melbourne babes, you can come to my gallery show during the day while it’s real quiet and take a bunch of selfies of u being a babe, please take advantage of the big mirror which i spent 20 minutes kissing with 6 different colour lipsticks on while i installed the show… also u can bring a sweetie to smooch on the bed, u could even have a nap if u want 💋 off the kerb gallery in collingwood, open thurs & fri 12.30-6, sat & sun 12-5 until the 18th feb ❤️ x

In an attempt to brighten up Jerusalem’s Valero Square, Tel Aviv’s HQ Architects have installed gigantic, flowering sculptures that bloom in the presence of passersby, offering pedestrians shelter from the sun during the daytime and lighting their path at night. The art piece, titled “Warde,“ is meant to inject life into the square’s dejected appearance.

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For those who asked for a heads up about the upcoming measurement that will hopefully earn me a spot in the #GuinnessBookofWorldRecords, my plan is to spread it out on March 5 in the #SunkenGardens of the #SantaBarbara Courthouse. I’ll head out early. It takes about 9 hours to properly spread it out, so if you want to be an official witness plan to come in the late afternoon.
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**Might have to turn your volume up…..???? idk. And I don’t think it’s HD yet. Boo.**
One of my new years resolutions was to vlog more outdoor excursions (as long as I doesn’t subtract from what is happening in the moment). So here’s the first of what I hope are many installments of new year trips! In this “episode” I get lost, fall on my butt, and meet people it turns out I already knew.

I’ve just logged back on and come across multiple, very long posts involving people wildly speculating/raging about the events starting to go down in the Fenris system. I’m now suddenly aware of what a monstrosity I’m dealing with.

Hype overload approach. I just hope everyone’s still this interested when my installment actually comes out!