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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 5 Movie Storyline
Fifth and final episode of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito.  Though originally planned as a four-chapter series, it was announced by the producer Yoshitaka Kawaguchi at the premiere day event in Tokyo that the unscheduled fifth chapter titled “Itoshiki Monotachi e” (To Beloved) was already in the works as the final installment of the series for a 2015 fall release.

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Release Date : 2016-02-06

« Tout est possible » : un franco-graffiti à Toronto

Est-ce un franco-graffiti? Du vandalisme? Ou un simple message qui se veut une source d'inspiration? L'expression « tout est possible » peut être lue sur plusieurs surfaces à Toronto depuis au moins 2011. Mais l'auteur de ces oeuvres demeure anonyme.

Un texte d'Eve Caron

C'est en lettres attachées et minuscules que l'auteur veut passer le mot : « tout est possible ». L'inscription apparaît souvent sur des murs de briques, mais aussi sur d'autres installations à Toronto.

L'origine du graffiti de langue française demeure cependant un mystère. Personne dans la communauté des artistes graffitis de la métropole ne semble connaître l'identité de celui ou celle qui inscrit l'expression sur diverses installations de la Ville Reine. Il pourrait aussi s'agir de plusieurs auteurs : après tout, tout est possible!

L'artiste torontois Paul Aloisi, qui enseigne aussi à l'Université OCAD, souligne que les inscriptions sont bien différentes des graffitis que l'on voit normalement à Toronto en raison du message et de la calligraphie utilisée pour l'exprimer. Il souligne que souvent, ceux qui font des graffitis s'envoient des messages entre eux.

Une simple recherche en ligne démontre que Toronto n'est pas la seule grande métropole où « tout est possible » est inscrit sur des murs, murets et autres surfaces.

Avez-vous vu « tout est possible » près de chez vous?

Comme on ne connaît pas l'auteur de ces oeuvres, il est difficile de déterminer avec certitude combien d'inscriptions « tout est possible » se retrouvent à Toronto. Voici cinq sites repérés par Radio-Canada.

Ne pas essayer à la maison

La Ville de Toronto confirme cependant que l'auteur de ce graffiti n'a pas obtenu la permission des fonctionnaires municipaux pour son oeuvre. Ces inscriptions seraient donc considérées comme étant des actes de « vandalisme », selon un porte-parole de la ville, qui ajoute qu'aucune enquête n'est en cours parce que personne n'a porté plainte.

Harry Styles: Pregnancy Series

Pregnancy Series #4 - News (Part One). 

(Word Count - 4, 998)

Thank you for being so patient with me, my loves. I know I promised for Friday but I really wanted to get that Daddy Louis piece of writing up for you so we could all share some Louis feels. Haha. ;) Here we have the next instalment for the Pregnancy Series - telling the families and telling the boys. I think this one will be split into two since this one is already around 6k words long. So, this part if where Harry and the missus tell Harry’s family and then the next bit will be when they tell the missus’ family and the boys as well. xx




“Are you ready, love? We’ve got to be at the GP’s office in 20 minutes,” Harry stated, his knuckles knocking upon the wooden door barricading him from entering the bathroom where you were stood beside the sink. A brush in your hand as you brushed through the knots of your hair before pulling it back into a ponytail at the back of your head, a smile on your lips as you reached for the hairband Harry had left on the vanity counter after his shower that morning. “Baby? You alright in there?”

His voice was filled with concern. It had been like that for the past two weeks, ever since you’d stepped through the threshold after your doctor’s appointment with June two weeks ago. He’d been checking up on you, texting you to make sure you were okay when out shopping for groceries and food products, always making sure you were comfortable upon the sofa – even if you were tying your shoelaces – and he was forever there by your side to make sure nothing problematic could get in your way. His vow to you was coming into place and at times, you felt that he was becoming a little to overprotective and he was crowding you by making sure you were okay throughout periods of the day; yet at other times you felt loved. Loved by the fact he was sticking to his promise and making sure he was going out of his way to make you feel okay and worrying more about you and your growing yet tiny baby rather than himself. Loved at the fact he would much rather be with you at home and making sure your needs were met rather than going out with Grimmy or Ed or the rest of the London crew or even the boys – though each and every one who would be there during your nights out were welcome at your home, as long as a call was made before so you and Harry could prepare for company.

