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ive been sitting on a phone call with a guy from microsoft for an hour now after my computer crashed so he can help me re-upgrade to win10 and 99% of it has been pure silence but 5 mins ago he asked me if he can go pee.

i told him bro u been sittin here watching my slow ass computer install windows 10 for over 50 minutes you can go make yourself a cup of tea and a sandwich if you want.


Grave of Dr. Timothy Clark Smith

In New Haven, Vermont lies a unique grave. Because of the prevalence of accidental burials in the 1700s & 1800s, many people used preventative measures such as bells should someone find themselves buried alive. Dr. Smith decided that wasn’t enough, and deemed that a window be installed on his grave in the event of his death. When he did eventually die, a secret vault for his wife was also built under his grave. Today the window is blurry with condensation and mold, but if a person shines a flashlight down into the grave at night, the body is still visible. Tales of hauntings also follow this grave, and the surrounding cemetery. People have made reports of an eerie green light within the grave at night and peering into the window and seeing a living face staring back at them. An old urban legend also says if you knock upon the window three times, you will hear screams and the doctor himself will appear.

Photos by J.W. Ocker

I’m in love with you because you make me feel safe. It sounds corny and vague. People always talk about feeling safe with someone and you wonder what it even means. I still don’t really know. All I know is that when I’m with you, I feel like I’m clutching a giant thing of pepper spray or reliving a moment of being carried to bed by my parents when I was five years old and fell asleep in front of the television. All day long, I can feel fragile, like a raw nerve, and when I come home to you, it’s like I just put on the thickest winter coat and installed bulletproof windows in my apartment. ‘Honey, I’m home…and no longer terrified.
—  Ryan O’Connell, This is Why I’m in Love With You

i keep seeing the stereotype that latin is a less poetic language than greek, and i’d like to push back on that. for one thing, i don’t think any language is inherently more poetic than another, though some use certain signifiers that we [modern english speakers] might consider poetic more often than others. secondly, poets and poetry flourished in ancient rome, regardless of modern aesthetic concepts of what kind of marked speech “should” comprise poetry. finally, the complexity and cleverness of the word order in latin poetry cannot be conveyed in an english translation because it must be converted into a language with strict word order. it’s like installing windows on a mac. look.

inter quas phoenissa recens a volnere dido
errabat silva in magna; quam troius heros
ut primum iuxta stetit adgnovitque per umbras
obscuram, qualem primo qui surgere mense
aut videt, aut vidisse putat per nubila lunam,
demisit lacrimas…

among them phoenician dido, freshly wounded,
was wandering in the great forest; the trojan hero, as he first
stood near her and recognized through the shades
her gloomy [form]–like one who, early in the month, either sees
or believes he has seen the moon rise through the clouds–
let fall his tears…(aeneid  6.450-5)

we have two feminine nouns here, dido and the moon (luna), and they merge seamlessly into a metaphor via the adjective obscuram, which appears to apply to both of them at second glance; but at first glance, you don’t find out that vergil is describing the moon until the very end of the next line:

obscuram, qualem primo qui surgere mense
aut videt, aut vidisse putat per nubila lunam

so as the audience you experience the same uncertainty as aeneas here, the subject of the metaphor suspended and unclear until the end. but vergil’s metapoetic word order is obliterated by english word order. 

all of this is also written in beautiful dactylic hexameter, which most english-speaking readers wouldn’t even realize is a meter, if they happened to be reading a translation that attempted it.

tl;dr: don’t call latin a less poetic language because it doesn’t conform to preconceived modern english notions of poetics.

Don't judge me 'cause it's 1am

But does anyone find it ironic that Hawk Moth designs clothes, but m o t h s e a t c l o t h e s

Badly designed school

My secondary school is loaded, and a year or two before I started there, they built a whole new school on a new plot, and sold the old buildings. Despite having millions of pounds to play with, the school is so badly designed.

Flaw 1: No soundproofing for the music or dance classrooms.

Flaw 2: Putting the music, dance, drama and PE facilities, the noisiest areas in the entire school, in the same building as the hall where we take exams. (Today during my Maths exam, we could hear other students playing djembes upstairs. Yesterday, a teacher was in this room behind the hall where we take exams and yelling.)

Flaw 3: Not putting any locks on any music classrooms until this year. This may sound stupid, but irresponsible children ruin beautiful pianos, rearrange complicated drum kits, move people’s expensive instruments in the music cupboard, and generally upset every serious music student, such as myself.

Flaw 4: The classrooms are either too dark without using lighting, or too hot all the time, because every single window is in a bad place. Only the computer rooms are air conditioned, as air conditioning isn’t too common in my country, the UK. (My French class is after school time and there’s only two of us plus the teacher, so we always go and sit in the air conditioned MFL computer lab as soon as it starts getting warm.)

Flaw 5: I’ve submitted stories for this blog before, and I’ve mentioned ‘the Hub’. Basically, the school is composed of five buildings (‘blocks’) surrounding a large covered courtyard ('the Hub’). The Hub is absolutely freezing from October until March, and then is so hot from May to September. No one likes the Hub. We keep asking the school to install windows in the gaps of the Hub (the source of the Arctic temperatures), but they refuse for some inane reason.

