes installation, sculpture, photography and video. 

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dust2dust34 asked:

For the first time in Oliver's life, he was paralyzed.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

I’m calling this Gunshot, so if you missed an installment or want the next one, go look for #gunshot in my tags or ask me to tag you.

No. I can’t lose her. Not again. Never again.

Oliver’s arrow hit his gun in the next instant, the weapon flying across the open area. The man swung to look at him, before pulling out a device. 

“Your choice Arrow! The girl or the city? Because if you touch her, I will press this button and the vertigo will spill into the city’s water systems. Within days, the entire city will be suffering from the effects of my brother’s magnificent drug.”

Oliver hesitated. He couldn’t believe that he was even considering this. Felicity’s life for the city? There should be no choice to make.

But would she forgive him, her life for the city? If the entire city went under, Oliver knew she would rather be dead than for him to fail in his mission. She believed in him that much.    

But her time was running out. Oliver needed to make a decision. And for the first time in his low-expecations-of-living-long-enough-to-see-the-next-day life he didn’t choose Felicity.

He hated himself all the more for it. 

mylunarsolstice jedichick04 flash-smoak-and-arrowsdust2dust34



Not a Christmas Wonderland but a Hermes Wanderland. It’s all about the flânerie, which in England translates as ‘wandering’ - what Natalie and I do around Golden Square as we smoke. This exhibition comprises of 11 rooms, and installations by several different artists. To read more about it, click here, where my wandering companion Natalie explains more. 

Wanderland. Saatchi Gallery, London. April 9th- May 2nd, 2015

By Ted Stansfield

anonymous asked:

Then as he walked closer, he heard the most gut wrenching scream...


I’m calling this Gunshot, so if you missed an installment or want the next one, go look for #gunshot in my tags.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

He was outside the plant, on the north side near the river. He could hear the crossing bells in the distance. Arrow notched and halfway drawn, Oliver quickly crept closer. 

He could hear Felicity sobbing, mostly in pain but he could detect a slight note of hysteria in her voice. 

“Please don’t do this. Please don’t contaminate the water!” Felicity cried out through her pain.

“As soon as I kill your Arrow, it won’t matter. You’ll be dead and then I will get justice on this city as well. It may have been the Arrow that caught him, but it was the justice system that put him away for life”. Oliver heard a spitting sound. 

Peering around a corner, her could see them. Felicity was in a chair, her wrists rubbed red from the ropes, the twine turning orange. The man was lounging against the pipes, a gun in his fist, generally waving in her direction.

“Your brother was a killer! He killed innocent people for the fun of it and tried to say it was science!” She yelled trying to stand, but falling back into her seat, crying out from the pain coming from her hands.

“My brother was a genius! you’re going to pay for that one, little girl.” And before Oliver could let his arrow fly, the man shot her again, this time in the abdomen.

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mylunarsolstice jedichick04 flash-smoak-and-arrows dust2dust34

Last week left to catch the Moleskine project IV at @hashimotocontemporary This is an install view with top row from left by Sainer ( @sainer_edgar ) Minka Sicklinger ( @minkasicklinger) Zach Oldenkamp, ( @zoldenkamp) and Bottom row from left: Dorian Vallejo (@dorian_vallejo_art ) my work in the middle and Nimit Malavia (@nimitmalavia ) there’s a massive 70+ works to see all up. So please don’t miss out on this exhibition and make the most of your weekend by enjoying some art!

The Moleskine Project is an annual group show co-curated by @rodrigoluff and @le_ken_fraiche, the exhibit will be on view until Saturday, April 25th.

#themoleskineproject #hashimotocontemporary #sanfrancisco #artgallery #moleskine #illustration #painting #artistsoninstagram #sketchbook