“Just coming. Are you ready? Have you eaten? Have you washed? Have you been to the toilet? I don’t want you walking out of the room because your bladder is too weak,” you teased, tightening your ponytail before sighing out heavily. You dropped your head down, your chin mere inches from your chest as you eyed at your belly – a belly that was beginning to feel bloated and, when you weren’t covered over with clothes and you gave your belly a proper look over, a small bump was visible. Which was an advantage to you because out and about, your belly was hidden and your baggy outfits and some of Harry’s t-shirts were becoming more of use. “I’m serious. I can sense a smirk on your lips, mister.”

“I’m not smirking. But, I do need another wee. I had a cup of tea while you were in the shower and it’s catching up on me,” he laughed, and by the sound of a thud against the door, you could only guess his forehead was resting against the wood. “Hurry up, woman. I might piss my pants any minute,” he grumbled. Your fingers moved to the door, unlocking the lock and pulling it open to reveal Harry standing there with his eyes trained to you. “You look beautiful. How are you feeling today? Any morning sickness striking upon you?”

“I feel great, H. I promise. I had a bit of an iffy stomach this morning but it passed. I had to nick your glass of water though,” you smiled, brushing your hands over his shoulders to remove the crumbs of toast lingering beneath the tips of his hair. “Honestly, I hope our baby doesn’t have your messiness, mister. I feel like I’m already looking after one child,” you teased, giggling when his hands wrapped around your wrists. His rings cold against your flushing skin. “Go and pee. We can’t afford to be late. We’re meeting our midwife so we need to set a good impression on them,” you smiled, standing up on your toes to press a kiss to your husbands freshly shaven cheeks.

With June being your regular GP, she was there for you for whenever you felt sick or when you felt something wasn’t going right – just like she was there for Harry whenever he needed an appointment or when he went for annual check-ups. And with the pregnancy now taking place, she had offered to book you in for hospital appointments every few weeks with a midwife to get you up to date on the baby’s development, and to make sure you were feeling okay and happy and healthy with the changes going on in your body.

“I’ll be two seconds, okay? Go get in the car and get comfy,” he suggested, pressing a kiss to your forehead and letting his lips linger against your skin. His cologne was strong and filled your nose with the Tom Ford scent you had grown to love over the years, and it was a smell you’d find anywhere throughout the house – his t-shirts and hoodies when you wanted to snuggle under his clothes, his blanket from his mother when you felt cold and needed warmth, or even his pillow that you snuggled up to when he was away from months on end for touring; or even when he was out at the weekends. “I’ll meet you in the car.”

With one last kiss to your lips, he shuffled around you and proceeded to go about his business, the last thing you heard being the clink of his belt buckle as he undid the buckle and pulled apart the button from the button hole at his waistband of his jeans.

As you jogged down the stairs, you reached for the car keys and the house keys and slid them into the pocket of your hoodie adoring your upper half, the metal of the keys tinkling against the screen of your phone that was previously in your pocket. You made one last run around the lower half of the house, taking longer in the kitchen as you took a sight of the plate left in the sink from Harry’s breakfast along with crumbs sitting upon the counter top, and a mug of now cold tea still sitting on the edge of the breakfast bar with a rim of tea settling around the bottom of the mug. It was typical Harry – a messy man like any other, but he was one to obey when told to clean his mess up, especially if it was his mother or you who had demanded for him to clean.

With footsteps being heard coming down the stairs, followed by a whistle of a tune you were unfamiliar with, you left the kitchen and stood in the hallway with your arms folded across your chest.