Flaw 6: The library is tiny, but often the only warm place to go at lunchtime. Therefore it is always full up of screaming children. This is incredibly infuriating when you’re looking for a quiet place to study before a life-changing exam and you can’t go in a supposed 'quiet area’ because there are too many loud toddler-like idiots in there.

Flaw 7: The loos are open. There are stalls, which have a toilet and automatic sink in there, but there are no mirrors or anywhere private to go with your friends when you need a cry (as we all know, being a teenager involves a lot of crying in toilets). The girls’ stalls aren’t separate from the boys’ stalls, so we can smell and see their disgustingness. The only advantage is that you can dare people to use the wrong toilet for their gender, and embarrass them easily when everyone stares at the boy emerging from a girl’s stall.

Flaw 8: The computers and computer rooms are shit. The computers are worse than the computers we had at my primary school, which was tiny and poor and had 160 students. My secondary has 1600 students, a huge budget, and yet still what feels like two decent computers. Things don’t work out. (Also we got hacked recently and no one took the hints that we need better, more secure computers.)

Flaw 9: No light switches, only bizarre and barely functioning remotes. The remotes get stolen by staff and students. It admittedly can be very funny.

This isn’t really a flaw, but you can smell Food Tech from the Textiles, D&T and Humanities rooms, and it can be painful. I’ve cried I was so hungry in RE once and all I could smell was fried chicken.

TL;DR - My school buildings are crap despite being worth millions of pounds. It’s infuriating.

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OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue the MC kidnapped by Saeran fic! It's so good, so sweet, I love it so much!

Wahh I promised it by the end of the week but I’m 52 minutes late >o<

I’m sorry guys  。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

I hope you still enjoy? There were quite a few requests for the third part aha thank you all <3


Click here for: [Part One] [Part Two]

Note: If you haven’t read the first two parts, the 3rd part miiight not make sense in terms of how the story ended up here XD


“Are you… lying to me?”

“No,” you whispered, crawling towards him and enveloping him into your arms. He deserved all the affection that you could offer.

He lifted his head, meeting your eyes. His mint-teal eyes captivated you—such a unique colour… You felt your eyes closing, and you began to lean in subconsciously. (Also because you were still affected by Seven’s damn drugs.)

A series of knocks came at the door, and the two of you immediately jumped apart. Saeran regained himself, running a hand through his bleached hair.

“I have to go,” he said with a hint of hoarseness in his voice, taking on a cool, nonchalant expression again, hands in his pockets.


The bedroom door swung open from Saeran’s kick.

The lights were shut. The bed was made, even though you had sat on it earlier. Everything was neatly organized just as Saeran had left it.

Even though you were supposed to be there, waiting for him.

Panic stirring in his chest, Saeran dropped the box of pizza onto a nearby desk. His eyes scavenged the entire room. There had to be some traces of where you had disappeared to.

Oh god, what if another of the Saviour’s servants had taken you away? Had it been discovered that he hadn’t locked you in the dungeons? But… he really didn’t believe you deserved such cruel treatment. And he… he couldn’t bear to do that to someone else. Locking someone up and restricting their freedom, that is. Why would he do that, when he’d been traumatized by his own experience?

No matter how badass he looked, Saeran Choi would never willingly abuse anyone.

Maybe under the influence of drugs, but god, even then, he regretted it every damn time after sobering up.

“MC?” he cautiously called out, shutting the door behind him in case anyone heard. He couldn’t risk getting caught hiding you in his room. It had been of his own will, and against the Saviour’s orders.

A light bang came from his walk-in closet.

“Oof!” He heard you squeal.

In a mix of relief and worry, he opened the closet door, only to find you sitting in his clothes on the floor. You looked at him like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide.

His eyes travelled down your body, noticing that you were wearing one of his black hoodies, unzipped, and… was that a pair of his boxers? Holy cr-

“MC…” he struggled to maintain a steady voice. “What are you doing?”

You grinned, giddily zipping up the hoodie. “I’m being you!!” you giggled, eyes shining with pride.

Saeran stared blankly, wondering if it was really the drugs still in effect, or if this was just your normal self. Or perhaps a mix? Either way, you were really… vulnerable.

He swallowed hard, averting his eyes from your body. “So uh, where are your own clothes…?” he asked.

You gasped, shock filling your features. “What the- I think they disappeared!! My clothes ran awayyyy,” you wailed, swinging your sleeves in the air. “What do I do, Mr. Kidnapper!?!”

He sighed, “They can’t run away, MC. And I told you before, my name is Saeran.”

“Okaaaaay, Saaaaeran,” you grumbled, standing up reluctantly from your slightly uncomfortable position.

“Anyway, I uhm, brought dinner for you. Figured you’d be hungry by now?” Saeran gestured to the box of pizza on the table.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of it, and jumped into his arms in excitement. Then, you backed off, remembering how the two of you had almost kissed when you were this close earlier. A light blush tinted your cheeks as you looked away.

