For the month of August, all eBooks in our Femmes Fatales series–that means noir, erotica, and melodrama written by women in the 1920s and 1930s–will be $1.99! Throughout this month we’ll be posting about each book to get everyone stoked about these crazy cool lady authors, so here’s the first installment!  

10 Reasons why Gypsy Rose Lee is a Smart & Sexy Bad Ass

1.      She was almost as famous for her wit as she was for stripping

Lee was considered one of the funniest personalities in burlesque. Men and women both loved her for not only her sensual performances, but also her ability to poke fun at her audiences and make people laugh.

2.      She is the pioneer of modern day burlesque

Lee has influenced some of the most famous burlesque dancers today. Dita Von Teese said of Lee, “She always stood for glamour, and made quite a living well after burlesque was dead.”

3.      She wrote a best-selling memoir about her colorful life

Lee’s memoir was so wild that historians are still disputing what is fact and what is embellishment.

4.      She was a stage performer, movie star, and radio personality

In addition to being one of the most famous burlesque dancers of her day, Lee starred in 13 major motion pictures, had her own TV show The Gypsy Rose Lee Show, and her own radio show, Gypsy.

5.      Her autobiography was turned into a famous musical

Her memoir Gypsy inspired the musical by the same name that has been recognized by some as one of the greatest musicals of all time.

6.      She was never afraid to speak her mind

Lee was never ashamed to admit that she stripped and really owned her profession. She was regularly arrested during police raids of the theaters she performed in and famously defended herself saying, “I wasn’t naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight!”

7.      She fought for workers’ rights during the Great Depression

8.      She was so popular that even Eleanor Roosevelt was a fan

After Lee performed at the 1940 World’s Fair, Eleanor Roosevelt sent her a telegram that read, “May your bare ass always be shining.”

9.      She was an author who penned two mystery novels

Lee wrote two riveting mystery novels called The G-String Murders and Mother Finds a Body that were based off of her experiences in burlesque. Her novels feature a fictionalized version of herself and tell the story of two mysterious murders that she must solve in order to protect herself and those she loves. They’re captivating, witty, and sexy, just like the author!

10.   Her novels were republished by the Feminist Press!

You can get a copy of both of her novels at

MADE series ‘E’ Countdown Live translations!

So I’ve had a change of plans, checking the date of the broadcast it’ll be on a Tuesday (KST) And I won’t be at school the day after because of concert ticket presales. So I’ll be providing live translations for the last of the MADE series! 

Here’s how to tune into the broadcast on the day!

  • On August 4th, 11PM (KST) the countdown will go live on the Naver ‘V’ app. It’s an easy to use, smooth livestream host made by Naver, and the connection speeds are surprisingly okay for those who live internationally. The downside is that as of now it’s only available to Android phone users, as it is still a Beta. More information can be seen here. Everything is in English so don’t worry!
  • Once you have installed the app, you are able to sign in with Facebook or LINE. You can also log in as a guest but I’d recommend you sign in with the two options as Big Bang will be doing other varieties of broadcasting in the near future.
  • Join in the livestream 5-10 minutes prior to 11PM KST. They start playing music videos 30 minutes beforehand.

And here’s how to join in on the live translation chat: 

  • Last time we used mixlr to provide translations, and that was run much smoother than google hangouts. Here is where the translations will take place, and I recommend joining in 30 minutes prior to the livestream. You can mingle with VIPs and make new friends!
  • You can sign up by filling in basic details (it only takes around 2 minutes) or you can sign in with Facebook. 

And some rules in regards to chat!

  • PLEASE DO NOT SPAM: I will be translating in caps if this does happen. If we have multiple people smashing their keyboards in joy (as much as I understand how ecstatic you feel from these boys, trust me - I profusely sweat and shake during translations LMAO.) it’ll be easier for both me and the people in the chat if spamming was kept on a low.
  • Don’t post malicious comments!: I’ve never had this happen, but it’s better safe than sorry. 

And that’s it! I hope we have as much fun as we can as this is the last countdown in the MADE series. (Unless they do another one for the final MADE album, but that’s another story for another time.) We want this to be the most memorable and joyous time as who knows when the hell these boys will come back! Hope to see you there!!

The Professor’s Dilemma

Summary:  Professor Winchester wonders if he is really willing to do whatever he has to in order to protect his relationship with the reader. The seventh installment of my Professor Winchester series.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Professor Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 5372

Warnings: Language, Dean being an asshole

Author’s Note:  Professor Winchester’s point of view.

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Installation tutorials for n+c games and their english patches

Since a lot of people message me about doubts regarding the installation of the games and the patches, I decided to create this post with links to a few tutorials. Hope it helps!



Tumblr Tutorial

Video Tutorial (I used this one to install TnC in my notebook)

  • LAMENTO ~BEYOND THE VOID~ (for the partial english patch)

Video Tutorial


Video Tutorial

  • DRAMAtical Murder

Tumblr Tutorial

  • DRAMAtical Murder REconnect

Tumblr Tutorial

Other links that might help


Hip Hop is a Culture that has influenced a generation.