“I thought you were in the car,” he smiled, running his hands through his hair and ruffling up the strands loosely before letting them fall back into their original place on top of his head, cascading down the sides of his face. “Come on. Fifteen minutes until our appointment. I’m excited to final get to be able to talk about the baby and see how she’s developing,” Harry cooed, striding across the carpeted floor before he stood in front of you with his fingertips hooking beneath your hoodie 

“She, hm?”

“Yeah. I can see us having a little girl, ya’know? A little princess, as Niall would put it,” he smiled, tickling his cold fingertips across your skin. “Just think, our baby is growing inside of you right now, feeding off of you and growing into a precious little human being that’s a creation from a night filled with love,” Harry whispered, his voice slow and accentuated and full of care and curiosity. And by his facial expressions every time he was able to speak about the baby, it just showed the love and care and excitement he had for a baby that was barely even a formation of a human being right now.

“A daddy’s girl? I can see it happening now,” you grinned, resting your forearms on top of his shoulders and hooking your fingers into the strands of hair at the nape of his neck. “I love you. I’m so, so glad we’re doing this next chapter of our life together.”

“Me too, love. Me too. I expected you to run off a few weeks after the honeymoon, you know that?” He teased, nudging his nose against yours. A smack to his arm was what you’d given in response, a grunt leaving his lips as he pulled a hand from beneath your hoodie and rubbing at the patch you’d playfully swatted at. “Hey, now. I was joking,” he laughed, “Precious baby, mummy’s abusing daddy. Did you see that, hm? Mummy’s not a big fan of daddy’s jokes, you see? But, I’m sure I can get you giggle when you hear them, precious,” Harry cooed, dropping to his knees as he carefully lifted up your hoodie with his wrist.

“Harry, we’re going to be late for the appointment,” you smiled, brushing your fingers through his hair. “We’ll have plenty of time to chat with the baby when we get back home. But right now, we have an appointment to be at.”

* *

“Mrs. Styles, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Sophie and I’ll be your midwife for your pregnancy. I hope everything’s been going well,” Sophie smiled, a clipboard in her hand with a pen hooked to the pocket of her blue hospital dress beneath her name tag. A smile was big on her face and she seemed filled with excitement, and in some ways, you couldn’t blame her. She had a job where she got to deliver babies in the world, and she got to enjoy the emotions all of the parents would have when they conversed about developments of their babies, and in your instance; she seemed excited to be working and accompanying you and your husband throughout your pregnancy, because it wasn’t everyday somebody could assist Harry Styles and his wife through something so life changing as having a baby. “Mr Styles, it’s an honour to meet you too. I’m a big fan,” she smiled, as Harry shook her hand with a smile.

“I’m glad. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sophie. We’re honoured to have you as our midwife, love,” Harry smiled, as another nurse in the room brought in a chair over to the side of the bed you were sitting upon.

“How is everything going with your pregnancy then? If I have recalled correctly, you must be around 6 weeks along in your trimesters so we’re halfway through your first trimester. Now, this is always the stressful trimester and especially for first time mothers, and even fathers. How is everything going?”

You looked to Harry with a smile as he took a hold of your hand and laced his fingers through your own.

“Everything’s really good. I mean, I had a really bad couple of days with morning sickness but both of our mothers had told us that that was normal in the first few weeks. And I’ve been more tired than normal and I’ve been needing to go to the toilet a lot more often, but, everything’s going really well, I think,” you grinned, turning your attention to Sophie who was jotting down notes on the paper clipped to the clipboard resting on her knee. “My morning sickness has almost died down completely. I just feel a bit nauseated through the mornings so I just try to take my mind off of everything. And Harry’s been pretty good with my hormone changes and mood swings,” you giggled, squeezing Harry’s hand absentmindedly.

“That’s all completely normal to experience. Everything is sounding great so far, Mrs. Styles,” she smiled, placing her clipboard upon the small desk beside your bed and looking towards the other nurse that was situated within the room. “This is just a first visit so we’re not going to go into too much detail about the further months to come. We’re just going to make sure you understand information like vitamin supplements and making sure you know the nutrition changes and food diets you need to be on throughout your pregnancy to make sure everything goes swell with the nine months passing,” Sophie added, turning her attention from the other nurse to your and Harry. “Are you a smoker at all?”

