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170714 Donghae’s discharge -  Instalive with Hyukjae! 

* playing ‘Growing Pains’ in the car, Hyukjae singing too ~
* Hae showed us his discharge confirmation card.
* He said he couldn’t greet the fans properly due to safety. There will be D&E fanmeeting, so better watch out~  

Hyuk: (going) Home! 

Hae: Since yesterday midnight, despite the hot weather many fans came so i gained strength this morning.

Hyuk:  I was very nervous and my heart fluttered so much I couldn’t sleep. I think in the morning, (around) 5:30 ~ 6:00 am was when I went to sleep. So before roll call I slept for about 10 minutes and woke up in the morning (wondering) if this is a dream or reality.. I have no words to express how thankful I am.. I am so happy. (Reading someone’s id) I am going home. 

Hyuk: Who are you talking to? You can also talk? 

Hae: Yes.

Hyuk: Can you hear me? Can you hear? Write in Korean, everyone. Wow Mexico.. We have to go back to South America again.

Hae: We should go.

Hyuk: I want to go to South America.. and finally D&E is back. We’ll hurry up with a good album and really give you guys lots of presents. Really at my discharge and Donghae’s, so many of you came but i think we didn’t properly get to say thank you so I feel sorry.. But we have our fanmeeting left, everyone! We should have a good time.  (c) (c)

Post-Kerberos! Matt HC

★ When the rebellion group helped him escape, he just ended up sticking with them and eventually became one of the best fighters there???

★ He doesn’t have any idea where his dad is, but scavenges through old Galran tech to hopefully find out.

★ The group is pretty much amazed by humans and low-key terrified of them bc of Matt 

★ He dislocated his shoulder once and the group was like, “it’s horrible to see another one go,,,,” and Matt was just like “???? i can put it back in place????” 

  • Matt: Guys,,,,stop crying,,,,this can be fixed,,,,,
  • Rebellion leader: i saw a dear friend die bc of that, there is no survival
  • Matt: *silently puts in back in place*

★ He has a scar over his right eye bc of the Galra

★ The Galra also found out he needed glasses and basically went, “well we can’t have The Champions friend like this!” and injected some weird shit into his eyes. Matt no longer needs glasses, but his eyes change colors depending on his mood and who he’s talking too

★ Matt, talking to keith as his eyes turn red: And so– why the fuck are you pulling out your sword?

Keith, seeing Matt’s eyes turning yellow as he talks to Hunk: “Uhm guys? Are we sure that Matt isn’t Galra?”

  • “I am right here”

★ When he first heard of Voltron his main thought was, “Well that sounds lit” but when he hears that ‘The Champion’ aka Shiro is their leader, he immediately turns into that Mr.Krabs meme

★ Somehow some people find a picture of the paladins and everybody is just “???? the tiny one resembles matt”

★ Matt automatically realizes it’s Katie and that the red paladin is Keith and just,,,screams for roughly 5 hrs

★ Why is everyone he knows up in space? He has no fucking clue but w/e

★ Makes it a personal mission to track down Voltron for himself and the rebellion

★ They end up showing up eventually to make allies

★ The Paladins talk to some civilians first, so Allura and Coran meet up with the Rebellion leader

  • “Number 5?! How’d you get here so quickly??” “Funny story actually,,,”
  • The real Pidge shows up like 0.5 seconds later
  • Pidge//Katie, tearfully: “MATT”
  • Matt, nearly sobbing: Oh shit waddup

★ Keith screams at him for a solid 10 minutes before tearing up

  • “It’s okay. I know you’re gay and texan already, Keith”
  • “I fucking hate you”

★ There’s a tie between whether Pidge or Shiro cried more

★ Allura: I’m princess Allura and you are?
single and willing–i meAN MATT

 ★ **Takes in Katie’s appearance** “Well, one of us is going to have to change”

★ **Inspecting Shiro’s arm** “Yo, your weapon is just a bitch slap”

★ “,,,,,you guys do realize Allura just picked your lions off of your clothes right???” “No she–holy shit”


  • He essentially spends his time pointing out problems with basically everything tbh

★ “Why does Voltron represent the olympic rings??”

