Dave purchased the first ticket to be sold to the general public - thus becoming the very first person to enter Disneyland on its very first regular day in business. In honor of the event, Dave was later rewarded with lifetime passes (which he continues to receive in installments every year).
"Each January I eagerly await the arrival of the next installment of the pass which is then good for another year at any Disney park, and I have received these annual passes since 1955. At the beginning it was just a paper or cardboard pass and for years it was silver. In recent years it has been red in color and is made like a credit card and says on the front "VIP MAIN ENTRANCE PASS." The reverse side has my name and says: Admit Passholder and 3 Guests.”

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AMC Announces Mega-Sized Marvel Movie Marathon - Every big screen installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be screened back to back in an event lasting well over 24 hours in length.

It starts on April 29th at 6pm

6:00pm IRON MAN
10:35pm IRON MAN 2
1:00am THOR
8:48am IRON MAN 3

Anyone interested in doing the Boston one with me??  COuld be fun =D


PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Original Design Edition Revealed for Asia Region

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) announced today that a special PlayStation 4 console and DualShock 4 wireless controller designed in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment and targeted for Asia region will be released as part of PS4 software Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain limited bundle.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the latest installment to the Metal Gear franchise that started in 1987. The game will feature Big Boss (Naked Snake) as the main character, who served as the end villain in the aforementioned first Metal Gear game, and it is going to unveil the biggest mystery of the series: “Why did Big Boss choose the path of evil?” Not only is the game the largest in the series, it will also feature open world mechanics such as changing time of day and dynamic weather effects. The game has made its transition to a “sneaking simulator” with no scripted gameplay and has thus achieved the ideal form of stealth games.The PS4 console that comes with the bundle is colored the same way as Snake’s red prosthetic left arm (Bionic Arm). In addition, the golden connector part of the artificial arm has also been reimagined in meticulous detail, giving the console a sense of sturdiness. The DualShock 4 wireless controller sports the color of Snake’s right-hand gun, which is embellished with Snake’s unit logo.Detailed product information on product name, release date, SRP and bundled software will be announced at a later date.SCEJA is dedicated in bringing the best gaming experience to all PlayStaion 4 users and further enhance and popularize the PS4 platform
‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Sets T.S. Nowlin To Pen


EXCLUSIVE: With a box office take of over $340M worldwide, The Maze Runner got off to a great start last fall becoming another film franchise for 20th Century Fox. Now, with two films already under their belt, word comes that T.S. Nowlin, who co-scripted the first movie and scripted the second installment, just sealed a deal to pen a third. All are based on James Dashner’s bestselling YA series.

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An ingenious ad for Black Sabbath’s comeback album, “13”, which is shown ‘emerging’ from layers of old posters. McCann dug their way through the many layers of flyposters that cover Copenhagen’s walls to create the installations and resurrect the legends.

Propaganda McCann Erickson, Copenhagen Via

So I met this Argonian mage (from Interesting NPCs, judging by the extensive dialogue) in a cave and chatted with him for a while. I left the place and was almost halfway down the hill before I realized that he had chosen to follow me and Marcurio even though I didn’t ask him to. I guess we’re a party of three now…?

OB Science Time: The Fate of Rachel Duncan

Hello Clone Club, it’s time for another installment of OB Science Time!!! And in lieu of the recent trailer, as well as a lovely idea from c-estmabiologie, I have decided to discuss Rachel Duncan and her injury, and what this can mean for her in season 3.

As we all know, Rachel received a pencil in the left eye at the end of season 2, courtesy of Cosima and Sarah. This naturally brings to mind Phineas Gage to anyone with some neuroscience background. Phineas Gage was an American railroad worker during the early 1800s who survived an accident in which an iron rod went through his left eye and through his left frontal lobe. Despite coming out of the incident alive, Phineas experienced many side-effects noticed by his family and friends, making him essential in the field of neuroscience. 

The most notable side effect Gage experienced was drastic changes in his personality, because the frontal lobe is key in many aspects of personality and social behavior. The frontal lobes are considered the emotional control center, and are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. The left frontal lobe is specifically in control of language-related movement.

So what does this mean for our dear Proclone? We can probably expect drastic changes in personality, most likely inability to assess social situations, extreme risk taking, no impulse control, abnormal sexual behavior, decreased talking, depression, and memory loss. 

This means we could see Rachel acting on her rage, instead of bottling it up, lashing out at Sarah even more erratically, having even creepier sex, and all together becoming a severely loose canon.

Or, Rachel could become quite and closed off, sinking into depression and becoming detached from the world around her. Perhaps she won’t even remember the pencil incident happened, or remember who Sarah Manning even is. We may lose all of Rachel’s sense of power, confidence, and self.

Regardless of how this injury affects Rachel, there is hope of recovery. Phineas Gage’s symptoms decreased over time, restoring his personality to near normal in the few years before his death. So there is the chance that Rachel’s injuries and side-effects, while extensive, may be temporary.

Whatever the case, I am worried for Rachel Duncan and what season 3 may have in store for her.

As always, you can check out all my science time posts here, and my ask is always open :D

Wonder what you’ll find inside our cabinet of curiosities? We see a few things that may pique your interest (yes, that’s a seashell). Join the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and find out more in an exclusive tour led by Jack Hinton, Associate Curator of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture, on March 6. For tickets call the Ticket Center at 215-235-7469.

Installation view of “Art and Wonder: A Cabinet of Collections.


- 5 New Meshes

- Basegame Compatible - Recolorable


- Air Pump Plus 3 Recolors

(Found under Sculptures for $150)

- Distillery

(Found under Miscellaneous Decor for $125)

- Gas Pump Plus 3 Recolors

(Found under Sculptures for $275 - S3 Fast Lane Extracted Mesh)

- LP Tank

(Found under Miscellaneous Decor for $100)

- Vintage Gas Can

(Found under Clutter for $25)

* Recolors must be chosen prior to placement *

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* Download File contains Text File of Policy, Games Installed, Programs used to create, etc.

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