THE BOOK OF LYTE* is a collection of Poems, Prose, Prayers + Personal Narrative inspired by and dedicated to those who self identify as Women +Gender Non-Conforming MC’s. 

This work illuminates a poet’s powerful coming-of-age story during an exciting and tumultuous Hip Hop Era.


1.    Publishing + Production:
(hard copy + digital) * The Book portion of this project is 90% complete
2.    Album
3.    Art Installation
4.    Hiring Creative + Technical Support
5.    Upgrading Technical Equipment
6.    Design, Marketing + Promotion Expenses
7.    Hip Hop + Empowerment Workshops
8.    FREE Workshops + Products for Selected Youth
9.    Workshop Space Rental Fees
10.   Academic Resource Guide
11.   Rehearsal Space Rental Fees
12.   Creative + Development Retreat
13.   Multi-Media Performance Tour

for more information visit:

Tonight on your dash -

A new installment of Professor Winchester.

(photo not mine, credit to owner)

Remember, I’m on the west coast, so that’s my tonight. I am leaving for a few hours, but once I get home, I will edit and post it. I’ve been working on it all day, so I need to step away from it for a little bit to find any mistakes.

In the meantime, get caught up if you need to:  Professor Winchester series.

Scraptacular! Call for supplies! @stickersocialclub needs your art supplies! If you have any art material, scrap wood, bucket paint, cool objects. A truck! We need any of that to help build our clubhouse. We will be picking up supplies Aug. 3rd Help us build our clubhouse installation you little rascals. Email:


Izabella Bryzek’s ‘Eternal spring’: Medium:mixed media installation, 200cm x 240cm x 80cm. Wood, dried plants, plastic vases, epipremnum aureum, string, insects, collage. Images: Mateusz Tarkowski

Staffage in Landscape
Year: 2015
Solo Exhibition. Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw, May 2015.

I want to confront the viewer with an unknown space, where the borders of cognition and knowing are placed only by the observer. “Staffage in Landscape” represents a link to the natural environment – an atmosphere of apparent calm and tranquility. Residing in Nature, we are able to capture repetitive designs and schemes. Observations of similarities and structures in various processes allow us to form scientific laws, which we describe as text, numbers and images. In this context, I present the viewer with a fake landscape, frozen in a state of waiting for a narrator who can discover and describe it. The closed gallery space unifies the installations, photographs and images, which interplay with the viewer’s interpretations.

In the context of our common experiences and communal knowledge, “Staffage in Landscape” considers the relationship between man and his environment. Nature is the cradle of humankind, but it is also a potential source of disaster. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, natural epidemics and meteorites are just some of the possible daily threats. The vastness of our ecosphere and the insignificance of man often make us think that nature (of which we are a part, but from which we separate ourselves) has become our enemy. We attempt to gain control over our natural environment and its destructive powers, which terrify us. Our failures lead to fear and instability. Our successes – to forgetfulness.

Human settlements often tame their natural environment, or remove it entirely from their presence, ridding their memory of nature’s strength and their fear of it. We are the only phenomenon in the known universe that tries to fight against the abstract vastness and precision of interconnected, natural processes. Are our actions not the result of confusion? What is the longing that makes us surround ourselves with objects and images that remind us of the indissoluble connection between man and the universe? The same universe from which we continuously and paradoxically dissociate ourselves.

anonymous asked:

I need there 2 be a cat in one of ur fkn awesome aus, like the cold one or hell evn the oneshot verse. Hide/kaneki seem like cat ppl but ive never read a goddamn hidekane fic with a cat and its an outrage

Title: Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san
Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul
Verse: Adoption AU
Pairings: KaneHide
Warnings: Fwee attempts fluff, slow burn
Summary: In which Kaneki Ken adopts a cat.

A/N: Oh my gosh, Anon, I’m so sorry this was so long in coming. There was a whole mess of problems: I needed a new computer, building said new computer was a nightmare that took two weeks to complete, I knew nothing about adopting pets or cats in general, and unrelenting writer’s block. 

Honestly, this got too long and this was meant to be a short prompt fill, so I decided to make this a multiple, possibly non-chronological, installment universe that I poke every once in awhile. u vu

Special thanks to dearest waifu, babybirdblues, for letting me assault her with endless questions about adopting cats from shelters and foster homes. <3

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1. Pull over

This is the 1st of 100 installments based on this post

1. Pull over. Let me drive for a while? 

They’d been in the car for hours. Sam glanced over at his brother and could see the fatigue written all over him. He had managed to get a few hours of sleep as they made their way to the next hunt,waving Dean to do all the driving. “Hey, pull over. Let me drive for a while." 

