MakerBot Makes It Even Easer to Set Up Your Own 3D Printing Lab

MakerBot is now offering a new package for its popular 3D printers called the Starter Lab aimed at making set-up of a 3D printing lab for organizations and schools even easier. The package comes with everything you would need to make a 3D printing lab come to life including hardware, materials and accessories, software and support.

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Elisabeth by Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze, presented bycozcat.

This is the fourth installment of the Watch With Me: Musicals series where we watch/listen to a musical, talk about what we like, don’t like, characters, audition songs, analysis, best songs, worst songs, everything!  Think of it as a book club for musicals! Click here to find out more and get involved, everybody is welcome!

Playwright and lyricist: Michael Kunze

Composer: Sylvester Levay

(Note: They together also did the musicals Mozart!, Rebecca, and Marie Antoinette.)

Summary: This show follows Elisabeth of Austria, often known as Sisi, from her childhood and betrothal, all the way through her death, with the human form of Death waiting and Luigi Lucheni, her murderer, watching.  

Premiere: Vienna, 1992, with Pia Douwes as Elisabeth and Uwe Kröger as Der Tod - they have since reprised these roles twice together (Essen 2001 and Berlin 2008)

Languages: German (original), Dutch, Japanese, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Korean 


  • The show is performed in Takarazuka, which is a Japanese theatre form where all roles are played by women.
  • Multiple actors have performed their roles in languages aside from their own - Pia Douwes (Dutch) originated Elisabeth in German and Dutch; Mátè Kamaras (Hungarian) has played Der Tod in Hungarian, German, and Japanese.
  • The show recently toured Shanghai being performed in German with subtitles.  It is now touring Germany.
  • Here’s a link to an in depth history of Elisabeth, the historical figure!

Video: (English subtitled version) (Unsubbed of Pia’s Derniere) (Hungarian Production with English Subtitles) (Eight Elisabeths in Seven Languages) (Takarazuka clip) (Pia Douwes singing I Belong To Me) (Pia Douwes and Willemijn Verkaik singing Mijn Leven Is Van Mij at Musicals in Concert 2014) (Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger performing Wenn ich Tanzen Will

Audio: (Vienna 1992 Cast Recording) (Essen 2001 highlights)

Photos: There are so many gorgeous photos out there, this is just a small selection of them.  Definitely check out more, it’s pretty stunning.

(Roberta Valentini) (Roberta Valentini) (Maximilian Mann and Roberta Valentini) (Maximilian Mann and Roberta Valentini) (Roberta Valentini) (Maximilian Mann and Roberta Valentini) (Roberta Valentini) (Annemieke van Dam) (Ensemble) (Ensemble) (Annemieke van Dam and Mark Seibert) (Annemieke van Dam and Mathias Edenborn)  

Enjoy!  Give it a listen/watch and share your thoughts under the tag #wwmmusicals before next Friday, and I will do the same!  I know this musical can be a bit daunting for those of us who only speak English, but I’ve heard great things about the subtitled videos, so give a chance! If you already know the musical, I still encourage you to post your thoughts on it.  Some things to get your mind going: Do you like the musical or not? Why?  Favorite songs?  Favorite lines?  Least favorite songs? Are there any roles for you? Potential audition songs? How much would you LOVE to see it on Broadway! Have you seen it before? Perhaps you want to link a recording from another actor you love performing in the show or covering a song? What do you think of the composer? Why do you think it’s important? And whatever else you may find interesting about it!  Get your posts up, and we’ll get the conversation rolling! 

Thank you again cozcat for providing so many resources for this musical.  Send her some love, guys!  If anybody would like to present a musical for #wwmmusicals, shoot me a message with the musical you’re interested in presenting!


Redneck Chic Willow Creek Renovation Project: Bayou Diablemarais

"Strange things happen in that Bayou at night. If it weren’t for the chicken fried steak and fishing holes I wouldn’t get anywhere near this place." -Mortimer Tibideaux

Welcome to the second installment of my Redneck Chic WIllow Creek Renovation project. I’m going to be upfront and say I won’t be posting a ton of links in this post like I normally would. I’m kinda exhausted and wanted to post this before catching some ZZZ’s.  You can find most of the links to the relevant CC here and here, and here.  I’m also still dealing with that massive headache from yesterday. It might be eyestrain.