★ He realizes Keith has a crush on Lance in like a couple of days

  • “Listen here, you piece of shit”

★ Slowly comes to the realization that he likes both Shiro and Allura

  • “Coran have you ever heard of a pickle?”

★ He helps Coran around the castle and stuff

  • “And this is the Teludav” “Y’all have fucking teletubbies here?”

★ Him and Hunk team up to annoy Shiro and Lance with puns

  • “I’m just over the moon with excitement”
  • “Aren’t you glad i’m not lion in the cold depths of space??”

★ Him and Slav get along pretty well

  • Shiro hates it

★ “In this timeline, there is a 42% chance of you getting together with the two of them.” “Thanks buddy”

★ “Why did you choose five kids to defend the universe there’s so many ways this could go wrong”

★ Him and Hunk set up the lions to play “What’s new pussycat?” 7 times with one “It’s not unusual” before resuming ‘What’s new pussycat?’

  • “For years, scientist have wondered if you can make 3 teens, 1 adult, and 3 aliens weep tears of joy by playing Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual”.”

★ Lance is amazed by how smooth his skin is

  • Like, you’ve been in space for 2 years???? And majority of that was with the Galra??? Tell me your secret

★ Everyone figures out Matt’s crush on both Allura and Shiro and try to get them together

  • One plan consisted of a rock, 15 cups of nunvil, and a very upset bounty group.

★ Matt actually likes nunvil

★ The Lions all take a liking to him and everyone would be salty, but he looks adorable when he talks to them so they deal with it

★ Pidge voice: I’ve banned Hunk because he kept messing with my shit but now—

★ He appreciates the fact that Hunk points out all the weird shit that’s going on while everyone else just accepts it

★ “Do you think i could install the internet to my mind?”
★ **sees all the upgrades Pidge added to Green** “yO—YO!”

★ Anytime Shiro or Allura do anything remotely romantic to him, ‘What the heck i gotta do’ starts blasting from the Green Lion

★  Allura called his ears cute once, and nobody saw him for 6 hrs until Lance found him frantically grabbing Altean romance novels while whispering, “what does it mean?!”

★ They go to a planet where it’s considered normal to have more than one partner

  • Coran convinces the newly dubbed “Poly triangle” to pretend they’re actually dating for reasons unknown
  • They pull it off so well that the Aliens eventually ask when they’re gonna get married
  • Everyone had vastly different reactions

★ “You guys are fighting Zarkon right? Why don’t you just turn him Zarkoff?”

★ Hunk voice: Um, guys, what are those things?
    Obviously annoyed Matt voice: Aliens. 
    Different ranges of offended Allura, Coran and Keith voices: Excuse me?

★ “I’m fucking tired. beam me up, Scotty”

★ Keith, kneeling down on one knee: “Matt, Allura, will you do me the honor of marrying my stupid brother?”

★ “Voltron? More like Dabtron.”

  • “How do I return a brother?”


★ Tried to convince Shiro to let him Pidge and Hunk install a laser gun sound effect or the lightsaber noise to his arm

★ Once, he finally found the courage to tell Shiro and Allura that he liked them but they mistook it as him saying he enjoyed their company or smth along those lines

  • He tried to throw himself out the airlock afterwards

★ Lotor eventually shows up and everyone is tense bc he’s shown interest in the Blue Lion

★ Lotor sees Matt, and just pushes Lance out of the way: Hello there ;)

  • Everyone pretends not to notice Shiro’s eye twitch and Allura breaking the weapon she was holding
  • Lance was offended at first but seeing their reactions made it worth it

★ Matt is oblvious to Lotor’s attempts though

  • Everytime he gets close, Matt just assumes it’s some weird galra thing

★ “Raindrops on roses, Allura’s white hair, Shiro’s back muscles and Allura’s eyes. These two could probably kick his ass and they’re a few of Matt’s favorite things”

★ Obviously exasperated Pidge voice: You guys just need to bone
    Stern Matt voice: What did you say?
    Pleading Hunk voice: Please don’t say it again
    Not Caring Pidge voice: I said you guys need to bone
    Shocked, Furious Matt voice: B O N E!?