You shook your head softly and dipped your head to your chest as you shuffled upon the edge of the bed and laid yourself down, your ankles crossing.

“I suggest that you try and lessen your nights out and making sure you don’t intake a lot of alcohol and try to keep away from those who smoke quite a bit,” she reasoned, reaching for a pamphlet sitting in the drawer of the desk. “This little leaflet is to give you any information on what to do if you’ve had any family illnesses going around in either side. It’s always possible to be passed down through the genes and one of you may be a carrier of that disease, however, it’s rare to happen if your family health is regular and consistent,” Sophie smiled, her head turning round to where the nurse was bringing in the ultrasound machine, flicking off the main light of the room.

“We’re having a – Is it possible to see the baby now then? If we’re getting an ultrasound?” Harry questioned, his bottom lip pinched between his thumb and fore finger. “They’re visible already? At 6 weeks?” He asked, curiosity lacing his voice.

“They are. They’re just a small smudge at the moment, however, they are beginning to grow ears and eyes and their internal organs are forming,” Sophie explained. “You’ll be able to talk to them now and they’ll be able to get accustomed to your voice and (Y/N)’s voice and even your family’s voices. Just try and get involved with the baby and talking to them,” she added, as the nurse handed her the rod for the ultrasound.

“Are we ready to see Baby Styles then?”

You looked to Harry with a smile on your lips, your eyes widening as he nodded excitedly. His hands were beginning to grip onto your tighter; the hand holding your hand was tight against your fingers and the hand he had resting on your calf was beginning to get tighter, his knuckles turning a slight shade of white.

“We’re ready,” Harry whispered.

“Now, this is going to be slightly cold on your tummy, but, don’t worry about that. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a heartbeat and hear your baby for the first time,” Sophie smiled, as you lifted up the hem of your hoodie and let it sit beneath your breasts, your slight baby bump on show; enough to make Harry smile. “Oh look, a little bump already. That’s a sign of a healthy baby, I’m telling you,” she smiled, oozing some gel upon your skin and using the rod in her other hand to smooth it around your skin.

As you watched the screen intently, you couldn’t help but hear Harry’s jagged breathing from beside you, his hand tightening in your hold as Sophie brought up just where your baby was settled inside your belly, a small white smudge around the middle of the screen coming into clear view.

“Now, here is Baby Styles. Right here,” she stated, her pointer finger tapping against the ultrasound screen where the smudge was clear. “If you see the black dots here, those are your baby’s eyes forming. Yeah, I’d say you’re around the late 6-week mark,” she smiled, looking over to you and Harry. Smiles on your faces. “I’ll let you settle with this whilst I go and print a couple of prints off, and then when I come back, we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat if you want.”

And with that, your midwife stood from her position on the chair and proceeded to walk from the room to leave you and your husband in awe of the screen.

“That’s- That’s our baby, (Y/N). We’re having a baby. It’s a baby,” Harry cried, a tear dribbling down his cheek as you looked across to him. His bottom lip was trembling and his nose was sniffling softly as he kept his eyes locked on the screen in front of you both. “That’s our baby,” he whispered wetly, his voice scratchy and raw and you couldn’t help but tear up at the sound.

“Harry, we’re having a baby,” you whispered, bringing his palm to your lips and nudging your nose against his knuckles. “We’re parents, H. A mummy and daddy.”

A cry left his throat as he locked at you with tear-filled eyes.

“Thank you so much. Thank you. I love you so much, you have no idea, (Y/N). You’re so great and we’re going to be such great parents,” he whispered, standing up and pushing the chair out as he cupped your face in his hands. “I love you. I love you so much. We’re going to do this together and we’re going to be great at this whole thing,” he added, pressing his lips to yours. “Mummy and daddy. That sounds so great off the tongue.”