Bayou Diablemarais (or Devil Swamp -it’s French) was a huge build, at least landscape-wise. I think I spent the better part of a day just hiding the edges of the pool and the seven fishing ponds  with foliage. It’s a 50x50 lot so there was lots of room to play with, and the pool is without question the biggest one I’ve made to date.  I was surprised to learn via experimentation that I could add trees and lily pads to a pool which really give it that bayou/swamp vibe. 

Thanks to Budgie2Budgie I am also learning Simlish so the neon sign actually reads “Bayou Diablemarais”.  Extra nerd points for me I guess.

There a a lot of Easter eggs to discover in this build, so if you’re interested in downloading it to give it a look see just visit my JoeDoughnut gallery. Be sure to have “include custom content” toggled and search for it using the hashtags #swamp, #bayou, #redneckchic or #JoeDoughnut.

Next up: The Angry Bear Drive-In Movie Theater

Have fun :)!




Fans of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit film series can now purchase the final installment,The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies, from the iTunes Store. The digital release comes a full three weeks before the movie’s March 24 release on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Battle of The Five Armies is the final installment in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It follows hobbit Bilbo Baggins and a company of dwarves as they try to reclaim the dwarves’ home of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain.

Anyone who pre-ordered the movie should find it available to watch in their library on the Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV. There are a number of iTunes Extras included in the HD release of The Battle of The Five Armies, including behind the scenes documentaries and an exploration of the connections between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

ON VIEW @ SculptureCenter

In Practice: Under Foundations

Featuring newly commissioned works by Rosa Aiello, Mary Walling Blackburn, Nanna Debois Buhl, Catherine Czacki, Ben Hagari, Sol Hashemi, Madeline Hollander and Alexandra Lerman, Janelle Iglesias, Ryan Johnson, and Xu Wang. 

Sol Hashemi, Untitled (Quick Release), installation view, In Practice: Under Foundations, SculptureCenter, 2015.
 Dye sublimation print on aluminum, tubing copper, and American Mustang power cable.
 Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Jason Mandella

Friday fiveeeee

1 ~ I just had 4 Oreos for breakfast. Because why not. And usually when I decide to have cookies or Oreos for breakfast, I have way more than 4. So I’m hoping this is progress of some kind. 4 is all I felt like eating.

2 ~ Our new computer that we ordered last month finally shipped and is expected to arrive on Tuesday!!! Yayayayayayyyyyy. It will be Shawn’s main computer and I’ll get the one he uses now which will be great for me and he bought a 1 TB hard drive for me so we can just take the old one out that has all his junk on it and put in a fresh one for me. So excited!!! The only thing we don’t know is if we’ll have to buy Windows 7 again or if we’ll be able to install the one he already has back on there with a new hard drive.

3 ~ Last night I played Spore and spades. Fun times! My creature in Spore is coming along sort of interestingly and cutely lol. Maybe I’ll post a pic of what I have so far on here. I gave it kitty ears. :3 And when I played spades, Shawn played with me on pogo and I earned a badge so that was fun. We totez pwned those bots!

4 ~ I don’t want to work tomorrow. Fffffffffff. But I can’t call out and I really should work because I’ve had the past THREE weekends off. I meant to work last weekend but couldn’t since I had just gotten a bad infection near my ear. But this weekend, I am feeling much better and ready to go to work. I’m kinda scared my uniform may not fit right because I haven’t worn it in 3 weeks :/ and always eat too freaking much, ugh!

5 ~ I want today to be a watch soaps and play pogo games kind of day. Sounds super fun. :)

Happy Friday, y’all!!!!


Army Reservists swapped their day jobs to hone their skills on the battlefield this week as part of a 400-strong battlegroup exercise.

Soldiers of the Queen’s Own Yeomanry (QOY), light armoured reconnaissance regiment, joined Exercise Wessex Storm for several days on a bitterly cold and waterlogged Salisbury Plain.

On operations the QOY often deploy well in front of other friendly forces to gather intelligence on the enemy, and this exercise tested their ability to do just that. It saw them using the powerful and agile Land Rover WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit).

Ex Wessex Storm, a two-week-long simulated mission against a fictional enemy, was staged over two exercise areas: Salisbury Plain and STANTA in Norfolk. It has created a dramatic and realistic test for the soldiers involved, complete with Apache attack helicopters, light artillery guns and mortar fire.