★ They visit a planet with very tall aliens and of course shenanigans ensure

★ Keith voice: Y’know Allura, Shiro, you should probably hold Matt’s hand, so he can’t get lost everyone around here is pretty tall

  • **Disappointed, obviously knows what you’re doing Shiro Glare**
  • Completely oblivious, already grabbing Matt’s hand Allura voice: Of course! We wouldn’t want that!”
  • **Undignified, silent squeal from Matt**

★ Hunk voice: The stars sure are beautiful tonight
    Lance voice: Y’know what else is beautiful?
    Pidge and Keith voices: A loving relationship between Matt, Shiro and Allura

★ Eventually, the time comes where there’s a serious fight that both Shiro and Allura have to go through alone, and Matt freaks tf out and terribly confesses to the both of them:

  • “Okay, listen tf up. I can’t do that dramatic thing where I pull you down and kiss you and say, ‘Come back to me’ since there’s two of you. But I will say that I love you both, and if you dont come back i’m taking out the entire Galran Empire myself”

★ Allura and Shiro are both shocked but Matt is already fast walking away so they can’t say anything

  • They come back and make a beeline for him
  • Allura makes it to him first

★ Keith cries, Pidge and Hunk pull out a confetti cannon they made for this occasion, Lance falls to his knees in victory, Coran pulls out a cake. Everything is good in the Universe.

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Bunny Rogers’ first museum exhibition in the U.S. opens at the Whitney today! Bunny Rogers: Brig Und Ladder is an installation in two parts. The first resembles a high school auditorium in which an animated video takes the place of a stage. The second, accessed through a curtain, evokes a backstage area and is populated with sculptures that act as props, awaiting use in a theatrical scene that will never occur. Rogers aims to materialize her inner world—a personal constellation of TV shows, movies, Internet forums, and common objects—and to connect emotionally with the viewer. Culling from these sources, she reveals how emblems of youth culture have consumed her identity since childhood, much of which she spent online. Explore the exhibition now in the first-floor John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Gallery, which is always free and open to the public.

[Bunny Rogers (b. 1990), still from A Very Special Holiday Performance in Columbine Auditorium, 2017. Video, color, sound. Collection of the artist; courtesy Société, Berlin]

Creepypasta #1134: Someone Is Sending Me Weird Text Messages

Length: Long

Someone is sending me weird text messages.

The first one came a few days ago. It was a Thursday night and I was up to my elbows in a cardboard box full of kitchen utensils and baking pans when I heard my phone ‘ping’ from across the room. I ignored it and went back to rummaging through the box.

I had moved into my new apartment a few days earlier and was still living out of boxes. The necessities had been unpacked and set up — my bed, the TV, my kitchen table. Toiletries had been stuffed under the bathroom sink, a dozen black garbage bags full of clothes had been stuffed into my bedroom closet. The rest was hidden in a daunting heap of cardboard boxes I hadn’t bothered to label when I packed them. I only rummaged through the pile when absolutely necessary, like the night before when I realized that I hadn’t brushed my teeth in three days and spent half an hour trying to find my toothbrush.

An hour later, I had abandoned the box of kitchen crap and curled up on the couch to watch TV. I was wearing an oversized orange hoodie that I could pull over my knees like a blanket. It was the wee morning hours and the only shows that were playing were infomercials for blenders and crappy old episodes of CSI. I had just flipped to a televangelist preaching when I heard my phone ‘ping’ again. It was still next to the stove where I had left it charging.