* * 

“You know what we should do, love?” Harry started, your legs kicked up into his lap as he kneaded his fingertips into your heels. “We should take a trip to Cheshire tomorrow. Quick stop to see mum and Robin, and I believe Gem’s gone back this week to see her. We should go and see them, what do you say?” He suggested, turning his head to look at you, your eyes still tuned to the old The Big Bang Theory episode replaying on the TV screen. A smile lifted the corner of your lips as you gave him a soft nod. “Only if you’re up for a drive. We don’t have to. We can always get them down here in the next couple of days.”

“No. It’ll be good to get some country air,” you smiled, groaning as Harry dropped your foot to his lap. You turned your head to look at him. “It’ll be nice to see your mum and Robin again. And we can tell them the news now. Now we know for definite that there’s a baby growing in here,” you grinned, patting at your belly.

“They’ll be thrilled, babe. I can see it now. Mum won’t stop chatting about the baby once we tell her, I’m telling you.”

“That’s a good thing. Neither will be my mum,” you laughed, swinging your legs from his lap and sitting upright beside him. “I’m just glad we’ve got all this support; you know? Your mum is amazing, my mum is just half an hour away and the boys are bound to be as supportive as our families. I know for a fact they’ll be so excited to have a new baby around,” you added, resting your head upon his shoulder.

“It just means we’ll get to see everyone more,” Harry smiled, placing an arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. “So, we’re definitely going to Cheshire tomorrow, yeah? Early start n’all that, so, how about we head up to bed? Have a shower and relax and then we can have a sleep and get ready for a long drive.”

“I guess. Let’s go. I could use a shower.”

* *

As the car pulled up into the driveway of Harry’s old childhood home, you could sense the anticipation to get out of the car sifting through Harry’s veins. It had been a while since the two of you had travelled to Cheshire to visit his family, and it was always a great place to go whenever you needed a getaway from the busy city life in London. Whenever you suggested a trip away, Harry was always up and ready to go to Cheshire no matter what the time was. He didn’t care whether you came or whether you stayed because it meant he got to see his mother and his step-father without a care in the world of being spotted and papped by the media to have stories written about his time on the down low.

He felt a sense of freedom when he came back home. Driving down the same streets he used to walk down on his way to school, and seeing the fields he used to play football in during his childhood, and catching sight of the shops he used to shop in for his mother when she asked him to gather the groceries for dinner that night. He felt his childhood coming back to him and he felt young at heart and like no matter where he went, Holmes Chapel was always the place to bring him back down to earth when things got too tough to handle.

He always wondered why that’s why his mother chose to stay back rather than agreeing to his offer of buying a home in London for her, just so he could be close to her. So he could be there when she called him, or when she needed something to help her with a chore, or whether she just wanted a catch up with her son, or even Gemma, in that case. With him being so far away, he felt he couldn’t do anything – and Harry was one to make sure everyone was okay with any situation.

“Ready? Do you have the sonogram copies? It’s too late now if you’ve forgotten them. I’m not driving back home,” he laughed, pulling the keys from the ignition and hooking the ring around his finger. He smiled as you patted at your bag, sliding your phone into the pocket. “Let’s go and get swaddled by my mother shall we?” He chuckled, opening his car door and swinging his legs out, letting his boots touching the gravel beneath the car.

As you climbed out of the car, you could hear the front door opening followed by a soft gasp and a laugh as Anne came into view with a mug of tea in her hands and a towel wrapped around her washed hair. Gemma was stood in the window of the living room, waving her hands as Robin stood beside her and by where you were walking up the path, you could make out a deep chuckle coming from inside.

