Pejac’s “Law of the Weakest.”

Here are some exclusive photographs of Spanish artist Pejac’s solo show “Law of the Weakest,” which is now currently on view at Londonewcastle Project Space in London until July 31st, 2016.

Featuring paintings, sculptures and installations, “Law of the Weakest” shows the artist’s incredible range and imagination as he deals with contemporary social issues.

Continue below to see more incredible photographs by Sasha Bogojev from the show:

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“I try to make the work for how we are to one another. This comes into that phylum of consideration. I’m interested in doubt, which can puncture blind idealism.” – Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger’s work, "Untitled (Blind Idealism Is…)” is on view on The High Line at 22nd Street. Read a full interview with Barbara here

Photo: Timothy Schenck


Black balloons by Tadao Cern

Every single day I spend at my studio and my creative process resembles playing. And everything I create comes out of curiosity. The same happened with a project ‘Black Balloons’.

For an extensive amount of time I had an idea to connect two balloons. I found a free minute between the other currently run projects, bought two balloons, and got overwhelmed by the result.
It was so unpretentious and so magical at the same time! That opposition created by two very simple and playful objects once again brought a unique childlike sense of discovery.
This experience uncovers a lot and the more one looks at it, the more it becomes true: “simplicity is genius”.
For the first test I only used two balloons and two different gasses: helium and sulfur hexafluoride - the light and the heavy ones. Later on I worked out how to make the balloons float in the middle of a glass tank without connecting them to anything.