Top 20 with Median annual wage (2012):

20. Electrical power-line installers and repairers: $63,250

19. Transportation inspectors: $63,680

18. Gaming managers: $65,220

17. Magnetic resonance imaging technologists: $65,360

16. Registered nurses: $65,470

15. Diagnostic medical sonographers: $65,860

14. Power plant operators: $66,130

13. Funeral service directors: $66,720

12. Nuclear technicians: $69,069

11. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: $69,300

10. First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers: $70,060

9. Nuclear medicine technologists: $70,180

8. Dental hygienists: $70,210

7. Power distributors and dispatchers: $71,690

6. Commercial pilots: $73,280

5. Detectives and criminal investigators: $74,300

4. Nuclear power reactor operators: $74,990

3. Elevator installers and repairers: $76,650

2. Radiation therapists: $77,560

1. Air traffic controllers: $122,530


If you’re looking to install a new sound system in your house, consider burying a horse skull in the floor.

According to the Irish Archaeological Consultancy, the widespread discovery of “buried horse skulls within medieval and early modern clay floors” has led to the speculation that they might have been placed there for acoustic reasons—in other words, “skulls were placed under floors to create an echo,” we read.


Undercut Ponytail for Male Elf, Human and Dwarf // Available on Nexus

About this mod: 

  • Replaces the full ponytail slot. 
  • Looks fine with no hair texture mods, but is shown here with Skara’s shiny retexture mod found here
  • May require the mod below if you want a close shave scalp. 


The default scalp of this hair is odd. If that’s what you want, excellent.

If you want the closer shave as displayed in my screencaps you must have Squid’s Sidecut installed in your game in some manner. IF you don’t already have this mod installed and it’s not a hair you desire in your game, squid suggested installing the female dwarf side cut if your inquisitor is not one. Most female dwarf NPCs are hooded. 

Other Mods used in SC

Illias Complexion by Myself
Invisible Starting Armor by GrimmPrince
Skyhold Pyjama Retexture by zwierzodudle
Human Male Skyhold Outfit Retextures by  horography
EYES by Ramccoid
Minimalist Vallaslin by bees-bees-fear 
Lush Lashes by Shosholada

Huge thanks to Squid for helping me figure out my scalp woes. 

So I made it safely to Washington DC, but the Internet connection isn’t going to be installed until Friday, so my postings will be limited based on Wi-Fi availability. Once I get somewhere where I can use my laptop, I might do a write up of my trip, if anyone’s interested.

I installed Windows 10 two days ago. Everything was fine yesterday. I did try to reinstall Origin, but starting up the installer itself gave me the same error. I tried running Sims 4 directly from the .exe, also the same error. Apparently I’m missing MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll…

What the flip? ;-;


All images: Philippe Parreno, Danny The Street, 2015 (details). Exhibition views “Philippe Parreno H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS”, Park Avenue Armory, New York. Courtesy Pilar Corrias, Barbara Gladstone, Esther Schipper. Photo: © Andrea Rossetti. Used here by kind permission. All rights reserved.

Philippe Parreno - Hypothesis

Over the last twenty years Parreno has redefined the experience of the exhibition exploring the possibilities beyond the presentation of single artworks. He conceives his exhibitions as choreographed spaces that follow a script where a series of events unfold. Re-launching the tradition of the avant-garde artist engaged with many cultural disciplines, his work attracts large audiences of different backgrounds and interests. His practice – that spans a diversity of media including film, video, sound, writing and drawing – has always explored the borders between reality and its representation utilizing the vocabulary and means typically associated with a variety of media such as radio, television, cinema and, recently, information technology. Parreno also questions the concept of authorship and has worked in collaboration with many highly influential artists, architects or musicians. Read more

Look out for these floating around Glasgow and packed in your mailorder soon! For the next install at Good Press, Mirjam Jacob and Paul McKee will present new works in ‘Irreplaceable Encountrs’. There will be book launches for both artists with editions released by Verdrusz Books, as well as another Verdrusz release, the long overdue, long talked-on bootleg of “Asphyxiating Culture” by Jean Dubuffet.

'Irreplaceable Encountrs’ by Mirjam Jacob & Paul McKee opens on Saturday 29th August - 3-6pm. ALL WELCOME!

'til then, come see 'A slowly built burner’ up until 14th August!

More and more on all of this…

allsamallthetime replied to your post:i like windows 10 

It’s good? I’ve been delaying installing it cos it will take a while and I won’t have my computer during that time. But you’d recommend? I like Windows 8.

I usually love changes, so I love this one as well. it’s similar in most ways but the things that annoyed me on 8.1 are improved (the ‘start’ menu for example) it’s like- they took the good from 7, and the good from 8, added some and made it better. it’s not a major change, and it’s really convenient. 

The start menu (hebrew here :D) you can have direct links to whatever you want, and also you have direct links in ‘favorites’ idk. i really like it! 


Tumblr Monday 89

Margriet Smulders (b.1955, Netherlands) - Siren Ink / Siren Milk (2010)

“Endless garlands of flowers curled around the borders of my note pads when I was a school girl. And thousands of roses were cut out from my mother’s gardening books. At the Academy of Arts, flowers as large as life were painted on my canvasses. There were always flowers. They flourished in the self-portraits of the eighties and grew bigger in the flower wallpapers made in the nineties.” Margriet Smulders is a Dutch photographer of floral still lifes. She attended the Radboud University Nijmegen from 1974 to 1983 and the Academy of Arts in Arnhem from 1979 to 1985. Many thanks to arpeggia for introducing us Margriet Smulders on the first Monday of 2013 :)

[more Margriet Smulders | Tumblr Monday with arpeggia]

“Writers fish for the right words like fishermen fish for, um, whatever those aquatic creatures with fins and gills are called."
-Jarod Kintz

#knitteapolis #yarnbomb #installationart #randomactofkindness #minneapolis #knittersofinstagram #urbanknitting #streetart #urbanartist #mnnice #publicart #twincities #minnstagramers #fiberartist #knit #MN #ExploreMN #knitbomb #yarnbombing #graffiti #knitting #onlyinMN #IGERSMINNESOTA #mplsart #minnesotaontap #support_MN_artist #mnartist (at YOGA Garden)

Photo taken at my #AlienCampsite #yarnbomb installation on the #DavyBrown #Trail in #LosPadresNationalForest above #LosOlivos #California back in February by Susan Bell Photography (@sbaquaholic) before Mother Nature ripped through the canyon with high winds later that night. 7 months of preparation for 36 hours on exhibit. Such is life.

Feel free to share. Shout out if you see your contribution.

#fiberart #installationart #streetart #SantaBarbara #art #alien #mountains #outdoors #outsideplay #solvang #goleta #805 #hiking #nature (at Davy Brown Trailhead)


Anne Lindberg (USA)

Anne Lindberg’s recent work essentially redefines space using thread. Bordering the definintion of architecture and sculpture, Lindberg allows color and light to manipulate the hundreds of millimeter-thick strands to create a web – a three-dimensional volume affixed to the architecture. Each of her pieces is specific to the place in which it is situated, no two identical based on the architecture, its lighting conditions and the space’s use. The pieces are architectural in so far as they are “contextual and integral to the space”, she says. (src. ArchDaily) © All images courtesy of the artist

[more Anne Lindberg]