“Hello, my sweet boy. Oh my goodness, what are you both doing here? We weren’t expecting you,” Anne laughed, as she threw her free arm around you and pulled you into a warm hug. “Hello, sweetheart. I’ve missed you. How have you been? Have you been okay? Come in, come in. Let’s get you warm. Cheshire’s been a bit cold recently,” she cooed, as Harry made his way up the garden path with a small suitcase the contained your clothes for the few days and a couple of his shirts bundled up, as well as some toiletries stuck at the bottom. “If you told me you guys were coming, I would have done up the spare room. It’s full with our old stuff and things we’ve been meaning to get rid of at the dump,” Anne laughed, as you and Harry followed her into the house, a bang coming from behind Harry as he closed the door with his foot.

“It’s alright, mum. We thought we’d just pop in a pay a visit. We’ve got some news to tell you,” he grinned, kicking off his boots and letting them fall to a heap beside the hallway desk. He dropped his bag to the bottom of the stairs as you followed his mother into the kitchen, the smell of apple pie and cake filling the atmosphere. “We thought it would be a nice way to come and tell you. If we visited and had a couple of day away from the hectic London life,” Harry added, his voice muffled from the two of you being in different rooms.

“Some news, eh? What could this news be, I wonder?” Gemma grinned, standing in the hallway between the kitchen and where Harry was standing. “What could this news be? Tell me now. Tell your big sister,” she smirked, sipping at the mug of coffee in her hands.

“If we have you all sat down, we’ll tell you together,” Harry reprimanded, stepping into the living room where Robin was sat in the arm chair in the corner of the room. A room that was still decorated the same from when he’d visited back in the X Factor days when he brought the boys back home to socialize together. “It’s pretty big news, so,” Harry smiled, falling to the sofa and crossing his socked ankles over.

“How you doing, son? How’s London been? How’s the break working for you?” Robin asked, as Harry nodded softly. “Is it good?”

He had to admit, it was a great chance for him to settle down with you and he got the chance to enjoy the nine months of your pregnancy without having the fear of missing any important milestones that he would have missed when he was millions of miles away on tour in another country. He got the chance to enjoy parenthood like a normal father would, being there for his child and for you as you went through the changes together, and not having to worry about missing the birth of his first baby or having his child bond poorly to him because he was barely around.

“It’s been great so far. I mean, we’re definitely talking about reuniting soon enough to get back into the groove and the swing of things, but right now, we’re all just focusing on our own things,” Harry smiled, looking over to Robin. “I mean; I’ve done so much with (Y/N) since we’ve been on a break. Doing things that we wouldn’t usually do if I was away on tour for most of the year,” he added, twiddling his thumbs softly as Robin nodded and gruffly coughed along with Harry’s statement. “I mean, right now, I need to be around for (Y/N) as much as possible because she’s just going to need so much support and help and yeah, this break is really helping,” Harry smiled, and from the corner of his eyes, he could see you and Gemma and his mother shuffling into the sitting room. Two mugs in your hands as you took a seat beside him and placed a mug in his hand before dropping your bag to your ankles.

“It’s so great to have you back here, Harry,” Anne cooed, taking a seat on the arm of the chair beside where Harry was lounging on the sofa cushions. “What’s this big news that you’ve travelled to come and tell us then?”

As Harry looked across to you, he gave you a soft wink before reaching into your bag and pulling out the photograph as soon as he’d touched it with his fingertips. As he handed you the mug you’d handed to him prior to this, he pulled the photo into clear view of his mother and watched as she covered her mouth with her hands and gasped out loud, a soft ‘oh my goodness’ leaving her lips as Harry handed her the sonogram photo. 

“You’re having a baby?” She whispered, her voice cracking as Harry nodded happily. “My baby is having a baby himself. This is wonderful. I’m so proud of you, sweet boy,” she cooed, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as she pulled him to her side – his head nestled at her hip as he wrapped his arms around her torso.

“I’m going to be an aunt? Harry, oh my god, you finally got her knocked up!” Gemma laughed, standing up with Robin as Anne scolded her softly. “This is amazing. We’re getting a new baby in the family. Congratulations, you two. This is amazing news,” she smiled, wrapping her hands around the two mugs in your hands and setting them upon the cabinet. You stood up from beside Harry, and smiled as Robin pulled you into a hug.