This time I got up and dragged myself across the kitchen. I was teetering on the edge of drunkenness from the $5 bottle of bitter Pinot Grigio I had helped myself to for dinner, pretending it would help me unpack. It just made me feel all warm and floppy and silly, and even less motivated than before.

I picked up my phone and looked at the texts. The first thing I noticed was that both texts were from the same person. The second thing I noticed was that instead of a contact name or phone number, this person was identified simply with the purple devil horn emoji: 😈

Now here’s something you should know about me: I’m not the sort of person that uses emojis. I’m definitely not the sort of person that would save someone as a contact in my phone using an emoji instead of their name.

That’s when I noticed the third thing about these texts: they were picture messages. I have that setting on my iPhone where message content is kept private on my lock screen. So instead of seeing the text or picture, my phone will just say “Text Message” or “Picture Message.”

Sober Me might have been seen red flags pop up at this point, but Drunk Me was excited. It seemed flirtatious and naughty. I quickly tapped in my pass-code and clicked straight into my messages to see what pictures this purple grinning devil had sent me.

Two black rectangles. The pictures were of nothing. I tapped one to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Pinched the screen to zoom in then out again. Nothing. I opened the second one, same thing. Just black.

Sober Me wouldn’t have responded, but Drunk Me wanted to flirt back. I thought for a second about what to say, then typed: “I think you forgot to turn the flash on.”

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Mark Hansen and Ben Ruben
Listening Post
An installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums. The texts are read (or sung) by a voice synthesizer, and simultaneously displayed across a suspended grid of more than two hundred small electronic screens.

#just writer things

Continuing to write (porn, at that - really dirty porn), while there’s a guy in the house installing the new cable and internet stuff.

Is it weird?  Or am I just making it weird?

I have so many questions and headcanons about the internet and the wizarding world. 

No, listen. 

Headcanon that muggles are catching wizards and witches doing magic and uploading it to vine and youtube. It doesn’t matter what the obliviators do because even if they erase the muggle’s memory the whole damn thing is on the internet. The Ministry doesn’t have a clue how to manage the situation, nobody knows what the internet is, so Kingsley drags in a muggleborn and they have to explain to him about doge and lolcatz and Facebook and Kingsley’s like, ‘Wat.’

To try and stop leaks the Ministry sets up a squad of witches and wizards whose sole job is to monitor the internet for pictures, videos and photos of anyone doing magic. Somebody has to make awkward arrangements to try and get internet installed in the Ministry. Somebody has to spend hours on the phone to the cable company and gets really frustrated when they get put on hold for ten hours.

The new team spend all day watching youtube videos and vines and it’s the best job ever for anybody who’s muggleborn. One team members learns how to code and hack muggle websites to they can remove any videos that breach the statute of secrecy; a whole new branch of magic is invented when someone finds a way to use magic to manipulate the internet. The job itself can be pretty boring. Days can go by with nothing happening and then somebody will shout, ‘Fuck sake somebody in Liverpool just uploaded a vine of somebody on a broomstick to the music of hocus pocus’ and they all have to run. If the team can’t get a video removed from the internet they spend a lot of time and energy trolling the comment section of Youtube making points about how the video is obviously bullshit to try and put doubt in the minds of muggles. Some ministry workers start writing clickbait artiles for Buzzfeed called, ‘Ten reasons why that ‘Dragons exist’ video is problematic’ or ‘Everyone on the internet belives this ten year old kid can do magic and it’s hilarious’. Some ministry workers spend hours on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook writing snarky comments about how the vines about magic are wrong and made up. It becomes a legitimate career move for a witch or wizard to spend hours on the internet. 

So yeah.

I have a lot of questions.

