By balancing stones, artist finds peace
Canadian-born photographer and performance artist Michael Grab began exploring the ancient discipline of rock balancing in the summer of 2008 while hiking around Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado. It has since become a daily meditative practice for him, and it’s not uncommon for him to draw small crowds of spectators as he creates these meticulous, ephemeral installations.

Another installment of Tutorials with Xu Minghao.
  • Minghao:Hello viewers, angel Minghao back, I'm here to show you how to make cookie with my friend, Dino.
  • Dino:I thought you told me we were going reincarnate Michael Jackson?
  • Minghao:That isn't even possible you idiot now help me make these chocolate chip cookies.
  • Dino:I bet Michael Jackson liked chocolate cookie. *tear*
  • Minghao:*looks deep into the camera like in the office*

suspicious-meatloaf asked:

Do you have any links to personal attack stories? I am making a safety app focused on helping young women stay safe. What features on the app would you think would prevent attacks?

Well, i have installed and tried a few apps, some of these have fantastically written protocol. The problem is this, unless you have it on before any problem, it’s useless. Actual engagements of emergency happen so fast that you are not getting that phone on in time. It’s theoretically beautiful, but in actual practice worthless. just install the one from ACLU…

Behind the Scenes of the Sansûkh Podfic with HD

For a long time I have been toying with the idea of writing a “behind the scenes” installment for our post-production process, and now that we are putting the finishing touches on Chapter 2, I figured now is as good a time as any. The main difficulty is that post-production is, at bottom, incredibly tedious, and I am probably running the risk of boring y'all to tears. I invite you to keep reading, but bear in mind that there is a good chance that it’ll be so dull that you’ll want want to pull a Maedhros and jump into the mouth of the nearest available volcano.

So yes, if for some reason you’re curious, see below the cut for a blow-by-blow account of what goes into making the Sansûkh Podfic. Bear in mind this is from my perspective, and I invite the inimitable fuckthisimgoingtoerebor to add their two cents.

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Did you know? King Louis XVI had many mirrors installed in the Palace of Versailles so he could take mirror selfies

Camera & Flushing Service

Borger Underground was one of the first contractors in the City to have a camera unit. Today we have multiple pan and tilt cameras to video pipe from 100mm to 1600mm. Borger videos every piece of pipe they install in the ground to complete the CCC and FAC video requirement as per the COC specifications, which also include mandrel testing of PVC pipe. Reports are completed and submitted to clients for submission to the City.    

Borger has a combo unit (VAC Truck) that is used for flushing sanitary & storm mains prior to video.   The combo unit is also equipped with a Hydo-vac unit for daylight utilities.  

Duties of The VAC  Truck        

  • Thawing conduits
  • Cleaning concrete pipe and storm control structures
  • Repairs
  • Curb box repairs
  • Flushing culverts