Dean turned his head to Sam, bloodshot eyes meeting the rested ones of his brother. "Why? I’m fine.” Sam rolled his eyes, “no you’re not. You’re exhausted. Come on, dean. I’ll even leave your hair metal music on.” Dean sighed and pulled the Impala onto the shoulder of the deserted road. “Fine." 

As soon as the car came to a stop, Sam jumped out and rounded the front of the car. He opened the drivers door and gently pulled Dean out, holding his elbow when he swayed. 

"Leggo, I got it! I got it.” He yanked his arm away from Sam and used the car as support until he plopped heavily into Sam’s recently vacated seat. Sam adjusted the seat and watched as Dean tried to get comfortable against the passenger door. He sighed deeply and tugged on Dean’s hand, pulling him so his head was resting in Sam’s lap. Dean struggled sleepily until Sam rested his hand on deans head. 

“Just sleep, jerk." 

Dean sighed and let his eyes close, "bitch.”

The Role-Players guide to fixing Tumblr’s latest fuck-up.

So you’re annoyed that Tumblr has completely messed up our threading system? Me too. BUT DON’T WORRY. There’s a way to fix it. 

Step 1: If you have the old X-kit, un-install it.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Click on either Chrome or Firefox, depending which search engine you’re with. 

Step 4: Add the app that pops up. (I’m with Chrome so I’m not entirely sure how this works for Firefox) 

Step 4: Go to your new X-kit on tumblr. In the Get Extensions tab, you’ll see one called ‘Editable Reblogs’ 

Step 5: Install that shit. 

TADDAA. You can continue role-playing without that fuck-nut of an update. 

Soulmate!5sos: Michael

A/n: 3rd installment
Michael’s characteristic: matching tattoos


Every one of your friends had a tattoo on their wrist or ankle. They were dainty and there was always one other person that had the same one. This tattoo was shared with your soulmate. Your tattoo was a tiny puzzle piece located on the inside of your left wrist. This tattoo was the thing that helped you find your soulmate. 
 Years went by and you still hadn’t found him. He could be anywhere and there was nothing to help you find him except for the tiny black puzzle piece engraved into your skin. The tattoos were said to get bigger when you were near each other, to let you know that you were close to meeting. Sadly, your tattoo had never changed in size.
 One day, when you were close to giving up, the tattoo widened slightly. It was so small of an increase that only you, having stared at it for your whole life, could recognize the change. Feeling excited about the possibility of your soulmate being near you, you changed clothes and headed out to the main part of the town.
 You walked around the streets, checking your wrist every few minutes for another size change. Throughout the day, it got a little bigger, but you never found him. Later that night, you had abandoned your plan and gone to a local café. You sat by a window sipping at your coffee, watching as people walked by. 
 Suddenly, a boy with jet black hair and piercing green eyes walked into the restaurant. Your tattoo stretched out again and you knew it was him. You waited for him to turn around, and when he did, he came and sat down across from you. 
 “Hi, piece #2,” he gestured towards the tattoos. “I’m Michael.” 
 “Y/n,” you replied, smiling at him
 After you guys had talked for a little over an hour, the two of you got up to leave. Michael grabbed your hand and walked with you to the bus stop. He turned to cross the street, turning back to wave at you. You watched in slow motion as a car slammed on its brakes, swerving to avoid Michael. His head snapped to the car, half a second’s glance before it crashed into it.
 You screamed, running over to him. People swarmed around you; you heard someone calling an ambulance. But you just sat there, holding his head in your lap, sobbing quietly as he looked up at you. The tattoo began to get smaller as his breathing got shallower. Blood stained the concrete beneath the two of you, and you heard an ambulance in the distance.
 The paramedics moved you out of the way as they grabbed Michael, setting him on a gurney. You rode with them to hospital, constantly checking your tattoo, which had seemed to stabilize in size. They rushed him into surgery, leaving you sitting in the waiting room. Nurses came out frequently, updating you on his condition throughout the surgery. Finally, a doctor came to talk to you. You watched as he neared you, remaining silent. He had a grave look on his face but it wasn’t needed. The tattoo had vanished from your skin almost an hour beforehand.

hey guys im at wits end and maybe one of u can help me..

my tablet stopped working today. it still appears to connect to my computer though, so i dont believe its a cable issue. a small white light is flashing on the front next to the buttons. looking it up online, i saw i needed to update my driver. after attempts of deinstalling my old driver and installing the newest one, ive had no luck getting it to work, even after restarting my computer. i tried both my usb ports, no luck.

I even tried reinstalling my tablet software, as i still had my old software bundle disc from when i first got my tablet in 2012. I have an wacom inuos5 touch. i recently updated my mac software to OSX Yosemite, version 10.10.4. 

i dont know if this is what triggered my tablet to stop working though. i updated my software a couple days ago and my tablet worked fine right up until tonight while it stopped working right in the middle of me using it.

i tried looking at my tablet in system preferences too and it showed this:

pls if anyone is having a similar problem i would love to hear if you solved it!!