“Congratulations, sweetheart. This baby will be extremely loved,” Robin smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“He really will. With a family as supportive and as loving as both sides of this family, we will have one very spoilt, very loved, very cared for little baby. And we couldn’t ask for a better family to bring our baby into,” you smiled, turning your head to look over your shoulder at Harry and Anne who were conversing softly over the photo. Harry’s pointer finger pointing to what you could only guess was where the baby was printed on the paper.

* *

“They took the news well,” you smiled, your head pressed to Harry’s chest as you laid in the bed of the spare room. A film was playing upon Harry’s Mac that was settled on his thighs as the two of you cuddled beneath the duvet, soft kisses and cuddles being given every so often to let the other know they were still awake. “I can’t believe we’re having a baby, Harry. It’s still not sinking in. We’re having a baby. A little me and you.”

“Me neither, baby. I’m so glad it’s you I’m having a baby with. I couldn’t think of a better woman to have my kids,” he whispered, his lips pressing to your forehead. “I love you so much. We’ll call your parents in the morning, and then I’ll take you out for a morning walk to get you some fresh air,” he added, smiling as he felt your fingers trace along his tattoos. Your fingertips soft and soothing against his skin, your nails dragging across it.

“I love you too, Harry Styles. I love you too.

anonymous asked:

ok so what if SS installed a pole somewhere in sanctuary hills and they pole dance like a boss ass bitch? how would the companions react to that? (+ maxson & sturges)

Ok so this won’t be great because I’m running on one hour of sleep today but I love this ask and was gonna leave it till tomorrow but couldn’t resist and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Danse: Outstanding! He sits down nearby and watches them, every thrust is mesmerising to him, eventually he can’t take much more and informs Sole he’s frustrated but in a good way, Sole is more than happy to help him with the problem

Hancock: Oh boy is he turned on, he’s instantly hard, he grabs onto Soles hips and moves with them, his erection rubbing up against them, he starts to get very touchy feely, rubbing soles sensitive intimate parts

MacCready: He’s standing there watching, he has a very visible erection forming, when he sees sole has noticed he turns red, letting out a accidental “oh shit”, Sole grabs him and sits him down and starts dancing for him, oh god he’s never been so turned on in his life.

Piper: Damn Blues got skill, she sits there and watches, observing every little sway of Soles body, she’s smiling the whole time, she eventually will get up and join Sole in dancing, Sole would help her by grabbing her hips and teaching her how to do it

Cait: stands their and takes it all in, Sole is so sexy when they move like that, eventually she can’t take anymore and has to drag them off to the bedroom so she can have her way with them.

Preston: Starts to sweat profusely, he never expected Sole to be able to do that, Sole grabs him and sits him down and starts grinding on him, they can feel him getting hard and start to rub the crotch of his pants vigorously, he starts to bite his lip, he can’t take much more of their teasing.

Nick: His coolant starts pumping at an alArming rate, he’s afraid he’s gonna blow a circuit if he sees much more of Soles sexiness.

Deacon: Damn, they really know how to work it, he thinks of a few jokes he could say but he’s in too much of a trance to say any, he sits down to watch, arms spread out across the back of the couch, he’s taking it all in.

Sturges: He ain’t seen dancing that sexy before, he tells sole they move really well and they should really do more of it, as long as he gets a few private dances from them that is, Sole grabs his top to bring him in close so they can dance and rub up against him, he likes to feel every inch of their body.

Maxson: Sole doesn’t know he’s watching, he has the biggest mischievous grin on his face, arms crossed leaning against the wall as he eyes their body up and down, since his BOS uniform is so tight it’s quite obvious how turned on he is, he’ll eventually walk up to Sole and grab them from behind, wrapping his arms around their waist and whispering in their ear “I’ve got another pole you can dance on”.