Covering up for suddenly distancing yourself, you posed a question instead. “Saeran… A-am I allowed to do that?” you said softly, asking for permission to touch him. He’d had a panic attack earlier, after all, so you wanted to make sure he was comfortable with your touch. (Even though it was also an excuse for backing off just now.)

The man in question was blushing, turning his head to the side to avoid your eyes. “I don’t mind,” he mumbled. “C’mon.”

You followed him with your eyes as he threw a few blankets on the floor, under the ceiling window. He also tossed a couple pillows, then turned back to look at you questioningly. “Are you coming or not…?”

Secretly, he wondered if he was doing this wrong. Being sweet, that is.

You nodded shyly, walking over to sit down. He flashed you a brief, impish grin as you did, feeling his heart rise in pride that you were willing to spend time with him like this.

You flopped yourself back onto the pillows, staring up at the sky from the large window on the ceiling.

Above you, you could see colours in the sky, and at first you thought it was the Aurora Borealis. Saeran chuckled, “Wow… a night rainbow. How rare.”

“Huh? Night rainbow…?”

“Look, MC,” he pointed. “The colours are only just vibrant enough to make out. Since our Mint Eye Headquarters are so high up on the hills, we see pretty amazing night scenery here. It’s also why I requested to have a room on the top floor, so I could install the window just for this.”

You smiled quietly, noting that he really seemed to appreciate the natural beauty of the sky. The two of you quietly munched away at your slices of pizza, appreciating each other’s presence under the view. Neither of you even knew how much time had passed, but the stars continued to move across the sky.

At one point, Saeran suddenly turned his head quietly to you, and you boldly returned his intense stare. Eyes fluttering shut, you found yourself leaning in once again. This time, no one would interrupt.

His lips covered yours skillfully—though you struggled not to burst out laughing from the thought of how your first kiss with him was filled with the taste of pizza. His kiss was hesitant, almost as if wondering whether you’d accept all of him or not. You crawled onto his lap, pressing your lips harder against his to deepen the kiss.

He groaned, quickly wrapping his arms around you, trying to feel for more of you. He gazed at you passionately, hand at the top of your zipper. “Please… MC,” he murmured softly, grazing his lips at your neck. “Let me have you.”

“Yes,” you moaned quietly, placing your hand over his to pull down the zipper, revealing yourself to him.

Although the whole kidnapping situation was plain weird, and neither of you knew what tomorrow would bring, or what the “Saviour” would do to you from now on… in this very moment, in this very night, you were together. And that was all that mattered.

People think that this blog consists of many, when there’s actually only one person behind it. I always wanted to dispel any confusion regarding to that matter but most importantly, I always try to stay as humble as I can be and let the pictures speak for myself. Thus, you will never see me struggle to prove that I was established in 2010 claiming to be an original creator because I don’t need that kind of validation, let alone promote myself as a kind person in an age of negativity but being a total jerk to an ‘unpleasant person’, consequently contradicting myself and the things I preach. In conclusion, I am what I am and I do what I want. NES games are always there, pre-installed Windows bitmap fonts are there too for anyone to use. Don’t let anyone tell you what you do is not valid or that you don’t deserve doing it.

- D

Personally, I love holographic decorations and this is an amazing glass wall panel installation by UK-based artist Chris Wood. I could utilize this installation for windows and also feature walls.

there’s a windows update going around, so here are some friendly reminders
  • go over your privacy settings again, even if you did the pre-update survey thing
  • there will be things you want to change or didn’t know existed or that are new that they enabled by default which you’ll want to disable depending on how you use your device
  • check if there are any new ~windows default apps~ that have been installed (or old ones you already got rid of once that have been reinstalled) and clean that shit up
  • make sure system restore is enabled, even if you already manually enabled it before the update***

*** if you have windows 10 and you have not manually enabled system restore, you do not have it enabled. without system restore there is no midway point between “turn it off and turn it on again” and “whelp, reset the computer and have to reinstall all your programs and reconfigure all your settings.” this is a stupid thing for windows to have turned off by default and i do not understand why windows 10 does this.

to turn on system restore in windows 10:

1. in the regular settings area, go to “Update and Security”
2. go to the sub-section called “Backup”
3. under the “File History” heading, click the “More Options” link
4. this opens a section that looks like there’s nothing there, except a couple links. one should be “See advanced settings” - click that
5. this opens up a new window in the old control panel style, with options for file history settings. what you need is actually not here, because windows wanted to make this as difficult as possible.
6. in the bottom left corner there should be a couple ~related~ links, one of which is “Recovery” - click this
7. now we’re close! you should be in an old control panel style window titled “Advanced recovery tools”
8. click the link called “Configure System Restore” (it will require admin privileges)
9. this opens up another window, where you can enable system restore!
10. it will be off by default; click the “Configure” button to open up a window where you can finally tell windows to turn on fucking system restore by selecting the radial button labeled “Turn on system protection”
11. you shouldn’t need to proportion any more than the default space for restore points, which is 3%. you’ll likely never actually use that much space.
12. while you’re here you might as well create your first restore point! from now on, though, your computer should create restore points any time changes are made, such as program or updates/patch installations, etc.