I need a Isak & Even AU fic where Isak works in customer support / call center. And it’s for TV & Internet (you can pick your company…canal digital kabel, get, altibox etc), And anyways, so like Isak works there and Even is one of the customers who just keeps calling because he just moved in to an apartment and he was promised to have TV and internet installed when he moved in there, but like someone in the office messed up so Even isn’t happy. And isak gets Even when it’s been like 5 weeks and Even still doesn’t have internet or kabel, and like he wants to just cancel his order and Isak has to be the one to tell Even that “Could you please repeat your customer number and address because I can’t seem to find you in my system.” And it turns out that like Even has called SO many times but nobody actually followed up on the case and like they aren’t sure if they can deliver their service in that address, which is weird because Even keeps telling them that the person who lived there before had that company for internet and kabel. Anyways Isak promises to follow up and like call him the next day with more info, in which Even replies “yeah your other colleague said that exact same thing” and Isak sighs and goes all “I know and I can only say how sorry I am, but I’m not like my colleague or the others you had. You can trust me when I say that I’ll follow up and call you”.  And Even just laughs and like he doesn’t really believe Isak but he still says “okay. I trust you. i’ll hear from you tomorrow then.”  And he does. Because Isak actually does his job and he follows up and like checks with back office and their technicians and stuff, and then a few days later Isak calls Even and tells him that he should be getting an email soon with a order confirmation and that his modem and decoder will arrive sometime next week. And Even is all “Can you call me next week and check if I got everything? Because i don’t want to get my hopes up and end up without internet next week”, and Isak tells him sure. And he checks when everything is supposed to be delivered and then he calls Even the same day and ends up helping him install everything through the phone, and it ends with Even asking Isak out for drinks because “I feel like I need to thank you in person”.

OH, and when Even calls Isak the first time he’ll start the conversation with “Nå skal du høre!” BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MOST NORWEGIANS START WHEN THEY CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND YOU JUST KNOW THAT IT’S GONNA BE A LONG, LONG CALL!

***Take this as someone who has worked for a Norwegian customer support, and yes i had a customer who wanted to buy me drinks when I fixed his problem.

Help me please

Hey!! I need your help! I really, really need a normal decent laptop, because the Windows surface tablet I am currently using is the worst shit ever. Skype, Steam, everything that isn’t from the Windows Store or made for the surface’s Windows modification isn’t supported and doesn’t run, even installing anything besides this windows 10 modification is nearly impossible without major hacking skills. I cannot even install anything besides Internet Explorer, and the tablet overall runs terribly slow, since most websites don’t support IE anymore. I don’t blame it on the Surface, since it’s made for office working wherever you are and not for game development and blogging, which is why it’s cut short on all “unnecessary” things so that it has a stronger battery

I don’t know too much about technology and I have even less money. My future laptop should:

-Have more than one USB port (lol every Laptop has that. Except mine, which isn’t a laptop)

-Have a CD slot where you can insert actual real life CDs without additional hardware ((sobs softly) I this even possible ,,, oh I forgot most people can do this)

-Run with a newer version of Windows but,,,,the normal, tolerant and accepting windows (starts crying),

-Not be too small, like, I don’t need a huge ass screen but it shouldn’t be less than 40cm/15” (Is that even a normal laptop size?? You know, average laptop size, you know)

-Have enough RAM to properly run Tumblr

-Have a real, physical keyboard that you can press and not some shitty onscreen touch whatever yeah, NO TOUCH OPERATIO WHATSOEVER PLEASE

-(sobs) Does the MS office package come with windows?? I don’t know anymore (sobs harder) but I definitely need the MS office package I can’t survive without PP and WRD because I need them for school to

-not cost over 400€ (€ not $) and be available over amazon with shipping to Germany lol. I don’t know if that’s even possible. Even 300€ will take me a shit ton of time to pay off but well. Better would actually be laptops up to 300€ but I don’t wanna be picky. (still sobbing softly)


Thank you a lot!

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ttfw you've already had to come out twice and then your dad installs the new internet connection, [deadname] ______Net™ (and now you have to connect to this crap everyday......)