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Lor, when are you going to lead your lolita/youtube/tumblr/twitter/proletariat followers into violent revolution against the prototypical bourgeoisie and install yourself as leader of the new world? WE WILL FOLLOW YOU UNTIL THE END! FOR LOR!!!!!!

As soon as I learn what half those words mean 😅*nervous laughter*


$300,000 makeover for WWII bunker Battle Box

  1. The Battle Box, set to reopen in March, will let members of the public walk through rooms of the former British underground command centre filled with exhibits, such as the wax figures of British soldiers, to tell the story of Singapore’s fall.ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI 
  2. The revamp of the Battle Box included installing air-conditioning. The attraction will incorporate archaeological finds such as used ammunition from Adam Park – the scene of the last battle before Singapore fell. Tickets for the guided tours will cost $18 for adults and $9 for children. ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI
  3. The Battle Box (above) was the nerve centre for British military operations during World War II.ST PHOTOS: LIM SIN THAI
  4. The bunker (above) was completed in 1938. It had 30 rooms, including a cipher office and signal room. The Battle Box was where the British decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese. ST PHOTOS: LIM SIN THAI
  5. The bunker (above) was completed in 1938. It had 30 rooms, including a cipher office and signal room. The Battle Box was where the British decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese. ST PHOTOS: LIM SIN THAI 

What to do with that black hole/dead space cabinet corner dilemma:

Simple flat shelving?

¾ lazy Susan?

4/4 lazy Susan?

Swiss Army knife contraption that better damn come with an instruction manual? Try to install that one without directions…

45 degree drawers? (Makes the most use of the space I think)

DIY perpendicular shelving? (Don’t forget about perishables being tucked back there)

Spindle mounted recycling bins?

Your decision…

Day 169: Sick Day

Another Secret Santa gift! Scout’s not feeling well. What’s a guy gotta do to get some sympathy.

Scout felt another shiver run down his spine as he pulled the covers even tighter around him. Every bit of his body ached, and whatever that green goop was that Medic had given him wasn’t doing jack all to help. On the bright side, he’d quit throwing up. Even if it was only because there wasn’t anything left in his stomach.

Whatever it was that had been running through the BLU team since they’d arrived at Coldfront was vicious and hit out of nowhere. They hadn’t been installed two days before Engineer was down, followed shortly after by Pyro. And Scout didn’t even want to think about what it was like to be barfing when you wore a full face mask all day.

He’d found it funny at first; those big bad mercenaries who couldn’t handle a little cold.

Then it hit him like a freight train.

And on super spicy loco hot taco night. Man, those things were bad coming back up. The BONK! was even worse.

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I hate that feeling when you are waiting for expanding foam to dry so you can grout it, paint it, install heat and lighting above it, add substrate and enclosure accessories and move a certain long noodle into a new enclosure.

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Detective Jordyn Corbett.

Again with the nose and ear blush. I wish I could remember why I installed it. I am thinking I needed it for a sim I was sent as an extra for the Toxic Dream documentary but the fact that it was showing up on every randomly generated sim… 

I also caught her mid blink.Between that and the pink nose it makes her look like she’s been working too much and not sleeping enough. Poor girl. I did test those cyber dreads with her police cap and the hat mesh for them hides them so all is good.




If you live in Sacramento, Ca and have any enjoyment of art or this city come out to the 10 day installation at the renovated Jade Hotel on 7th street in downtown. Dozens of artists took over the abandoned building and changed the inside rooms into an interactive art exhibit ranging from dark and scary to lighthearted and political. Every floor and every room is different and varying in many different types of platforms and creations. 

Ultimately this is a great use of wasted space by the city of Sacramento. The exhibit only runs from Feb 5th to Feb 13th and then the building will be demolished along with many during city renovations.

Lucas Fitzgerald

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I completed my LEPacy Challenge.

I have 150+ photos yet to edit and queue, so it’s not “finished” just yet–but Effie completed her LTW. I have no more expansion packs to install, no more Lifetime Wishes to complete.

I completed my LEPacy Challenge. What??? o_O