Kazuhiro Hori Paintings


The paintings of Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori deftly juggle between kawaii and creepy. Each piece represents one or more of these typical student in uniform installed in sweet universe filled with candy and teddy bears, where, however, there is an atmosphere beyond depression, often related to morbid. You can follow the work of Kazuhiro Hori via Instagram, or go to the Corey Helford Gallery near Los Angeles, where he presented his works alongside those of other artists in an exhibition called Dreamlands.

Pixar’s current plan for Toy Story 4 is to make a romantic comedy that’s light on the human-to-toy interactions, as well as any direct links to the previous Toy Stories.

“It is not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3,” Morris told Disney Latino. “The third movie was over in a beautiful way and completed a trilogy.”

Morris further revealed that the fourth installments story would not launch a new story arc or franchise. Instead, he hopes to contain it to a standalone story, for now at least.



On the Wings of Freedom by Aether & Hemera

Aether & Hemera on their project:

Butterflies are the symbol of change, creativity, soul freedom, joy and colour. Their power is transformation, shape shifting and evolution.

Butterflies represent transformation and freedom across all cultures; ‘Bright Cities’ are places where people can grow culturally, socially and broaden their mind; our glowing butterflies are symbols of this potential change and  cultural evolution.

The swarm of butterflies creates an array of RGB LEDs which are individually addressable and are choreographed for rich lighting effects based on the audience interaction.

More information about the process and technology on our blog page.

"Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and swag as fuck?" — what a man said to his, I assumed, girlfriend. How poetic of him.

‘The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Has Entered Development

EXCLUSIVE: With a box office take of over $340M worldwide, The Maze Runner got off to a great start last fall becoming another film franchise for 20th Century Fox. Now, with two films already under their belt, word comes that T.S. Nowlin, who co-scripted the first movie and scripted the second installment, just sealed a deal to pen a third. All are based on James Dashner’s bestselling YA series.

The first Maze Runner, which starred relative newcomers Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee, grossed over $100M domestically and $238M internationally—well enough to introduce the property and the actors to overseas audiences. With that in pocket, the studio jumped into the second film with The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, which is in post production and is scheduled to bow September 18. Wes Ball directed both and Nowlin will get sole writing credit on the second, and has an exec producer credit. The third is called The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

There are four books in the Dashner series, the last being The Kill Order. The first film—about a boy who is has no memory that ends up in a strange world that he fights to get out of, chased all the while through a maze by robotic monsters—ended well set for a sequel. In the second film he finds himself in another unexpected reality with a government and land that is a wasteland in a fierce battle with Cranks while trying to figure out WCKD. In the third installment, the hero’s memory starts to return and he realizes that WCKD is not to be trusted. [x] [x]


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Phantom Chica's Plea
  • Phantom Chica's Plea
  • Lii's Silly Voice

While they have probably passed on before the third installment, I sort of figured that if the phantom animatrons WERE still the spirits, they would be trying to scare the guard out of Fazbear Fright (since they don’t seem to kill him)

So this recorded scenario should be obvious, Phantom Chica trying to communicate with the Guard before her jumpscare.


The Desire To not Exist | الرغبة في ان لا توجد is out now on qahwaproject’s Female Narrative issue, please do check the issue for a number of literary and artistic works by Arab creatives.

This project is my first installment for an idea I had about creating photo installations of literary excerpts that resonated with me in one way or another. This one is a quote by Tawfiq Al-Hakim, a quite notable Egyptian literary figure. I think the process of attempting to translate dialogue into photos can be conceptually interesting, specially with editing.

when the beat of my drum (meets the beat of your heart) extras: modified gym workouts

A/N: The third installment of a fic I claim to have already finished but can’t seem to stop writing about! If you’re just catching up, parts one, two and three here or on

They’ve never met at her house. Before now, it’s never seemed like anything significant to him, but that’s because he’s usually happy to see her no matter where they are, especially after a two-week stint without seeing her at all. 

(It was bound to happen eventually — she had regular evaluations to attend and piles of post-appointment paperwork that made them both cringe whenever she brought it up, so when she did get enough time to meet and work with him, it always seemed to him that she silently preferred to meet in places that didn’t make her feel like she was carrying all of her obligations with her.)

But now he wonders as he taps his thumb against the wheel, his other arm resting comfortably in his lap as the late summer breeze twists through the interior of his vehicle, whether there’s anything more to it. Now that they’ve spent the better part of the summer getting to know each other (and the more he learns about Emma Swan, the more he wants to know) he’s starting to realize their time together is drawing to a close. Potentially.

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I think people don’t question their surroundings and their heritages enough. I mean, so many people are uneducated. They don’t know where ANYTHING originated from nor what cultures rightfully possess what. You can’t simply point your finger and claim something to be yours when you don’t know one fucking thing about Some people in general show absolutely no interest in learning about their origins and what events took place during their ancestor’s lives. The woman who raised me is half South African and Brazilian and has installed this hunger inside of me to learn about cultures. She’s told me stories of her grandparents and parents and has shown me the prized traditions of her mixed cultures. She has taught me the difference between showing admiration for one’s culture and appropriating it. I just wish people took the time out to learn about the beautiful cultures and people in the world we share. I wish people didn’t strive to overthrow and conquer and ruin all the fucking time. I wish some of us could just appreciate.

The Adventures of Eydis Lokidottir: First Steps

TITLE: The Adventures of Eydis Lokidottir: First Steps


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Fluff

FIC SUMMARY: Quite literally, the title.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Well, I’m back! Ever since I wrote the epilogue to Yours Only Eydis wouldn’t stop whispering ideas in my ears. So here is the first installment to a series of one shots and drabbles featuring her adventures as she explores the world! I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think!


“Darling, what are you doing?” Loki asked when Helena walked awkwardly out of the study, her arms loaded with books. He was sitting by Edyis’ side, watching her play with blocks that he had crafted for her when the muffled banging from within the study roused his attention.

“I’ve had these books here for so many months… should return them to the library,” Helena muttered, navigating her way carefully and trying hard not to let any of the volumes fall.

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A product by a company that makes personality modules for AI and other autonomous things, people. Can be installed into anything with the right logic environment. Want your robotic personal assistant to be “cuter”?  Your air traffic control subroutine?  Your toaster?  Here you go.